Cross Country Walker Using Humor To R...

Cross Country Walker Using Humor To Raise Money For Cancer Rese...

There are 36 comments on the Mountain Mail/STPNS story from May 17, 2007, titled Cross Country Walker Using Humor To Raise Money For Cancer Rese.... In it, Mountain Mail/STPNS reports that:

Highway 60 continues to be a popular route for cross-county walkers, horse-back riders, bicyclists, lawnmower drivers and even skateboarders, and this season is no different.Alec Mario Waclawski - otherwise ...

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Ladera Ranch, CA

#23 Aug 24, 2007
Great! Let's be watchdogs together.:-)
I've updated my blog to tell people to inform Mr. Waclawski that the California Supreme Court is awaiting for his return after Sept. 11.

Since: Aug 07

Sainte Genevieve, MO

#24 Aug 28, 2007
Aug 29, 07
The Warner Bros suit is not germane to this issue. In the event it is settled to Mr. Waclawski’s disadvantage it would, at best, be a minor character issue and would have next to no bearing on the issues related to his walk for cancer research. The site you sent me to (I can’t believe I was dumb enough to once again be taken in by your claims of evidence) was a subscription site available only for a fee. I will be damned if I will pay money to find out about another of your bogus claims. Do you know how many ridiculous claims the entertainment industry makes on frivolous supposed intellectual property rights infringement? The last one I heard of was Disney suing a daycare center in a poverty neighborhood because some kid painted a picture on the wall depicting Mickey Mouse.(Actually Disney won that one and bankrupted the center.- Don’t mess with the dirty little rodent!) Hey, I’ve got an idea: Why don’t you plunk down your hard earned green and get back to us on this blog with full details as to the whys and wherefores of the WB suit? Why do I think you won’t do this? Because it is a diversion - nothing more.

If for no other reason than I must be a complete masochist, I slogged through all the verbiage contained in your alleged Internet crime report to the FBI. The only sentence, in the dozen or so claims you made against Mario, that seemed to have any bearing on your victimization was the following statement:

“I was in charge of developing and maintaining the website and was promised compensation for my time and efforts. However, I do not see that happening.”

I am no lawyer, but I guarantee you that is the only statement in the whole report they will read.

You claim $5,000 damages and also claim you have “paper.” Lady, for your sake, I hope you have a contract with Mario or good witnesses besides the manager of a casino and a couple of owners of a motel in New Mexico to back you up or you could be in trouble for filing a false report. The FBI does not take kindly to people who waste their time with frivolity. Absent a contract in writing, your dispute with Mario is just a “he said - she said.” As even a casual viewer of Judge Judy knows, such claims do not hold up even on TV let alone a court of law. Don’t they teach you realtors any basic law?

Please Marie.(I will quote from what I wrote concerning you before.) Try to pay attention:

"I am only indulging this absurd waste of time countering this character assassination because I think this woman should not be allowed to conduct her irrational vendetta undeterred. I do this only because I hate to see a good man defamed."

"Brockway continues to make her endless list of claims WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE but has yet to produce ONE SHRED OF ANYTHING TO BACK UP HER CHARGES.“( My emphasis added to original quotation in hopes of getting this message through…)

Accusation is NOT proof.
Either put up or shut up.
Then we can both get back to our lives!

Bob Boldt
Jefferson City, MO

San Francisco, CA

#25 Aug 30, 2007
Marie, I think you are a little crazy. Our friend is doing a great thing. He is taking months of his life to gain awareness for a great cause. For you to be all caught up because of lack of compensation on a internet site you set up for Mario is greedy and inhumane. Mario isn't hurting anyone. People like you need to recognize the reality of situations and take them as they are. Look at the of Mario's journey as an inspiration instead of the of trying to make it into such a dramatic ordeal. Everything is gona be alright...

Since: Aug 07

Festus, MO

#26 Sep 8, 2007
In the interest of full disclosure I must report that I decided to investigate the witnesses Ms. Brockway listed in support of her various claims of misdirection, fraud and bad character she advanced against Mario Waclawski. When Ms. Brockway was not forthcoming with any contracts, reports, affidavits, depositions or other documentation or evidence of the existence of said documentation from any of these people I figured I had better leave no stone unturned in my attempt to validate her charges. I have resolutely attempted to maintain a disinterest in Mario’s guilt or innocence of the accusations leveled against him. I also refused, unlike “everyone else she has ever talked to,” to accept these charges without proof.

Since: Aug 07

Festus, MO

#27 Sep 8, 2007
This woman appears to be relentlessly dogging Mario’s tracks trying to get anyone to report on the slightest infraction or suspect behavior on his part. She even looked up and called the proprietor of the Chez Monet café here in Jefferson City,MO, the place where she gave Mario a free lunch and the site of my initial meeting with him. Joan, the proprietor, told her that, not only did Mario fail to mention anything about raising money for cancer research but he was a perfect gentleman and kept everyone entertained. Somehow I don’t think Ms. Brockway will list the owner of that establishment on her witness list. Who knows? I can almost read her words now:“The owner/proprietor of the Chez Monet café in Jefferson City, MO reports that Mario Waclawski, in addition to other deceptions, even managed to weasel a free meal from her under false pretenses as a fundraising official for the American Cancer Society.”

Since: Aug 07

Festus, MO

#28 Sep 8, 2007
I drafted letters to the some half dozen or more of Ms. Brockway’s alleged witnesses that I was able to tease out of the volumes of prose she has poured forth. With what I hoped would be as neutral a tone as possible, I composed a letter to each asking politely for as much detail as they would care to provide concerning their dealings with Mario Waclawski and Marie Brockway. I frankly was ready and willing to have at least some returns that might actually back up Ms. Brockway’s story. I thought that she must have one friend who would at least be willing to testify to his alleged defrauding of money due her for work done on his website.

Only one person responded. Cecilie Hudson, a realtor from Globe, Arizona, who was listed as a witness to the alleged non payment of funds to Ms. Brockway reported to the FBI Internet fraud division, claimed to me that “I do not know Mrs. Brockway.” she did go on to say that her “office gave him a contribution of $100 for his cross-country walk for cancer.” Subsequent requests sent to Ms. Hudson as to whether this was a cash or check contribution, whether a receipt was issued, etc. have gone unanswered. Ms. Brockway should be advised to take this woman’s name off the FBI Internet Fraud Division witness list, or she might be looking at charges of filing a false statement.

Since: Aug 07

Festus, MO

#29 Sep 8, 2007
“Absence of proof is not proof of absence.” as our former benighted Sec. of Defense was fond of saying. The lack of response from these witnesses Ms. Brockway cited only definitively proves that no one chose to respond to my inquiries. If I may be allowed my own personal interpretation however, I might add that none of these people probably want to, in any way, be associated with this whole affair. And I think Ms. Brockway should be wary of including them in any complaints, suits or witness lists. She seems to be a woman determined to saw off even the precarious perch she has crawled out on. I also want to warn Ms. Brockway that I am keeping track of all this evidence of her apparent attempt at character assassination and will be happy to provide said evidence along with my testimony to Mr. Waclawski’s lawyers should it become necessary.

I hope and pray that Mario’s destination and his goal, improbable as it may seem to his more earthbound well-wishers, is achieved and that one day our paths may once again cross.

Godspeed to Mario!

Bob Boldt
Sorry for the length of this post, but I felt your readers were entitled to a full report, in detail, of this sad affair.
Steve Tickner

United States

#30 Sep 20, 2007
My wife and I met Mario in a restaurant in late august when we recognized him from an article in our small town newspaper. He told us about his mission, he did not ask for money, he did not mention any charities, just his desire to deliver a message to the President about supporting a cure for the cancer his wife had. He was looking for a place to stay that night and we put him up for one night then drove him back to the highway and he walked off toward washington dc. We spent a delightful long evening of music and comedy with this man. His attitude and obvious commitment were exemplary and inspiring. Winchester, VA.
Monika Bassett

Gouldsboro, PA

#31 Oct 1, 2007
Marie - if someone walks by and plays music with you, dances and laughs, makes you forget about the sad moments and makes new - great ones. And then he becomes more than a stranger - he is your friend - you talk, have dinner together. Do you report that dinner as income. Oh Marie, maybe you just doesn't know what it feels like to have a real friend, maybe you have a hard time being one yourself. Maybe you just forgot. Either way, When was the last time you let yourself go - and smile?
Monika Bassett

Gouldsboro, PA

#32 Oct 1, 2007
I also know this man - Alex silly Mario Waclawski. I have known him for almost 30 years now. We both lost someone we trully love to cancer. There is nothing more powerful in this world than love. HE just LOVES! He loves his wife, he loves his children, he LOVES his music, he loves to make you a good pizza pie, and he loves to laugh. He set a goal for himself, at 50 - to walk across the country… a hard task, if I may add. He has completed it now with better results that even he expected - but you missed the point - it has nothing to do with money. He feels better about himself, like many great people who completed a difficult task, or who faced their fears. May GOD bless him!.. so in his life he could still touch more hearts… He is spreading his late wife’s joy, she knew how to dance with him. A smile is priceless. No money can ever replace the joy of a moment with someone you love. So please just because you have no spirit - don't kill his.
Bob Boldt

United States

#33 Oct 2, 2007
Many thanks to Steve and Monika for their posts.

It is so nice to receive some positive news posted about Mario. I am so happy there are so many others out there who shared in the joyful experience of this gentle little man.

I guess someone as shining bright as Mario, is certain to generate a shadow. Such is Ms. Brockway, a shadow that seemed, for a time, to darken his path. I hope her absence is a sign that we have heard the last from her. In her last correspondence, she even threatened legal action against me for my coming to Mario‘s defense on this blog.

I am looking forward to seeing the video of his excellent adventure to see the wonderful wizard of “W”(Bush). I hope you will all stay in contact with this blog to hear of late breaking chapters in the life of the little tramp on his holy quest!

Who knows, perhaps someday we can all sit around a big checkered table cloth in Mario’s restaurant and share stories, and pizza.


Bob Boldt
Jefferson City, MO

Chesterfield, MO

#34 Nov 5, 2007
You all are nuts. Who gives? And Bob Boldt, if you were working for the Federal Government, you wouldn't be posting anything pertaining to anything to this situation on the internet, or your job would be in jeopardy. What's done is done, and everyone grow up. This guy has $10 of my money, and quite honestly, I really don't care what he does with it. Whether he used it for good or bad, God knows-and kharma is a bitch...

United States

#35 Apr 5, 2008
Yes, Andrew is right. Karma is a bitch and therefore Mario's got alot coming to him if indeed he did the public wrong. The IRS will find out atleast. I'm keeping them current on what's going on with this man and making sure he atleast pays his share of taxes from all the free money given him cuz he's not a legit non-profit.
I sent this email to a pastor in 29palms, CA who Mario mislead:
Pastor Perez,
in the second page of this letter to the IRS I listed a church back east that Mario also deceived.
Reverend Peter Kurowski of California Ministerial Alliance in California, Missouri
Phone No.(573) 796-xxxx
Reverend Ken Mathes of California Ministerial Alliance in California, Missouri
Phone No.(573) 796-xxxx
The pastors there were very upset when they found out the truth about him. The help they had given him, financial and otherwise, could have been used to help their own local needy people. This man probably intends to do another 'walk' to trick other small churches and innocent folks across the country. So your help and voice is needed to speak up against this man. I have just began to contact them to speak up and complain about Waclawski. I hope you will take some action as I have been doing for the past year. Thank you for your attention.

United States

#36 Apr 5, 2008
To Bob and others posting on this site, please report of any contributions made to Mario Waclawski to [email protected]'
I will then forward your report to the IRS so they can update their file of the money/contributions he has taken so far.

United States

#37 Apr 5, 2008
One of the comments posted here (by r hollingsworth on oct. 18 07) just goes to show how deceiving this scumbag is. He loves to tug at people's hearts and hurt them in the process. He thinks it's all one big game and he can get away with it. Like Andrew said, karma is a bitch and watch out when the bitch thinks it's pay back time. Follow this link to the post ...
Bob Boldt

United States

#38 Jul 15, 2008
Boy, just when you thought it was safe to get back on the Internet. She’s BAAAACK!

I wish I could say that I have missed hearing from Ms. Brockway and her endless loop of unsubstantiated charges against Mario. I really thought she would have dismounted from her crusade by now. I guess not.

For the benefit of his many fans and loyal followers, I have unsubstantiated reports that he has returned to the safety of hearth and home – and his restaurant. Like the wise fool in the Tarot card, the pure in heart can brave trials most other mortals shrink from. I wish him a long and happy life!

Oh yes, Marie. I do have a theft to report to the IRS or any other agency you deem appropriate. Mario has stolen my heart.



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