Flea markets around madisonville and ...

Flea markets around madisonville and 411??

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#1 Mar 21, 2011
where are the flea markets around the area where sellers can set up and sell??

which ones seems to work best for sales??

does the big one in sweetwater do sellers make ok there??

seems like i saw on in madsonavle off of 411 going towarss tellico plains is that one still there and how is it??

Mobile, AL

#2 Mar 22, 2011
all fleamarkets through there failed or are failing.

Even the big one in sweetwater is not doing too good.

White Bluff, TN

#3 Mar 24, 2011
The reason the Sweetwater Flea market is failing is because they charge new prices for used stuff...get real a flea market is where you find bargins..

Mobile, AL

#4 Mar 24, 2011
No, fleamarkets are failing because of the economy, just like ALL businesses.

Also, the web helps kill the big fleamarket, you can get anything sold there online for half the price.

maybe with the old owners regaining control it will get better ?

Since: Mar 11


#5 Mar 25, 2011
The only one I know is the one behind Sloan of Vonore every weekend. And I know another one in Sweetwater, Sweetwater Flea Market. Great stuff there.

I don't know any of their status as I don't drive around to stick my nose in, but in either way, they are doing well since they keep it there.:)
flea marketer

United States

#6 Apr 3, 2011
The best one around here is at the midway drive-in between Athens and Etowah on hey 30. Not like the others but more like a lot of yard sales instead of a lot of dealers. Open at daylight till noon on Saturdays March thru Thanksgiving weekend.

United States

#7 Apr 3, 2011
flea markets when a bad economy comes should not be hurt as much as other more expensive shopping..

Mobile, AL

#8 Apr 4, 2011
Fleamarkets are obsolete, you can buy EVERYTHING and ANYTHING cheaper online.

Mobile, AL

#9 Apr 4, 2011
water wrote:
flea markets when a bad economy comes should not be hurt as much as other more expensive shopping..
Apparently the complexities of your native language escape your grasp.

United States

#10 Apr 4, 2011
iffffuuu must be a nut case with low logic that cannot understand value from non value..

those TYPES are usually like parrots and cannot invent or truly understand ....

those types workks their whole LIFE TRYING desparately to look wise with practicing grammar until they get good at that ...... but high logics spends their time on more valauble things... like inventing and balance....

some people like that are so stupid they cannot understand how dumb they are...

a very high logic intelect test for voters will solve all problems NOT a grammar or memory test...

stupid people are like blind people they cannot see or understand remembers are like parrots who just REPEAT and cnanot understand or invent..

people who spend TIME on LOOKING smart with practicing grammar are proven low logic intelect people so they could not pass a high logic intelect test to vote or invent..

Einstein use to horselaugh at these stupid wannabes

Mobile, AL

#11 Apr 5, 2011
At least I can use English properly.
Some people are just so dumb that they can listen and write it their entire lives and still be unable to form coherent sentences.

I am actually a member of MENSA.
I am a mathematical and logical genius.

I have actually built websites more complex than Topix.com and got paid very well.

I have been consulted by local law enforcement to help solves cases that involve computer forensics and criminal profiling.

I completely rebuild automobiles when I am bored.

I repaired TVs when I was 8 years old for spending money.
Actual diagnostics and circuit repairs, not tuning the vertical hold.

I was the editor of my school paper as well as the head of student counsel.

I have a friend who is in the local government, he consults me on certain socioeconomic issues.

I have other ties and interactions which I am not at liberties to discuss.

The way I figure it is that your attempt at a burn has backfired.

United States

#12 Apr 5, 2011
ifff you have proven you are too stupid to know you are dumb...

others understood and answered.. but you couldn't understand .. what does that prove..... it proves you with low logic either cannot understand unless there is a clear road map or you are one of those stupid wannabes who has chose incorrectly to spend ones life on LOOKING wise instead of doing wise and you go LOOKING to se e how you can FEED your sic mental need.. but it is you that is FOOLING your dumb self..

if you have any logic you could understand why high logic people like einstein just laughs at your dumb types..

your dumb types are horse laughed by the truly wise..

people with higher logic chooses more valauble things to work on and they don't over do working on small things to get those small things perfect... they chose to work on alot more valuable things...

with low logic you can never understand this and you will continue making low logic decisions on desparately trying to look wise...

getting hump back over a keyboard and eye strain and high obesity rates is what your types stupid decisions bring.. your types is like parrots who can remember like a parrot but cannot UNDERSTAND cause of low logic..

bottem line too stupid to know you are dumb....

United States

#13 Apr 5, 2011
iff to prove you are stupid..... you waste your time looking for small errors

that is wasted TIME.... proving you are too low of logic to understand the harm you do to yourself..

you are simply a wannabe...

the choice you make is a REAL test of logic and you failed..

Mobile, AL

#14 Apr 5, 2011
Senseless redundancy is a sign of brain damage.

Mobile, AL

#15 Apr 5, 2011
I weigh 140lbs, am very athletic and have a girlfriend that some people would kill for.

I drive a $60,000 car and own a large nice house.

I have ZERO debt.

Some people are just jealous of real human beings.
They so much wish that they were not inbred subhumans.

Mobile, AL

#16 Apr 5, 2011
I donate time and money to chairites regularly.
I have been a very active part of every community I have ever lived in.

I am considered a valuable friend to several hundred people.

Mobile, AL

#17 Apr 5, 2011
BTW, others on Topix have used usernames similar to ffffuuuuu, not all of them are me.

Mobile, AL

#18 Apr 5, 2011
muddy water between the ears

United States

#19 Apr 5, 2011
iff.. the clue is this......

you spend valuable TIME checking grammar errors and screaming about that..

that is 100% proof of a stupid person..

a person can say they are a million things...but your actions here is YOU..

no wise person would spend time talking about being wise.. cause that is just wasting time and your actions is 100% proof you are a stupid person..

you are a person desparately in need to LOOK wise.... just a wannabe and a person too stupid to know you are dumb as a rock

also you are so dumb that you don't know WOMEN.. if you speak of titles or wisdom and act lkike a professor or a scientist your woman will fall in love with the gardener and your stupidity will not know that..

your low logic does not have a CLUE just how dumb you really are....

United States

#20 Apr 5, 2011
"I actually have to wonder if you are as smart and well off as you say you are why you would spend your time bragging about yourself online to someone about how wonderful you are and all of your acheivements. Also calling someone else an imbred subhuman? I detect an air of superiority there that brings another human being down to a level of not being equal with yourself. Regardless of someones intelligence or place in life money friend educational background or the other things you listed we all are from dust and to dust we will return. None of these things matter. Love your fellow man and there is no need to brag on yourself with all of the things you have acheieved and all of the blessings that you have recieved in life perhaps some you overlooked a certain part of your character that would require you to be humble. We are all human there is always something lacking something to be improved upon in our entire make up. You can criticize this for spelling errors or punctuation errors. I know there a quite but my sentiment is right on. I would look withen myself and find the missing piece of the puzzle...

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