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Tennyson, IN

#1 Dec 27, 2009
What ever happened to John Price. He was a preacher who had the television program that was broadcast from the big church building located on Princeton Pike Road in Madisonville. The channel 19 church.

Last count he was put in prison for raping a underage girl who was a member of that church.

And i remember directly after he was arrested his father who was the pastor of that church died of a broken heart.

What ever happened to John's wife Cindy Price. I remember she was one of those beauty pageant chics and she was okay looking but i saw footage of her during the trial and she was extremely haggard looking.

Isnt there a inmate website that would have his location, photo and information on it.
Oh my gosh

Fairfield, IL

#3 Jan 22, 2010
I've wondered so many times what happened to him ~ last I heard, he'd been apprehended TAKING FLYING LESSONS ~ he was planning to fly out of the USA!

The entire matter was so shameful and so shocking. I used to watch that show!

I remember hearing him brag about how he'd met his wife when they were both very young....and how they'd gotten married and never "been with" anybody else....she said that so many women were "jealous" of her because she'd met her husband at such a young age.....!

You never know.....

And poor Pastor John Stalls.

How can anything go so WRONG???

I feel terribly sorry for John Price's sons.

Remember when the tower "fell down?" And they had to do yet another telethon.......I wonder if it really fell down, or if it was pushed down.....

How terrible. I hope John Price can somehow rebuild his life and his relationship with the Lord (assuming he had one), but more IMPORTANTLY, I hope his victim has healed and moved on with her life! What a terrible thing, to prey upon a trusting young girl.
i get ex judges

White Plains, KY

#4 Jan 23, 2010
they gave price 60 years cause he had consetual sex with a 18 yeard old he didnt rape any one i know him he is a pervert but he reads his bible over 12 hours a day every day the girl had gone to his church since she was 11 she had a crush on him he explained that he didnt have intercourse with her till after he was 18 the girls parents had alot of money an got judge bolter to put a hush order on his side of the story he had to put his side of the story in newspapapers far away from here an in countries in africa where he did missoinary work the man is not right in the head but he isnt a lair
he is a pervert in his own ways but he didnt rape any 1
i get ex judges

White Plains, KY

#5 Jan 23, 2010
he is just another hopkins county citizen down wrong by ex cocaine abusing judge bolter an money

if you have enough money u can get anything done here if you know the right people ken dean has got many people off the hook for serous crimes with the right amount of cash

Fairmont, WV

#6 Jan 25, 2010
" i know him he is a pervert "
Yes, well, perhaps that might be the reason he is locked up?

Dunmor, KY

#7 Jan 25, 2010
i get ex judges wrote:
he is just another hopkins county citizen down wrong by ex cocaine abusing judge bolter an money
if you have enough money u can get anything done here if you know the right people ken dean has got many people off the hook for serous crimes with the right amount of cash
It is apparant that you were in trouble in your past and things didn't go your way. You are right to a point that depending on who you know in hopkins county can go a long way, but isn't that everywhere? If people keep their lives in order and stay out of trouble, they really don't have to worry about such thing!

Tennyson, IN

#8 Jan 26, 2010
What happened to that price guys wife cyndi was her name i think.

And when will that price guy be getting out of jail.

West Paducah, KY

#9 Feb 23, 2010
You can find Cindy Price (now Murdock) on Daystar television. She is one of the singers.

Madisonville, KY

#10 Feb 24, 2010
Let's hope she's had some singing lessons since she lived here.
I noticed this bio on her conveniently omitted her marriage to John Price:

"She recently married the man of her dreams David Murdock."

I can't blame her for not mentioning John Price, though....says her sons are both in ministry so I guess they are allright.

I never thought she was much of a singer.

Nebo, KY

#11 Mar 22, 2010
I have never met a more demanding unethical person anywhere. He thought the world owed him and channel 19 new cars to drive, new carpets for their private homes, free fuel, etc. When his world came "crashing down" I wasn't the least bit surprised. He's probably getting close to parole and he'll find another group of "suckers" who believe he's the son of the Lord himself and they'll give him money and power. Probably won't be around here though.
Whoop Whoop

Tennyson, IN

#12 Mar 23, 2010
When is he due to be released?

Owensboro, KY

#13 Apr 20, 2010
I went to LCA, I was a student there for many years. John Price's "victim" was anything but that. She was so crazy about him and chased him constantly. Unless you were a part of the whole "scene" like I was, and so many other students, you really can't say much. I never liked John Price, always thought he was a pompous ass and his "victim" was a very arrogant person who believed she was truly above reproach. They are both sickening in my opinion.

Morgantown, KY

#14 Apr 20, 2010
I remember channel 19 when I was a kid.

Those jokers used to make me mad as he!l.
We had an antanna on the tv.and every time my shows came on their signal would wipe out the reseption.

I never could figure out why they needed donations because they sat in leather recliners surrouned by exspensive rugs and furnishings.

I used to see the 'Fat guy and Price go into the steak house every Friday and eat.

One time they asked for money to send hin to the Bahamas to a 'Christian meeting'at a hotel,I think he went.

United States

#15 Sep 15, 2010
I honestly odnt remember

Warrior, AL

#16 Sep 16, 2010
When did the tower fall in relation to the offense? Maybe it was a judgement on the wrong doing.

Years before, they had a preacher come hold a revival. His name was John Wesley Fletcher. During this revival some one broke in and damaged (I believe) Fletcher's equipment. Not a long time after that Fletcher was caught up in the Jessica Hahn/Jim Bakker/PTL scandal and hes was seen on national TV a "broken man" and Jessica Hahn was eating his lunch out of her anger.
Wasted Time

Madisonville, KY

#17 Sep 18, 2010
The "Tower" incident you speak of was due to the fact it came from a Tampa,Fl T.V.station that had sat in a field for over 20 yrs, in salty air( rust inhibitor) and was overpriced when purchased. I worked w/ crew on stacking it w/ Swagger Telpax. It had a 6' face, and was a Tri-Angular w/ a center pin for main bolt-down. The tower site was on the highest hill in S. Hopkins county, and was a 1100' tower w/ a 60'pylon mast on top. We( Swagger-Telpax) had stacked the little 275' Tower at the church in 1980, and we were asked to come back and stack this one out. We noticed it had a left twist in the steel, and in several mtgs we advised them to stop at 600' and install the pylon there, would still have had a tower/antenna at the relative height to land ratio of 1,075'. I remember Mr Price stating that it wouldnt do them any good,and pushed for a complete 1100' tower w/ antenna assembly on top. We pulled off at 625' and left the site, went to next job in Ohio. Personal GREED is what brought the tower down, nothing more,nothing less.

We have been doing Radio/Television towers for close to 60yrs, and this was the first time we saw such bad practices from 'Religeous" people. Pastor Stalls was OK with the tower being at 625', but Johnny threw tantrums and had cursing fits of rage at the tower site, and in the offices.He called himself an Ordained Minister, should have been a Sailor, he had the language down pat.
I met the girl( lady now) in question omce, and saw her a few times at the office's when we had mtgs about the
Doomed Tower". It was apparent she was head over heals for this Johnny Price guy,and had no problems in showing it in the office w/ his wife in close proximety. Personally I felt sorry for all involved. There was NO WAY anyone couldnt see what was happening...a Married Preacher involved w/ a office girl....and flaunting the whole thing in front of every-one. Greed brought the tower down, as did Greed in his personal life. He wasnt happy that he had a pretty wife, he had to have a Mistress also.

I/We followed the trial,and I think he will turn 70 before he gets a chance to get out, and he should be about 56-60 yrs old now.

Frankfort, KY

#18 Sep 29, 2010
Does anyone know about the new pastor there...named Wilson, I think?
Wasted Time

Madisonville, KY

#19 Sep 29, 2010
Pat Wilson... he is ok I guess, know his son is a psycho, looks like a drugged out Zombie, and has lived in Isreal, or something to that effect.

Since: Nov 09

Fairfield, IL

#20 Oct 1, 2010
i had been to the tower site a few times the tower was put up twisted and i meant twisted the day it fell they were rying to pull it straight with a tractor i worked master control there for a little while he should be out next yr if i remember right. John Pricewhile i worked thewas full of him self but changed before he got busted i dont defend what he did i dont care if she was 14 or 18 you cant be 30 and sleep with a little girl also Cindy hs wis was the most beautiful woman inside and out i have met and he treated her like a dog.

Frankfort, KY

#21 Oct 1, 2010
I have heard bad things about the church years ago.
I was hoping to find an old member to ask about it.
Stuff like using up church funds to keep the tv station afloat.I was down there about 10-12 years ago & asking directions for the church & almost everyone I asked didn't have anything good to say about it.

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