Missing Madisonville Man's Truck Found

Missing Madisonville Man's Truck Found

There are 241 comments on the WBKO story from Dec 6, 2010, titled Missing Madisonville Man's Truck Found. In it, WBKO reports that:

Authorities have found the truck belonging to a Madisonville man who has been missing since November 30th.

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Madisonville, KY

#41 Dec 11, 2010
Thank you So very Much for replying back to me, I will bring my license and See If i can get ahold of a Couple people for 4 wheelers. Thanks again.

United States

#42 Dec 11, 2010
well from my experiences people go missing in that manner for money or drugs, may not be but most likely.

Central City, KY

#43 Dec 13, 2010
As for jess's b/f. I grew up with him and have known him for bout 15 years. He has hardly ever been in a fight more less kill anyone or anything of that nature. And also mike settle is not in jail. He is out on bond. Let the police do there job and quit spittin false accusations u have heard from some dope fiends
someone who knows

Hopkinsville, KY

#44 Dec 14, 2010
You should check your facts because he admitted Bo beat his ass and what I find truly amazing is he is the last person to see Bo and we are supposed to believe he doesn't know where he is. I have news for him and anyone else involved you picked the wrong the wrong man and the wrong family if you think we will let it drop and go away. We will not stop until we find out where he is and what happened to him!!!!

Kenmore, WA

#45 Dec 14, 2010
I heard someone say that Jess' boyfriend went missing for a few days right around the time that Bo went missing.

If the confrontation did happen, something is terribly wrong with this then.
someone who knows

Hopkinsville, KY

#46 Dec 14, 2010
awfully convient isn't it

Cadiz, KY

#47 Dec 14, 2010
i just hope they find this man and he is ok as far as mike goes guess he couldnt rat his way out of it this time !!

Madisonville, KY

#48 Dec 14, 2010
What's going on with this? Is there not any new information on this guy?
This has really bothered me & I keep looking every night to see if anyone says anything else and there's nothing. Not even on the news!
Has everyone just forgot that a man just went missing?
I even posted on the NARK page about this, asking where the hell the NARKS are now?
someone who knows

Pineville, KY

#49 Dec 15, 2010
its a known fact that he was seen at market place on sunday Dec.5th between 5 and 6 P.M. he was described as wearing a black leather jacket with some kind of lettering on the back that has also been comfrimed that he did owned has anyone bother to call or look at the video tape

Owensboro, KY

#50 Dec 15, 2010
He is a grown man. He is not missing. He prolly just ranaway

Central City, KY

#51 Dec 15, 2010
I know that bow was hiding in the bushes and was supposed to beat him with a pool ball in a sock but that doesn't mean that Craig had anything to do with it. And why did ur buddy (Bo) even get into it with him. Just cuz he and Craig got into it doesn't mean Craig done ne thang. Another thing is Craig doesn't have a car so how would have he ditched the body. I am sorry this happened and I hope you get some closure but noone knows who is the last person to c him and noone knows what happened to him. A couple of months ago I lost a close friend of mine to this type of situation. While she was missing alot of ppl said so in so did this so in so did that and in the end it was just alot of small talk from some ignorant dope fiends that didn't know what or who they were talking about. I'm not the type of person to go around talking bout some one doing something just cuz I heard it froms someone else. First off I don't go over there to see Craig cuz I know that those ppl are no good. I keep tellin Craig he needs to leave that place becuz those ppl r no good. I also used to tell Jodi that something was gonna happen to her. She wouldn't listen. Did u ever tell Bo he needs to not be around there. Fact is if he would have chose different ppl places and things this situation may not b here today. Craigs a good friend and IF he did do something he deserves to pay the price. But I don't think he did and until someone finds some hard evidence that he did I don't think they should say he did. I'm sorry for your loss but sometimes it's OUR own fought that bad things happen to us. I went to prison cuz of ME, I lost my family cuz of ME, I lost everything several times cuz of Me.
someone who knows

Hopkinsville, KY

#52 Dec 15, 2010
Apparently you may know craig but you certainly don't know Bo, because he wouldn't need to hide behind bushes to take on craig, unless he craig was not alone. Bo had already proved to him a couple of months ago he could put him on the floor with an open hand slap to the face, I believe that is called a "bitch slap" so why would Bo hide, I don't think so! As for him being seen at the market place, I truly wish that was the case and I'm sure his family does too. They would love to believe he was out there, but there again anyone who knows Bo knows he would not put his mother, his wife, his children or friends through this nighmare.So for you ignorant people who say he ran away he is 42 not 12
some1 who known 4 many yr

Pineville, KY

#53 Dec 15, 2010
i have been knowing bo for over 20 years and its a known fact that he was seen i know what he looks like im not a ignorant bitch. im a bitch that knows what im talking about and if u kno so much then why ant u talking to the police instead of on topix
Passive J

Orlando, FL

#54 Dec 15, 2010
Craig Who?
April Noffsinger

Owensboro, KY

#55 Dec 15, 2010
I am praying for Dillon and his family. I went to school with Dillon and I know it is hard on him. I pray that he is found safe and that he is okay out here in this ice that we are having tonight. Please keep this thread positive and helpful thank you
someone who knows

Hopkinsville, KY

#56 Dec 15, 2010
Craig Davenport to answer the 2nd question and to answer the first question I have talked to them have you or better yet if you if you saw Bo at the Market Place, did you talk to him? Did you ask him what he was doing? Did you tell him everyone was looking for him? Because by Dec.3 his picture was everywhere, on the tv and paper. I have another question, why are you the only one who has said you seen him? If you have known him for 20 years them you would think you would at least have said hi to the man or maybe you are actualy a friend of Craigs and you want people to think he and his friends didn't do anything to Bo. That makes more sense to me. I grew up with me and you can bet if I saw him the first thing I would do is hug him then call his wife!

Princeton, KY

#57 Dec 16, 2010
why would Bo want to fight Craig and on more than one occasion?

Dunmor, KY

#58 Dec 16, 2010
well bo shouldn't be beefing with craig ne ways. anyone could have killed that man. Craig cant fight so if u wanna real man u smart ass punk look up larry. I pray that ur peeps is okay but how do u think i feel one of my best friends is being bashed on topics by a bunch of pussys, holler at me. I can fight LARRY
someone who knows

Hopkinsville, KY

#59 Dec 16, 2010
As far as Bo and Craig getting into it, let's put it this way, if you are going to run your mouth to Bo, you had better be able to back it up. Anyone that knows Bo, knows he will only listen to so much crap before he makes you back it up, even if you are half his age.And who the hell is Larry and how do you know Bo was killed!!
Im here

Central City, KY

#60 Dec 16, 2010
I don't know bow was killed but common knowledge knows that if someone is gone for so long they have probably passed to the other side. I hope that didn't happen but we all already know. Ppl don't just stay away for weeks unless they been up for two weeks and afraid to come out of the woods. I'm not a disrespectful person and I wish death upon know one but Craig is like a brother to me just like bow is ppls family and I don't appreciate all this small talk. I'm not dawging u alls ppl so please quit ASSUMING craig had anything to do with this. The police in this town aren't stupid and they will find out who or what happened. This web site is fucking lame. My name is Larry and I wont put my last name becouse of these petty ppl on here will start some rumors on me. Ask around and you'll find out who I am. I know craig cant fight and I know Craig dont go asking for trouble. Hes a pretty laid back cat and I don't c him doing this. If I find out he did i'll beat him on my own, There is no reason to get rumors started. A murder is nothing to play with on topics. Go to toys r us if ur bored. I will die for craig and if anyone harms him than you'll have to harm me also. He didn't kill your boy and if he did u can have your way with him. But you also gotta remember that there is 40000 ppl in this town and Bo coulda got over on the wrong one. METH is no good and it's ruining families and killin ppl. Blame the drug

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