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#219 Feb 18, 2013
mr deeds wrote:
Wish he could have took out half of the coons down on pride ave. One just ain't enough.
lol feel better he still gonna be sucking #ick n jail HOPE U HAVE FUN GOING TO SEE HIM AND DONT FORGET TO PUT MONEY ON HIS BOOKS WOULDNT WANT "PRETTY B#TCH BOY' to be hungry lmfao

Tucker, GA

#220 Feb 18, 2013
Depends on who he rides with??

Tucker, GA

#221 Feb 18, 2013
Forbes Family wrote:
<quoted text>That was my husband's little cousin who was shot and killed. If you do not know anymore than what was posted in the Messenger, then you need to stay out of that one. A 17 year old kid needlessly died that night in cold blood for what??? Doing a donut off a country road. He was nowhere near that house. I know others who had been to that house before that said shooting guns was treated like a game. Keenan just became the latest target. I sat in the courtroom with the family at the preliminary hearing, and, unknowingly was sitting behind Edwards. HE HAD NO GRIEF OR REMORSE FOR SHOOTING A KID!!!!!!!!! A couple of years ago I looked him up on FB where he was publicly showing off all of his weapons.I do not know the families of the injured/deceaed in this accident, but my prayers go out to you and what you are going through.
Because it wasn't the first time he was at tat house. Don't whine because he teased the wrong person. He paid for his terror. No loss at all

Tucker, GA

#222 Feb 18, 2013
yea wrote:
<quoted text> lol feel better he still gonna be sucking #ick n jail HOPE U HAVE FUN GOING TO SEE HIM AND DONT FORGET TO PUT MONEY ON HIS BOOKS WOULDNT WANT "PRETTY B#TCH BOY' to be hungry lmfao
Hahahaha!!!! Tell him to get off that bunk and do my laundry!!! He can stick his hand in my back pocket! XD

Tucker, GA

#223 Feb 18, 2013
_krrr wrote:
Going to see Brandon today. & i pray to god no one tells him about this thread..
He will have plenty of time to read it in jail
Judge Not

Madisonville, KY

#224 Feb 18, 2013
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
This is from Lemons FB page.
Gerald Clemons You ReaL Focused right now!*LoL ...then again you are driving*g.
March 30, 2011 at 9:09pm
AprilImmadoitagain Lynn i kno...where u goin cuz....u look pissed off in this ahead and focus on the road....skuuuuurrrr
March 30, 2011 at 9:34pm
Brittany Clemons we was on our way to da club 4 me nd whits bday wknd n yall silly as hell i was focused and ripped
March 30, 2011 at 10:15pm 1
AprilImmadoitagain Lynn yeah...i was bout 2 say u prolly had a bottle n ur lap
March 30, 2011 at 10:20pm
Brittany Clemons right lol
March 30, 2011 at 10:29pm
My point being...It could happen to anyone that chooses to drink and drive!!
God be with all involved
Just Saying

Los Angeles, CA

#225 Feb 18, 2013
I am not saying this just about Brandon, but about anyone in general.

If you drink and drive you need to be slapped with felony endangerment. If you drink, drive, and cause an accident w/ another person involved- attempted murder. If you drink, drive, and kill, murder in the first and straight to the juice box.

Thats the way i fee about it.

People on here saying that drinking and driving is a mistake. Sorry, the conscious decision to drink is not a mistake. He needs to take full responsibility for his actions. People do not need to get a lesser treatment because they were drunk and "didn't know what they were doing", they need to be tried to fullest extent as if they pre-planned their actions, because they did pre-plan. Anyone that drives drunk has no place in society.

A mistake would be dialing the wrong number on my phone, a mistake would be forgetting to pay my light or water bill. Mistakes to do put people in danger, negligence is what does that.

Tucker, GA

#226 Feb 18, 2013
mrfish wrote:
<quoted text>
He will have plenty of time to read it in jail
Jesus H Crisco its Mr FisH roy
Ya' Fu(|<'in MoroN!!
Law Student

Lexington, KY

#227 Feb 18, 2013
God, you people are ignorant! All I see is a bunch of trash-talking rednecks gawking over a preventable incident. Thankfully I no longer reside in Madisonville; I heard about this situation this morning from a friend back home. Having known Brandon Marks for many years, I must assert that this kid is nothing but trouble. He has a criminal history and he's very ill-tempered. This entire situation is far from surprising to me. From the perspective of a law student: he will NEVER withstand a guilty verdict. He will be in jail for quite sometime and it's undoubtful he will be trialed as an adult since he is quite close to the age of 18. Another factor contributing to his trial as an adult is his criminal background and the severity of the crime. People, this kid killed someone and thus, he IS a murderer. I understand that people make mistakes, but Brandon has had many chances to enhance his behavior - he has failed once again. This situation should not be taken lightly and will never be forgotten. He deserves everything that comes out of this and I don't feel sorry for him in the slightest. I hope he reflects on this murder whilst laying in his prison bed during the years to come. To those of you who continue to gossip and talk of things in which you haven't the faintest: you prove to be pathetic garbage. That's all Madisonville will ever be - pathetic and ridiculous garbage.

Tucker, GA

#228 Feb 18, 2013
If you use another name at least use
a fair copy Moron!!!

Tucker, GA

#229 Feb 18, 2013
I honestly hope you really are not that Dumb!!?
Get over it

Cadiz, KY

#230 Feb 18, 2013
gosh wrote:
Well murderer or not. Like I already said he is only getting charged with manslaughter only doing time til he's 18 if that long. So I'm jut going to pray for y'all and everyone involved.
Hes going to be charged with involuntary manslaughter. considering he killed one person and seriously injured another. if you no anything at all manslaughter can be sentenced up to 7-10 years if not longer in prison. Good luck to him and his family hes going to need it

Tucker, GA

#231 Feb 18, 2013
Sorry to interrupt, the disputes on the rights and wrongs of these tragedies. Can anyone give me an update on Royce's condition?
Bling Bling

Houston, TX

#232 Feb 18, 2013
Brandon is going to be tossed around more than football at a tailgating party when he gets in the pokey. They can smell the fresh meat coming already.

His booty before jail ((*))...His booty after
Forbes Family

United States

#233 Feb 18, 2013
mrfish wrote:
<quoted text>
Because it wasn't the first time he was at tat house. Don't whine because he teased the wrong person. He paid for his terror. No loss at all
Unless by teasing you mean putting a gun to his murderers head, then there was no reason to shoot a 17 year old kid. OBVIOUSLY, the story told by all the other co-conspiraters that the murderer was inside, got up, grabbed his gun, and went outside and far enough toward the road to shoot at a moving target accurately were all lying. What you are putting out there is that he planned to shoot him. Well, I do believe that would be pre-meditated murder, and just because one did his time, no one else did. I would be very cautious that you do not incriminate yourself. I do see that you are so bold to tell who you are or how you know so much about that crime.

Tucker, GA

#234 Feb 18, 2013
How do you know what it looks like?
Tell me I am wrong

Madisonville, KY

#235 Feb 18, 2013
sniper wrote:
In response to WOW
1. Brandon is 17 years old. He is not of legal age to be drinking.
2. Brandon was DRIVING while under the infuence of the above-mentioned illegal alcohol.
3. If Lemons drank, that was her business. She was of legal age.
4. Neither of the victims of this crime (and it is a crime) were engaged in any illegal activity at the time that the crime occured. Brandon was.
5. You are correct in you statement that
"Talking bad about the person who caused the accident won't bring her back or vindicate her death." Death cannot be "vindicated". Vindicate means to prove one's innocence or absolve one of guilt. You picked the wrong word. Your grammar and comments make you look trashy and illiterate.
This kid has had many many tickets issued to him...Most for going a great deal above the speed limit....his mom who works at the clerks office gets them taken away....if this abuse of a public office employee didnt happen then his liscense should have been revoked....To make it short--special favors end up in somemone dying.

Pineville, KY

#236 Feb 18, 2013
feel terrible for brittney and the guy that was with her families, prayers are sent their way. No family should have to gothrough this due to a drunk driver

Versailles, IN

#237 Feb 18, 2013
You haters need to STFU and go help that fat ass royce pick out a casket. Thats the thug life for ya, live hard die young!

Dawson Springs, KY

#238 Feb 18, 2013
SurfKY says nothing about a fatality at all. It says all people involved were transported to ER, yet people are saying she died on impact. I am so terribly confused now.

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