Hopkins county Pre-Trial and Drug Cou...

Hopkins county Pre-Trial and Drug Court dont test on weekend

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cloud 9

Ripley, TN

#1 Jan 8, 2013
It says that drug testing is at random. But they dont test on weekends or holidays at all. So you people you can get around those testings and still have fun!

Madisonville, KY

#2 Jan 8, 2013
They need to be open weekends and holidays, the courthouse needs to be open 24/7, they need to be accessible, they need to randomize, they need a government program...

Morgantown, KY

#3 Jan 8, 2013
Don't you guys know when to keep quiet about that stuff?

It only causes troluble.

Ripley, TN

#4 Jan 8, 2013
What knid of trouble?

Morgantown, KY

#5 Jan 8, 2013
saying wrote:
What knid of trouble?
You know,stuff like tossing names around and insulting the the authority of the court.

They are not to be provoked lest their wrath fall upon us.
Bezel Bub

Tucker, GA

#6 Jan 8, 2013

Morgantown, KY

#7 Jan 8, 2013
Bezel Bub wrote:
Just saying

Birdseye, IN

#8 Jan 8, 2013
And you all do know this whomever it is is just trying to get some people in trouble. I have had a dear friend of mine who went through a rough patch in his life and ended up in drug court.. They test any given time of the week. May it be weekends, holidays, your mothers sisters cousins wedding day. It doesn't matter. That's the whole point of the program. To get you out of those patterns and help you move towards a better life. "Cloud 9" it's not fun anymore for some of these addicts/participants.. They can't live without it. Why can we try to help these people instead of feeding them junk?.

Tucker, GA

#9 Jan 8, 2013
You kinda lost me at the end there'

Ripley, TN

#10 Jan 8, 2013
They give certain colors to certain ones. certain colors dont test near as often. pretrial for sure dont test on weekends because i called up there and they said so its a flaw in the system. The judge said im sorry we dont work on the week ends. and when you try to tell the testers that some one needs help. They go back and tell them that some one told one them to watch out on the drug test.
bible belt

Ripley, TN

#13 Jan 9, 2013
Well my friend told me that his wife was being drug tested at pretrial. He said his wife has got a drug problems for years, that she was in icu for five days at a time from taking too many pills and etc.. He said his wife would run off to a place where her friends has lots of drugs and stay for days. Her friends try to hide her form her husband.His wife found out that the ky justice system do not test on weekends or hoildays leading in to weekend from one of the pertrial workers. She would call in on friday and if she did nt get tested, she would run off to friends house until monday morning doing drugs and smoking. She was not on drugs as much. But the more she went with her friends, the more she would get more addicted and not even come home for days. Her husband called pretrial and told them his wife was trying to trick the system by still doing drugs and he is afraid she will over dose and not to tell his wife he called,to please test her and get her contained. Husband felt she got out of control and he felt hopeless and could nt contain her. Pre trial she ok thank you. But when his wife called in to pretrail about testing, they told her that her husband has been calling in on her. That she is hanging around friends and doing drugs. The husband was right by her side when she called pre trial. The husband ask pertrial who the workers name was. They hung up and refuse to say who snitched. The wife got up set and left her husband because the pre trial worker she husband snitched on her. His wife is now with the friends that are giving her drugs. The husband is heart broken about his wife and the criminal justice system. And the friend the wife is doing drugs with is friends with the judge. So if she over doses then whos to blame-her self I guess for taking them. She said the pretrial lady felt sorry for her and told her to take sunny seven or efferent just before the test and lots of times it would show test passed. I guess thats why Hopkins County has the highest amount of people on drugs than the whole state of kentucky.
bible belt

Ripley, TN

#15 Jan 9, 2013
Pre trail also told the wife that the next time her husband calls to pre trial or drug court that the judge (friends with person giving his wife drugs) will enforce harressment charges against her husband. My friend said his relationship with his wife in are noy good. And that she has been gone for days with her friends taking her to pre trial and drug court. Husband said when he would would talk to his wife over the phone(husband said hes been around her too long to know when she is on some thing or not form her slurred voice) that she sounded so messed up on drugs and then goes in the next day for testing and passes. I really feel sorry for him. I just dont know what to do to help him? Seems like if you complain that they will find away to get you in trouble. May be some one would know some thing?
Think about this

Tucker, GA

#16 Jan 9, 2013
It's a coverup for a snitch
That's why she walks every time
where a bouts

Ripley, TN

#17 Jan 9, 2013
I was told his wife did snitch on some people. But she wont snitch on the ones, that have alot of high doses of drugs and that are real close friends to her. That one person that has all types of drugs that supplies to her and other people are friends with the Judge. If she is to go through court or etc, I dont see how she can be clean if she is around any one supplying drugs. It sounds like a dog and poney show for the entire system. Pharmacies, doctors, patients, countries that produce opum, and the criminal justice system. Its all about money and not about people. I heard that the one that got her addicted to pain pills and etc worked for the health care system and had access to all types of legal and illegal drugs. She said several times when i visited them that she wished to not even took one pill. She was hurting real bad and needed a quick fix instead of finding out the real problem.
wurd up

Ripley, TN

#20 Jan 9, 2013
Sounds like he needs a good attorney

Cadiz, KY

#21 Jan 10, 2013
Thats just the way life is, but the first problem the husband made was calling in on her. Hello, apparntly this grown ass women doesn't want to get sober. I am an addict myself, and believe me nothing and noboby can make u stay clean, unless that person wants to stay clean. This women has not hit her rock bottom yet, and untill she does all anyone can do is b there for her. It sucks, but thats how it is. She will choose her addiction over everything. Hopefully she will pull through this, i will keep her in my prayers.

Ripley, TN

#22 Jan 10, 2013
true addicted. Yes she gose places where there is stuff. She has chosen family over it. Her friends makes the husband look like the bad person. And she thinks of her friends as family. Then when all the stuff is gone then they kick her out then she comes back. The pre trial should not have told her after the husband said to not tell. If she would have got busted on test, they would have contain her. But since they told her. She got mad and took off the only other place shes got to go-people on it. Shes at risk of OD ing and dieing. It was her choice. Your right about her choosing to quit. But its also seems those people in the drug court to know how people are. They been through many addicted people. What would be the point to tell her that some one said she is taking things. Seemed to me drug court would want some one to tell if they are doing some thing not help them pass test. Go Figure!
Why here

Tucker, GA

#23 Jan 10, 2013
Drug court is all about $
This is Hopkins county remember?
Mr Helper

Princeton, KY

#24 Jan 10, 2013
The democratic controlled court system in this state have decreed that no testing shall be done on weekeeds and holidays in an attempt to curry favor with the more likely democratic voters

What they have not taken into account is that most of these people have had their constituional right to vote evoked. So the very people they are trying to cultivate cannot be cultivated..This is typical democratic tomfoolery

Glad to help once again
Hillbilly piranha

Tucker, GA

#25 Jan 10, 2013
Your full of shit!
But, full of it!

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