How does one fight a corrupt Police d...
Michelle Krappe Gibson

Whitmore Lake, MI

#45 Mar 12, 2010
I live in MOUNT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN. It is so awful here that I want to tell my story. I was framed!!! I fear for my life here. I am 31! These Cops are BAD Cops named Culbertson, Oliveri, Bliss, and there are three others involved from March of 2008 when they attacked me over having my car towed from my driveway because I had full coverage! It was at Entrerprise, and my insurance agent (Progressive) had told me to!!! Told me to!!!!They illegally gave me two fake tickets(one was a defective equipment) in October 2007 then in Thanksgiving of the year of 2007 my tailights were smashed out while the cop that did it followed me one time (I think) at the KOHLS (His name was Kolhoff) The one that did that last February of 2009, BAD CITY COPS actually kidnapped me off the street (by the hospital)_forced drugs from the hospital in town into my body one drug named Haldol messed up my tongue for good (NO LAWYERS LIKED helped me ever! WON"T , never ever listen to me, drove at high speeds on Mission Street (Feb 9). Stuck me in a hospital, told them to illegally inject me. They are the most ASickest. DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS were once okay when I turned in Marijuana (FROM A SICK BOYFRIEND ON AN ADDICTION) THEY WOULD IGNORE ME, HE WOULD BEAT ME AND THEY WOULD NOT ARREST HIM, HE NEDDED TO BE ! THEY ALLOWED THEM TO ILLEGALLY RETAIN NO CONTACT CUSODY. yes i have a child! HE IS ONLY SEVEN!!! to ALMA POLICE during 2004 or 2005 or earlier. I have stack fulls of documents! I am A GOOD PERSON! PLEASE DONT MOVE HERE!!! MY GOD DON"T MOVE HERE! DRUGS? What do you think? DAR? I do! I believe there are GOOD AND BAD! I never thought I would be VICTIMIZED!!!! CORRUPTION!
Victim of a Lying Cop

Detroit, MI

#49 Apr 1, 2010
I live in New Jersey. I am trying to fight a case of so the cop said, a 3rd DWI. My first one was 11 yeaes ago. My 2nd was 10 months ago. With the second one, I had a issue with the 20 mins observation, the police that performed the breathalyzer was not in the room for 20 mins, only 7 mins. We could not prove it so I had to take the 2nd DWI which was 2 weeks shy of my first, because in New Jersey if it is exactly 10 years violation to violation, your 2nd become a first. The one I am fighting now. The police is from Pennsauken Police in New Jersey. He followed me from a well know bar, and pulled me over. I was drinking that night. He said that i refuse a breathalyzer, he never asked me to take one. When we got to the police station, I thought i was going there to take one, and thats when he told me I refused out on the field. I asked another cop in the station if he would give me one, he replied "NO". He told me he had a dash cam and that it was on, but when my lawyer requested the tape, the judges response was "We dont do that anymore". They now have new police cars without dashcams, 1 month after this incident. I am to this day trying to fight this because i can go to jail for 6 months. I cant decide whether to take this to trial because i can get higher charges, which is not right.
Victim of a Lying Cop

Detroit, MI

#50 Apr 1, 2010
In my story above after the part where it says the police officer followed from a well known bar, I typed a error,(I was drinking that night) should be I was not drinking that night. I would like to add to the story. I would to know what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I was innocent that night, and it just sickens me that my lawyer is telling that i have to plead guilty to this and i did not do it. I do want to take this to trial, because i believe my lawyers questions will prove that he is lying. But i am scared, because if it does not go in my favor, i could go to jail for a year instead of 6 months. But i know he is lying and his story will not be the truth and he will mess up! My story will always be the truth any time i tell it. So watch out for your local police!
common sense

United States

#51 Apr 10, 2010
No Doughnut wrote:
This is what happens when all we want are Minority and Gay cops despite their qualifications
Yea you're right. It has nothing to do with the white man's inability to be original or the need to steal, rape, kill and plunder everything and then completely forget about It and rewrite history as they see fit.
Ted R

Winchendon, MA

#53 May 6, 2010
Go to the press.

If you have dirt on corrupt police, do NOT go to the police- they will cover it up.

Go straight to the press, and embarass the department. Just don't be shocked if the police pay you a visit and take you on a one way vacation.
NY Citizen

Hampton Bays, NY

#54 May 6, 2010
mimi wrote:
my nick name is mimi i am sending you this e-mail from japan
i just had a terrible experience with corrupt detective from brooklyn nyc
and i want to go public with this information .
my problem defines the wrong action of nypd or should i say troubled individual in power of law .
i had an affair with detectives husband with out knowing his wife was a cop
this sounds very out of ordinary but she has investigated my little mistake from past and has deported me and two years later she is monitoring my
computer and e-mails ,uses my e-mail address to unknown sights
sending me threats via e-mail ,
now i knew how some of the woman police are worst than man are
her telling me she is the one that got me deported because i had an affair
with husband on internet was devastating .
at the same time i feel the need that public needs to know this and i am not the first or last she might of even covered murders
i already know she does armed robbery ( sends squads)
please if you do have any suggestion where to write this story
i am going to every news paper possible and you tube
I have lived in NYC all my life. I always had trouble with police. I have never been charged with anything yet i have had my car searched over 50 times in the past 10 years. I have been searched and frisked several times. Once I was talking to a homeless person and gave him a dollar, when i turned the corner and went inside my building the police ran after me and even pulled my pants down "looking for drugs" they did not find anything. I called internal affairs, investigators came to my house asked some questions and never heard form them since. So im sorry for you. there is nothing you can do. i have tried so many times i can write a book on it and yet till this day i am harassed by police simply because i live in a bad neighborhood.

Dayton, KY

#56 Aug 8, 2010
You want to see and Police dept that is corrupt. Move to Jennings County, IN and get to know the upstanding North Vernon Police Dept and Jennings County Sheriffs Dept. You should here them talk to each other when they think no one is listening.(Like in a shop there cars get worked on) They sit and talk about how they wished the suspect woulda moved so he can shoot them. Talk about tazing and hitting people like its a joke.

Don't get me wrong. Criminals NEED to go to jail. But when officers behave like this they are no better than the criminals. Even worse in my opinion. If they are that trigger happy and quick to piss on the rights of American citizens. What else are they doing they shouldn't be.

Wellsboro, PA

#57 Aug 25, 2010
mimi wrote:
i am being watched by a nypd detctive that is suppose to protect people
she can watch my every trace of internet , e-mails
but what she has been doing to me is a abuse ! i have a full package story that i would like to go on media right now !!
that this brooklyn mother a woman with badges that is getting back at me with law because i slept with her husband , she will damn near kill me and cover me under wraps because she is a detective ,
now what type of justice is that ?
lol her husband had an affair on her with you and you expect her not to wanna kill just just cuz shes a cop? sorry that one is justified

Phoenix, AZ

#58 Aug 30, 2010
i read your stories of how can you stop the crouption in our law people im dealing with my sons death for they set him up on some bogus charges and then we had a lawsuit against the state and the county and fed case for aeven gaurds camee forward to tell us what happened and they took him and locked him up and they were starving him they would douse him with urine would not let him shower after 2 months they took a rope and strangled him and then hung him 4 8 hours according to the guard and then they came after my husband because we tried to get my daughter to stop abuissing her children and we got tired of pay money to her and the guy she is with to keep them from hurting her daughter for me and my husband raised her she is now 9 years old but when cps stepped in my daughter lied about her dad and her remark to everyone was my dad didnt really do that but i havce to do him to get my mom and then my husband lost his life to that then they paid our attorney off but according to the private investagator he called it a conspercy and now my daughter braggs about it and says they will learn to mess with me but the law murdered my son and then took my husbands life because they could but if we the people would stand up and say our country went to war in Irac because of there corrupt law people why dont they do that here are we really about the truth for i also have another son who got sixty-five years in prison because of a tatoo he carried his father was the only whiteness and they said they could not use his testimony be cause he was his dad they would not use anyone statements even to the fact i was almost shot because i got in the way my granddaughter was killed by the emts and to cover that up they took my daughters children away from her the medical examinener explained to me it happens all the time but as ted ditective told me he did not care but he was there to protect them so my grand children were adopted off to a person who used to be a drug dealer but her friend was the cps person that took them and all she wanted was the money so how do we stop all this crouption in the us open ur eyes america for they even broadcast these cop shows and people dont even see the abuse even on national tv as they say bad boys bad boys no wonder our lives here are not free i could keep writing for there is so much wrong but we should be ashamed of our selfs for allowing it to continue for not even the news tells the whole truth
free thinker uk

Leicester, UK

#59 Nov 6, 2010
We are having to deal with corrupt police at this present time ... They are creating all kinds of evidence and telling witnesses to pick innocent men from the line up .... We know this for sure from inside information ,,, They are also trying to stick jobs that innocent have not done....
Wankers are they ....these poor guys might end up doing 5 years because the dirty coppers have hard ons for promotions or just too look good... who knows why they are doing it....

They also have been heard saying that they have practically cleaned up our city by putting all of them bad men away.....

Id rather have them back on the street then have the corrupt police roaming our street !
They turned out my house and never left a list of things they took even though I had nothing to with anything .....
People tell me you wont see it for a very long time and that's if they can be bothered to give it back....It also wont be in the same condition as it left my house!

Fall Creek, WI

#62 Nov 19, 2010
America needs a peoples justice system and incarcerate everyone in these criminal just us regime. They must be disolved.
peter bobo

Evansville, WI

#63 Nov 25, 2010
go full automatic...heh heh heh
peter bobo

Evansville, WI

#64 Nov 25, 2010
go full automatic heh heh heh

Crown Point, IN

#65 Dec 14, 2010
There is corrupted police officers and dept everywhere. There are good cops too! Bank employees also are corrupted revealing personal accounts to the dirty cops to enter homes and rob people. How do I know? It happened to me in Arlington,TX !!! These dirty cops rob, rape, kill people stated they are the police and can do whatever they want to. Having Internal affairs help cover up for these cops involving themselves, these dirty pigs can do whatever they want! What media do I report my incidents to regarding dirty cops?
Honest Joe wrote:
First off I would like to teach children to respect their goverment/police/firefighters and millitary. Now the problem I have is that of late we see that is not a safe course of action. People are people. A mans occupation does not define him. A mans actions are what define him or her. The problem is this too many people are being walked on by our goverment and trusted officials. Our rights that American Patriots have faught and died for are being wittled away on. Cyber Staulers, terrorists and corrupt police. Where will it end. Lets hold these individuals to the same standard that the public is held to. We need to work on our system of chechs and ballances as it is out of controll. The ability of the public to fight police corruption is not so good. They have infernal affairs (cover up). If action is ever to happen against a dirty cop. First one must complain to the department, then the mayor, then justice/att. general. If no action is taken there is always the FBI. My opinion.....go to the media. If that doesnt work..Report the facts on the internet. Truth needs to come out to protect the public from corrupt goverment (police). It should not be that difficult. Terrorism is alive and well in Wisconsin...We must all not turn a blind eye but fight for the rights are forefathers gave us!

Crown Point, IN

#66 Dec 14, 2010
I have some conversations with Internal Affairs with Arlington Police Dept. in Arlington,TX of corruption failure to investigate their officers of police misconduct. Internal Affairs job anywhere is to investigate their officers. Everybody should know about this. These dirty cops along with bank employees and gang stalking neighbors set people up. How do I get it out to the public?

Perkasie, PA

#67 Dec 14, 2010
Joe wrote:
I got arrested in Frisco, Texas for having 0.4 grams of marijuana on me. THATS bullshit. im moving to Canada as soon as i can. F**k the police, no justice no peace.
What if i make my own country and decide i dont like Christians? does that make it right? No, just cause you dont like something doesn't mean you can limit everyone else from doing it. Its MY f**kin body and I'LL do what I want with it. so f**k off police of all kinds.
Hey Joe, I am so disgusted with these f----n' police, I am having thoughts of murder and mayhem. too bad these cops can say and do whatever the hell they want and it will hold up in court. Back to court again because some racist cop wanted to exert his power with excessive force and threats. What a f----n' coward. These cops need to be put in a cage and ripped to pieces by an animal. They have no life and use their badge to release their inadequacies about themselves. Pathetic low life pigs!!!! So can you blame the uprise in Philly of cops being killed and shot by civilians!!! I can't blame a sole!!!

West Fargo, ND

#68 Jan 17, 2011
mimi wrote:
i am being watched by a nypd detctive that is suppose to protect people
she can watch my every trace of internet , e-mails
but what she has been doing to me is a abuse ! i have a full package story that i would like to go on media right now !!
that this brooklyn mother a woman with badges that is getting back at me with law because i slept with her husband , she will damn near kill me and cover me under wraps because she is a detective ,
now what type of justice is that ?
we all need to take back our country from the corruption of politicians, piggies (poo lice), I'm getting the same treatment for entirely different set of circumstances. They can even get doctors to "lie" about your health, just by telling them lies. I think we need a REVOLUTION. This corrupt country even gets away with "governement grants and goodies" and passes them on to their family, people who help THEM commit crimes. The world would grimace if they knew our country is a bag full of corrupt businesses, wealthy evil people and polluted water and I could go on ......Are you still with her ex-? Maybe that's why he cheated on her...she's evil.

Wrangell, AK

#69 Jan 21, 2011
Anthony Bell wrote:
I was arrested in Ohio a year ago. I am from Buffalo, NY. Myself and a friend were at an Indians game and we were attacked by a lieutenant who said we assaulted him, which is 100% false, along with pinning a gun charge on me, which is total B.S. I paid a lawyer in Ohio over $20,000 last May and he took my money and dropped my case 2 months ago. I now have a public defender who is telling me to take a plea deal if offered, although I am innocent and have the tape to prove it. I want to go to the media, I want help from anywhere possible. My trial is scheduled for May 18. I am 23 years old, I have no prior record whatsoever, and I weigh 120 lbs. Something needs to be done, and I have no idea what to do.
you need to contact the state attorney general or the aclu your contitutional rights have been violated. dirty cops lie and back ea other up in lies and beaar false witness and harass people that get out on bail you are guilt until proven innocent in sm town alaska the officers know they can get away with anything. there is no justice once they have you in their sights,
Sevier County TN thugs

Strawberry Plains, TN

#71 Jan 28, 2011
Sevier County TN, close to Monroe County, is very corrupt as well, with malfeasance of officials grotesquely rampant throughout the sheriffs office and the District attorneys office (and other county offices) violating the civil and constitutional rights of citizens of all ages. People are being killed here by officials and often these instances are ruled as suicides.
A kid too, was shot in the face and the leg, and the shooter was not indicted due to his connection with the sheriffs office and DA. Detective committed aggravated perjury to a grand jury, as detective (who was only witness allowed to be included in the grand jury per the discretion of the District attorney) did not disclose that child was actually assaulted. DA will not prosecute the detective guilty of perjury as DA is a good ole boy too. Kid survived the ordeal but now has physical and emotional distress that was not present before this ordeal. Complaints in writing have proved futile, as they have been sent to the FBI, TBI, Governor's office, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitim.
Rampant corruption everywhere.

Cresson, TX

#74 Apr 29, 2011
In 2006 and 2007, I was victimized by a man named Diop Kamau and other associates of his with the Police Complaint Center. Since then, I've discovered there are hundreds of other victims of Kamau and the PCC all over the U.S. Worse, the DOJ knows about him yet does nothing--and may even be sending people to him!

After researching the issue, I've posted a petition on trying to get the DOJ to shut Kamau down and protect innocent people from being victimized as I've been. Anything you can do to help me publicize this issue and obtain signatures on my petition would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

People should not be first victimized by corrupt police officers and then again by the agency they're sent to for help!

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