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#129 Jul 1, 2013
I've been on the Comete Nutrition women's pack for weight loss, it cost me 189.00 for a 2 month supply! At first I felt great, but now after a week and a couple days of taking the pills I'm not feeling good at all, and I've lost no weight! I an to go back today and ask for a full refund!!!! Moral to story" if it seems to good to be true then ITIS!!!!

Tucson, AZ

#130 Jul 6, 2013
I am a GNC franchisee, with a degree in nutrition. I have visited a Complete Nutrition. It is good stuff, but a bit high priced. Pushy sales does seem the style. Must say, their pro hormone was great.

Redwood City, CA

#131 Jul 16, 2013
I'm sorry this post made me mad ,ppl who are sensitive yo things like that have nothing to do with the company ,I say that bcuz I'm very sensitive to certain pills its called try something diff I deal with complete nutrition daily I love them ,but some of there pills sent for me but never have I got mad at them .so

Madison, WI

#132 Jul 16, 2013
Complete Nutrician go to dean clininc toxicology lab or a hospital, it is seperate entity then a DOCTOR, they do a blood draw and run diagnositc on YOUR BODY and those that reside in your home with you, they make special vitamins and a food chart of all yoru favorites, and portiaon and time it so you can co-exist in the same home without eating each other from inside out, body cells fight in spetic tank, they make primary cells in body over ride septic and you become healthy and more vibrant without mind manipulations and argument, and can be productive as a unit.

Dont take over the counte vitamins or pills, MADE with some BONE shard and blood of dead or donor not of you or those in your honme and causes obseity and counter productive behaviors as the dead and donors did not live in yoru time, your city nor had similar trades and skills and financial limitations PERIOD

Madison, WI

#133 Jul 16, 2013
ps it costs $28-50 to have done. AND MEDICAID did once cover it.

Fargo, ND

#134 Jul 17, 2013
Did anyone stop to think that weight loss isn't always the right term when looking at a pill? You could be losing fat, and gaining muscle...It is about your body fat percentage, how you feel, and your measurements. I could drop 10% body fat equaling 15 lbs, but then add 10% muscle weighing 25 lbs. Think about it, plus supplements don't work the same for everyone, people's genetic makeup is different and it might not stimulate the right receptors like it does for another person.

Madison, WI

#135 Jul 18, 2013
You could also sit in a hot spa and use a lufa brush during a cold shower and appear and be lighter weght by 3 pounds in a day as well. Careful how you cook your body fat though, the sweat is all that fat liquadfied, and it needs to be scrubbed off the body so it doesnt settle on top of the skin THAT will cause rashing and bedsore effect. Dont scrub to hard either.

Walk to the grocery store and think of purchase you can carry while you are exhausted form the walk. Water and popcycles and bolliun soup Light weight to carry home...

Tucson, AZ

#136 Jul 20, 2013
I was 289lbs when I started the CTS360 program and after 3 months of pills, less takeout, and more gym time I found myself at 237lbs. Yes the pills make you use the restroom more often (diuretics), yes you can get jittery (caffeine), but as long as you drink enough water and not try to starve yourself this program can work. In the end, everyone looking into this program is an adult and they should make their own assessment of the situation. I can say that for me personally, I would have never been able to get the start I needed unless I hadn't purchased these pills.

Semper Fi!

Madison, WI

#137 Jul 20, 2013
No Soda pop in diet or beer 20 POUND WEIGHT LOSS IN 1 month time

FInd out what the food tray in a hosital to a patient looks like, that is legal consumption per meal of a adult, child gets half

Juice has more sugar in it then soda pop
Coffee is potent agent, same as a gram of cocaine as it is made of the same bean but not fibered out like the drug.

popcycles, water, pedialyte,jello, bolluion cubes I bet 60 pound weight loss in 1 monh time.

After you drop add in a trisket and a thin slice of peperoni and cheeze, 1 though to build hardened poop back after the weight loss.

Toast slightly burnt flushes well thru the system with a light half cup of black coffee in the morning

Talk to your doctor before any diet and order appointment with toxicologist to fx a vitamin codes to yoru blood regularites so you dont HALLUCINATE for subtracting food beverage or people form your diet. MOST ALL DO.
dont care

Edinburg, TX

#138 Jul 24, 2013
I'm taking it just started yesterday .. it helps me eat less I feel depressed jittery and my left arm hurts ; stomach hurts I want to throwup .. but still in the program,im eating less and thru out the meals I follow the meal tuna and hi fiber meals .. fruits veggies ; fish and well it cost me like 145 with the tone and multivitamins .. see how that goes

United States

#139 Aug 5, 2013
Nancy wrote:
I'm a 21 year old girl, whose 145lbs and Refirm was a total rip off for me. I work out regularly and eat real healthy. Unfortunately i think the pills work only for individuals with higher weight and BMI. I felt so jittery and sleepless for the whole week i took it. If anybody wants mine your free to have it as well! Totally not taking a single capsule of it anymore.
Hi Nancie do u still have them i am interested in getting some for my mom? Crystal

Atlanta, GA

#140 Sep 6, 2013
I'm still yet to doubt Complete Nutrition. I took the Trim10 and lost 30lbs in two months. It does work and the employees here in McAllen, Tx are very knowledgeable and motivational. It might be pricey but so is all that junk food and fast food. All in all I'm sticking to complete nutrition
ex bb

United States

#141 Sep 17, 2013
This store is a rip off. Way cheaper going online. And the sales people are like car salesmen. Swamp you immediately and try to sale you the most expensive crap in the store. Dummy tried to sale me dome high dollar "pro hormone". PH's were banned years ago. Estrogen derived PH's are a joke. Sales person tried telling me pro hormones were not banned. Educate yourself if your going into this store, because the staff is trying to make a killing off of people that don't know much about nutrition, etc.

Woodstock, IL

#142 Sep 26, 2013
I Went In To complete nutrition in Madison Wisconsin To Find Out Mancore I Herd On The radio As Soon As I WAlked I approached buy a very hungry sales person. he led me to some of the products. no prices . anywhere. he stood by me. all the time giving me the awkwardness. so I just made up something left. the price is he did give me. we're so outrageous. I thought it was complete joke. I would stay away from complete nutrition. just for the sales tactics.

Kansas City, MO

#143 Oct 16, 2013
MAGGIE89 wrote:
If it gave you chest pain then you shouldnt take it. Just because it gave you chest pain doesnt mean for you to go bash that company. Product probally was too strong for you! I used the reveal & i must say im 30 lbs lighter & went down 4 pants sizes. If you dont eat healthy & workout you wont lose any weight. It will just maintain you where you are. Any idiot knows that! It may be $ but, its effective & ive wasted more money or other products
Not necessarty to call anyone an idiot.

United States

#144 Nov 28, 2013
Complete Nutrition products work. I'm proof of it. I was on Envision in 2005 and lost 50 lbs. I was very impressed by the product. I've been able to keep the weight of since then. Don't get me wrong exercise and diet also plays a part. When they have a sale it's pretty good. If their product did not work I wouldn't go back. They are always willing to help find the right combination when needed but losing weight takes effort. I have not gained the weight back that I've lost.
Mike Miller

Chester, VA

#145 Dec 18, 2013
I totally agree with you. The products absolutely suck, it is way over priced, and I actually had to go the doctor for major headaches, terrible nose bleeds, and testosterone levels that dropped down to 13.7 while on their famous Test booster. This place is the biggest scam I've ever come in contact with. Please do not buy from them.

Sylacauga, AL

#146 Jan 12, 2014
I started taking the Refirm weigh loss success pack 2 days after Christmas 2013 ad today I am 8 # heaver. I received no special instructions from the girl at the Madison store.

Camp Point, IL

#147 Jan 23, 2014
Has any one taken tone or VIve and suddenly broke out in a red rash and got very hot? apparently I am allergic to something......I did like the way VIve gave me energy....but also I am no sleeping at all kinda feel like I'm on crack or something???
James Knox

Henderson, KY

#148 Feb 26, 2014
I bought it on sale, and I love it. Done tons for my energy. Everyone expects the pills to work, and not have to work themselves. You have to be motivated as well.

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