Review: Complete Nutrition

Arlington, TX

#86 Sep 29, 2012
LLMarie wrote:
I bought the Reveal Accelerator and the Reveal Daytime. I paid $132 for both and I started it two days ago, and will NOT take one more pill out of either bottle. I have noticed some very strange side effects like: angry, irritated, short nerved. NOT like me at all. So if anyone wants can have mine :)
I want them!!

Corpus Christi, TX

#87 Oct 11, 2012
OMG my husband just bought me the reveal kit, im scared now. And it was pricey, the tone pills are what? just fish oil vitamins, I already consume those on a daily so that alone was not what I needed. Im 40 and I walk daily, I just wanted a little boost, but not chest pains or shortness of breath. Yikes now im scared to take them. But glad I read this site.
scared customer

Wichita Falls, TX

#88 Oct 18, 2012
My daughter bought this stuff. I really wish these people could be sued for selling it.
Any one thinking of a class action suit. I am, she acts like she is on speed and can't come down. I will sue if anything happens.

Omaha, NE

#89 Oct 31, 2012
Double up on your dosage and you should have some good results, if not double just go up another half!!
Big B

Omaha, NE

#91 Nov 12, 2012
Believe me when I say this, complete nutrition is a total joke!!! The owner of the company really knows nothing about nutrition. He knows how to put a good looking label on the bottle and advertise products. 95% of the products on the shelf do nothing, that's also true about gnc and any other nutrition stores. But the small percent products that do work are way overpriced!!! What you can buy for $90 at complete nutrition you can get for $15-$20 else where. If you want to lose weight clean up your diet, excersize, and use a quality whey protein, multivitamin and flax seed. If you want to add muscle use whey, multi, flax and creapure creatine.

Virden, IL

#92 Nov 20, 2012
Its Me wrote:
I use to work for a GNC back in the day when we sold the Release Program from Complete Nutrition. The Release Program did help, but there is nothing about Complete Nutrition Products that stands out other then there marketing. The one day they had a crew come from Nebraska trying to tell us how there products were better then everything. We started selling there Nitro 2 product instead of NO2, and everyone said is was a total waste of money and they didn't get any results from it. Pretty much what I learned, Complete Nutrition are looking for the best used car salesmen out there. After a while of working with them, I felt like I had to become a used car salesmen over actually helping people.
And let me add one more thing, if you saw the mark-up on there products, it would make you sick.
So I stopped in a Complete Nutrition store the other day, and boy did I get a great laugh. He told me all I had to do is take his pills and change nothing else and I will loose 2-3 lbs a week. I asked him why. He gave me his big sales pitch about how they help up my test, so I asked how. He said with DHEA. Well this bottle is 80 bucks and DHEA is around 7-10. All other stuff was Chromium and Green Tea which is no big deal.
I use to work with these guys. I know many of you say you go in there and they are so helpful. This is true, and the reason why is they will only hire people who produce high sales for them. If you don't, bye bye. They do a lot of training on how to up-sale and get more crap in people even if they don't want or need it. But they will play off your emotions to make sure you feel you need there stuff.
Now I am in sales myself, and I know you want high energy people working for you. You also want people who have a passion for what they are selling also, and this is what Complete Nutrition does very well. But they do come across as product pushers. But I also feel, if I am selling stuff just so I make lots of money, I don't feel right about that. I always want the customer to feel they win also.
Now on the return subject. The company always took returns back in the day. Not sure if they are getting so many now, they had to stop that, haha.
I hate to sound down about this company. I just know more about them then I care to. I feel they are selling a Dodge Intrepid for a Porsche price. I don't care about them, only you as the consumer. These boys are making a lot of money, how do you make so much money selling vitamins, lol.
Thanks for the insight. I really need some help with my weightloss. I do go to regular classes at the gym. I wonder if my weight gain could be due to age/hormone changes? I haven't changed my eating habits and have always worked out, but in the last year, I just keep gaining. I don't have much money, so was trying to save and choose the right item to buy. It sounds like my money would be better spent on a personal trainer that can help with nutrition changes. Thanks again!

Redwood City, CA

#93 Nov 27, 2012
Wish I had seen this sight before walking in the store. Thet have fast talkers who do not answer questions, everything is "vitamins and supplements". WRONG I took 3 pills on the first day for weight loss. Was shaking, headache, papatations and intestianal problems. Do I have problems with caffiene was the only question asked, and no, I don't. No one said they have a strong stimulant in the pills I was given, till I called with concerns. They are willing to "swap" the pills I had for others, but will not take them back for refund. Makes no sense to me. Just stay away, or be willing to hand out your hard earned money. Wish they would stand behind their product!

Orange, CA

#94 Dec 2, 2012
lol, another health nutritional store. Here is a news flash... eat well, exercise, live right and you will be healthier than you can imagine. No pills, no gimmicks.

United States

#95 Dec 4, 2012
I tried the charger test pack and all it did was give me a head ache with no boost energy, performance, or strenght gains. Complete rip off.
Weight Lifter

Clarksville, TN

#96 Dec 7, 2012
Had my first and last visit to Complete Nutrtion yesterday. Awful experience! High pressure sales an ridiculously high prices. Even with a $22 off discount card the protein I was looking for was a lot more than A1Supplements!
Big B

Omaha, NE

#97 Dec 8, 2012
Everyone from top to bottom at complete garbage is just concerned about how much $$$$ they make and don't give a flying F about the actual products!! The quality of the products don't even come close to cellucor, gaspari, ON etc...... I love stopping in every once in a while to mess with the sales people who think they are experts but are far from it. It's just like driving up to a car lot. They can tell a sucker right when they walk in the door and then it's game on! How many products can I up sell them on and I will make them pay full price!!! And if any complete idiots are reading this come on in and voice your opinion. You and I both know I'm right and your products are garbage!
Big B

Omaha, NE

#99 Dec 11, 2012
It's not only about the quality of the products it's how they conduct business. Why no price on the products? Because what they charge me they might charge $30 more to the next sucker through the door. Gaspari, cellucor and ON are all innovators. The owner of complete nutrition doesn't innovate S#&T! For what you can buy at complete nutrition for $200 I can buy the exact same products for less than half of that and the products will have informed choice, NSF or other 3rd party tests to back it up. Complete doesn't have that on its products. So if compete nutrition is great tell them to put prices on products like all other companies and tell the owner to get the products tested by a 3rd party.

Midland, TX

#100 Dec 31, 2012
tracey wrote:
I tried the accelerated reveal pack and made me more hungry.... can only swap out so I'm trying the reveal daily hybrid which is supposed to have more of an appetite suppression .....
I feel the same way but i figured i wasnt eatting right as in not enough fiber or iron in my diet... How is the Hybrid going so far??
Hank Hill

Omaha, NE

#101 Jan 2, 2013
I went there and only got uncontrollable boners and headaches. Try getting a refund or explaining those!

Omaha, NE

#102 Jan 4, 2013
dflo wrote:
I absolutely lost weight using reveal, however most was water weight and I felt really anxious. I do have high aniexty normally, but this product really increased it. It is tolerable, but I stopped taking it. I switched it for the TONE product, which is supposed to be a vitamin with no side effects, so we will see. If you want to try this product, but are worried, I would recommend asking the manager if you could sample it before you buy it (and they do have samples to give out).
I also started taking the TONE, and it has ingredients that don't contain stimulants. I am hoping it works. I think a person needs to read about what is in the supplement they are taking to see what the possible side effects might be. It stinks, though, that CN tells some people they can return the product if it doesn't work but then later, changes their mind. That's unfair.

Fargo, ND

#103 Jan 22, 2013
I am on day 8 of the Complete Nutrition Trim 10 system, I am also using the "Tone" and the ST360 pills for 60 days. Now, I am being completely honest that I am 132 lbs and I work out regularly (4 times a week). I used this as a final push before my vacation in a month to really look fit. After having had two kids, I wanted a rockstar beach body. I had some extra money from a Christmas bonus and decided to give this a try for the first time. I feel like it has helped to tone over the last 8 days, but my biggest problem with the trim 10 system is that I am SO HUNGRY all the time! I feel like I am eating more (and more unhealthy) than I typically do because fruit and veggies is not filling me up! It's like it's burning more calories than I am eating and I am starving constantly. I had read people get anxiety from this also and I have really felt anxious, been clenching my jaw for a week now and feel like I can't focus at work. I am looking forward to being done with the Trim 10 in a few days and just seeing what the Tone and ST360 do on their own with my exercising. I can see how this would work well for people with a lot of weight to lose, but I honestly don't think that with my size (132 lbs and 5'2") I really needed to do this system, it's just too much for my body to handle and maybe more than I needed for the amount I already exercise. Anyhow, I will post again to let you know the final results after I'm done with Tone & ST360 pills in 60 days. Hope this helps, I found there weren't many reviews on Trim 10 out there anywhere.

Washington, UT

#104 Feb 15, 2013
I just started the refirm, and so far my energy is awesome, I do have to say though, the tone causes some major stomach cramping and that lead to other issue if you get what I mean... However, please try these things for yourself, when you go to a pharmacy to pick up your meds it says so many side effects are possible but do they happen to us all? No, so thus proving that everyone will experienc different things and so far I am impressed!

United States

#105 Feb 15, 2013
I just started taking Refirm a few days ago and have noticed a HUGE difference in my energy level and loss in appetite. I keep joking that I feel like a cokehead because I can't sit still, but in a good way. It's also helped me push myself more at the gym.

The sales people were very friendly and nonjudgemental. I know that it is their job to sell the stuff, but as long as they do it respectfully, I'm okay with that. I didn't even buy the product until a week after I first walked in the store.

The product may not work for everyone, but for me I love it. Is it expensive? Yes, but I can afford it and to me the end results are worth it.
mike p

Omaha, NE

#106 Feb 18, 2013
Eat less move more! Stop watching tv in search of a miracle drug to get the fat off you butt.

South Bend, IN

#107 Feb 21, 2013
I have been using the 360 tone and another 360 one. the girls where very helpful. tried to get me to buy a pack and yes they get up right away when you walk in the door its called good service. and no y would you have prices on the items if they are that expensive. the people want you to talk to them and them to beable to explain the item to you and how it helps you. if u walked in and saw the prices you would walk right out. I have taken this product for about a week now and have lost 4lb! on every single weight lose bottle their says will work with proper diet and excersis plan! duh! these pills r just to give you the extra push and the extra help. I really believe in their product and the manager that sold it to me even said that if i dont start to see a difference in a week that i can come back and they will give me a different product to try. weight lose pills are like a bra. you have to find the perfect one to fit and lifts right. you might not find it the first time. I even got a letter in the mail from her with a $20 off coupon on my next visit and her hand written asking me how it was doing and to come in soon to see how it is working for me! The first thing she tried to sell me was over $200 i told her i couldnt go over 150 and she found something for me! I think they are wonderful and at my store they do a good job and care about the people that come in the store and wants to help any way possible. You cant just sit around and expect the fat to wonder off! Stop being lazy and blaming the store for this stuff!

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