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Madison, WI

#43 Aug 3, 2009
What is sad is that this last post by "Unspoken" is actually from the tenants who won a case against Guy, and are posting claims unrelated to the topic of this blog (which is about lawn damage). I live here, I pay the mortgage and the kid that mows the lawn, I have no record and don't owe anyone money. I do however want my lawn returned to the condition it was before Weedman came out and sprayed. No, we did not apply any chemicals to our lawn, no we did not underwater or fertilize it. We did however pay Weedman several hundred dollars for their services which they haven't refunded and it is obvious that they chemically burned and ruined our lawn plus they didn't even kill the weeds, which was what they were hired to do. Keep you personal problems and business with Guy out of this blog - it has nothing to do with you since I am the unsatisfied paying customer here.

Madison, WI

#44 Aug 3, 2009
http://accessdane.co.dane.wi.us/html/parcelin... #

You pay a mortgage there so Sara I guess your name is Michael Bonebrake? To all please see this link above. This shows you who the real owner of this property is. Michael Bonebrake, not Guy Kitchell or Sara (whoever) do not state that you pay a mortgage on a house you do not legally own. State that you are renters and that you pay rent at this property. Hey while your at it pay your taxes. Wait this is something that Guy Kitchell doesn't nor has he ever done. But the IRS knows this.


Here is the link to show this guy not only rips off companies but also the Government.



Angry or not freedom of speech is allowed in the United States of America, and I feel that all these people that are commenting on how badly they feel for this Home Owner needs to know that this may be a true case of Karma or lies of this said person.

It starts with a lawn going bad and only gets worse from this point on. IRS now has seen all of these postings and knows that this home is being claimed by said person claiming he owns nothing and has nothing to pay the IRS what is legally owed or the other that he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to.

There is a funny thing to be said here you should not tell the world your business if you are hiding things from people that could and will put you in prison for years for the mistakes that you have made. And Sara the more you cover up for him the worse your punishment will be also. Yet let the man you share a home with tell you everything is not what it seems to be. One day the wool will be removed from your eyes and you will see the lies and hidden stuff that everyone else has experienced! Good Day & farewell this is my last post I got everything that was needed here.

Sun Prairie, WI

#45 Aug 4, 2009
Maybe the tax evading schemer, Guy Kitchell, decided to do something to his lawn, blame it on Weedman, and use the money he hoped to get from Weedman to pay his taxes. After all, Mr. Kitchell doesn't even own the property so why would he care what the lawn looks like.

United States

#46 Aug 4, 2009
We weren't asking for money - we were asking Weedman to REPAIR the damages. There is no profit in that.

Madison, WI

#47 Aug 5, 2009
I totally agree with Timothy. I have too had to fist hand deal with the scheming plotting Mr Guy Kitchell. He has been know to not be happy with people and to cause damage there to property or personal belongings and try to blame them on others. Nice to see that others notice that Mr Guy Kitchell himself nor this Sara person owns the property they are claiming is theirs and was damaged. How hard would it be for Mr Guy Kitchell to go outside after Weed Man left his property and put another said chemical on his own grass and then wait for it to burn and take pictures and then lay blame on someone else stating that it will take thousands of dollars to replace or fix such said lawn belonging to Michael Bonebrake.
It seems that more said others will be here to explain to the world and Weed Man what type of individual that they are dealing with.

Madison, WI

#48 Aug 5, 2009
Amazing... it must be mental fest in Madison. The past few people who posted have are so stupid they don't even know how to read. As I stated before - we want our lawn repaired, and there is no profit in that. I not only paid Weedman several hundred dollars to spray for weeds but this spring spent $1500 more to rake the thatch, fetilize, seed, hay and water with no results. This money came out of MY pocket - Why would I spend this money if I was trying to scheme someone? All I want is grass to grow in the yard but because of the chemical damage Weedman did, the soil is destroyed. You people have some sort of issue with Guy, fine - but leave me, our lawn and this blog out of it.

Madison, WI

#49 Aug 7, 2009
Name Calling comes from very immature & uneducated people also in the minds of people who are covering things up. You set up this topic column here for others to enter their input on what they believe happened here to this lawn (Michael Bonebrake's) lawn. If people believe that one or both of the renters caused this burn to such lawn to set up an unexpected small business owner then they have the right of Freedom of Speech and if said people have been once schemed by one said person renting this property then they have every right to speak up and allow others to know such person is maybe in their eyes pulling another one of such schemes. If you have so much money to pay to repair this lawn and pay the neighbor child to mow this lawn maybe you should consider helping your roommate out on his little situations. Rather then trying to cover up by saying that (YOU) pay all the bills for this rental property. In all the the comments prior to the last page Mr Guy Kitchell was stating he paid for all such things. Then once Mr Guy Kitchell is accused of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS & others you pipe in and state that (YOUR) money pays for all of these expenses. If I were living with a person that had tax warrants and money judgment the way your roommate does I would choose to stop this topic column and just fix the rental property lawn without all this back and forth. In my mind I look at this as a lose lose situation for you Ms Sara with no criminal record living with roommate Mr Guy Kitchell with a large record. KARMA is running it's course on Mr Guy Kitchell. This is just the beginning after all the people he has done wrong to. And to top it all off all your business is on the internet for anyone who Googles Guy Kitchell.

United States

#50 Aug 7, 2009
This link will take you to Mr. Kitchell's personally submitted information for the Class of 1989 at the HS he attended. You will notice that he admits to filing bankruptcy, and still talks to a Mike Bonebrake.

United States

#51 Aug 8, 2009
Hey Unspoken, why is your internet ISP (your computer's personal identifier) the same for "Angela", "unspoken, "Timothy", "Homeowner", "unspoken", "Confused" and "Jim" THE SAME?

I know exactly who you two are. I have no need to plaster your names on this post - as my dealings with you and William Scott Properties have nothing to do with my lawn.

If you want to keep making up names, pretending you are someone else and post things about me - go ahead - that is your right.

I am writing about my lawn - and I am not going to come down to your level to play this crazy game you have invented.

United States

#52 Aug 8, 2009
This forum is kinda funny!

Madison, WI

#53 Aug 12, 2009
I do not know who Jim, Angela, Timothy, homeowner or confused is? Just because it states that someone is from the Madison area doesn't mean that it is the same person. Just alot of people that have caught up with you from the past!:)
I did not have any dealings with you through William Scott Properties. Yet I am a person that has delt with you in Real Estate and has learned my lesson such has everyone else on here. Many people have crossed paths with you and realized that you are not a highly educated person yet a con artist that has been doing it so long you believe your own words. Lies cover up lies and then you run into a string of not knowing the truth. Mr Kitchell this is your Karma catching up to you FINALLY! Maybe it starts with a lawn but it will all come tumbling down on you soon enough.

United States

#54 Aug 12, 2009
OK "unspoken"...perhaps you should read up about IP addresses. They all originated from the same IP address - which means the same computer - and it's not a proxy server - which means it's a home computer - and it is registered to "Matt Brockdorf" - which is you.

Anyway, I am done with this blog - since I started it to talk about Weed Man - not open a forum for discussion between my old tenants and me.

Thanks everyone for reading - and beware of Weed Man.

Madison, WI

#55 Nov 3, 2009
Unspoken here again, just thought I would clarify this for everyone on here not understanding why Mr Kitchell is lashing out. My name is not Matt Brockdorf, nor has it ever been. So I am guessing Mr Kitchell has not done all the research he needed to on IP address as he should have done prior to posting this. If he did his checking he would know this is from a wireless IP address from a coffee shop in IL. :) He is just mad cause well we know more about him and his business because he puts it out there for everyone to see. You would think he would have filed something on Weed Man by now since he has all this proof and testing and thinks he is due money. Doubt it who would walk in to a court house that has more things filed against him then he has against others...
Ian Callu

Regina, Canada

#56 Feb 4, 2010
Dear Mr. Weed Man General Manager

Wow. What a bunch of horseshit Mr. andykurth.
Too bad you didn't fertilize these nice folk's lawn with all that manure that you spew. The grass would have been beautiful!!

Very kind of you to blame the property owner for your incompetence as well, you jackass.

Of course they didn't respond to your absurd $200 offer of free lawn care. Why would they let your company show up again just to totally screw up the property completely??

Keep up these business practices of incompetence and blame and honest people will run you out of their communities with a sack of fertilizer up your ass.

Mankato, MN

#57 Apr 26, 2013
Where is my ebay item!!!!
Weed Man

Madison, WI

#58 Apr 9, 2014
1. How is your lawn now?

2. Tax day is 6 days away. What's in your wallet?

3. That's a ton of CCAP entries - wow, what happened?

4. These events were inevitable.

5. I think I win.

Madison, WI

#59 Apr 9, 2014
andykurth wrote:
It is very upsetting to see false accusations being spread in forums like this. Our business integrity is very well intact with a very high degree of goodwill. We are a past overall state winner for the Blue Chip Enterprise Award for giving outstanding service. The application in question by the homeowner was in fact done the same day as a neighboring customer with the same products. This is proven through GPS coordinates as well as paper documentation that were verified by the Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), who incidentally found us to not be at fault. The condition of the homeowner’s turf was not a ‘lush, beautiful lawn’ that was stated above. Rather, it was heavily infested with many broad leaf weeds in a very sloped, compacted and poor soil. Paul Koch, who is a plant pathologist at the University of WI-Madison, did not use soil testing to verify that the lawn conditions were not due to our products. He took tissue samples and also made key observations about certain turf plants that went unaffected. No one here at Weed Man is contradicting themselves regarding soil testing or any other matter. We stand by our work, and so do the thousands of happy Weed Man customers.
as a business or family member, you do the business owner a horrible unjustice, with a rebuttle or aliby to allegations online. Business is done in a court office thru Attorney sources, Not self asserted.

Personally they have several Merlin Groups, Arch Angel Gabrial, The Elf looking humanoids, Saint groups, Wtich groups, Christian groups all ROLE PLAYING church ordinence games. As well huge Pharmacutical drug heist store houses under ground. Local drug labs. ALOT of poisen in eco-system from Sting operation Explosion that will take a couple hundred years to get off lawns, lakes, roofing car corrosion. Most MAdison associates would nto do business, California and Massechutes helpign Washington with MIddleton Mass Murders Boomer and X generations living posh privilage form a life of their parents murder spree, the real owners buried in their own yards, under basement in their basement walls, or the wetland refuges. Killers at large, why do business, we just keep their movement CURRENT In files to exact locations.
Sara Kitchell

Waunakee, WI

#60 Apr 9, 2014
Weed Man wrote:
1. How is your lawn now?
2. Tax day is 6 days away. What's in your wallet?
3. That's a ton of CCAP entries - wow, what happened?
4. These events were inevitable.
5. I think I win.
How is our lawn? After years of trying several different kinds of seeds, we paid an additional $12,000 for new sod because nothing would grow. We had friends & family help lay the sod and spent hundreds of dollars watering it for several more years, only to have a lot of it die because the poisonous chemicals Weedman used leeches from our soil and kills anything we plant. Not to mention our dear, sweet dog died of respiratory failure from exposure to the toxic chemicals in our yard.

We chose not to fight Weedman in endless battles in court, using our hard earned money on repairing the damages instead of on attorneys & court fees.

Andy Kurth & Weedman "won" because they don't care about our lawn, their customers or doing the right thing. We are good people who got screwed by this company and nothing they say can change that. I hope anyone reading these posts can see how cruel & heartless Weedman & Andy Kurth are and please take your business elsewhere.

Madison, WI

#61 Apr 10, 2014
Kilos of cocaine fell on all lots, that was mixed with rattlesnake pee and giant racoon and rat pee. 1970s, everyone knew as people were in hosptial, I am not a bleeding heart to your f'n lawn care as we watched all legals and illegals in Middleton die one after another. Nobody's lot grew and all legals had papers of upkeep as a result of poisens that were in the f'n civil war of religious and government versus biker and vampire colony. Lots were deemed non protected with no guarentee and permitted to mortgage Illegally as the real occupants were dead and murdered CITY officals put Blood line of killers to purchase mortgage to the lot to keep the killers family linked to the crime.

Welcome to Middleton Wisconsin USA
Frank Ricard

Madison, WI

#62 Apr 11, 2014
I think this is very applicable to this discussion:

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As a world leader, it's important for America to provide systematic research grants for our scientists.

I believe strongly there will always be a need for us to have a well-articulated innovation policy with emphasis on human resource development.

Thank you.

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