Madison plant to close, idle 214 workers

Madison plant to close, idle 214 workers

There are 39 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Apr 5, 2007, titled Madison plant to close, idle 214 workers. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

In a blow to workers and the community, the Reliance Electric manufacturing plant in Madison, Ind., will close in June, idling 214 employees.

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Since: Jan 07


#26 Apr 5, 2007
They SAY they're moving the work to another US plant.

I wonder how long it will be before they move all of their work to their plants in
MÉXICO or Venezuela?


Since: Jan 07


#27 Apr 5, 2007
tarzan wrote:
The administration wanted to have Indianapolis focus on “green collar” jobs instead of manufacturing.
By "green collar" do you mean the landscaping jobs currently held by illegal aliens?
Dave Mihay


#28 Apr 5, 2007
Goodbye middle class America. very sad time for us all.

Aurora, OH

#29 Apr 5, 2007
It's a very sad time for American workers, my brother has worked at this factory for years but he's not old enough to retire, going to college would be great except for the fact that he has a farm to keep up and family, his wife babysits with their 3 grandchildren. How many workers do you think will lose their farms or homes trying to get that education to help them get a job? When my brother told me their factory was bought out, I wondered what the end result would be, now we know. The rest of you factory workers better be watching your back-sides.. Who's going to hire 58 year old guys anyway. I forgot there's not a problem with age discrimination?

Indianapolis, IN

#30 Apr 5, 2007
tarzan wrote:
I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about this plant closing and the impact it would have on the manufacturing workers. The administration wanted to have Indianapolis focus on “green collar” jobs instead of manufacturing. They suggested the factory workers could get environmental jobs instead. What they failed to realize is that environmental jobs require at least a B.S. degree. So how is the assembly line worker going to get a green collar job with no degree? Most of them have families to support and college isn’t an option. Way to go geniuses, we need some more manufacturing jobs in indy to keep our fine factory workers employed not specialized jobs. Lets face it, if they had a specialized degree they wouldn’t be working in a factory. This was the worst solution I’ve ever heard.
Right on doesn't take a rocket scientist does it?!!

United States

#32 Apr 5, 2007
LeadByExample wrote:
maybe jobs are leaving because of our lack of committment to morality!
I would say you are right!

Tipton, IN

#33 Apr 5, 2007
Dave Mihay wrote:
Goodbye middle class America. very sad time for us all.
ah...the class system misconceptions at work again. A $14-$17 per hour job would put someone supporting a family at the bottom end of the so-called middle class. I'm thinking closer to living in poverty though (unless they're all single workers). I think you're referring to the highly paid union auto workers that populate the middle area of the 'middle class'.

The rest, even those of us that wear ties and suits to work, are in there too somewhere. I'd say the middle class is alive and well, the 'lower class' is growing though, and we're all hurting from increasing energy and health care prices.

New York, NY

#34 Apr 5, 2007
Wait. Hurry. Tell the corporate heads that we've defeated the amendment, we have DST and foreigners own the toll road.
I'm sure they'll come back once they hear all that.
Concerned Mother

Indianapolis, IN

#35 Apr 5, 2007
Hmmm wrote:
OMG, i was driving down the rode today and some stoopid idiot cut me off and IT'S ALL THE CURRUNT ADMINUSTATION'S FAULT!
You entitlement losers crack me up.
Please, Please, Please use spell check or have someone review your comment prior to posting.
Dumb but NOT that Dumb

Louisville, KY

#36 Apr 5, 2007
Well, where's the SOB that's going to claim it was those outrageous $14 to $17 an hour UNION jobs that drove this employer out?

Burnsville, MN

#37 Apr 5, 2007
Maybe some of these soon to be unemployed Hoosiers should consider a move to where Baldor is expanding.
In the early part of the last century, there was a huge migration north, as a result of industrial job growth. If an individual has for all practible purposes made a career committment to factory production employment, wouldn't it make sense for them to follow the jobs.
even if it means learning a new language.... after all, we have immigrants in our state right now setting that example.

“We're all Bozos on this bus”

Since: Jan 07

South Bend, IN

#38 Apr 5, 2007

WalMart is now the largest employer in the state. Get your blue vests and be ready. Your time is coming.

Redmond, WA

#39 Apr 5, 2007
John wrote:
Wait. Hurry. Tell the corporate heads that we've defeated the amendment, we have DST and foreigners own the toll road.
I'm sure they'll come back once they hear all that.
Foreigners do not own the toll road. Have you ever heard of rent. Quit lying.


#40 Apr 5, 2007
The sad thing is that not everybody is going to be able to get on at Honda or any of the manufacturing plants in Columbus, IN.

What is going to happen is that people are going to have to settle for low wage jobs that pay $7 or $8 an hour.

Most of these places like Honda, NTN, Toyota, Enkei and Cummins pick employees out of a pool. They will hire so many out of 100.

I will say that our state and local governments should do more to keep good paying manufacturing jobs here in the state by offering them incentives and tax relief.

Near where I live, they already closed a coal mine in Southern Illinois and Casino Aztar plans on laying off over 70 people. I know government cannot do anything if a company decides to shut down or lay off a bunch of workers. But, I feel that something needs to be done about it.

Since: Apr 07

Madison, Indiana

#41 Apr 16, 2007
I just came across this post this morning and thought I would comment. I am not 'someone who knows someone who works there' My dh and I made the decision to move our family from Oklahoma last year to Madison so that he could take a job with Reliance as an Engineering Tech over the windings dept. We took a cut in pay to do so but we did it to be closer to our families, who are all here in Indiana.

So here we are, 13 months after our move, and we have had the rug pulled out from under us...we have 3 young children with a 4th on the way in 6 months. I work part-time, but obviously that won't carry a family of 6 very far (and since my husband only has his Associate's in Engineering right now, he only makes in the low 40s salary-wise).

We bought a house 8 months ago and have a child in private school, so obviously we are worried.

It has nothing to do with shipping the jobs of over 200 people overseas. Baldor was the number 4 maker of these same motors (they became #1 when they bought Reliance) and this facility here just doesn't produce the numbers to be profitable, and they produce the same motors that Baldor produces in their other plants, just in smaller numbers. It may suck, but them's the facts. My husband spent months redesigning his dept, increased production 39%, and now all his hard work is down the drain.

Fortunately my husband has the experience to find him work elsewhere...he has resumes in all over the area...Madison, Louisville, Semour, Columbus, Cincinnati. We are trying to stay local if possible. However, Baldor is flying us out in a couple of weeks to try to convince us to make the move to Ft. Smith, where they employ over 1,200 people. The Reliance plant in Asheville, NC (which is Reliance's main plant) has called my husband. It's stressful when you realize that you have just 2.5 months to make decisions that you just made over a year ago...decisions that affect not just you, but the 4 kids dependent on you.

Do we wish that things had turned out differently? Sure! But we knew that when the company was bought out that this could happen.

So blame the politicians, or the morality of society, or the Martians that exist in your mind (there seems there are a couple of you for whom this is a reality, lol). As for us, we don't have the luxury of sitting back and pointing fingers at somebody. Our future is at stake, and we are just going to have to move forward. That's the way life is.
Former Employee of Baldor

Westfield, IN

#43 Jun 8, 2007
As a former employee I'd like to state that the Madison facility was an inefficient, poorly run, union plant. It was closed because they make the same exact motors baldor already makes, at a less efficient rate. This factory hasn't made money in years, and was a sore to the overall outlook of the company. I can assure you that the administration has nothing to do with this, nor does anything japanese. Baldor makes these motors within the U.S. and does it with non-union plants. The goals of Baldor can be plainly viewed on their website.

Having said all of this, if you really want to get upset, wait about 2 years and watch the Columbus, Indiana plant close as well. That is to say if they make it that long. Baldor doesn't want a union, and the union there is full of ignorant people that are willing to lose a job to stay union. Baldor recognizes the work and the money being generated at that plant, unfortunately the union is led by a corrupt president that will lead that plant to it's ruins.

For future posters, maybe you should take some time to educate yourselves on the facts before posting emotional, irrational statements that are not fact based. It is too very easy to make irrational statements about our government and pass the blame, when reality is that the people just weren't doing their jobs effectively or in a financially responsible manner. I'm glad I left, because I wasn't willing to allow that mentality to hold my business life in their hands.
Lori Sachleben

Richmond, KY

#44 Jun 20, 2007
I just want to say that it is a very sad situation to our town Madison Indiana.. My husband's plant just laid off a lot of people too, and not doing too well. it is also sad because where we live our small town , is all who you are, and who you know.. and if you don't have money , as a lot of times, you won't get too far, which, is how politics works in our world..
Always remember though, God is the one in charge, and someday we will have nothing.. because we come into this world with nothing.. and everything that happens, happens for reasons.. and you have to believe in your heart,and soul, and you have to have a relationship with God..
and pray about things.

Columbus, IN

#45 Jun 20, 2007
zy backroads wrote:
It is difficult to understand why our State Government gives unrealistic benefits to foreign investments of new development in the state. When existing US companies go begging to survive. Existing companies need to survive but get little help from our government where foreigners seem to thrive.
If existing companies cannot survive, they are doing something wrong, it's not because the governement is not giving them my tax money. The government does give new plants an abatement on taxes for a certain time as an incentive, not just foreign.

Lawton, MI

#46 Jun 27, 2007
I am so sick of people putting down "jap" companies. What do you think Arvin Sango is? Its a jap company that employs Hoosiers. Does any one know that Ford cars are made more over seas then in the USA? If your need a job (and most of us do) who cares if its a jap company?

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