City Of Bethany.....Corrupt and Unpro...

City Of Bethany.....Corrupt and Unprofessional Police and Judges.

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Ben Barnard

Manteca, CA

#1 May 23, 2006
Has anyone else here had a negative experience with the bethany Police, then share it with us here.

Wonder why Bethany has some of the lowest speed limits? They are a bankrupt and corrupt municipality just like the rest in oklahoma.

They write tickets because they depend on this income, they do have a quota and anyone who says they dont is a liar, or is misinformed.

The officers of the Bethany Police department are required to write a certain amount in tickets even if it means writing bogus tickets, I know. I have the record for the highest dollar amount in Municipal traffic related misdemeanor tickets, and yes I have been writen bogus tickets with witnessed.

I have been convicted of Disorderly conduct, destruction of city property, and yes Contempt of court.
I fought the bethany law and the law won, I paid these lame good ol boys, you wont catch me spending a DIME in Bethany or driving through that crap hole town EVER again. They got 4,000 dollars of my money and thats all they are getting from me. I wont give them the satisfaction or the time of day.

I hope bethany city hall and all that work for that city burn in hell for their injustices
Meaty Mansausages

Manteca, CA

#2 Jun 7, 2006
I have to agree 100%

Oklahoma City, OK

#3 Jun 12, 2006
you two arent one in the same are you ? What are the odds that two people from manteca cali are posting here about bethany with the same views.?????????

I have lived in Bethany all my life (well for the most of it) and although bethany can be tough for people who are breaking the law ...for those who are following the rules and not breaking laws, the police dont pick on them one bit. I have received only two tickets in the 29 years I have lived here ...BOTH I deserved !
Meaty Mansausages

Manteca, CA

#4 Jun 12, 2006
Thats not true, when those pigs dont like you, they will do whatever they can to write false tickets, I have witnesses.

1. LOC, Driver Left of Center, Was not done. Was a left turn.

2. Speeding in Park Zone, Impossible, was behind 5 cars.

3. Not stopping at a stop sign, TOTAL BULLSHIT. When I stopped
Meaty Mansausages

Manteca, CA

#5 Jun 12, 2006
Besides, I got my license in california, and I dont have any problems in california.

Bethany Pigs dont appreciate good driving or have any concept of what good driving is at all. INBRED OKLAHOMA MORONS.

And you can tell them I said that.

Oklahoma City, OK

#6 Jun 13, 2006
whatever dude glad you moved to cali you sound like a freak that needed to leave...........
MG in Bethany

Shakopee, MN

#7 Aug 10, 2006
Meaty Mansausages? Are you that insecure? I have lived in Bethany all of my life. There is not a finer Police Department in the world (If you are not a criminal) If you live in Cali now then shut the hell up and get a life. Move on Little Mansausages. I'm sure it was not your falt i'm sure it's your mothers she should have whipped your ass as a child.....Stay in Cali Moron!

Oklahoma City, OK

#8 Aug 10, 2006
Hey, its not just the Bethany Police who are corrupt - its the Fire Department and the Mayor too. And now they want to send the Mayor to congress to corrupt even more. I live in OKC, just 3 blocks outside Bethany and when I had a problem with the Bethany Fire Department parking their off-duty fire truck in my yard to watch baseball games (which they are allowed to do because they can do anything they want with their firetrucks, including using taxpayer money to pay for gas to attend baseball games), anyway, I had my house vandalized everytime I complained to the Mayor or Fire Chief. Not only that, but the Mayor and the Fire Chief actually refused to addres the issue because I am a single woman and they only wanted to talk to my "husband". When I told them I wasn't married they said "Well, maybe we can talk to your father." I'm 50 years old and my father has been dead for 15 years. People in Bethany through a fit because their fire department was taken over by OKC cause they thought they would be neglected of proper fire assistance. Bologna, they already were because their firetrucks weren't at the fire station, they were out watching baseball games.

Oklahoma City, OK

#9 Aug 11, 2006

You're an idiot! You don't have any idea what you are talking about. OKC has not taken over the fire department in Bethany. They are still run by the City of Bethany. I don't doubt that they gave you the run around. We give all crazy people the run around. The rest of you people crying about the Police department need to get over it and obey the laws. It's really that simple. AND....THERE ARE NO QUOTAS IN BETHANY! Ben probably just made an ass of himself and pissed the officer off. If someone pisses me off on a stop, I write them for everything I can, LEGALLY!
MG in Bethany

Minneapolis, MN

#10 Aug 11, 2006
Sandra, More than likely they wanted to talk to your father because you were acting like a child. Grow up and you will probably get some respect. Besides what the hell difference does it make f the trucks leave from the station or 3 blocks outside the city Bethany is not that big. Tim is right Okc has NOT taken over the Fire Department and you are crazy

Yukon, OK

#11 Dec 18, 2006
This string is quite humorous. I wish I'd gotten in on when it was new. It's funny how the only people who think the police (not just the Bethany Police) are corrupt are the ones who get caught doing something they are not supposed to do. I would imagine that, when the original poster made the left turn, he turned too sharp and crossed left of center on the connecting streat. That is illegal. One CAN speed while driving behind five cars. It is especially simple in a reduced park or school zone. Pay attention to your own speed and not the speed of the cars around you. Also, it is absolutely amazing how few people actually stop at stop signs. And, I absolutely think that they are sure they stopped. You probably didn't stop. It's funny how you didn't address the destruction of city property or the disorderly conduct. I would venture to guess that you were arrested for a minor violation like a suspended driver license and you acted like a baby. You probably broke a window out of a police car or a side view mirror off while you were acting like an idiot.

I know most every Bethany police officer. I know all of the ones who work traffic. With one exception, I would have to say that, if the only thing you did wrong was speed a little and make an illegal left turn to left of center, you would probably have gotten off with little more than a verbal warning if your attitude hadn't gotten in the way. You said you know for a fact that the BPD has a quota. What is it? How many do they have to write? If you know these things (which you don't because they don't exist) then you should contact the proper federal authorities. Quotas are illegal. Ask anyone at the Bethany Police Department if they have quotas and they will tell you; "There are no quotas. I can write you as many tickets as I want."


#12 Dec 27, 2006
The Bethany PD simply do their job very well! They Hold you accountable to the law and you can not stand it! When you are weak of character you are weak of performance. Your Performance was weak and you got caught! You have to try and blame someone - and the BLAME is Right back in your Face!
Give it up Small Guys -- Raise your self up instead of trying to pull others down to your level!!
Mr Keith Wayne Kemp

San Jose, CA

#13 Feb 11, 2007
Yep I agree that the B pd is full of crap because their was one good cop on the force but that was a long time ago.
Now look at the new lawsuit being filed by a PI agaisnt B land. He should have witness watching him so when the officer cuffed him than they could have made sure it was done right. Now I am waiting for them to go Bankrupt and OKC can annex B-land .
Than maybe when they have good cops from OKC patrolling instead of crappy B-land ones no body will get false tickets and people will want to move into a nice little town formerly known as Bethany, Ok
Will wait and see

Oklahoma City, OK

#14 Feb 12, 2007
In ref to the Bethany Police Department in OK. One word: Corruption! I urge all to continue with your research and keep fighting. Sergeant Lassiter is a dirty cop who loves to victimize "WOMEN". Chief Troutman is another. This is a "Nazarene" community so it gets even harder to find the truth! Yes people will reply to this negatively, but for those who really know please don't give up!!!!(See news for 2/11/07).
do tell

Oklahoma City, OK

#15 Feb 12, 2007
6 Record(s) Found.
TR-1988-11641 10/17/1988 State of Oklahoma v. LASSITER ROBERT P LASSITER, ROBERT P (Defendant)
TR-1991-5726 04/12/1991 State of Oklahoma v. LASSITER ROBERT P LASSITER, ROBERT P (Defendant)
TR-1992-5650 06/18/1992 State of Oklahoma v. LASSITER ROBERT B LASSITER, ROBERT B (Defendant)
ML-1991-5569 10/11/1991 IN RE: The Marriage of SAUSINS LESLIE MARIE and LASSITER ROBERT BYRON LASSITER, ROBERT BYRON (Male Applicant)
FD-2006-4996 10/17/2006 In re the Marriage of: Lassiter, Robert Byron and Lassiter, Leslie Marie Lassiter, Robert Byron (Petitioner)
CJ-2007-472 01/18/2007 Hibbard, Madison Lee v. City Of Bethany Lassiter, Robert (Defendant)
Thats Funny

Bethany, OK

#16 Feb 15, 2007
Obviously the last three people have something against the Bethany PD. My guess is that they have come to Bethany and have been caught doing something wrong. I personally know several of the officers and they are far from being corrupt. I can think of two cops who I know are bad. Cris obviously doesn't know his a** from his d*** because he can't even get Lassiter's rank correct. Oh, and 99% of his work has been good. "do tell" managed to find two cases that don't even pertain to Lassiter. One of the cases is a speeding ticket from 1992. Mr. Kemp form CALIFORNIA can't even use proper grammar so he can't be taken seriously. Oh and B-land, what the hell is that? He sounds like a two year old. Its amazing how one officer in the news could make an organization look like an evil empire. All of these officers who "victimize" people are some of the best officers I have known.


#17 Mar 17, 2007

Oklahoma City, OK

#18 Mar 28, 2007
Does anyone know of a police officer in bethany 25 years ago with the last name of FISH??? Please contact me if you do..
silent bob

Yukon, OK

#19 Mar 31, 2007
they dont have anything on newcastle and blanchard
silent bob

Yukon, OK

#20 Mar 31, 2007
blanchard raided my friends house over a pepper plant in his window this blanchard cop got fired for cheeting on his wife with the dispatcher and now is working in newcastle. now this newcastle cop ran my tag in yukon tryin to find dirt on me sayin its his job to be nosy while i was at his ex wifes house now hes gone way too far callin ex girlfriends tryin to find something,his next move will be to pull me over and try pusing his weight around on me ,i really wonder what i should do just ask for a supervisor when he pulls me over and let them know he is messin with me over personal reasons or would they really care? oh yeah hes going to bring up a weed charge for 10 years ago and i found out this cops brother smokes pot and he hangs out with him all the time if he keeps messin with me ill put his name out all over

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