In winter, every young girl has to face a question. This is which is your choice-beauty or warm? On the street, you can see the most of beautiful girls must wear less clothes and their lips are become purple. On the contrary, some girls wearing lots of clothes are looked like bloated and fat. So why donít looks like fashionable, but also be warm? Now, i will give you some suggestions.
Firstly, to warm clothing, especially when it's layered, not only prevents exposure, it also helps retain body heat. For instance, wear a warm hat and thick socks. We lose most of our body heat through our head and feet. Layer your clothing; Long underwear is thin, so it fits easily under most everyday clothing, including jeans and shirt. Bundle up with a fleece or a woolen sweater for extra warmth. If you donít know where to get a beautiful and warm hat, i have some brands to recommend you-H&M, OASAP, and ONLY. In these stores, you also can choose a warm scarf to match witch your hat, that is also make you more fashionable.
Secondly, you can notice this tips: how to wear layers. To stay warm and continue to sight-see, the easiest way is to wear layers. A 3-layer system is based on wearing a base, middle and an outer layer. You may also wear a shell layer after your outer layer if it is not waterproof or windproof. Your 3-layer system should protect your body from the outside environment and conditions, whilst allowing for the maximum heat retention. It should be flexible to allow for changing conditions. Choosing the right clothing for winter is essential to keep you warm and allow you to enjoy your winter vacation.
Finally, though beautiful is important for women, keeping warm is also essential. Remember above these points, i trust you not only be beautiful, but also be warm!!!