Hazel Park closing 2 schools

Hazel Park closing 2 schools

There are 23 comments on the Daily Tribune story from Apr 27, 2007, titled Hazel Park closing 2 schools. In it, Daily Tribune reports that:

“If we don't cut (an anticipated) deficit, the state will take over the district”

Despite continued resident objections, school board members on Monday voted to close Ford and Longfellow Elementary Schools in an effort to save the district $3 million and avoid future deficits. via Daily Tribune

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Troy, MI

#1 Apr 30, 2007
Monday, April 30, 2007
trying to save my kids school
taxation without proper pesatation.thier were none at the city concil ,,,,,,,,,i lived in hazel park since i was 7 years old.i went to united oaks and now two kids go to ford and are very happy thier ,it's just down the street from use,they play thier alll the time after school and it a buitful quite naborhood,nice ,the playground is nice and the school is nice .we as a cominity keep it that way.If this school is gone and abandon the lower side of hazel park will go abandon too.noone wants to walk thier kides all the way to united oak and i know of at least two familys moved out because of what you done.Why didn't you decide to close web ,it's not doing as great as ford ,they did thier job and got the kids to come,thats the only resaon why ford does so well is it a great school ,it has great pick up and drop off points and people care thier.Web half it's school is closed down showing someone isn't doing thier job and noone want to go thier because thats the worst of hazel park is that side bye ferndale ,it not are falt that that school is doing so badly and did get much kids they shou,ld of done better and you guys are afraid to close it in fear of losing them to ferdale school.I know you willl have the say problems because noone want thier kids thier,the naborhood is bad and the kids are too.It a happy place at ford and thier is alot of program offered here for little kids ,ford made it that way and you take that away you just made hazel park worse and this side will be as run down as web school and all around it is.you guys are trying to make money off this and make room for more home or something and it will not work .that was the best thieng you had going because none wants to do anything bad around a schol and it kept bad people out.your going to make moms and kids walk that fare .when some kids get hurt it will be on your hands.this isn;'t right.theyy have too cross john r.people have to drive kids they will find another district to take them if they have to drive they will not go thier.the worst part of hazel park and you will be nmore in the hole.everyone on the board will never get another vote again and all you will be losing your job over this one.i think i'm going to call ruth and get it unvailed how you got this way in the first place and satt back and did nothing,.are school is full and kids are happy here and web is got hardly any.you guys should of did something as fare as busing kids thier from detroit or somethiing .but most of hazel park dont like that school that the worst part of hazel park.who making money on the land of ford MY two kids go to ford and it's a nice school to go to and thier is no gangs around and it's a quite naborhood.Your saying my kids have to go to united oaks if thier lucky or all the way to web.For one that school really isn't as good as ford and it is across i 75 ad than across john r.this is a joke.
The Dean

Muskegon, MI

#2 May 3, 2007
Apparently Hazel Park has an excellent educational system. Way to do your part to reinvent the English language.

No wonder they're closing down schools.
j from hazel park


#3 May 9, 2007
I hate to see such ignorance being posted. First of all, Wendy, the other school you are referring to is called WEBSTER--not Web, there is another school in the district called WEBB, the former junior high turned elementary school. The neighborhood surrounding WEBSTER is just fine, with fine upstanding parents and children. The reason that one quadrant of WEBSTER closed is, along with some declining enrollment, it housed many of the PPI, CARS, Head Start and other early childhood programs which moved over to the old Roosevelt elementary school. In order to save money on electric, heat and custodial staff the quadrant was closed. The main fact is that Ford is a much smaller school than Webster. The classrooms are smaller, the gymnasium is smaller, and lot is smaller. Webster is much more capable to house any students coming from a closing school than any other with the exception of Webb. Open your eyes and see the future. Yes, the administration and the citizen's committee could have opted for different alternatives to save money but OUR PEERS suggested the school closings--your neighbors and mine--and we should try and move forward and make all the remaining schools the best they can be.

Pleasant Lake, MI

#4 May 10, 2007
Good grief, people should run their comments through a literate person if they want them to get taken seriously, whether or not they have merit. That first post was painful to read.

San Jose, CA

#5 May 16, 2007
I cannot believe the gall of people like Wendy who barely have an education and can't even form a constructive, literate letter, especially when it is in reference to education. I am embarrassed to say that I went through the same school system she did.
Hazel Park

Madison Heights, MI

#6 May 21, 2007
Wow, Wendy, wow! Does your computer have a spell check program?

Eastpointe, MI

#7 May 22, 2007
what schools were closed?

Grand Rapids, MI

#8 Jun 8, 2007
Boy, let’s just send ALL of our children to Hazel Park schools. I live in the city and know many fine upstanding people who have children that read and write more eloquently than some adults..... Obviously she was busy doing something other than recieving an education when she attended school. Ridiculous.
Hazel Park

Wrens, GA

#9 Jun 11, 2007
Wendy, honestly, use the spell check (Its in most programs, in most computers), at least. I'm sad and upset to see Ford and Longfellow Elementary being shut down also, but nobody in their right mind is going to take you seriously if they can't even read what you're trying to say.

And thank you J from Hazel Park for the comment. I've been wondering why Hazel Park has been shutting down these schools and nobody seems to care or know anything about it. You at least gave me alittle insight on the situation.

I was born and raised in Hazel Park. I would like to do what I can to help the city in any way, but this is difficult to do when I don't have access to the reasons why certain hardships are coming about. It's almost just as frustrating when my neighbors and others don't have a clue. Whatever happened to the gossiping old ladies sitting on the front porch, I would like to have a conversation with them now.:)(Well, the ones who actually knew what they were talking about.)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading about the reasons behind decisions that Hazel Park people are making and finding out how I can help.(I'm 22, I'm still learning these things...)
Hazel Park

Wrens, GA

#10 Jun 11, 2007
If anyone is wondering why it says Gainesboro, TN... It's because I'm visiting here.
Patricia Cline

Prescott, AZ

#11 Jun 20, 2007
Greetings to all - sending my regards from Arizona as Hazel Tucky was super area to live and also where Calvary Baptist Church had over 2,000 in Sunday School with David D. Allen as Pastor and Chuck Ohman as Choir Director - it was a wonderful area to raise a family. We that made that 2 mile area our home were blessed with having Longfellow ready and willing to educate the children and no worry that they would be attacked and beaten and cursed and molested by teachers. Fond memories of Longfellow, Webb Jr.High and Hazel Park High School - our sympathy at the loss of this neat area and mainly the closing of Longfellow.

Kalamazoo, MI

#12 Jul 2, 2007
Now that I'm grown and moved out of the area, I'm almost ashamed to say that I'm from Hazel Park.

I should have graduated the class of "79" but like many of my peers I dropped out. College? Why that was unheard of on George Street in the 70’s in my neighborhood. I have tried hard to escape the image and raise my children better sending them to better schools.

When I moved away from that little corner of the world my eyes opened wide seeing how others lived and how they were educated. Obviously, I must have gotten sucked into that "Hazel Park" way of thinking. Neighbors who I looked up to as a child moved away long ago to bigger and better neighborhoods, with better schools. Now I’ve got the picture, Hazel Park is a “starter home” community and not intended for lifelong residents.

It hurts my heart to have to admit this but it is exactly how I feel.
k--hazel park


#13 Jul 5, 2007
Jill, there is such a thing as personal responsibility and you decided for whatever reason to drop out. All 3 of my brothers graduated in the 70's (from HP) and never once did they, or their friends consider dropping out or decide to blame their decisions on a "70's" mentality. The majority of parents in this area are extremely proud of their children's education and the desire to further it as well. Were you aware that the graduating class of 2007 in HPHS had the largest number of students accepted to higher education? And it will only get better... Luckily, the "redneck" mentality and image of Hazel Park is slowly fading away.

New Baltimore, MI

#14 Jul 13, 2007
k-hazel park,

I'm very aware of personal responsibilty. I'm talking about enviroment, which was the point of my post.

Glad to hear that the 2007 class did so well. It's about time.
k--hazel park


#15 Jul 13, 2007
It's still about personal responsibility. Everyone I knew that grew up in Hazel Park had the same "environment" that you described. Unless you are talking about personal family/home life and that again is still about personal choice and responsibility. You shouldn't blame your choices on your "environment", it's a cop-out.

United States

#16 Aug 19, 2007
Sorry to hear all "my" schools are closing. I believe that Longfellow provided an excelllent foundation that has carried me through life. Mrs Lutkus, Mrs Silverstein, Mrs Dillard, Mrs Gentry and Mr Miller are all teachers that I remember to this day.
Webb Jr High was a different story. Psychotic Viet-vet Mr Kelly...Flower Power Mr Chad and Mr Dittenber-head. Mr Valade always had his hand down his pants. What a bunch
Well the article spurred some memories from the past.
HP Alumni

Leesburg, FL

#17 Sep 29, 2007
I feel very proud I graduated from HPHS. It was quite some time ago, but I believe I received a good education there, much MUCH better than my children received here.
In speaking to young adults from this area, it is quite apparent that the lack of education in the entire country in overwhelming.
I attended all levels of education in Hazel Park. Hoover, Beecher Jr High, then HPHS. I look back now and see I had an exemplary learning experience compared to much of the South.
I owe my knowledge to Higher Education to HPHS and the tough teachers I had there. Mr. Duda, Advanced Biology...Mr. Burns, Humanites...Mrs Rodenburg, English...Mr Silvasi, Social Science.
I know I am sounding like an old fart but calling it like it is. It was a good school and I am glad to hear it still is.
I am, however, sad to hear of the closing of schools.
Born and raised in Hazel Park, I still hold you close to my heart. Onward Vikings.

Since: Sep 07

Troy, MI

#18 Oct 1, 2007
This is news to you guys? Helllloooooo!!!!!! I'm from Royal Oak and look at all the schools closing here. Did you think HP had/has immunity? C'mon.


#19 Jan 3, 2008
I went to Ford then Beecher then off to drop out of Hazle Park high. I sent my oldest daughter to United Oaks because we lived on the OTHER side of Meyers. I would go back home in a heart beat BUT is there any NEW people with little kids there? United Oaks is a bigger school to handle the ones they do have there. The first comment at the top there I see it is very sad that the person didn't even learn from the school she DID go to. huh wonder why huh....

Fallbrook, CA

#20 May 18, 2008
It is sad that the elementary schools have closed.
I just read that St. Mary Magdalen has closed too.
I attended Ford, Beecher, and HP High and felt that I did get a good education at all of them, from what I remember. Actually, my father worked for St. Mary Magdalen for years. I live out of state but still stay in touch with family members and a few ex-HP friends, that's how I heard about the closings.
Regarding the education through the HP schools: After I graduated high school I slowly chipped away at college. I didn't complete my BS degree for a long time, I JUST finished my MBA. The reason I mention this is because I feel my educational foundation was just fine from HP.
Of course, students had to PAY ATTENTION in class to get anything out of it!

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