Steelworkers on strike at Rotek Inc. ...

Steelworkers on strike at Rotek Inc. in Aurora

There are 4998 comments on the story from Jan 18, 2013, titled Steelworkers on strike at Rotek Inc. in Aurora. In it, reports that:

About 120 members of United Steelworkers Local 8565 employed at Rotek Inc. went on strike Friday, January 18, according to a company spokesperson.

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truth boys daddy

Florence, KY

#2786 May 8, 2013
Just heard that one of the brothers from the rolling mill crossed the line. Be strong brother.
grant county mafia

Florence, KY

#2787 May 8, 2013
More will follow
bottom feeder

Elyria, OH

#2788 May 8, 2013
grant county mafia wrote:
More will follow
You might wanna keep trapping cats to yourself!
Your not suppose drown them in the river.

Grant county bottom feeder!

Louisville, KY

#2789 May 8, 2013
Do we still need unions?

Our national expectation is too high to allow us to slip back into the pre-depression mindset that allowed corporate America to subjugate the working class.

It already happened. It happened thirty years ago, and it's just been accelerating since then. Working-class standards of living now have more in common with third-world countries than with the traditional American middle-class - they are denied basic services and forced to work multiple jobs for minimal pay with zero benefits in order to simply pay fractions of their debt for things that are not optional (especially medical care). And the middle-class is increasingly disappearing, being squeezed into the same position as those below. Meanwhile, the ultra-rich have essentially become so rich they are nations unto themselves - they directly buy elections, legislation, and court findings, and elevate themselves above the US Constitution. The one bastion of secure middle-class prosperity remaining is labor unions. Unions are the Home Guard keeping America alive during the long corporate siege.

Anyone who wants to see unions disappear is not an American in my book - they are just loyal servants of the corporate state that is usurping and trying to destroy America.

Louisville, KY

#2790 May 8, 2013
Union members – workers like you -- benefit from the union’s collective bargaining power to negotiate with employers on their behalf. This basic right gives you as a union member more power than if you tried to negotiate as an individual. There is strength in numbers.

More benefits of union membership
Union employees make an average of 30% more than non-union workers.

92% of union workers have job-related health coverage versus 68% of non-union workers.
Union workers are more likely to have guaranteed pensions than non-union employees.

Unions help protect employees from unjust dismissal through collective bargaining agreements (CBA). Because of this, most union employees cannot be fired without “just cause.” This is unlike many nonunion workers who are considered “at-will” employees and can be fired at any time for almost any reason.

Union members also benefit from having the collective power to go on strike. A strike is when a group of workers stops working either in protest of labor conditions or as a bargaining tool during labor/management negotiations.

Unions are good for America and all Americans

Unions are associated with higher productivity, lower employee turnover, improved workplace communication, and a better-trained workforce.

There is a substantial amount of academic literature on the following benefits of unions and unionization to employers and the economy:

Economic growth



Product or service delivery and quality



Solvency of the firm

Workplace health and safety

Economic development

With unions, more low-wage workers can get out of poverty and there’s a stronger middle class.
truth boys daddy

Florence, KY

#2791 May 8, 2013
Its all over but the whining now

Louisville, KY

#2792 May 8, 2013
Here are the facts about signing a USW Card:

• It simply means you ARE interested in getting together with your co-workers, and for Rotek to sit down and negotiate your terms and conditions of employment with Rotek on equal footing with Rotek management.

• You can give your signed card to a co-worker you trust, or you can mail it to the USW. Call the USW confidentially and toll-free at 1-877-511-8792 to receive a card and postage-paid envelope.

• The card is kept strictly confidential by the USW and the National Labor Relations Board (US Government). Rotek will NOT know you signed a card unless you tell them.

• You ARE protected by Federal Law (National Labor Relations Act), if you want to sign a USW card.

• You are NOT giving up your individual right to deal with your supervisors on day-to-day issues and problems.

• You are NOT required to pay any fees or dues to the USW. Since Ky. is a so-called right-to-work state, USW membership and payment of dues is completely voluntary.

• You are NOT taking a stand against the company or being disloyal by signing a card.

Louisville, KY

#2793 May 8, 2013
•Keeping written notes of any incidents in which company officials or supervisors threaten, harass, or punish workers because of union activity

•Immediately reporting any such incidents to your organizing committee and the union staff.

•Your notes don’t have to be worded a certain way, but you should include what was said or done, who was involved, where and when it happened, and the names of any witnesses.

*If you have witnesses great, But you don't need a witness

*With enough violations, there will be no need to vote the union in or out. We will only need to vote on a contract.
daddy day care

Elyria, OH

#2794 May 8, 2013
truth boys daddy wrote:
Its all over but the whining now
Loose lips sinks ships

Akron, OH

#2795 May 9, 2013
daddy day care wrote:
<quoted text>
Loose lips sinks ships
What the F does that even mean? If you are trying to be clever, you are doing a pretty shtty job at it. The ship you speak of broke in two and sank about 6 weeks ago. Assuming that you are using the ship as a metaphor for the union drive. Move on with your life. You too burlington truth, you get an A+ for effort and being pest. But you failed. Your posts were bad and you should feel bad.

Louisville, KY

#2796 May 9, 2013
Recruiting efforts play a vital role in the success and sustainability of labor unions, and a deeper understanding of labor union recruiting techniques can give your organization's membership drives a distinct advantage. Modern recruiting efforts require tact and patience with an attention to detail and must be performed within the limits of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) mandates.

1 Develop a plan for approaching candidates that leaves an impression of compassion, competence and honesty; first impressions are vitally important in any recruiting effort. Remember that everything you say or do during recruiting efforts directly represents the union as a whole.

2 Begin conversations by getting to know the employee. According to .uk, asking if a worker has heard of your union's recruiting efforts or mentioning issues on your union's primary agenda are good ways to begin a conversation. Learn about the potential member's values and unmet needs early in the conversation, and ask about the employee's relationship with the company.

3 Leave an impression that your union can provide a remedy for the member's problems, but do not make any explicit promises. Never inflate the truth when speaking with employees; honesty is the best way to engender trust.

4 Do not be pushy in your conversations with potential members. Your recruiting pitch should sound confident, but should not pressure workers into making quick decisions.

5 Use inclusive language, such as "our union" rather than "the union" to make the organization feel more familiar. Keep in mind that workers will be more receptive to people who they know and trust when evaluating union membership. Approach candidates with someone they know or have worked with to make them feel more comfortable and speed the trust-building process.

6 Focus on the unique benefits offered to members of your union. Use your knowledge of the candidate's values and needs to highlight specific benefits that will have a maximum impact. If, for example, the potential member has mentioned a concern over a lack of additional job training, you might point out the fact that your union offers training courses on a regular basis and a solid plan for advancement. If the potential member communicates a desire for more holiday and vacation time, point out the fact that members of your union receive more paid-leave time than non-union employees, if that is the case for your specific organization

Louisville, KY

#2797 May 9, 2013
Through unions, workers join together to win better wages, benefits and a voice on the job – and good union jobs mean stronger communities. Unions lead the fight today for better lives for working people. Union members have also been on the front lines of the fight for civil rights. Unions give workers a voice at work, to bargain as a group for benefits such as non-discrimination protections and domestic partner benefits. Union members earn better wages and benefits than workers who aren’t union members. On average, union workers’ wages are 30 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts. While only 14 percent of nonunion workers have guaranteed pensions, fully 68 percent of union workers do. More than 97 percent of union workers have jobs that provide health insurance benefits, but only 85 percent of nonunion workers do. Unions help employers create a more stable, productive workforce—where workers have a say in improving their jobs.

* Unions help bring low-wage workers out of poverty. Union members in low-wage occupations on average earn a great deal more than nonunion workers in the same occupations, often lifting their earnings above the official poverty level.
daddy day care

Elyria, OH

#2798 May 9, 2013
TurdWrassler wrote:
<quoted text>
What the F does that even mean? If you are trying to be clever, you are doing a pretty shtty job at it. The ship you speak of broke in two and sank about 6 weeks ago. Assuming that you are using the ship as a metaphor for the union drive. Move on with your life. You too burlington truth, you get an A+ for effort and being pest. But you failed. Your posts were bad and you should feel bad.
thanks son. Only feeling bad for you. Figure it out. You seem like your really smart.........
truth boys daddy

Florence, KY

#2799 May 9, 2013
2 more getting ready to cross

Louisville, KY

#2800 May 10, 2013
The Pros of Labor Unions

Higher Salaries

According to the Economic Policy Institute, employees in labor unions generally make approximately 20 percent more than non-union employees doing comparable work. If this figure is shifted to include non-salary compensation, such as benefits, the difference rises to 28 percent. This rise in salary ensures that the profits made by the company are distributed to the rank-and-file workers in the company and not just the top executives.


One of the main benefits of labor unions is that it makes workplaces more transparent. In union workplaces, employers are generally obligated to make the criteria used to determine employee compensation public. In addition, during negotiations between unions and employers, additional information is disclosed to the employees, giving them more information about how the company is run. This prevents opaque negotiations by top management.

Equality of Treatment

Many union policies favor more equitable treatment for employees in the workplace. This can take many forms, including the safeguarding of seniority rights. The longer an employee works for a particular employer, the more rights and privileges are accrued. Similarly, when raises or other forms of compensation are applied to workers, unions attempt to ensure they are applied without favoritism but based on objective criteria.

Grievance Process

One of the main innovations of the labor unions is the grievance process. When a member of a labor union has a complaint with an employer or when the employer is seeking to discipline the worker, many labor unions have a specific process the parties must use to resolve the dispute. This is known as the grievance process and ensures workers receive a voice in the workplace.

Political Advocacy

Labor unions are often politically active, supporting both local and national politicians and policies. Through their lobbying and political advertisements, labor unions push for many policies that don't just affect union employees, but many other workers as well. Traditionally, labor unions have been a voice for blue collar workers and have pushed for increased workplace safety, vacation time, compensation and medical coverage for all employees.

North Ridgeville, OH

#2801 May 11, 2013
If Rotek wants our services they need to open their books !


Fight Back video:
No Seriously

Cleveland, OH

#2802 May 12, 2013
I think the point has been made, they don't want your services Robtek. You are being replaced. Seek employment opportunities elsewhere.

Louisville, KY

#2803 May 12, 2013
No Seriously wrote:
I think the point has been made, they don't want your services Robtek. You are being replaced. Seek employment opportunities elsewhere.
Jason Belew "yuor so much help" ME ME ME!!!

Louisville, KY

#2804 May 12, 2013
BeanPole wrote:

I worked for Rotek in the salary ranks for two years....enjoyed all of the spoils of being on that side of the fence,(endless spending budgets, handsome bonuses, travelling perks, etc). All the while, I watched the commitment to the worker decline. We devalued our most precious investment, our skilled labor, as we looked at them as nothing more than an item on an Excel spreadsheet that stood in the way of even more aggressive profits. I watched us spend 120k per year on landscaping, and hundreds of thousands on everything from excessive security to temporary concrete driveways. We were reckless, entitled, irresponsible, and greedy....and we passed our indiscretions off to the blue collar laborer.
I saw both sides. In some ways the Union is ridiculous. But the undeniable point remains....Labor accounts for such a small piece of the cost pie, but having skilled labor and a disciplined approach to manufacturing is what ultimately yielded Rotek these profits. These guys take pride in their work in an era where quality is the only thing that can separate you from your competitor. It is sad that other companies don't pay what Rotek does....but the truth is, they could. Being an efficient and effective manufacturer allows you to pay good wages, and it is those good wages that keep your company producing a quality product. Don't hate these guys for going after what they not only deserve, but what their company can easily provide.
I was there for Dr. T and for Osborne. I worked closely with both. Osborne had a vision, and although he was tough with the union, his focus was more on building Rotek into a worldclass environment. Dr. T is hell bent on profits, and will sacrifice anyone and anything to see margins. He has no concern to invest in people or relationships. You boys are doing the right thing.

Louisville, KY

#2805 May 12, 2013
Button Pushing Monkey wrote:

<quoted text>
I'd gladly take a non-union contract

there is no such thing as a non-union contract. they are free to change or make new rules as they go whenever or whatever they need at the time.

yes a union will help protect your job. yes a union will change the whole way the shop operates. because you will be a part of what happens.

the company is organize. why not us?

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