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Jacksonville, FL

#149 Oct 16, 2013
Riverjames wrote:
I'll tell you why you should move to Jacksonville. I think you should move here because someone you will fall in love with is here. That person will care for you will all his heart, make sure that you are never alone, treat you with upmost dignity, respect you, honor you, cherish you, and be proud of you. A walk along the riverwalk at sunset is beautiful, as is walking along the beach at sunrise, on a deserted stretch of beach, where you can hold hands, and enjoy the peaceful time together.
Whether you live on the beach or on the river, on the westside, southside, Mandarin, Ortega/Riverside/Avondale, when you are with the one you love, you are at home.
Jacksonville is a great place to live, crime is bad here, but where is it good? No where.
I'd love for you to move to jacksonville.
Love your answer :)
son of sam

Saint Albans, WV

#150 Oct 31, 2013
been there done that no dont move to blksonville'theres no safe place they go everwere and normal white ppl dont say nothing to them' go to derkevill there hood you wont make it out alive stay away

Washington, DC

#151 Feb 11, 2014
I might get transferred to Jacksonville, Florida for my job. Can I live in Orlando and get to Jacksonville by Megabus? When I check out the Megabus website, I only get times like 1:15pm and I would need to arrive n the mornings (i.e., 6:30/7:30am, etc.).
jville sucks

Brooklyn, NY

#152 Feb 13, 2014
p rainwater wrote:
<quoted text>
just so you know. jacksonville (suckersville) is quickly becoming known around the rest of the country as the "screw you city".
the city sucks, city government sucks and the people suck. the people are becoming more rude, violent, dishonest & inconsiderate than any new yorker.

Jacksonville, FL

#153 Feb 13, 2014
No. Orlando is hours away and unreachable during stormy summer weather. And Orlando is trash.
EatinLunch wrote:
I might get transferred to Jacksonville, Florida for my job. Can I live in Orlando and get to Jacksonville by Megabus? When I check out the Megabus website, I only get times like 1:15pm and I would need to arrive n the mornings (i.e., 6:30/7:30am, etc.).

Northbrook, IL

#154 Feb 28, 2014
Jacksonville is not all that bad if you are looking to live on a budget near the beach or a golf course. The weather is temperate near the beach but it gets hot and humid in the summer. There is a job market but nothing like Atlanta or any other first-tier city. On the down side, it's inundated with ignorant rednecks and uneducated minorities with absolutely no intention of bettering their community or themselves. The city of Jacksonville and its surrounding communities (clay county, jax beach, neptune beach, st john's county, etc) are run by their respective good ole boys club charter members who are more concerned about padding their pockets than improving their communities. The NFL team is pathetic but it's there (for the moment). Hurricane season is a constant worry.

Orange Park, FL

#155 Apr 21, 2014
I'm from ny and Jacksonville sucks.The people are rude,no great restaurant,terrible drivers,they are soooooo out of shape for the weather to b nice here.clay county not that bad but hell Jacksonville just few seconds away.Ijs!

Arlington, VA

#156 Oct 8, 2014
Phread01 wrote:
Positive: If you're a football fan, Jacksonville is one of the only cities in the U.S. that you can immediately and affordably buy season tickets. And it's the only city in which you can do that and watch a perrinially winning team.
Positive: Cost of living is low, although I don't know how it compares to Reno.
Positive: The local housing market is saturated with every type of home you could want to buy.
Positive: There is no state income tax.
Positive: It's not nearly as cold as northern Nevada.
Negative: There is still a huge Baptist influence on city government and as such, Jacksonville is not as progressive as it should be. The sum result is that a lot of city resources are diverted to spit shine the surface of the city (nude dancing ordinances, hotel-hooker stings, porn shop raids) while our violent crime rate remains highest in the state and many of our schools are receiving failing evaluations.
Negative: Property taxes in Florida are insane.
Negative: Jax international isn't a large airline hub so it's more expensive to take weekend jaunts from Jax than from many other cities. It's probably still a bit cheaper than getting in and out of Reno though.
Huge Negative: There are very few karaoke bars in Jacksonville.
RE: "Property Taxes are insane"
I pay nearly $8K in property taxes for a $250K home in Nebraska... It looks like JAX area is only about $2K... Am I missing something? Is the $2K amount correct that is being shown on Trulia and Zillow? If so, is the $2K amount considered insane to locals???

Jacksonville, FL

#157 Oct 10, 2014
If it's job/no-job then move to JAX. Given the beautiful wild beaches in N. Florida ( bracketing JAX ) you can make due. Minor arts scene. Downtown dominated by violent Bantu subculture. Zero tek shops.

Have lived in Reno. Decent city with 4 seasons. Drive up the mountain to ski Tahoe. Quick cheap flight to SanFran. Paradise compared to JAX.

Jacksonville, FL

#159 Nov 28, 2014

Jacksonville, FL

#160 Jan 22, 2015
Live here for more than a year and you will know why you should not live here or Jacksonville Beach. Please don't even visit Jacksonville Beach.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#161 Feb 10, 2016
Jacksonville IS a place I Would NEVER move to......MURDER CAPITOL!!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#162 Feb 10, 2016
If someone GAVE me a House IN Jacksonville....I Wouldn't take it!!! Mostly everyone that Moved there ALWAYS MOVE BACK!!

United States

#163 Feb 17, 2016
Honestly I think Jacksonville sucks!!! People there are so arrogant and full of themselves for I don't know what reason why.That place has no culture and the Jaguars suck!!! The whole place is an entire joke, you people can have it!!!

Since: Jan 16

Location hidden

#164 Feb 18, 2016
It's up to you whether move or not.

United States

#165 Feb 18, 2016
The bottom line is about Jacksonville is I feel the biggest majority of the people who live up there are nothing but a bunch of f---ing douche bags!!! Especially the women!!!

Endicott, NY

#166 Feb 19, 2016
I lived in Jacksonville for 2 1/2 years, but was finally able to successfully escape. JacksonVile is a horror show city and a very good place for civilized people to avoid at all costs. It is filthy, ugly, crime-ridden (I was robbed at gunpoint on my own front doorstep), the people are dirt-stupid (it is NOT possible to have a conversation with a JacksonVile native unless it's about rass'lin', fightin', drain-kin', Nass Cawr, Mont-ster Trucks, drain-kin' and fightin' some more, the foot bawl, or rasslin' again - They love rasslin' in JacksonVile.) If they ever give the state of Florida an enema, JacksonVile is where they'll insert the nozzle. If Jax were my right arm, I would chop it off and burn the stump. I will never again in my life set foot within 50 miles in any direction of that nightmare place. AVOID JACKSONVILE AT ALL COSTS IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!

Endicott, NY

#167 Feb 19, 2016
newbee wrote:
<quoted text>
Love your answer :)
Hah! Walk along the River Walk if you want to romantically get robbed, raped, and murdered. Someone you will fall in love with is in JacksonVile all right - and that person is almost certainly shooting heroin, smoking crack, and planning their next robbery-murder. JacksonVile is no place for human beings.

United States

#168 Feb 21, 2016
I'm moving from Atlanta GA. To either Jacksonville or tithe Burg that's Saint Petersburg's. I have always dreams of this and my Calling has come. My son is grown now.
Looking for some foreclosures 2 bedroom home, condo, cottage, loft.

United States

#169 May 6, 2016
edensasp wrote:
<quoted text>Primarily motivations would be soul searching and romance, but ultimately sinister and self serving... A change, Reno is a very transient city and developing any type of relationship where trust is a bond is difficult, I was looking to move closer to my son who is in Louisiana, but I dont want to live there. I like the fact of zero state income tax and am currently researching other potential economic positives and negatives. But ultimately... another visit to Florida is due, only this times further north, and Jacksonville seems to find my heart. The elements of weather doesnt concern me but I am not ignorant of its possibilities. As far as the entertainment of sports and puritan baptist fanaticism, they both are appealing on multiple levels.. And as an advocate against offshore drilling in Florida, I think living in Florida as a constituent will validate my concerns and have a stronger impact with the "powers that be".(Plus its a shorter distance to travel when I need to sabotage offshore drilling rigs or actively participate in the political arena of dissent )..~lol~
Don't move here if you're trying to escape a transient city because Jacksonville is the same way. Nobody I've met stays more than 3 years. Trusting these people is impossible unless you like getting fucked over. You let one in your house and it will get broken into, maybe while you're there. There is a viciousness to these people. It's akin to a stray dog you let in your house because you feel sorry for that later bites you in the ass. I moved here from Jersey and I have never met anyone from the north east that had any kind words for these people. Words like slime, dirty, lowlifes, ignorant, trash, backwards and stupid I've heard a lot. DON'T MOVE HERE!

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