On Your Side - Ken Amaro Answers Your...

On Your Side - Ken Amaro Answers Your Mail

There are 114 comments on the First Coast News Jacksonville story from Mar 4, 2008, titled On Your Side - Ken Amaro Answers Your Mail. In it, First Coast News Jacksonville reports that:

Talk Back: Post a comment on this article By Ken Amaro First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Our first letter is from Blair who lives in Jacksonville and is not happy with his pest control company.

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Jacksonville, FL

#100 Sep 24, 2013
I am a 40 year old women with back against the wall with the health case system. I am in the hospital right now and I am greatful that some caring doctors and nurses have tried to help me but I am being dicharged tomorrow still not knowing why i am collapsing and loosing control of my bodily functions. 1 set of doctors here want to keep me to run more test to get an answer so i can begin a treatment plan - the other set of drs just want to release me because i am not a good candidate for surgery. Due to the multiple systemic issues i have - there should be a 3 rd specialty called in but they cant be bothered to call them in. I am being referred to a multitude if specialist when im discharged which means they recognize their is a problem - but in reality it is their way of pushing off the blame and responsiblity, when they have the ability to fix me here and now. They are well aware that I cannot afford these specialists as I do not have insurance and cannot work due to my illnesses. They have the capability to discern issue and fix this issue so that i can some quality of life. This is my last chance to find out what is wrong with me and get a treatment plan underway - once I am released tomorrow im back on my own with no insurance, no money, no car etc. I guess since I do not have children I am a throw away person

Jacksonville, FL

#101 Mar 10, 2014
Dear Ken,
I purchased and had installed an inside and outside air conditioner unit from a contractor. The unit is about two years old, and I have had constant problems with it not working. The manufactor provided a 10 year warranty with the purchase. They have already replaced the unite once, but I am still having issues with it not working. The unit was installed into a rental dwelling, and the contractor is placing the blame on the Tenants. The contractor was told by the company, Tropic Supply, who sold it to him to replace the unit, and if Rehm determins that it is defective, they will reimburse him his money. He is not willing to do that because he thinks that he will not get his money back Now I am stuck with a unit that is not working. What should I do?

Kingsland, GA

#102 Jul 8, 2014
On March 12 2013 I had a contract for refinishing my counter tops and Kitchen cabinets I gave a check for $3700.00 for a deposit on the work. About two weeks later I call Jeff the owner and told Jeff I was having financial problems . He told me that he ordered the materials for the counter tops and that he would the counter tops and only charged me for the tops and would refund me the difference .We both agree on it. I then try to set an appointment for the work on the counter tops. I sent him E-Mails and also phones but got no response. They finally got in touch with me on Nov. 24 2013. I had an appointment for Dec. 3 2013. When They finished the counter tops Jeff said that he would come back in to talk to us but he just left. We then try to get in Jeff (owner) But could After Many E-Mails and Phones call on luck. I finally use my friends cell they answer the call I then told the woman about my problems with the counter tops ( the work was not done right the surface is rough and the finish is dull and some spots was not done right) and we are not satisfied with the results but she did not listen and told me that she would have Jeff call that was on Jan 27 2014. On Jan 27 2014 I sent him a E-Mail about the job that we was satisfy So far nobody has call me or E-Mail Since then I have got in touch with BBB and they did not answer them. Maybe you can help me out Thanking in advance
sara palacio

Jacksonville, FL

#103 Oct 2, 2014
Rooms To Go has my money and the furniture I have was delivered to my home with rips and tears the only thing they will do is replace and they have replaced one piece already now several other pieces are also torn it has sewing that keeps breaking I think it will continue and have asked for my money back they still have my money and I have torn up furniture since June 30 th. I just want a refund and they say we have a contract the contract was voided the day they delivered the furniture with rips in it. Can you help me?

Jacksonville, FL

#107 Dec 16, 2014
melissasawlkrist of

Jacksonville, FL

#108 Dec 19, 2014
My husband is disabled and I am currently a teacher at a local church. We have a unfair landlord. Around the first of December we where both admitted into the hospital. He has chronic COPD and was having a heart attack. I rushed him to the E.R. which they admitted him. In the meantime, I was admitted for having high blood pressure which was around 200/180. I have been out of my medicine because of having to wait to resign up for Obamacare. Our rent was due in which we had the rent money but due to illness it was late one day. Having said that we even go out of our way to go to his bank to take the rent money and deposit it in his bank. He demanded the fifty dollar late charge which by Florida rental law is too much for one day late. We told him we weren't going to pay the charge because frankly we had to eat. So he ended up putting a eviction notice on or door to get out by the 8th of January. I know this is a act of God because he doesn't want us living in this neighborhood. I have had to call 911 three times since I have lived here due to arguing neighbors. But the big problem is our septic tank and our plumbing is backed up and I can't go to the bathroom or take a shower. We called him last night for this emergency and he said can you pay for it I don't get paid til next Wednesday. That is the last straw. We have other problems here as well with electrical sockets, ect.not being safe. Our electric bill is 300.00 average for the last seven months which makes it hard to make ends meet. I don't know what to do. We don't have a new place to move into yet because we don't have the security deposit. This landlord is very unfair to us and we need your help. Can you help us please. Melissa Sawl Kristof. I work at Faith Temple Academy and daycare on Firestone rd.

Orange Park, FL

#111 Apr 9, 2015
Hi! Ken
Back in Nov.2014, I got a un-solicited call from a company called "Roof Max', so I followed up and return their call. They guaranteed me that they could get me a new roof through my insurance company, so I went along, hell a new roof would cost me $8000, from the previous bids I received. Well, my insurance company approved and sent a check to me in Dec. for $6974 and stated if additional cost is required, I needed to contact them within 180 days. I turned over the check to "Roof Max" and didn't hear from them again until I contacted them in Feb. They explained to me that they were short on crewmen but will guarantee to have my roof installed by the 15th of Feb. Well, they didn't, then they called and said the 24th of Feb, they fail to show up again, that's when I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they finally show'd on the 4th of March. They completed the installation but left their dumpster in my drive-way for 2 days. blocking my car in the garage. Then the company put a lien against my property because of a deductible of $500 I didn't pay, while we were still negotiating the matter . Now get this! Their employee that I originally dealt with (Ashley Pollard) told me , if I give them a couple of references (in which I did), they'll waive my deductible (which is illegal) I found that out through my insurance company and now they denied that she said it and she's no longer an employee there. The company (Roof Max) billed my insurance company $12,384.30 for my new roof.
Steve Johnson

Gainesville, FL

#112 Dec 22, 2015
I have been having an on going problem with a waste pro garbage man who continuously urinates in the street in front of our home. I have called the city twice including today. I walked up on him this morning and caught him in the act,and confronted him.He said he was sorry.I want him fired.Never on this culdsac again.The truck# is1443. Over the past years waste management the older name crushed my driveway and made repairs only after I produced a video of the truck in our driveway.My confirmation # to todays incident is 2016-57854.This problem has occurred 10 or more times this year.There are other issues too.Please help this is very disturbing to my wife and me. Thanks Steve Johnson

Port Charlotte, FL

#113 Dec 26, 2015

Kissimmee, FL

#114 Feb 2, 2016
I went to pay my BOOST monthly phone bill plus $10 for hot spot. Lady charged me monthly cell. I asked about my hot spot. She told me it was now included in reg bill. I asked her 2 give me this in writing. She gave me pamphlet with info circled. Next day my hot spot Was gone. I worked with my store for 2 days. Was told it was included fixed. Y today is 5th day without. My Facebook conversations with them say plan should of had beupgradeden upgraded at store level. Now i have to wait until March. My non cable tv is run by my hotspot. I have the $ just no service. Help!!!
Keith Langenberg

Jacksonville, FL

#117 Mar 31, 2016
My issue has to do with the new interchange at JT Butler Blvd & I95 here on the Jacksonville Southside.

The question: Will there be pedestrian sidewalks or a designated bike path thru this newly constructed interchange?

I am having a hard time getting answers from the City of Jacksonville's major's office as well as the FDOT who is in charge of the project. There was lot of discussion on this topic some time back when the plans were made known to the public, but I am having a difficult time knowing if the final plan includes this.

I would like to ride to work several days/week, but would have to go thru this intersection. My course would be coming south on Belfront, going West on JT Butler under I95 and then turning left(south) on Bonneval Rd.

Please let me know how to get a response out of the FDOT and an answer to my question.

Jacksonville, FL

#118 May 12, 2016
An Infinity Security advertising sign was in the road on I-10 which I was unable to avoid from hitting without causing an accident. The metal sign went thru my radiator. My car had to be towed in. Should they be responsible for my car repairs? I took a picture just in case. What is your opinion?
grace cararie

Orange Park, FL

#119 Jun 16, 2016
backin December
Anita Mathis

United States

#121 Jul 10, 2016
My daughter went to the Havoline express lube in Fernandina beach and all she needed was an oil change. They tried to take advantage of a young female driver and sell her an air filter 3 times that she DIDN'T NEED it was clean! On the 3rd visit they told her she needed new windshield wiper blades that we just replaced! When she didn't buy from them they cut the line to the wiper fluid! I know this because she used it just before going there and when she left it didn't work! I have photos!
concern tax payer 222

Saint Augustine, FL

#122 Jul 21, 2016
Look in to cecial field gym re-vamp project way over time and budget been closed 8-months??

Jacksonville, FL

#123 Sep 15, 2016
Rainbow Muffler, Cassat Ave. SCAM ALERT! Go Somewhere else!!! On 8/19/15 I went over and spoke to Tim about my catalytic converters that needed to be replaced and he told me it would be better to drop the truck off for them to do the work and they would call me once it was ready. On 8/20/15 I drop the truck off before going to work they (Tim) told me he was going to do the work personally and that he would be converting my catalytic converters from two on both sides to one on each side. He called me while at work and told me the truck was ready and I was charged $743.10. I went back to this location 3-4 times to have them check the converters out because I was clearly experiencing the same issues and each time the same guy (Tim) kept telling me something else was wrong and kept supporting the original lie that he replaced my converters. On Saturday 9/10/16 he (Tim) checked the truck out he told me something was going on with the engine and I needed to go somewhere else that had a larger machine that could pin point the actual problem...another guy overheard the conversation and went to take a look and came and told me the original factory converters we're still on my truck and that my converters had never been done that they were the factory converters. At that point I knew I had been swindled and taken advantage of. I showed the owner a bald headed guy my receipt and the guy had written NEEDS catalytic converters on my receipt which I never paid any attention to. These people took my money, and told me they had done work on something they've never touched. The owner is so nasty and supports the wrong doing in his company so he is fully aware of what's going. He told me it was nothing he could do and walked off. I have now found out they have so many negative complaints and reviews against them. Something needs to be done about this company. I end up going to the Rainbow Muffler on San Jose to have the work done and was charged 481.50...money I didn't have but I had to have the work done.
Mildred S Cruz

Jacksonville, FL

#125 Sep 28, 2016
Important News for All Upward Bound & Trio Alumni "Where will our low income, first generation students go after this news we have received from JU Administration. A JU since 1977.

I have some sad news for everyone, as is often the case, the bad news comes with some hope as well. We recently received official notice that JU is not going to write the grant for Upward Bound this year. JU has determined that their plans for future growth and program focus will not enable them to support the continuation of the Upward Bound Program at Jacksonville University. Our current grant will expire at the end of May 2017. The good news is that the Florida Institute of Education at UNF is very interested in submitting a grant for an Upward Bound Program. We are working closely with Dr. Cheryl Fountain and her staff to assure that this valuable program can continue to provide support to our students and others here in Duval County.
I believe that the University of North Florida is a good fit for the Upward Bound Program. UNF is a public university that our students can better afford. The Florida Institute of Education at UNF already has experience working with first generation and low income students and they have a great reputation. We will do everything we can to assist them is setting-up the grant and we encourage all of our students, staff and teachers to apply to continue to be a part of the program when they get the grant.

Unfortunately, our grant ends in May and the new grant won’t start until next fall, so there won’t be an Upward Bound summer program in 2017. Later this school year, we will provide our students and parents with information and resources to help make the summer a productive one for the students.

Thank you for all you do for us. Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to join us in making this the best year ever for our Upward Bound Program.
Stuffstolenbyshe riff

Tampa, FL

#128 Dec 4, 2016
I have gone through attorney after attorney to sue Bradford County Sheriff for numerous things they illegally done to me. They stole things from me an what they stole has been proven to the Sheriff an he still blows it off. One attorney told me i have a case an everything they did to me was wrong an illegal as well. The Sheriff an his minions do what ever they want to anyone they want to do it to. They put them selves above the law an brake the law because they have a badge an know they can get away with it. Plus i have been writting to my buddy Mr. President Donald John Trump. Please contact me an please help me i have more info on just how crooked these people are an some lives they have messed up.

Kissimmee, FL

#130 Dec 13, 2016
Dear Ken,
My son attends Yulee Middle School. He rides the bus home every afternoon. They have three children per seat. He has no room since he sits with two high school children. He is 12. I'm worried about his safety. Please help!

Andrea Knight

Jacksonville, FL

#131 Dec 17, 2016
Ken, I had a Garage Door Opener installed about 3 months ago. They have been out twice to "reprogram" it and the second visit told me the Lift Master unit they installed was bad and I had to go to the manufacturer to replace it. I hired another garage door company to see what the problem was and they said it was a bad unit. They also told me that I could not contact the manufacturer for a replacement. It had to be done by the installer with the distributor that sold them the unit. This second company also told me that they should have installed an outside keypad that came with the unit along with some other hardware that they did not install. He said the slide track was not greased which was supposed to be done. I have not gotten a return call for resolution after many calls. I am frustrated and just want this fixed. Please let me know if you can help or what direction to go. Thank you!

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