Who do you support for Attorney Gener...

Spring Hill, FL

#2552 Feb 26, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
.......Hey Spring Hill Shill Judge,
Go ahead, make our day.....
'm going to sleep
sleep for a week........

Spring Hill, FL

#2553 Feb 26, 2014
M U R D E R &

United States

#2554 Feb 26, 2014
The Spring Hill Shill Judge is nothing short of a Domestic Terrorist making terrorist threats and deserving of a one way ride to Gitmo.

Spring Hill, FL

#2555 Feb 26, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
The Spring Hill Shill Judge is nothing short of a Domestic Terrorist making terrorist threats and deserving of a one way ride to Gitmo.
the yellow room awaits the author of captioned quote

sad that he be one dope who could spend life in dread

United States

#2556 Feb 26, 2014
Is this Spring Hill in Citrus County Florida? If so maybe we should get the pedophile Sheriff Gary Borders to send his Nazi Goons out to splain the facts of life to him like they did the guy trying to get the facts on Sandy Hooks.

After all when the leaks of the rapes of the five little boys at Gary Borders Green isle Ranch by his little boy toy Tyler Anthony Jackson finally hit the news over two months after the facts Sheriff Borders sent two of his two person Detective teams to Citrus County to fake up the arrest and conviction of Jackson to make the mews of their little pedophile ring just go away.

United States

#2557 Feb 26, 2014
You are the ones trying to keep U.S. all in dread.

And not fooling a soul any longer.
The Blessed

Spring Hill, FL

#2558 Feb 26, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
You are the ones trying to keep U.S. all in dread.
And not fooling a soul any longer.
and you play THE VIRGIN and concentrate on inuendo and falsehood

leave the old timers alone while they die

United States

#2559 Feb 26, 2014
Some of those old timer saved our azzes and now they too are learning the truth about how they too were used.
Too many falsehoods in History.
The weasels who hung the heroes wrote History it seems.
Now the weasels are still trying to protect them, too.
the poppy farmers

United States

#2561 Feb 27, 2014
A one-time Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) source revealed the Bush family-connections to the St. Joe Company, was heavily involved in an irrigation project that provided water to opium-producing fields in southern Afghanistan in the 1970s.

The project, the Helmand-Arghandab Valley Authority (HAVA) irrigation system and the US Agency for International Development (USAID)-constructed Kajaki Dam, saw Afghanistan’s opium production reach all-time yields in the 1970s, before the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

St. Joe Company, based in Jacksonville, is one of the largest private property owners in Florida, having increased its ownership of land when former Florida Governor Jeb Bush arranged for the “sweetheart” sale of public state-owned land to the firm during his governorship.

St. Joe has long been connected to US government operations around the world. It was founded in 1936 by the Alfred I. du Pont Testamentary Trust. St. Joe also owned the Talisman Sugar Company, which was heavily involved in Florida sugar cane production and partly responsible for the imposition of disastrous restrictions on the import of sugar from countries in the Caribbean, a policy that ensured economic instability in the nations of the West Indies.

St. Joe was also a part owner of Jeb Bush’s firm, the Codina Group, run by Bush’s close friend Armando Codina, a Cuban exile who fled the island as a teen.

On August 2, 2006 - Then “President George W. and Florida Governor Jeb Bush, two brothers who owed their offices to the power of the right-wing Cuban-American community in south Florida, engaged in a macabre and sinister death watch for Cuban President Fidel Castro while being hosted by wealthy Cuban-American supporters. As Castro was rushed to the hospital suffering from internal bleeding, the Bush brothers began planning action against the Cuban government and the two Castro brothers — Fidel and Raul. The Bush brothers huddled at a Republican National Committee fundraiser with Jeb Bush’s business mentor and partner, wealthy Cuban-American real estate developer Armando Codina, head of the Codina Group and close friend of George H. W. Bush. Codina sponsored the fundraiser at his Coral Gables home. Until 1994, the firm was known as the Codina-Bush Group. Codina and Jeb Bush made a fortune in developing southern Florida real estate properties. Codina invested $1000 in 1984 in a Miami office tower project and cashed out his shares in 1990 for a hefty $346,000. Before he left Codina in 1993, Jeb earned huge commissions for the sale of real estate to Japanese investors. Jeb also sold water pumps [for irrigation projects as in Afghanistan] to Nigeria in a questionable deal involving Nigeria’s military junta, M&W Pump, and another Bush company, Bush-El. These deals occurred at the same time that Jeb Bush was enmeshed in the savings and loan scandal involving Florida-based financial institutions. As reported by WMR last November, the politically-powerful St. Joe Company has a significant investment in the Codina Group. After Jeb Bush became governor, he took care of his real estate business friends, selling them state-owned land at cut rate prices.

Joining the Bush brothers in Coral Gables were the Florida Cuban-American GOP congressional team of Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who best represents the fact that America’s foreign policies on the Middle East and Latin America have been outsourced to two vocal and politically
the poppy farmers

United States

#2562 Feb 27, 2014
powerful special interests — the Israeli and Cuban exile lobbies. Ros Lehtinen’s mother was a Jewish-Cuban refugee from Cuba. Joining the Bush brothers in the Florida death watch huddle was another GOP brother team, Representatives Lincoln and Mario-Diaz Balart. The brothers Bush and Balart and Ros-Lehtinen and Codina have their eyes set on lucrative real estate development schemes for post-Castro Cuba. The fact that oil has been discovered in Cuban waters has also earned the interest of the Bush-Cheney petroleum cartel.”

On September 4, 2009, a more-than-coincidental link between St. Joe and the collapsed financial empire of now-jailed Sir Allen Stanford. was reported. Stanford’s attorney:“[Carlos] Loumiet is listed as the registered agent for the Stanford home [in Coral Gables] in a contrivance called Casuarina 20 LLC. Located nearby at 50 Casuarina is the home of Cuban-American businessman Armando Codina, Jeb Bush’s longtime friend and business partner who has sat on the boards of American Airlines and Merrill Lynch. In the weeks prior to Jeb Bush taking over as Governor of Florida, Stanford Trust, in December 1998, inked the sweetheart deal with Arthur M. Simon, the director of the Florida Division of Banking within the Department of Banking and Finance to allow the Antigua-based entity to begin issuing CDs in Florida. The deal was signed by Stanford Trust on December 10 and by Simon on December 14. In the interim, Florida’s outgoing Democratic Governor Lawton Chiles died of a heart attack on December 12 in the Governor’s Mansion.”[A surviving popular former Governor Lawton Childs would have been big trouble for Jeb Bush's antics]

Stanford was under investigation for laundering drug money for the CIA through his banks in Antigua, Panama, Colombia, and other countries.
With opium production again at an all-time high in now US-occupied Afghanistan, it would appear that the Bush family is, once again, reaping the benefits of the opium trade it once enjoyed in Afghanistan in the 1970s under King Mohammad Zahir Shah and Prince Mohammad Daoud until the pro-Soviet coup in April 1978.[2013-14 U S Heroin imports are on the rise!]

In November 1974, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visited Kabul and agreed to increase funding for USAID projects in Afghanistan, including the irrigation programs benefiting Afghanistan’s opium output.

After a few years, Daoud, who succeeded the King and proclaimed a republic, grew tired of his Soviet military advisers and Communist Cabinet ministers and began to dismiss them. A CIA report states that on April 13, 1977,“Soviet party leader Leonid Brezhnev launched into a tirade about the large number of ‘experts’ from ‘NATO countries’ involved in various projects in Afghanistan. He asserted that they were ‘spies’ and demanded they be sent out of the country.” Brezhnev and his KGB were undoubtedly aware that the CIA, who was under the directorship of George H. W.“Poppy” Bush in 1976, and his connected firms like St. Joe were cashing in on the increase in Afghanistan opium yields.

Mocow Radio’s home service reported on November 24, 1985,“As far back as 1979, a secret deal was concluded between the CIA and the ringleaders of the Dushman groups of smugglers. The deal made provision, in particular, for the supply from the USA, in the guise of medical instruments, of equipment for converting raw opium into heroin and morphine. At present in the Peshawar region, about 20 such clandestine laboratories are operating. Moreover, the CIA
the poppy farmers

United States

#2563 Feb 27, 2014
stipulated only one condition: part of the cash gained from the sale of drugs must be donated to purchase weapons for the Dushman bands.” The Soviets referred to the Afghan Mujaheddin groups in Pakistan aided by the CIA as the “Dushman” groups — Dushman being an Afghan word for “enemies of the revolution.”

On March 19, 1989, The Sunday Times of London reported,“Four years ago the United States Drug Enforcement Agency recognized that 50% of the heroin getting to America came from the country receiving the most aid from the CIA [Afghanistan]. Even so, nothing was done.”

After coming to power in the 1990s, the Taliban drastically curtailed opium production, totally banning its production in July 2000. Under President Hamid Karzai, Karzai’s family, most notably his younger half brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, who is paid by the CIA, is financially benefiting from the current windfall profits from opium exports. Opium production is at an all-time high, with an estimated street value now pegged at $3 billion per year.

And now the raw opium is refined into heroin and morphine. And the USA presently has the largest influx of heroin on the streets in history!
the money changers

United States

#2564 Feb 27, 2014
The Federal Reserve Act passed in December 1913-

The year 1917 also saw the 16th Amendment added to the US Constitution, levying a national income tax, though it was ratified by only two of the required 36 states. The IRS is a private corporation registered in Delaware. Four years earlier the Rockefeller Foundation was launched, to shield family wealth from the new income tax provisions, while steering public opinion through social engineering. One of its tentacles was the General Education Board.

In Occasional Letter #1 the Board states,“In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds and, unhampered by tradition, we will work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall try not to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science…of whom we have ample supply.”
Though most Americans think of the Federal Reserve as a government institution, it is privately held by the Eight Families. The Secret Service is employed, not by the Executive Branch, but by the Federal Reserve.
An exchange between Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Fed Chairman Paul Volcker at Senate hearings in 1982 is instructive. Kennedy must have thought of his older brother John when he told Volcker that if he were before the committee as a member of US Treasury things would be much different. Volcker, puffing on a cigar, responded cavalierly,“That’s probably true. But I believe it was intentionally designed this way”. Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-IN) put it to Volcker that,“People realize that what that board of yours does has a very profound impact on their pocketbooks, and yet it is a group of people basically inaccessible to them and unaccountable to them.”
President Wilson spoke of,“a power so organized, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breaths when they speak in condemnation of it.” Rep. Charles Lindberg (D-NY) was more blunt, railing against Wilson’s Federal Reserve Act, which had cleverly been dubbed the “People’s Bill”. Lindberg declared that the Act would,“…establish the most gigantic trust on earth…When the president signs this act, the invisible government by the money power will be legitimized. The law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on, depressions will be scientifically created. The invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized. The whole central bank concept was engineered by the very group it was supposed to strip of power”.
The Fed is made up of most every bank in the US, but the New York Federal Reserve Bank controls the Fed by virtue of its enormous capital resources. The true center of power within the Fed is the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), on which only the NY Fed President holds a permanent voting seat. The FOMC issues directives on monetary policy which are implemented from the 8th Floor of the NY Fed, a fortress modeled after the Bank of England.

In the fifth sub-basement of the 14-story stone hulk lie 10,300 tons of mostly non-US gold, 1/3 of the world’s gold reserves and by far the largest gold stock in the world.
the money changers

United States

#2565 Feb 27, 2014
The world of money is increasingly computerized. With the introduction by the Eight Families of complicated financial instruments like derivatives, options, puts and futures; the volume of inter-bank transactions took a quantum leap. To handle this the fed built a superhighway eerily known as CHIPS (Clearing Interbank Payment System), which is based in New York and modeled after Morgan’s Belgium-based Euro-Clear – also known as The Beast.

When the Fed was created five New York banks- Citibank, Chase, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover and Bankers Trust- held a 43% stake in the New York Fed. By 1983 these same five banks owned 53% of the NY Fed. By year 2000, the newly merged Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank combines owned even bigger chunks, as did the European faction of the Eight Families. Collectively they own majority stock in every Fortune 500 corporation and do the bulk of stock and bond trading. In 1955 the above five banks accounted for 15% of all stock trades. By 1985 they were involved in 85% of all stock transactions.
Still more powerful are the investment banks which bear the names of many of the Eight Families. In 1982, while Morgan bankers presided over negotiations between Britain and Argentina after the Falklands War, President Reagan pushed through SEC Rule 415, which helped consolidate securities underwriting in the hands of six large investment houses owned by the Eight Families: Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers, First Boston and Lehman Brothers. These banks further consolidated their power via the merger mania of 1980s and 1990s.

American Express swallowed up both Lehman Brothers-Kuhn Loeb – which had merged in 1977 – and Shearson Lehman-Rhoades. The Israel Moses Seif’s Banca de la Svizzera Italiana bought a 7% stake in Lehman Brothers. Salomon Brothers nabbed Philbro from the South African Oppenheimer family, then bought Smith Barney. All three then became part of Traveler’s Group, headed by Sandy Weill of the David-Weill family, which controls Lazard Freres through senior partner Michel David-Weill. Citibank then bought Travelers to form Citigroup. S.G. Warburg, of which Oppenheimer’s Chartered Consolidated owns a 9% stake, joined the old money Banque Paribas- which merged into Merrill Lynch in 1984. Union Bank of Switzerland acquired Paine Webber, while Morgan Stanley ate up Dean Witter and purchased Discover credit card operations from Sears.
Kuhn Loeb-controlled First Boston merged with Credit Suisse, which had already absorbed White-Weld, to become CS First Boston- the major player in the dirty London Eurobond market. Merrill Lynch – merged into Bank of America in 2008 – is the major player on the US side of this trade. Swiss Banking Corporation merged with London’s biggest investment house S.G. Warburg to create SBC Warburg, while Warburg became more intertwined with Merrill Lynch through their 1998 Mercury Assets tie up. The Warburg’s formed another venture with Union Bank of Switzerland, creating powerhouse UBS Warburg.

Deutsche Bank bought Banker’s Trust and Alex Brown to briefly become the world’s largest bank with $882 billion in assets. With repeal of Glass-Steagal, the line between investment, commercial and private banking disappeared.

This handful of investment banks exerts an enormous amount of control over the global economy. Their activities include advising Third World debt negotiations, handling mergers and
the money changers

United States

#2566 Feb 27, 2014
breakups, creating companies to fill a perceived economic void through the launching of initial public stock offerings (IPOs), underwriting all stocks, underwriting all corporate and government bond issuance, and pulling the bandwagon down the road of privatization and globalization of the world economy.

A recent president of the World Bank was James Wolfensohn of Salomon Smith Barney. Merrill Lynch had $435 billion in assets in 1994, before the merger frenzy had really even gotten under way. The biggest commercial bank at the time, Citibank, could claim only $249 billion in assets.

In 1991 Merrill Lynch handled 26.8% of all global bank mergers. Morgan Stanley did 16.8%, Goldman Sachs 16.3%, Lehman Brothers 16.1% and Credit Suisse First Boston 14.5%. Morgan Stanley did $60 billion in corporate mergers in 1989. By 2007, reflecting the repeal of Glass-Steagel, the top ten NMA advisers in order were: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, UBS Warburg, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Lazard. In the IPO stock underwriting field for 1991 the top four were Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and CS First Boston. In the arena of global privatization for years 1985-1995, Goldman Sachs led the way doing $13.3 billion worth of deals. UBS Warburg did $8.2 billion, BNP Paribas $6.8 billion, CS First Boston $4.9 billion and Paribas-owner Merrill Lynch $4.4 billion.

In 2006 BNP Paribas bought the notorious Banca Nacionale de Lavoro (BNL), which led the charge in arming Saddam Hussein. According to Global Finance, it is now the world’s largest bank with nearly $3 trillion in assets.

The leading US debt underwriters for the first nine months of 1995 bore the same familiar names. Merrill Lynch underwrote $74.2 billion in the US debt markets, or 15.3% of the total. Lehman Brothers handled $52.5 billion, Morgan Stanley $47.4 billion, Salomon Smith Barney $45.6 billion. CS First Boston, Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs rounded out the top seven. The top three municipal debt underwriters that year were Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS Paine Webber. In the euro-market the top four underwriters in 1995 were UBS Warburg, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Deutsche Bank’s Morgan Grenfell branch engineered the corporate takeover binge in Europe.

NOTE: G.H. Walker & Co. was an investment banking and brokerage firm founded in 1900 by George Herbert Walker, grandfather and great-grandfather of Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush, and located at 1 Wall Street. The firm was originally based in St. Louis, Missouri.In July 1973, the firm acquired the securities brokerage business of Laird, Inc. The company, later known as G.H. Walker, Laird & Co., was sold to White Weld & Co. in October 1974. White Weld, in turn, was sold to Merrill Lynch in 1978.

The dominant players in the oil futures markets at both the New York Mercantile Exchange and the London Petroleum Exchange are Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Goldman Sachs (through its J. Aron & Company subsidiary), Citigroup (through its Philbro unit) and Deutsche Bank (through its Banker’s Trust acquisition). In 2002 Enron Online was auctioned off by a bankruptcy court to UBS Warburg for $0. UBS was to share monopoly Enron Online profits with
the money changers

United States

#2567 Feb 27, 2014
Lehman Brothers after the first two years of the deal. With Lehman’s 2008 demise, its new owner Barclays will get their cut.
Following the Lehman Brothers fiasco and the ensuing financial meltdown of 2008, the Four Horsemen of Banking got even bigger. For pennies on the dollar, JP Morgan Chase was handed Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Bank of America commandeered Merrill Lynch and Countrywide. And Wells Fargo seized control over the reeling #5 US bank Wachovia. Barclays got a sweetheart deal for the remains of Lehman Brothers.

Former House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman (D-TX), declared of Federal Reserve Eight Families owners,“The United States today has in effect two governments. We are the duly constituted government. Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution”.
Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, US debt (mostly owed to the Eight Families) has skyrocketed from $1 billion to nearly $17 trillion today. This far surpasses the total of all Third World country debt combined, debt which is mostly owed to these same Eight Families, who own most all the world’s central banks.

So, now you know! You can't plead ignorance anymore!
Alert All Fl Methodists

United States

#2568 Feb 27, 2014
Recently the Florida Bishop Kenneth Carter of the United Methodists in Lakeland Florida went on Orlando TV expressing his blessings for the over turn of the Florida Stand Your Ground Law.

This law provides for nothing more than a judicial probable cause hearing to determine if the shooter was justified in his or her actions.

Now researchers have located proof positive that Bishop Kenneth Carter is a PRO-GAY supporter of the massive gay and lesbian movements.

Interested parties can find information regarding Bishop Carter and his activities on behalf of the LEFT to disarm Floridians through his remarks regarding STAND YOUR GROUND on the Lakeland Florida Topix Forum.

All True Methodist Christians should be made aware of what is "ruining the Methodist Churches of Florida."
old timers

United States

#2570 Feb 27, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
Some of those old timer saved our azzes and now they too are learning the truth about how they too were used.
Too many falsehoods in History.
The weasels who hung the heroes wrote History it seems.
Now the weasels are still trying to protect them, too.
But the life and the crimes of these weasels has been well documented over the decades

while they was keeping their shenanigans from he public via their MSM>


United States

#2571 Feb 28, 2014
This is why this lake county sheriff sends out two deputies [Clay Watkins and Chris Huskey] who are running interference for the obama administration by threatening Halbig if he don't stop harrassing CT authorities in the gun grab schemes "something bad is going to happen!" The lake Sheriff and his fellow nazi gestapo would be the first in the State of Florida to act on gun confiscation! You can bet your life on that! In fact he was installed in that position by Jeb Bush for that purpose. Push their nazi movement!
UPDATE: A spokesperson with the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection told TheBlaze that a letter has been drafted to send to gun owners who are found to be in possession of unregistered semi-automatic rifles deemed illegal by the state’s new gun control law. However,“not a one” letter has been sent out so far.
The spokesperson, who didn’t want to identify herself, refused to comment on the content of the draft letter. When we asked what other action the state plans to take against owners of unregistered so-called “assault rifles, the spokesperson said we should contact the governor’s office because that’s where they get their orders from.
It’s not clear if the letter published by the Capitalism Institute is authentic, though we can confirm a draft letter does exist.

After tens of thousands of defiant gun owners in Connecticut chose not to register their semi-automatic rifles to comply with a hastily-passed gun control law, the state is now taking some action. Officials are reportedly notifying gun owners who submitted late applications that they have one last chance to get rid of their “illegal” weapons.
State officials did accept some gun registration applications that were submitted after the Jan. 4 deadline, however, not all late applications were accepted, the Journal Inquirer reports.
“But rather than turn that information over to prosecutors, state officials are giving the gun owners a chance to get rid of the weapons and magazines,” the report adds.
So gun owners who actually tried to register their guns and magazines, intentionally late or not, are now on the state’s radar for owning guns that became illegal overnight. Owning an unregistered semi-automatic rifle or high-capacity magazine that was legal prior to Jan. 3 is now a class D felony under the new law.
The Capitalism Institute claims to have obtained a copy of the notarized letters Connecticut officials are sending out to late registration applicants:

United States

#2572 Feb 28, 2014
Who are you voting for Attorney General in 2010 are you that slow or just stuck on the topic.

United States

#2573 Feb 28, 2014
If any pigs or military wants to come get my weapons I survived Nam and the military bring body bags.

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