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so you want the facts

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#2462 Feb 5, 2014
May 04, 1997 - Kenneth M. Mazik with his political connections changes the world of welfare and privatization for access to $BILLIONS$ OF FEDERAL FUNDS!

Now Operates CARLTON PALMS in Mt Dora Florida

Deletion of Word in Welfare Bill Opens Foster Care to Big Business

It sounds like an old-fashioned Hollywood movie. A dedicated couple start a boarding school for autistic children in a faded mansion in rural Delaware. Struggling to make ends meet, they pool their personal resources to buy a racehorse named Silk Stockings. The filly not only wins thousands but also makes harness-racing history, all for the sake of the children.

That is the way the story of the Au Clair School was told in the mid-1970's, in heartwarming television features and news articles across the country. Even 20 years later, the lingering glow of that kind of publicity did not hurt when the company showed up in Washington and lobbied for what seemed like a tiny change in Federal law.

But a closer look at Au Clair reveals a deeply troubled history, and a closer look at the little-noticed change engineered by its founder, Kenneth M. Mazik, shows that it sharply alters Government policy on care for the poorest children.

Historically, only foster families or nonprofit institutions, mostly charity-based, were eligible for this money. It is now the last unlimited pool available for poor children.

Without debate, unlike other measures in the sweeping welfare legislation signed into law last year. Through the efforts of the company, a single word --''nonprofit''-- was deleted from an obscure paragraph of the 400-page bill that dismantled six decades of poverty policy. That small alteration is swelling the wave of business interest in the poor that has swept national corporations traded on Wall Street as they move deeper into sectors traditionally left to religious and philanthropic groups, public agencies and mom-and-pop operations.

The companies that stand to benefit from the one-word change include managed mental health care giants, like the $1 billion Magellan Health Services, and youth-care chains like the 2,500-bed Youth Services International, started five years ago by the founder of the quick oil-change franchise Jiffy Lube, who grew up in an orphanage himself. Most were built on other government money, including Medicaid and state foster care dollars.

Mr. Mazik and other supporters of the change portray it as a minor adjustment that ''levels the playing field'' between nonprofit and for-profit institutions competing for the same children. Companies like his have always been able to get other kinds of Federal money, but not to tap into the increasingly important child welfare pot.

W. J. Hindman, who founded Youth Services International, goes further, championing for-profit orphanages as places to turn poor children into taxpayers and adding,''When you attract business and industry, you attract capital.'' Now owned by James F. Slattery and family see corporate docs and See HuffPost YSI article at the end regarding law suits filed against YSI for sexual abuse of youth in their facitlities.

Over the years, Mr. Mazik has been accused of mistreating children in his care and of evading meaningful government oversight, even as his company expanded to care for 130 disturbed children from 24 states -- at sites in Bear and Middleton, Del., and Mount Dora, Fla.–Facility known as Carlton Palms - at yearly rates of more than $140,000 for each child.

The Mt Dora Carlton Palms facility has been the sight of abuse of the "inmates" on several occasions including recently. Even when arrests are made the charges are always dropped or drug out forever. No one has ever been convicted of abusing someone in the care of Carlton Palms!

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#2463 Feb 5, 2014

I'm involved in a Church Murder and Looting case involving Robert Shawn Ellison a Church Deacon and the General Contractor involved in multiple Million Dollar Church projects in Panama City, Florida that ran up mechanics and materialmens liens.
Everyone was in on the looting and murder Coverup. The North American Mission Board and Woodstock GA Baptist Church bailed PCBFBC out by merger. They then arrested Christopher Ray Hyler to clear this case but did not arrest any accomplices or co-conspirators. Seems they are throwing this case.
This murder trial is set to begin within days!
I'd post links to my Panamaed Bog but Topix moderators are in on these coverups.
so you want the facts

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#2464 Feb 5, 2014
We certainly understand about the whose on first and whose on second and so forth thing.

Here is some names you might want to watch for. In central Florida former Citrus County Sheriff and now Florida Senator Charlie Dean and his son Charlie Jr, has a Corp called ACMS, INC. Among other thigs their a running a landfill in Sumter County, Fl and strong arming all the counties around there to sign big fat contracts for 20 years or so to use their dump.

Marion, Lake and Sumter have signed on and probably Citrus and others as well. Its all like an old dog looking for a buried bone to uncover their scams.

Here is the clicker on the north Florida end. Seems Senator Charlie Dean and Roy Dickey the Florida DEP IG and his connections to Madison Florida Masonic lodge Grand Buzzard Tommy Green and the good old boys clubs fits right in to all this arm twisting.

Also on the below link you will see his Black Gold compost company and the co-conspirators who run that think are located in Oxford, Fl. Oxford is one of the old towns swallowed up by the Villages. Everyone of thes suckers has got the hands in the cookie jar up to their elbows!


Guess Reverend Tony didn't want all these facts after all. He quit typing his filthy words from his nasty mouth. He's probably just another child molesting pervert like the rest of this bunch that hung around Green Isle and the other boys locations.Knowing they are exposed must be very stressful.

The old Green Isle Boys Ranch property was bought by foot ball player Tony McCoy who had a church in Clermont, Fl. From all we ever heard he was a great guy with the right things in mind when he bought the place. We later head Tony was stricken with cancer and we have never head any more since then. Funny haw bad things always seem to happen to the good people and the scum of the earth (the devils angels) always seem to thrive and spread their venom's on the people of the earth. That is just the way thing are. That don't mean the the victim's have accept the abuse and allow their abusers to go un accountable for their crimes!

Spring Hill, FL

#2465 Feb 5, 2014
/so you want...

but us readers don't

shut up big turkey



hundreds of nothingness

hey judge

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#2466 Feb 5, 2014
why don't you take a double dose of those Viagra pills today and give yourself something to keep you busy?

real people know that you are not really nutz you are just rewarded by the scum of the earth for whom you serve for doing their bidding.

do you think that reward will help you when you are standing before the only real judge?

Spring Hill, FL

#2467 Feb 5, 2014
hey judge wrote:
why don't you...
like the title, yes?

seems you've taken it!

only thec'conceited' can keep the shise flowing like you do

<< will now shut down unless you make nice to me >>
<< give me at least 4500 words and the judge can fly >>

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#2468 Feb 5, 2014
Well, at Laura is correct that Bondi is NO choice. She is anti-4th Amendment, as is Governor Scott.
PuertoRicanonWellfare wrote:
<quoted text>
Don't even bother listening to this ass hole loser, first he's not a Cuban he's a left wing liberal Puerto Rican that hates America and American's, now he's trying to impersonate being a Cuban which he's not, he's well known in the Miami forums for being a basher against Cubans and the freedom we have in our country.

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#2469 Feb 6, 2014
Revrend Tony wrote:
<quoted text>
There's not one shred of evidence to support any of this bazaar political libel. The only mention of ANY KIND of alleged misconduct by Sheriff Gary Borders or by employees at the Green Isle Boys Ranch is coming from YOU!!!
So take your bogus wordpress slander-sheet and stick it where the sun don't shine!
You ain't fooling anyone who has the capacity for intelligent thought or reason.
You're just showing us all just how much of a dumb-ass you really are.
RT - Here is the federal lawsuit filed against YSI. We hear tell other lawsuits are coming against other Straight, Inc. spin off facilities like Green Isle Ranch, Bridges of America various corporations and individuals involved in those organizations as well.Who knows there might even be some suits coming against Mel Sembler the old reprobate that masterminded a lot of these child and juvenile abuse organization funded by the taxpayers. Ya'll have a good day now, you hear.


Spring Hill, FL

#2470 Feb 6, 2014

Sarasota, FL

#2471 Feb 6, 2014
fairy wrote:
Where yougthe wt?

Spring Hill, FL

#2472 Feb 6, 2014
our fate

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#2474 Feb 7, 2014
Everything is bogus unless you people create or condone it according to you perverts.

The White House Boys website is the results of decades of hard work by the victims of the Florida (so called reform) School called the Dozier School. The State of Florida has fought from the start to make these victims go away. The state reluctantly allowed the USF to continue digging even after the FDLE, the governor and all other state officials denied the house of horror's had any secrets.


How can anyone libel someone like the Repukes money man Mel Sembler? He's still passing out the bucks to make things go away. many when Jeb or his sister Hillary get in office they will make Sembler Ambassador to Haiti this time.


And yes everything is relative to the Green Isle. Be patient soon there will be some new and exciting revelations about the horrors of the Green isle Boys Ranch.
trying to comprehend

Spring Hill, FL

#2475 Feb 7, 2014
aall that comes before




I'm done

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#2476 Feb 7, 2014

You do nothing.
and in the end

Spring Hill, FL

#2477 Feb 7, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
You do nothing.
which is whitch

Spring Hill, FL

#2479 Feb 7, 2014
and what can be believed?

interestiing that 'witch' sounds like 'witch'

......opinions only.....we lack facts

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#2480 Feb 8, 2014
Everyone knows you support and protect child abuse and abusers.

These folks are responsible for much more than that, too.

No one is holding them accountable. That's why this misery continues.
star bright

Spring Hill, FL

#2481 Feb 8, 2014
Panamaed wrote:
... knows....
iss the quoted cretin right?
the day will come

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#2482 Feb 9, 2014
Yea Mel Sembler claims he is anti drug and don't want to see pot legalized. Guess that means he and his boy toy CharLIE Crist are no longer on hte same page huih?

http://www.thenation.com/blog/170007/gop-mogu... #

Sembler and the Franklin Scandal both have direct ties to the Bush Dynasty.


When enough of the American people become educated on the facts of what these powerful perverts have and are still doing to the youth America they will put a stop to it.

But according to perverts like "Rev Tony" and "Rev Wright" with his "down low" club its always the victims fault. Rev Tony says "they're not even old enough to vote, and many of them will probably die before they ever reach their 18th birthdays."

And the scum of the earth would dare and put the title "Reverend" before a fictitious name. He sounds like he is trying to make people believe he is Rev. Tony McCoy the new owner of the old Green Isle Boys house of horror's! But good people don't crawl in bed with the devil and use the devils words to promote their sicknesses.

Until the end powerful perverts along with their slimy minions will continue to to lie and deny. There is tons of evidence of their crimes but for decades and before the internet they have totally controlled every word the American people has heard.They might do the devils work with praise on this earth, bu the day will come when they will pay mightly for their transgressions on our children!

Some call that Al Gore's revenge!
the day will come

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#2483 Feb 9, 2014
Let us all remember the day all hell broke loose at PENN STATE.

These perverts think they run the world, but when their world comes apart like it did with Sandusky the results are much like that of the eruption of a volcano - the world they live in comes apart at the seams!


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