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Posted by Jason Moore on Nov 3rd, 2010 and filed under Featured News . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 . You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Florida Governor The 2010 Florida Governor Race has been a close one ever since the primaries ended.

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Leesburg, FL

#2797 Oct 15, 2013
You're denying that a previous opinion belongs to you and agrreing with that previous opinion.

Leesburg, FL

#2798 Oct 15, 2013
Typo correction Agreeing

Leesburg, FL

#2799 Oct 15, 2013
IT's your opinion LOL

Fort Pierce, FL

#2800 Oct 15, 2013
Out of town vendors enter Daytona Beach, at least twice a year. At least. During 10 day bike events that make money the large percentage of which government takes. When they leave there is no contribution real contribution to the local economy. Making it difficult for the residents. However not knowing who would be better off than whom, is just an ASS-umption as this is about equality. There really isn't a way of knowing who has trouble paying the rent & who doesn't based on housing authority= low-- not lowlowlow- income housing
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#2801 Oct 16, 2013
Joe wrote:
Bernie if somebody told you that you were right, would you stop telling people what they don't want to hear? Your abusing the right to free speech. Seriously!

Typical right wing nut reply. No substance and no facts. Mere dysfunctional rhetoric. Note they are not MY numerical evaluations. Gave you the source and all you have is Blah, Blah, nothing.. Tea addict right?
Time has come to put an end to these dysfunctional political ideologies of the republicans once and for all. Even it means we have to experience the nuclear winter that republicans threaten us with. But end it now and for ever again to come. The 1% looks forward to our democracy’s demise.
A detective once told me, most crimes can be solved by following the money. Now who benefits with the government shutdown? Main Street USA? Nah don’t see that. How about; Government shuts down> Credit is threaten on the debt> Interest rates go up> Greater cost to debt.> Increasing outflow of taxpayers monies to pay the additional cost of debt. Now Who Owns a large portion of that Debt? Who invested in the debt? Largest investor is the 1% and second largest investors are the foreign investors. China being one of the largest.
Now you decide. To make the richer, richer. To be or not to be. 2014 you decide.
Latest polls indicate 74% of the populace hold the republicans resposible for this dysfunctional government. Republicans have set a record though. Lowest polling rating for a party in U.S. History of polling..... Dempcrate ratings going up...

Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#2802 Oct 16, 2013
Here let us put the parties to the numbers.
Inequality has demonstrated its destructive effects to our democracy through out history. Here and abroad. Here if we take the past 80 years and examine in detail what stimulates inequality distributions, we may define a tool to gage our vote. Identify who contributes to a greater distribution of our laborers productivity. One example is Obamacare. Effectively redistributing health cost with a progressive cost to premium in ratio to income not health.
The book,“ Bulls Bears and the Ballot Box. By Bob Deitreick and Lew Goldfarb” inspired the following;
Ever wonder which party is the party to attend to.
Promoting Inequality through the Income Gap, as one example, of many.

A mathematical investigation was produced by the statisticians Pedro Santa Clara and Rossen Valkanov that exposes the superior performance of the stock markets under democrats. That this is but one example of the democrat’s superiority, as there are more.
Their study encompasses 80 years. Study demonstrates systematically and positively surprised by democratic policies. Comparing the stewardship of the two parties. They calculated each economic indicator as an “annual average” during the democrats and republicans of their economic stewardship of their 40 years each. Turns out to be a landslide for democrats providing beneficial returns to the nation. One example; Democrat’s presided over a very respectable average annual compound return of 9.60% during their 40 years where in as republicans averaged a dismal 0.58%.
Consider this; a 401K plan invested in stocks and had a value of $100,000 at the beginning of the 40 years. Democrats would accumulate in compound interest $ 3,912,210 where in as republicans would only produce $126,027 . Another example; “IF” an employee were to invest $5,000 per year into their 401K for 40 years in a democratic stewardship the employee would have $1,985,526 in the bank. Where as the republican would produce a dismal $224,375.
That republicans advocate that they are good for businesses is false as compared to the democrats
Another interesting fact emerges within the statistical study. The income gap between the 99% and the top 1% has widened considerably under republicans. Averaging .49% as compared to the democrat’s .41% That is to say under republicans the income gap in 40 years, widened by 19.6% and narrowed 16.4%. Resulting in a 36% difference.
LOL on debt republicans increased debt by 2.5 times greater than that of the democrats. Republicans $7.1 Trillion vs. the democrats $2.8 Trillion.
GOP’s Self-Proclamation for economic dominance; in fact it is a misnomer to call the GOP a fiscal responsible party and or a smaller government, when in fact the contrary is true.
Obama’s administration indicates he sought the great leaders on these issue. Eccles and FDR, Clinton and O’Neill to do what is most productive for our nation.
Now pass on this one small example of the fallacies of the republican’s erroneous policies and deceptions..
http://neweconomy.net/content/wealth-inequali... .


Fort Pierce, FL

#2805 Oct 16, 2013
uncommon core wrote:
At this link you can read Gov Rick Scott's Executive Order (13-276) and letters to: Secretary Duncan and Chairman Chartrand.
http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/ ...
This is what's wrong with discussing politics on the internet. Listening to lying politicians and trying to find the truth by using Google then taking credit for writing down a problem that belongs to everyone, causing depression, and telling anyone who will listen that' it 's an intelligent conversation. That's not freedom of speech stupid
loud and clear

Spring Hill, FL

#2806 Oct 16, 2013
no thick and stulified

count nine, eight, seven, six, f........

Fort Pierce, FL

#2807 Oct 16, 2013
The common sense method od government spending is that people will expose government for lying to the public, going as far as to state astronomical figures.. when they know that's what the government is lying about. It's the belief in that $250. million dollar figure as an example that they want to use as proof. You can have proof when your being lied too. The oldest government spending trick in the book, is the minimum wage increase. Anyone making above that figure, has more or a secure idea of earning a living. ..No with each minimum wage increase there is also a % raise in taxes. Meaning that the rate has dropped from the previous number. Anyone making above minimum wage will of course have twice as much deducted. Causing an offset in the economy that allows for large government spending. They create their own monster.
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#2809 Oct 18, 2013
Republicans are still in denial. Viewing future negotiations and debates with tainted ideologies.
Presenting demands for debt reduction when there is debt reduction evolving. Thus far Obama has cut deficit annual debt in half from the 2008 deficit that was consuming our nation. This they fail to recognize.
Obamacare as an investment for expanding employment and health to the nation. This they can not and will not comprehend.
Inequality of our laborers productivity distribution. This they fail to recognize.
Starving the middle class dynamo of its fuel to produce has been demonstrated by their desires on more than one occasion. This they comprehend. How that relates to the financial destruction of our nation is what they fail to comprehend.
Leveling the fields of financial inequality? Dogmatically objecting while feeding the top of the pyramid, increasing ever further the inequality and reducing available fuel for the middle class dynamos. This they comprehend !
Americans have voiced their concerns on these issues on several occasions that republicans have continuously ignored. As they gather themselves up from the recent failed debacle of their invention, what is it they seek?
Not a replay of the bruising defeat of their archaic tactic of hostage / ransom but to once again return to square one and start over again. All the time wasted in-between is to be forgotten? Failing to bring up bills for debate on issues that are pressing our nation. Illuminating how failed leadership can not proceed to progression as they are preoccupied with redundant strategies of restart, restart, restart. Subject-ting our congress to the least productive in our nations history.
We The People are not appreciating that intelligent leadership is using our congress for mere hands on education for unqualified candidates in authority. A means to identify and expel incompetent leadership within congress should be called out. Just as teachers must identify the child that is failing to comprehend their education and take the necessary steps to rectify that problem that benefits all concerned. So should it be to our leadership and those that distract our capabilities to progress.
An employer that does not address the failing of an employee’s productivity, is compromising the integrity of the employer’s establishment. How can we ask anything less from those in authority?

Leesburg, FL

#2810 Oct 18, 2013
Bernie your anal-ogies are painful. It comes down to the money that is being spent on National security measures and protecting the rights of the American people- The contradiction of which is that laws in order to have those protection of rights have been violated.=laws support the constitution. This is not a long winded speech. Everything as a matter of national security without spending limits tells the American people that sacrifice is needed to the point of government assistance. Beneath national security measures and rights to freedom is everything! And everything is effected by overspending. Anything else that you have is written to frighten people into finding the truth. We hold these particular truths to be self evident Bernie! That is what has raised our debt ceiling along with sense of entitlement that isn't solved by political drama.

Leesburg, FL

#2811 Oct 18, 2013
In the state of Florida it has been mentioned that government investigation federal or otherwise is not subject to time restraint- or spending limits-[Quote- Att. Gen. Pam Bondi. There is the problem! This doesn't pit one side against the other, or find out who's wrong vs. who is worse. It clearly tells people that without limitations of spending on investigations into political sabotage, the people creating the problem don't have to abide by any particular law or rule because it's going to take forever to find out how much money is being stolen, in the state of Florida and it's going to cost money?? That's puzzling. It's an equivalent to a license to steal. Att. General = laws= to the violation of rights.

Leesburg, FL

#2815 Oct 19, 2013
jeremy wrote:
Holding those who run child pedophile farms and ranches accountable is the only way to protect our children. If you or a loved one have been abused and the powerful failed to do their job to protect you, contact this law firm. They will help you not the powerful by helping them to continue to cover up their crimes.
http://www.hermanlaw.com/blog/2013/10/11/tri -...
Do not use this website. It is not safe.
Bernard Forand

Lehigh Acres, FL

#2817 Oct 19, 2013
Joe try to comprehend.
..........The Myth of America.
Nixon to Bush 2008 and all republicans in between have advocated support to policies that serve to increase inequality within our financial institutions. Results are not supportive for a nation that had one time been the leader of the free world. America the land of opportunity has faded into the realms of Myths. Inequality has grown. Emulating similar depths of financial inequality to the Great Depression’s. Republicans maintain and advocate redundant failed ideologies. From the least of them to the greatest, all promote in one measure or another, to increase our inequality. Sweden’s , for one example has already demonstrated their success in stabilizing their inequality problems. USA continues to increase inequality and their affects are divesting to our democracy’s security.
Observe our Health Care and how long it has been suppressed by republicans as they continue to do so. Children in poverty in the USA have reached third world standards. Lack of health and escalating poverty, compounds a higher probability for collapse, ruin of our nation. How do we measure up through the eyes of the World Bank?
World Bank merits may not be acceptable to the some but I‘ll take their word over callow comments, any day... Never the less, you can take this to the Bank.
Health Care policies has been evaluated by the “World Bank” No doubt to determine our risk factors.
Medicaid programs have been scaled back.{“Poison Pill”} as one example. Increasing our losses to health issues.“Especially among the elderly and the impoverished. Life expectancy in the USA is 78 years, lower than Japan’s 83 years or Australia’s or Israel’s 82 years…. 2009 “World Bank” USA ranked fortieth overall, just below Cuba.
Infant and maternal mortality rate in USA is greater than Cuba, Belarus, Malaysia, to name a few. Impoverished USA civilians have a 10% lower life expectancy than those at the top.
1st in overall health care expenditure and
2nd in total health expenditure as % of GDP...but
37TH in the WHO ranking of the world’s health system performance...and
72nd in overall level of health!
44th of 224 countries in Infant mortality
121st of 223 countries in overall death rate
50th of 224 countries in life expectancy
Sources include the CIA Fact Book, the World Health Organization, and the United Health Foundation
Indicates its time for a cool, cool change in our Health Care systems.
http://neweconomy.net/content/wealth-inequali... video chart USA wealth Distributions. Its all about laborer’s productivity distributions.

Leesburg, FL

#2818 Oct 19, 2013
The problem is you are insistent with the idea that people do not get it! You insist that people have to stay informed. You go on about inequality and come back with more of the same information and the same message. You are not allowing for equality or the idea of someone having their own opinion with clear conscience. That's not equality Bernie!

Leesburg, FL

#2821 Oct 19, 2013
Jeremy: Use of the internet to seek out victims of sexual abuse is illegal.

Leesburg, FL

#2822 Oct 19, 2013
Use of the I.P. Address United States is hidden location/Identity= equal to intent to cause harm.

Leesburg, FL

#2824 Oct 19, 2013
You have verified That sick people use the internet to lure their victims. You have verified that laws have been written to protect the criminal element. You have continued to use a hidden address. You have proven that point! It isn't about your response. It's about the people that will not respond to your idea. Protecting them.

Leesburg, FL

#2827 Oct 19, 2013
muchnick.net/berkofflist.pdf is a blocked website with threat to computer virus. PDF. indicating a blocked or potentially harmful risk. Blue print does not verify an existence of a website.

Leesburg, FL

#2828 Oct 19, 2013
jeremy wrote:
<quoted text>
If you are talking about it is not safe for child molesters and pedophiles to use this website you are completely right!
Jeff Herman is a nationally known attorney who will represent victims of child and sex abuse. He will represent those who come forth years after the crimes were committed against them and bring civil lawsuits and push for criminal prosecutions. He is a power house for the abused and especially those abused by the powerful like the Catholic Church or schools and private facilities like the Green Isle Ranch which was run by Sheriff Gary Borders and his Bridges of America FDOC vendor friends the Don Brown family.Founding Chair Lori Costantino-Brown is President and CEO of Bridges of America, Inc. Still receiving millions of tax dollars a month from Florida taxpayers and still covering up the rapes of the little children.
All victims of the powerful should contact attorney Jeff Herman for help that the system has blocked you from.
It is against the law. Potential to cause harm by means of showing intent, is against the law!

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