a government of criminals!!!!
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Toronto, Canada

#22 Aug 22, 2012
Can you imagine, a government with heavy financial crisis on its hands, is covertly negotiating with two venders for the purchase spy equipment in excess of $200.000.00 to intercept cell phones, e-mails and social networks transactions of St. Lucians?
Sack Salop

Ashburn, VA

#23 Sep 8, 2012
President of the Senate: Claudius Francis run you but can't hide, the American media house got your number.

United States

#24 Sep 15, 2012
Claudius Francis why don't you resign from government, your history of child molestation is so prevalent do you have any shame?

Castries, Saint Lucia

#25 Sep 15, 2012
Ken wrote:
Can you imagine, a government with heavy financial crisis on its hands, is covertly negotiating with two venders for the purchase spy equipment in excess of $200.000.00 to intercept cell phones, e-mails and social networks transactions of St. Lucians?
Desperate times, desperte measures!!!

Anonymous Proxy

#26 Sep 19, 2012
BELIEVE IT OR NOT, these days Saint Lucians are moaning and groaning as they usually do anytime that the Labour Party Government is in Power. Saint Lucia is going through a very trying time. Since Kenny Anthony’s entry into government after the ballot rigging election of 2011, this is what he has achieved:
1.The creation of jobs for his goons and their families has caused the public service wage bill to increase by $63,000,000.00 (sixty three million) dollars per annum!

2. Over 200 people lost their livelihoods when contractors in the Castries City Council with valid contracts with more than four years to go, were sent home for no good reason and were replaced by labour party goons.

3 .People in the public service who have years of experience are by-passed by people from the outside installed by the Labour Party.

4. The Public Service Commission members were harassed and insulted by Claudius Francis and Earl Bousquet because they refused to resign as their tenure has not expired. Kenny Anthony’s Government has found ways and means of disbanding the Public Service Commission to install people whom they can manipulate.

5. Kenny Anthony intends to introduce VAT to Saint Lucia at a time when the economy is in crisis and people cannot afford to buy food and pay their loans.

6. There are on average at least 2 homicides every week as people have turned to crime in frustration.

Anonymous Proxy

#27 Sep 19, 2012
7. Victor Phillip La Corbiniere, the pathological liar who is Minister for Justice in Saint Lucia, well known for telling lies in his Official Capacity as Attorney General and now Minister for Justice, wants Saint Lucians to believe that the crime is committed by persons who are “sent” by others to do so.“Others” exist in the figment of the lying minister’s clouded imagination.

The problem is that Kenny Anthony rigged the elections by installing Alvina Reynolds, Emma Hippolyte and Lorne Theophilus in place of the validly elected members of the United Workers Party, by causing his henchmen in the electoral department to reject all the ballots that were necessary in order to install these three goats.

Now they are paying for their election-rigging sins. It does not pay to cheat. Evil bears no fruit, it only causes pain.

Saint Lucia is now under an evil regime, with an aura of evil hanging in the air. No wonder there is so much blood- shed on that small isle. Kenny Anthony, evil never prospers; you shall have a torrid, sorrowful and extremely tiring tenure! Remember Kenny – who so ever diggeth a pit shall fall in it!

Providence, UT

#29 Oct 9, 2012
In less than 48 hours, Kenney Anthony aka Dr. Evil will be officially certified as the Caribbean's worst liar.
Indictments by the US attorney’s office in the “Rocket Docket” district could very well be on the horizon for him and some of his goons!

Dallas, TX

#30 Oct 18, 2012
VICTOR PHILLIP LA CORBINIERE, Saint Lucia's Minister for Justice is a pathological liar. He is also clearly delusional in his obsession of Richard Frederick. Since Richard beat his pink arse sorely in the bye-elections of 2006, he has launched a one man campaign against Richard, creating an image which he pedals to all those with no sense of logic, reasoning and understanding including some of the media houses in Saint Lucia who may very well be facing court action along with the “mad minister”. Alas, it seems that the Labour Party also owns the Courts in Saint Lucia!

In his psychotic and paranoid mind, the “mad minister” who is a lawyer not known to have won a single case, Richard Frederick is responsible for every crime, offence or other infraction of the law that takes place in Saint Lucia. So filled with jealous rage is he, that he peddled his mad imaginings to the United States Embassy and convinced them to revoke Richard’s visa before elections 2011.

On carnival Monday last, La Corbiniere’s red arse was demanded to appear before the counsellors in Barbados to produce the evidence and justify the allegations that he had earlier made against Mr. Frederick. He has failed to do so. He was of the view that the Embassy would take his lies at face value. Despite the fact that Mr. La Corbiniere may be prosecuted by the USA for his deceit, he continues to attack Richard Frederick at every opportunity. He is no different to Kenny Anthony.

Didn’t Kenny promise to be on his back like a tick? Richard Frederick is the Labour Party’s worst nightmare; the thorn in their arses! Now that the USA has discovered that Kenny, La Corbiniere, Rose Mary Belle Antoine and the whole bunch of communists within the Labour party are pathological liars, these Liars are now considering the ultimate crime against Richard. Richard Frederick must watch his back. Kenny Anthony and Victor Phillip La Corbiniere intend to finish him by any means

Paris, France

#31 Oct 18, 2012
Saint Lucians are under a spell! Kenny the Communist puts his entire leg down their throats and then farts in their faces and they say “thank you”! Kenny is a terrorist. Kenny is terrorising us in Saint Lucia and we are afraid to speak out because we don’t want to lose our jobs! Kenny is like a runaway train with no brakes.

He wants to control everyone and everything in Saint Lucia including the judges and the courts, so that when he does his shit, no one has any place to run. He is already in control of the courts, but now he wants to bring the CCJ. Saint Lucians if you know what’s good for you, say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the CCJ!

We need the United States to watch closely at what is happening in Saint Lucia. The people are pent up with rage and anger! The government is oppressive! They are victimising us because of our political affiliation. We lose our jobs because we are not members of the Saint Lucia Communist Party (SLP). We shall revolt under duress! We shall revolt if Kenny does not get off our backs! WE SHALL REVOLT!!!!!!
Ton Ton

Montréal, Canada

#32 Oct 19, 2012
La Corbiniere is a failure. He is an obscure entity, trying to make a name a name for himself. However no one needs to know a loser. A loser is someone who feels elevated by bringing others down. He is evil, the biological son of Satan and Jezebel. He speaks of corruption?

How does he label what he did when he went to the US Embassy in Barbados to lie to Federal Officers just because Frederick kicked his ass out of Castries Central, La Corbiniere you are a full bred mother f....... bold faced liar!

Chicago, IL

#33 Nov 14, 2012
Here is an interesting one on Minister Victor Phillip La Corbiniere; a few weeks ago there was a large cocaine bust at the Rodney Bay Marina. A French man was arrested and held at Bordelais Correctional Facility. Why the minister for National Security hasn’t step forward and explain to the citizens the true method in which his cops were able to take down such an enormous amount of drugs is mysterious?

Should we assume the rumors on the streets of Fort de France and Castries are true, that a certain SLP goon and messenger boy did not receive his advance payment promised by the smugglers therefore alerting Minister La Corb’s dirty cops to intercept the French man’s illicit cargo?
Ton Ton Malcom

Montréal, Canada

#34 Feb 2, 2013
The Chilean-St. Lucian Connection

The Socialist Party of Chile (Spanish: Partido Socialista de Chile, or PS) is a political party within the center-left Coalition of Parties for Democracy. Like the Communist Party of Chile (Spanish: Partido Comunista de Chile) the PS embodies Marxism enriched by scientific and social progress.

Both political parties envision a new socialist state only can be born of the initiative and the revolutionary action of the proletariat masses.-Their socialist doctrine is of an international character that requires the support of all the workers of the world. The Socialist Party will support their revolutionary goals in economics and politics across Latin America in order to pursue a vision of a Confederacy of the Socialist Republics of the Continent, the first step toward the World Socialist Confederation.

Although right wing Christian Democrat Party of Chile leader Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique won the 2009 -2010 presidential election by 51.61% of the vote breaking two-decades of center-left political leadership and becoming the first elected right-wing leader in 52 years, the remnants of Socialists and Communist ideology still remains a powerful political force to be reckon with to day.

Banco Central de Chile reported exports from Chile increased to 7714 USD Million in December of 2012 from 6674 USD Million in November of 2012, It should be noted Chile's economy is highly dependent on international trade. Exports account for about 42% of its GDP. Chile has traditionally been dependent upon copper exports; the state-owned firm CODELCO is the world's largest copper-producing company whereas the most important non-mineral exports are forestry and wood products, wine, fresh fruit and processed food, fishmeal and seafood. Chile imports petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, electrical and telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles and natural gas.

While most St. Lucian’s are a very busy and frustrated over making ends meet with a 15% VAT monkey strap to their backs recently implemented by Prime Minster Dr. Kenny Anthony aka Dr. Evil, it appears no one on this beautiful 238 square mile rock is paying any attention to Dr. Evil’s recent clandestine trip to Chile.
Interestingly enough the St. Lucian media houses one in particular The St. Lucia Star appears to be missing in action when they should be demanding Dr. Evil answer the following questions about his trip:

•Did the already enslaved and over taxed St. Lucian Tax Payers paid for Dr. Evil’s trip to Chile?

•What business, trade or culture relations a tiny island in Caribbean could possible have in common with this Latin American country located on Pacific Ocean almost to the tip of the South American Continent, when its principle export and economic interests are with the European Union, United States, Japan, China and South Korea?

•Will the St. Lucian people benefit or reap any economic fruits from Dr. Evil’s super secret trip to Chile?

•Did Dr. Evil scam the St. Lucian treasury into paying for his travel expenses just to visit his communist comrades?

I call on the Hon. Steven King leader of the opposition to demand in writing from Dr. Evil a complete list of all his activities to include names of Chilean government officials he meet with on behalf of the St. Lucian people, he must include his complete itinerary during his entire stay in Chile.
Jamette Bois

Las Vegas, NV

#35 Feb 3, 2013
I agree Mr. King must hold this corrupt Prime Minster accountable.
true patriot

Port-of-spain, Trinidad and Tobago

#36 Feb 26, 2013
Senator La Corbiniere is well respected and admired both regionally and internationally.
Black Berry

Castries, Saint Lucia

#37 Feb 28, 2013
true patriot wrote:
Senator La Corbiniere is well respected and admired both regionally and internationally.
La Corbiniere is a pathological liar.The time will soon come when the world and most of all Saint Lucia will puke at his capacity to lie...... and to hate!
true patriot

Saint Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

#39 Mar 1, 2013
La Corbiniere will be the next Prime Minister.
Black Berry

Castries, Saint Lucia

#40 Mar 2, 2013
Prime Minister of liars and haters!
Black Berry

Antigua and Barbuda

#41 Mar 3, 2013
......Just as Satan is the Prime Minister of Hell!

New York, NY

#44 Oct 14, 2013
Two more St Lucia officials threaten local media:

If the cap fits, wear it, is an expression used to tell someone that, if they think a remark or criticism of them is true, they should accept it – advice that a Saint Lucian attorney has apparently given two of his clients, both of whom are well known public officials in the island

the truth

United States

#45 Oct 22, 2013
Since 1542 America has had Criminals who are in the mainstream population to dominate this country and is still going on

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