Let's Welcome Convicted Child Murdere...
The K Man

New York, NY

#42 Jan 14, 2013
You William, are a joke. Maybe one day you'll "write" a "book" that we can't count at least 10 grammatical errors in it.
Damien Echols is guilty wrote:
Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders
Want to be called Roberta

United States

#43 Jan 14, 2013
I want ti misspell like everybody else
Damien Echols is guilty

El Segundo, CA

#44 Jan 20, 2013
The K Man wrote:
You William, are a joke. Maybe one day you'll "write" a "book" that we can't count at least 10 grammatical errors in it.
<quoted text>
They've been corrected. Thanks for noticing.


Fishmonger Dave

Pennington, NJ

#45 Jan 22, 2013
No surprise that there are people who think they're guilty ...

There are also "9/11 truthers" and now "Sandy Hook truthers" .... There's the Westboro Baptist Church in this country....

.... so why be surprised that there are looney tunes out there saying "they're guilty!!"

Anyone who has a question about it should read Jessie's "statemnts" and "confession" for themselves and see how ridiculous it is to claim they're guilty - http://www.dpdlaw.com/jmstatements.htm

Wichita Falls, TX

#46 Jan 27, 2013
Where are the rest of them?


Collegeville, PA

#47 Jan 28, 2013
Angel wrote:
Your children are in danger. Read exhibit 500 to see what kind of psycho is moving next door.
oh god your really are a dumb fuck like pardon my french but seriously you just another overly opinionated person in the world of messed up clueless people. he was convicted because the dumb asses in west Memphis wanted to convict someone and who else to convict but the outcasts of the community. they were convicted with no physical evidence and the "crime scene" wasn't even where the murders happened. they looked back at the case and absolutely 0% of the evidence including the DNA tests pointed to any of the three. so just calm your tits and just realize that Damien is a good man. he was released from prison for a reason.

Wichita Falls, TX

#48 Feb 10, 2013
Ever see old photos of these scumbags? They weren't "outcasts" or "Goth" -- they were your average, everyday trailer trash. And I have news for you: Metallica was mainstream. Not like these guys were touting Slayer, COC or SOD.

Why would law enforcement pick on 3 kids? Because they were, are and remain guilty. You tout no innocence, but if you took even a minute to read court transcripts you would see that there was plenty of evidence -- albeit most circumstantial. Why would the defense approach the prosecution for a guilty plea in exchange for release if they had evidence to exonerate? And a mere 4 months before the evidentiary hearing to present said evidence? You are aware the Alford plea was the idea of the defense?

The only dumb fuck here is you. Now be a good supporter and shell out $200 for that X tattoo. The Echols have an image to uphold and they still need your cash.
Totally Supportive

Saugus, MA

#49 Mar 9, 2013
All you jackasses that think they're guilty obviously haven't read the trial transcripts which are of public record. No, I didn't say read the many books on the case as they are biased in one way or another based on the agenda of the author. READ THE TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS. That is the only way you'll see that they were railroaded. Period. Damien/Michael, if you happen to read this, WELCOME to Salem!
Chupacabra Slayer

Jonesboro, AR

#50 Mar 27, 2013
He will kill and eat your dogs and cats first to get back into his grooooooooooooove again.
Chupacabra Slayer

Jonesboro, AR

#51 Mar 27, 2013
"I see a perfect explosion, God's ammunition dump, going up in the flames of righteousness, Satan storming heaven, his artillery captain, a fiercely grinning fool with red flayed cheeks, Damien by name, never to be Michael Hutchison (Echols' birth name) again. The end is near. Kiss your ass goodbye people, it's time to pay up. Now is the Judgment. I am the Judge." -Damien Echols
Chupacabra Slayer

Jonesboro, AR

#53 Mar 27, 2013
"My body is changing but that medicine is making it happen a lot more slowly than normal. I am outgrowing my skin. I am eating packs of sugar and Koolaid to give my body the extra energy it needs to make its change. Soon people will know I am the Christ just by looking at me." -Damien Echols
Ms Non

Lexington, TN

#54 Mar 31, 2013
Does Damien still collect animal skulls? Drink blood to get his super powers? He couldn't do that on death row. He must be really thirsty for some Type O now.

Herndon, VA

#55 Apr 20, 2013
Angel wrote:
I didn't say it did -- I simply pointed out that I was not from TN.
If you read all of the transcripts, then you would know that there was much that linked the 3. All 3 confessed to others, Misslelley several times. And while supporters like to point out what he got wrong, few debate what he got right -- including the Evan Williams bottle. Eyewitnesses seeing them muddy and wet leaving the vacinity. No alibis. Knife found behind Baldwin's house. Fibers and candle wax consistent. Failed polygraphs for misskelley and echols.
Police did not zero in on the 3. Several people were questioned. Prior to the arrest, Baldwin and echols appeared to cooperate. The night of the arrests, they were found hiding under the bed. Oh, and soooooo much more.
Echols "exhibit 500" proves he was more than a misunderstood kid. He tortured animals, attacked peers to drink their blood, threatened to kill his parents and eat their faces. Wanted to sacrifice his unborn child, etc. His mother had him locked up as she feared the safety of the other children in the home.
Stop glamourizing these fucktards.
Damien did not want to sacrfice his unborn child you dumb idiot! People like you are the reason why they went to jail,
Not a hick from kentucky

Athol, MA

#57 Aug 12, 2013
if you "think" they are guilty then you are most likely a redneck bible thumping hillbilly with VERY (and i can't stress that word enough) little intelligence. They do not let child murderers out of prison. Especially with an Alfred plea so they can not be sued. Even the children's parents think the three are innocent. If you are a parent...think about how hard it would be to finally reach that conclusion after thinking for so long that they did do it...and the whole time wanting to kill these three men. It really boggles my mind how totally stupid half of the people are in this country...especially the south and Midwest.

Scottsdale, AZ

#58 Aug 23, 2013
nyangel wrote:
Damien is innocent?! He was railroaded by a posse of idiots in a small town because he had long hair and wore black clothes, and liked rock music? Wow how many teenagers do we know that do that? Unfortunate for Damien, he was living in Tennessee, where they're about 25 years behind, anyway,he was accused of killing. 3 boys and he along with two friends, were only kids themselves, look this up its very famous story? He is innocent, he was released because of this, if your reading this Damien, welcome to Salem, I'd let you babysit for me, that is how sorry I am for all the time you wasted in jail for absolutely nothing! I KNOW YOUR INNOCENT! WELCOME TO SALEM!!
West Memphis is in Arkansas u fkc tard! We cant all be as advanced as Salem, Mass...LOL

Winthrop, MA

#59 Aug 24, 2013
DNA evidence (or lack thereof) exonerated Damien Echols and the other defendants. They did jot murder those children. There was absolutely no physical evidence linking the, to the crime. And if you know anything about the case, that wasn't because they were crafty criminal masterminds. People can think whatever they want of Echols' character, and he is certainly flawed. But that doesn't matter. The fact is he was exonerated by a system that desperately wanted him convicted. The fact that they eventually conceded to the innocence of the wart Memphis three should say something,

Chicago, IL

#60 Aug 25, 2013
The three plead guilty. In the eyes of the law they're guilty. They have not been exonerated, Lola. It makes me laugh when people spew their "knowledge" about this case and get even the most basic facts wrong. I don't understand why supporters are so quick to condemn Terry Hobbs on ONE hair that can't even be proven without a doubt that it came from him, yet believe two juries that heard ALL the evidence of the case got it wrong. Also the Arkansas supreme court upheald their conviction. All these people were out to get three trailer park kids that never mattered? Talk about conspiracy theorist. Watch a few mockumentaries, and you've suddenly earned your law degree. Amazing!!

Winthrop, MA

#61 Aug 25, 2013
What Conspiracy theories? They were set free. These kids weren't anyone special and no one had any reason to fight for them other than the fact that they were wrongly convicted. Do you know how rare it is to use the plea they used? The fact that it was accepted by the state shows that they knew the boys were innocent but didn't want to admit it (a new trial would probably have been pretty bad PR for Arkansas law enforcement) This plea was the best way for both sides to come to an agreement.

Walnut, MS

#62 Dec 7, 2013
jenna wrote:
ive read many of the documents including 500. i also debated for a long time whether the three were guilty or innocent. ive funded nothing, i am just not an idiot. the case against the wm3 would never have gone the way it did had it been anywhere other than bibleville. the politics involved outweigh the overwhelming (lack of) evidence. nothing actually links them to the murders. what does being from new york have to do with knowing what people from salem want?
Sure. If they had lived in California or Florida, had the best lawyer money can buy, they would have walked. But getting off on a technicality is not the same thing as being innocent. Screw the bible. Maybe we in the south should send all of our accused criminals to your state for trial, since we are incapable of doing it properly.
Damien killed those boys and now, 18 years later is being treated like Nelson Mandela by his sycophantic cult followers. It's disgusting.

Walnut, MS

#63 Dec 7, 2013
Angel wrote:
But you are. Supporters wont even consider the evidence pointing toward guilt. Documents are never read. If they were, then supporters would stop spewing the " they were different - they wore black - they were wiccan - they listened to (bubblegum, IMO) metal music!" No, they were arrested because all evidence, albeit most circumstantial, pointed to those 3. And no way it was this vast conspiracy by police, prosecutors, probation officers, doctors, judges and 2 separate juries to convict 3 poor innocent kids. Its not even Bible belt -- it was cracktown.

Read everything at Callahan.8k.com
Well said.

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