Is Civil War 2 possible?
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Owensboro, KY

#66 Feb 4, 2013
American Spirit wrote:
While the country goes in the dumper all we do is bitch, moan, and groan about it. I say it's time we start doing something. Lets take back this great country of ours. Lets stand up to the elite in Washington. Lets stand up to Obama.
Let us stand for American freedom.
Where do you want to take it back to?

United States

#67 Feb 4, 2013
The republican party is a religion that has been hijacked by a cult and the liberals are nothing more than mindless props.

That being said, there will be no revolution, no riots.

Slow and easy, that's how you boil a live frog.

The collapse of the dollar is THE LAST THING THE ELITES WANT.

If the dollar collapses and our economy tanks then the only thing that ties us to them, money, goes out the window.

With that bond broken, the faith in government is lost and possibly for good.

In an all out "civil war" scenario, any person even vaguely known as a "politician" will be the most hunted human being of society.

That's not what they want.

If the dollar tanks, people will take initiative, become independent and reorganize regionally and culturally completely outside of the influential sphere of government.

You cross eyed morans are having the conversation your SUPPOSED to have.

YOU have to believe that collapse is right around the corner that way you stop sweating the small stuff.

United States

#68 Feb 4, 2013
No one ever thinks this shet through.

Your telling me that your brothers and sisters and neighbors in the armed forces are going to roll out tanks and DoD style weaponry on their own family and neighbors?

How long can good american kids follow orders to fire on their own brethren and citizens?

Sure, the elites could trigger a civil war, but they couldn't really sustain it. It's not going to happen.

It's the fear injected smoke and mirrors they want you to believe because the reality of the situation is that the whole of modern technology, society, economics and burgeoning trends of the future are all fast slipping from the grasp of the traditional conception of government.

Vague "terrorism" will burn out as well. Laws like NDAA only work If citizens remain on the fence.

If shet was to get squirrely all those meaningless laws would be revealed for what they are, words.

The traditional governmental model is what's on trial, along with traditional forms of monetary management, unilateral control of technology and the means of production etc.

We have literally worked ourselves out of work. What is happening is what Marx called "immiseration" and what techies call "ephemeralization".

Sure, the elites WANT to shove us in the gears but they can't actually do it or we would correct the situation.

What has happened is that the traditional idea of terrorizing a populace with weapons and guns is itself being held hostage by the lOoming threat of nuclear annihilation.

United States

#69 Feb 4, 2013
We have entered into what's called "a "post-industrial" economy. It's increasingly based on information.

Which is pretty much 100% psychology hence all the fox news zombies and bumper sticker solutions.

In an age of information, disinformation is a valuable commodity.

We are transitioning into an era where a full time job is a luxury.

The history of the industrial age is the history of human labor being replaced by machines.

What we decide to do with this dichotomy will determine if we survive or not.

My guess is it's just going to get really really weird with exponential increases in shootings, self-emolations, small riots etc.

The big uh oh is if we or Israel start war with Iran,

A Bunch of dumb hillbillies chomping at the bit to play lord of the flies is a joke.

A couple weeks of "survivalism" and 90% of the population will GLADLY learn to work together.

Southern states however will run a high risk of witch hunts, theocracy and Christian fascism.

But it's not going to happen. The government dissolves in the face of that type of unrest.

The dissatisfaction that WE ALL HAVE with the government simply means that a civil war would immediately become a supreme opportunity and excuse to walk away from government in a big way and government politicians would be the ones with the most to fear and lose.

However, given all that I have said, the smart move on the part of the banks and government is a move towards socialism. They have to keep everyone plugged into the matrix, TVs on and air conditioner cool.

United States

#70 Feb 4, 2013
In my opinion the government has really failed with this whole Reagan/tea party "the governments the problem" bullcrap.

They have fomented so much dissatisfaction at this point that THEIR backed in a corner, not us.

Unless the goal is to shatter government in favor of receding into regional neo-feudalism which is a huge toss of the dice.

We have to remember these people are lazy and don't want to take ANY chances.

LOok at the dialogue and talking points on the left and right. Total dum dum crap.

These are not the kind of people who are going to just throw back a shot of jack and push all their chips in and that exactly what triggering a civil war would be.

The technology isn't there yet.
Give em 20 years when they got drones in every neighborhood then we might see an overt push towards fascism, techno-fascism.

The question and role of technology and the true nature of man (fixed or changeabe) are the central points of our era.

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#71 Feb 4, 2013
SpiritoftheHawk wrote:
I want to know what makes the liberal elite think they are better at knowing how I should live my life. What makes you liberal think that the government is better at anything than you yourselves are???
Look at any GSE, Post office, Fannie Mae, etc. The government can only screw things up.
Hook, line and sinker much?
The Stinker

Mayfield, KY

#72 Feb 4, 2013
t bob wrote:
Rape the cattle then drive off the women. Makesa little sense if they are liberal c...ts
You have that wrong. You're supposed to drive off the cattle and rape the liberals....oh, no....wait....ok, you're supposed to drive off the liberals and rape the's not right either. Oh, the heck with it, rape everybody.

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