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Larry_Warcup Vancouver

Surrey, Canada

#21 Jan 24, 2013
I grew up in Birch Bay in the Summers. My parents had a large mobile home at Vogt's (Birch Bay Trailer Park & Sales) at the North end of the beach. My Father worked in Vancouver, and would commute from Birch Bay all Summer and leave my Mom and Brother to enjoy the beach. Many friends were met there...wonderful. It was safe enough that my Mom would just tell us to go for a swim at the beach and be back by dinner! We'd spend all day at the beach. When I got older, I too 'cruised the beach' in my '68 RoadRunner, was a musician and played at the Village-West' dancehall across from the carnival...went Roller Scating, too! My folks used to leave my Brother & me at the trailer and they would go up to the Crystal Ballroom in Blaine and dance all night to the Big Bands that attended. So many memories...all good! Thanks to all the locals that put up with it.

Wasilla, AK

#22 Feb 24, 2013
I remember when the posted speed limit in some places was 10 mph, and you were lucky if you could drive at half that speed.

Seattle, WA

#23 Feb 24, 2013
We closed up our house in Bellingham and lived at our cabin at Birch Bay every summer. Mom was a teacher so it was perfect for her. We kids never got bored; clamming, crabbing, fishing, skiing, rowing, beachcombing, suntanning, cruising the beach, meeting new friends and bonfires- always a beautiful bonfire when it wasn't raining. I also remember some beautiful thunder and lightening storms over the water. Watching the fishing boats from the patio at night was fun. They would string their nets across the bay and fish most of the night in the 50's and 60's. There were some big salmon runs off both points. I learned how to play Canadian rules for card games and drank my first cup of hot tea with friends from Canada. I loved Birch Bay and keep a bonfire burning in my heart for the place. It's not the same for me to go there anymore so I avoid it but I go there in my memories and love those 'trips' back to the beach. Happy memories prevail and it's fun to read what all you 'beach bums' have written.

Seattle, WA

#24 Mar 23, 2013
Been awhile since I started this post and just wanted to come back to it. Glad to see ther are still folks adding their thoughts and memories to it. My wife and I were fortunate to end up with all the photo's of Old Birch Bay when the original CJ's restaurant closed down. We have them prominently displayed throughout our home in BB! So looking forward to the summer of 2013 at the beach and Discovery Days> Thinking I may enter my car in the parade again this year... Greg
Radio Tech from Canada

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#25 May 20, 2013
I remember (as a child) my family travelling from Saskatchewan, and later on from Alberta in the mid 1960's to the early 1970's. We would visit relatives in Vancouver, BC and then head down to Birch Bay. We camped in the campground and spent our days on the beach. I also remember the amusement park, the gift/souvenir shop, and bicycles built fot 2, 3, or even 4. Yes, I remember the bumper to bumper traffic along the road. There were a few places to eat, from fast food to a cafe or two. Life seemed so much more relaxed in those days. I went down there once about 15 years ago, and was very sad at the way it had changed from what I remembered.

Bellevue, WA

#26 Jul 24, 2013
I also experienced summers at Birch Bay when my father and all the other music teachers from Alaska to Oregon overtook the cabins and grange hall up on the hill for the first full week of August throught the 60s and 70s. Every year we stayed in #10 Snapdragon. I am looking for a photo of the front of those cabins so that I can hire someone to make that sign for me. Do any of you have a photo you could share?
Time Lapse Productions

Duncan, Canada

#27 Aug 20, 2013
Here are some old Films from Birch Bay Washington 1968
Roller Skating

Horse Riding

Birch Bay Go Karting

Birch Bay Kayaking
Time Lapse Productions

Duncan, Canada

#28 Aug 20, 2013
elbuick wrote:
Anybody else miss the "Old Birch Bay" like I do? I have been going there since I was a young boy on vacation and have fond memories of the amusement park, roller rink, penney arcade, etc. My wife and I just purchased a home in Birch Bay so our kids and grandkids could enjoy it as well. The problem is that modern times have caught up with it and the "Old" feeling isn't there anymore! The final blow came when the old dance hall (last known as the Palm's I think) got torn down for condo's to be built. Still love BB but...
I have posted some old Films from Birch Bay 1968.
Check the 27 th comment to view the films

Surrey, Canada

#29 Apr 1, 2014
I think the family was the Vogt family. I believe they owned cabins and a store. My fiance spent a great deal of time vacationing there as a child...lucky guy!! We plan to be married there this summer.:)

Surrey, Canada

#30 Apr 22, 2014
elbuick wrote:
Anybody else miss the "Old Birch Bay" like I do? I have been going there since I was a young boy on vacation and have fond memories of the amusement park, roller rink, penney arcade, etc. My wife and I just purchased a home in Birch Bay so our kids and grandkids could enjoy it as well. The problem is that modern times have caught up with it and the "Old" feeling isn't there anymore! The final blow came when the old dance hall (last known as the Palm's I think) got torn down for condo's to be built. Still love BB but...
I miss the Old Birch Bay. It was so much fun in the1960s and the 1970s. Back when we were kids and young adults in that era, there was so much to do. I loved the roller rink (where someone was always doing shoot the duck and I could never do it), the trampolines, the swimming pool (where I spent so much time underwater because they had speakers underwater and they always played a lot of Beatle songs), the amusement park (loved the Silver Streak), and the trampolines. I also loved the quaint cabins with names like "Dew Drop Inn." I also loved the excitement of walking the strip (when I was 13 or 14) and having all the boys cruise by. You could always tell the American boys without even looking at the license plates because apparently cars were lots cheaper in the US back then. The Americans would have corvette after corvette and then you would see a beater and it would be a Canadian. Liked them all! I used to go to the beach at night with my parents and their friends. They would drink and my friends and I would swim using the headlights from our parents cars. I don't ever see that now. I can't even believe Birch Bay is the same place now because it is all condos with very little to do. I don't know why they tore down all the things to do as I would think the condo owners would have liked those activities, too. Now I see people just sitting in their condos and they don't even seem to bother to cross the street and go to the beach. You can see an endless flickering of tv sets. The beach is still beautiful though.

Federal Way, WA

#31 Aug 19, 2014
I'm not a original resident of Birch Bay but really do like it here. I bought the 1910 two story four corners farmhouse on Shintaffer back in January 2014.

I haven't had a lot of time to explore due to work but do plan to. Me and my wife have started the task of putting together the history of our house and have been hitting a few roadblocks. We have heard a accountant for the Alaskan Packers built the house but that is all so far.

I'm thinking it's got to be the oldest remaining residential structure in Birch Bay or close to it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Tacoma, WA

#32 Jul 17, 2015
Tim wrote:
I moved here with my family in 1964, my dad was stationed at the Air Base and I just turned 10 years old. Now I'm living in a house I helped my pop build back in 1969 just a mile up the road from Birck Bay Center. I have fond memories of this small area from before it was the mad 70's and early 80's till now. I was one of those who cruised the Bay till the wee hours of the morning but it sure seemed like the thing to do at the time. The whole area from the Border to Point White Horn was alive with people, the bars were open fromearly in the morning till 2:00 am. Bands played from early afternoon on the summer week ends. The blue laws in Canada and the young men from the Air Base,the pretty girls from all over but mostly from Canada and not much chance of a drunk driving ticket then either. I don't miss the late night times we all spent then but I do like to remember them. I can't take a drive through the area or go down some of the old roads without some memory of things in the past. Going out to Giles pond for a swim in the hot afternoon then heading to Birch Bay for a few hours till we picked up our girl friends and went out to the Holiday Drive In for the rest of the night. Or after the show was over heading into Blaine to Denny's for something to eat if we still had any money left. The whole area has changed and only time will tell if it's for the better but I think it is. Now if we could just get the pet owners to clean up after there pets when they take them for walks this great place would have no real faults. The water slide has been around for a while now and I find it a good additiuon to what once was a play ground for families. I see the bike and Kyack rentals making a come baxck and also of a horse drawn cab starting here soon so the future looks as good as it ever did but with a cleaner twist to the old ways. A few more people on the beach would be a good thing during the summer and more people at picnics in the state park would be nice too. Just a relaxed place to spend some time with your family like we did when we were younger ourselves.
Oh, the good old days of summer! We grew up spending summers in Birch Bay, often in old rented cabins like the Malowlow! I'm glad we have pictures from the late 60's and on through the 80's. Sometimes we even camped in the state park. I loved the carnival!
We have pictures of us on a little boat ride. I have pics of pony rides too. I too loved the store there and they did sell everything you needed for beach life. I always got a creamsickle, or a snocone at the C shop candy store. We got to know all the people that ran businesses there over the years. My sister remembers cruising i was still to young. I thought about buying there, but it has changed and you can't go back. We bought elsewhere on a local island and it has been tranquil to say the least. But, i sureiss my Birch Bay summers...
Steve Mann

Calgary, Canada

#33 Aug 25, 2015
It seems amazing to me when I read the stories here.
Some sound very much like my own.
Lived in Richmond B.C about an hour an 20 minutes from Birch Bay. Our summer home in 1975 to 1980 in at first a simple Trailer owned an operated by an English couple last name Mace. They had a daughter n a son Karl n Kerri Mace. Later we bought a mobile home at near Cherry point.
So many great memories from my first love a cute girl that lived off the strip up a hill in an old house.
I would ride my bike to see her an hang out all day kissing. Lol I think her name was Dajhawn. Spelt wrong.
Now I'm 53. Married n in love with my wonderful wife.
But sometimes it's nice to remember the ol days when we were young.

Arlington, WA

#34 Sep 25, 2015
Birch Bay thriver wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that times and economics have altered the atmosphere of Birch Bay from point to point. I have been coming here since 1960 and remember all the old cars cruising up and down it's drive. I miss the public swimming pool and the Edgewater cabins. However, I also remember and did not like the change in the 1970's where the teens and college groups would scope for drugs, alcohol in scanty outfits looking to pick up a temporary mate, up and down this same drive until wee hours of the night. Once the old cabins fell way to condos, the peace of Birch Bay returned. I also remember the rickety carnival that began attracking less desirables. I am guilty of buying a condo in the vicinity but love sharing it with all my family and friends and feel much safer than during the 1970's strolling the bay.
Yes, the area has changed and so many new homes are going up. But that has taken many decades and plenty of loyal Birch Bayers to help keep it sane.
The larger golf course will be missed.
But the sewer disposal dumped into the middle of the bay of earlier years is gladly missed and gladly altered.
Memories are just that, and new ones are yet to be discovered. Just enjoy the hues and shades of reds, blues and yellows of the everlasting sunsets.
Here's a question, did birch bay suffer much from the 1960 chile earthquake? I have a burning question, I live here in blaine area and have noticed the tsunami signs posted everywhere. So I wonder how endangered is our area if there was to be a tsunami.
Steve Mann


#36 Mar 5, 2016
Birch Bay for me in 1974 to 1978 was incredible !
I was 14 years old n crazy about girls. &#9786;
My parents tried a trailer at first. In a trailer park first right before heading down the hill to the beach. It was owned by an English couple last name Mace with two kids twins boy n a boy Karl n Karri Mace I think. I was friends with Karl. We hit it off right away. We so enjoyed that trailer we bought a mobile home the following year. Moved up to the other end of the bay. &#9786;
I fell in love with a girl who lived up on the hill middle of the strip named Dajaun. Best I remember. We would spend hours kissing in her old open house. It was magical. Never got to say good bye as time went bye. But never forgotten.
It all came crashing down when my parents split up.
But some of my finest memories as a young man will for ever live in Birch Bay. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Vancouver, Canada

#37 Jul 26, 2016
I just found this discussion! Birch Bay was the perfect place to be. My Mom is 90 and Birch Bay remains her favorite spot on earth. As a kid on the tide flats to a pre-teen at the roller rink to a teen cruising the strip, to a young adult whoopin' it up at the Palms and Bob's tavern to the tide flats again with my own daughter. Birch Bay holds an energy that mixes old fashioned fun, romance and the hope of a little recklessness. We still go at least a couple of times a year. It isn't the same, but then neither am I. But when I cruise that strip, the the golf course, the pool, the roller rink, the bike shop,'the wall', the Fair, the Feather Shop are all still there in my mind's eye as vibrant as ever. The people are there too - my first and best, best friend, my first love, my second love...and so on.

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