yes i agree with the lynden residents i also agree why should every casino sell liquor it only causes problems for everyone. because there are alot of people that are so irrisponsible with their liquor.
i heard that nooksack couldnt sell it so they gave it away how stupid could that be. whats this supposed to prove.
i hope for the sake of us nooksack tribe members this does start benefitting us. becuz as long as the casinos been up in deming so far what we have gotten from the tribe we have gotten taken away already. yes i agree once more with the lynden residents we should help our school children instead of waisting our money on building more casinos. i hope we start benefitting from this casino cuz our children an the tribe elders need alot of help from the tribe in everyway.
the moneys all go to the nooksack concil people they use it to go to reno to gamble an use it to buy themselves a new car for everyday. well wheres the money for the rest of the tribe.
we once had community breakfeasts every saturday now we only have it 3 times a year. why. because other tribal members were bringing in their non native friends an made it bad for the rest of us. i have alot more to say but im running out of room. hehehheheh thank you an i hope this gets published