The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U...

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. Are Mostly Nice Places

There are 21338 comments on the Gawker story from Nov 22, 2010, titled The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. Are Mostly Nice Places. In it, Gawker reports that:

According to a study of FBI crime statistics by CQ Press, St. Louis , Mo. was the "most dangerous city in the U.S." in 2010, probably due to former St.

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bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25654 Jul 9, 2014
toomanymistakes wrote:
<quoted text> You are wrong, NY does not prosecute 16 yr ofld automatically as adults
Blacks compromise 13 % of the population How in hell can you spew such bullsh*t and expect anyone to believe this so called study
I can guarantee you these stats came from some all black college in the deep south where the only requirement for admittance is being blece and having an IQ over 70.
Tell the truth.. You get these stats form Benedict college in Columbia SC Known for graduating functional illiterates with honors.
Human rights my ass, your human rights organization must send this nonsensical propaganda out to backup idiots like AL and Jessie
Well, I'll give you credit for having a sense of humor,.to say the obviously don't read much.......
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25655 Jul 9, 2014
In Colorado, Gov. Bill Ritter, a former district attorney, recently formed a juvenile clemency board to hear cases of kids convicted as adults. The head of the seven-member panel says it's an acknowledgment that teens are still developing and different from adults a point made in the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision that outlawed the death penalty for crimes committed as juveniles.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25657 Jul 9, 2014
..Mr/Mrs/Miss Tomanymistakes...,, I don't see any where ,where it says " black" children are flooding the prisons......I do see "children " are being prosecuted as adults ........I am sorry that you feel the need to always play the race card, for shame , for shame.......... In California and Michigan, life without parole for teens also is getting another look. This spring, a state Senate panel in California approved a plan offering the chance of freedom after 25 years. A package of bills that would ban the no-parole sentence for those under 18 and revamp the process allowing juveniles to be tried as adults awaits a hearing in Michigan.

In Connecticut, lawmakers recently raised the age of juveniles to 18 for most cases; the changes will be phased in by 2010. Prosecutors can still transfer felonies to adult court.

Legislator Michael Lawlor said 16- and 17-year-olds charged with misdemeanors such as shoplifting and vandalism were hindered when they applied for jobs or college. "This caused people to think ... should all of these cases be adult all the time?" he says. Those records are now sealed.

In Illinois, a proposal to move 17-year-olds charged with misdemeanors to juvenile court passed in the state Senate and is pending in the House.

In 2005, the state repealed the automatic transfer of kids to adult court for drug violations within 1,000 feet of public housing or schools. An advocacy group found virtually all the kids caught in this statewide law were minorities from Cook County; about two-thirds were first-time offenders a population, it argued, that could benefit from juvenile court.

In Wyoming, talks are underway to shed a system that routinely charges and jails juveniles as adults even for minor offenses such as underage drinking. One idea is to have judges, prosecutors and social workers evaluate first-time offenders and find treatment mostly, without sending them to jail.

Not all states are easing up.

Rhode Island headed in the opposite direction at least, temporarily. Last summer, the state passed a law to send 17-year-old criminal offenders to adult prisons in what was intended as a cost-cutting move. The measure, however, was repealed about four months later after some critics pointed out this plan probably would be more expensive..
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25659 Jul 9, 2014
Do not accuse me of fabricating stories........if you took the time to read thing other than the funnies you would too.......... The New York Center for Juvenile Justice ...... "Every year in the state of New York more than 40,000 youth are arrested and prosecuted as adults. The state views 16- and 17-year-olds as adults for criminal law purposes, and it also prosecutes children 13-, 14-, and 15-year-olds as adults when they are accused of certain crimes. Prosecuting children as adults undermines their unique potential to overcome adversities and learn from mistakes made at a young age. Children tried as adults are exposed to a lifetime stigma of a criminal record and denied opportunities to receive age appropriate support. Furthermore, in New York, 16- and 17-year-olds are held in adult facilities." ..........I could say you are narrow minded and only see black and black instead of the norm black and white.....but I won't go there.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25660 Jul 9, 2014
^ know

Since: May 14

Location hidden

#25661 Jul 9, 2014
bee 6335 wrote:
<quoted text>Well, I'll give you credit for having a sense of humor,.to say the obviously dolon't read much.......
Unfortunately I believe he's serious. The information you've posted is very informative.

Memphis, TN

#25664 Jul 9, 2014
PetVax Is A Rip Off
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25670 Jul 10, 2014
@ Tomanymistakes.......... In Wyoming, talks are underway to shed a system that routinely charges and jails juveniles as adults even for " minor " offenses such as underage drinking. One idea is to have judges, prosecutors and social workers evaluate " first-time offenders " and find treatment mostly, without sending them to jail..........Do you not see where teenagers are being tired as adults not only in Wyoming, New York , North Carolina but other states as well........Yes , the crime should fit the time...... but ,there is a difference if a child steals a piece of gum ( even thou it is wrong ) than a child that commits murder .,,,,,,,cold blooded murder committed by juveniles should be treated as taking a life and should be prosecuted as such.......accidental murder by a juvenile , which a case here in Dayton is pending where a child took a loaded gun ( the child not knowing the gun was loaded ) to a friends house , the friend is playing around with the gun and accidentally shots himself and dies,, the child that took the gun to the friends house id charged with murder, even there he did not shot the boy or did he know the gun was loaded, should this child be prosecuted as an adult ?.........I have seen cases where someone is doing jail time for felonious assault and the next guy gets 5 years in prison for committing the same crime ..........Children should not be tired as adults in the courts for crimes that are misdemeanors, every thing should be done to rehabilitate juveniles to the best of ones ability ,( after all there are our future ) and not push them to the wolfs , I am sorry that you do not agree with my way of thinking ... New York and other states send juveniles to adults prisons because it is cheaper to house then in adult prisons than to send them to juveniles correctional facility or rehabilitation facilities ...Drug induced crimes such be treated as such....not all crimes such be treated the same. there are different degrees of crime within the same element of crime.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25671 Jul 10, 2014
toomanymistakes wrote:
<quoted text> This is a good example of why some ten need to b charge as an adult Chisom raped and killed a teacher in mass. Now is guilty of attempted murder while in juvenile custody I guess this makes sense to you Putting him inn an adult facility would have prevented the 2nd crime.
After reading this story it does seem to be a case of premeditated murder, after an evaluation of this child's mental capacity and he is found capable of standing trail and this case will more than likely not go to trail until after his 18th birthday than I say prosecute him as an adult, it was a brutal crime......should be charged with misuse of a corpse.. tapering with evidence, as well.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25672 Jul 10, 2014
Fitus T Bluster wrote:
Black commit crimes way, way out of proportion compared to their % of our population. Chicago ?
True..... they do commit more crime but only within their own race as compared to the % of whites that commit crime within their race.... only because blacks are a minority.,

Carson, CA

#25676 Jul 10, 2014
Stoop Nagin, former Mayor of New Orleans, sentenced to 10 years for 21 convictions mostly taking bribes.
This is the Clown Prince who along with the Dimrat Governor of Louisiana decided to ignore Federal orders to evacuate the city before Katrina. The school and municipal buses that could have been used to help evacuate were left sitting to be destroyed by the hurricane water. But, as we all know, IT WAS BUSH's fault.

“Follow the laws.”

Since: Oct 10

Seabrook, Texas

#25684 Jul 13, 2014

Brownsville, TN

#25687 Jul 13, 2014
(Rainwater ) You are the opening at the end of a colon out of which sold waste leaves the body.

Brownsville, TN

#25688 Jul 13, 2014
All men relish things that are sweet to the palate. You Racist Bigots have developed a taste for malicious conversation when come to a specific group of people.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25689 Jul 13, 2014
toomanymistakes wrote:
<quoted text> Crimes nevertheless , How can you justify the amount of violence blacks commit regardless of if it is with their own race,
The costs to the taxpayer is astounding not only in Police manpower, but in the cost of treating the wounded.. The average bill for a gunshot victim is 56K of taxpayer dollars
I;m not justifying anything.....the same tax dollar it takes to prosecute the black person also goes to prosecute the white person ...why are you ignoring the fact that whites commit crime by always blaming the black man.....say for example there are 100 black men and out of that 100 60% commits a crime..... then you have 200 white men and 80 % of those white men commits a crime ......which race committed the most crime ? and Why is that ?

United States

#25691 Jul 14, 2014
Mostly nice places, except for the reggins.
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25695 Jul 14, 2014
toomanymistakes wrote:
<quoted text> You must live in a different country that n most of us , If there are 600 murders in Chicago and 87% of the victims are Black Killed by gunshot What color is the most likely suspects a)Black or B) White Note: that 10 % more are killed by knife or blunt object are also black 3% are white people killed by various means. See how this works in the real world?
Well in the real world I can bring up Arizona where crime statistics show that homicide killers by race are ..Whites 148 ...Blacks 52 and other 129 and Kentucky were a percentage of homicides by race are Whites 69% and Blacks 31%....yes Chicago has a high rate of homicides by Blacks but in other parts of the United States the figures very from race to race by state .....I live in the good old USA where obviously there is still racism going on instead of seeing crime as crime regardless of who commits it , you say " oh it was the blackie down the street " instead of the person ...all bleeds red.

United States

#25697 Jul 14, 2014
White Supremacy a losing argument Racist Bigot.
Aryan Barbarian

Sherwood, AR

#25698 Jul 14, 2014
Hello Sambo wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you think everyone's dumb as you are , you big old blue gum kneeger?:). Sambo I'm still here kneeger. Ain't my post black momma?
We'll said sir!
bee 6335

Cincinnati, OH

#25700 Jul 14, 2014
Solid wrote:
<quoted text>
What is the over all percentage of white vs blacks in those states . That would paint a bigger picture.
Kentucky 85.6% white , 8.2% black ....Arizona 56.7% white , 4.6% black ...where as the population between black and whites in Chicago are almost neck to neck,and homicide is low on the crime chart., 0.4 %...aggravated assault/battery 8.8%.....robbery 9. 7 %...motor vehicle theft 12.3%....burglary 16.4%....theft 52.4 % the picture paints a clear vision... Common sense tells you that where the population is far greater in one race above all other than chances of the crimes committed are by the majority.

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