Appeal Denied For Convicted Murderer,...

Appeal Denied For Convicted Murderer, Vincent Doan

There are 147 comments on the WCPO-TV9 Cincinnati story from Dec 1, 2008, titled Appeal Denied For Convicted Murderer, Vincent Doan. In it, WCPO-TV9 Cincinnati reports that:

A convicted murderer will not get a new trial. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the appeal for Vincent Doan.

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Vincent, OH

#83 Apr 28, 2011
Lis wrote:
I was surprised when the reporter said dogs detected Carrie's scent at the junkyard. I was under the impression they were cadaver dogs. Cadaver dogs do not detect an individual's scent but the scent of decomp. Search and Rescue dogs detect a person's scent.
The dogs detected her scent because she was dead when she was at the junkyard. Decomposition begins the very second life ends. Within minutes flies can detect the scent and begin gathering. So the cadaver dogs had it right. So, stop being stupid and get the facts before you post things that will only embarass you.

Fairfield, OH

#84 Apr 30, 2011
Acecat wrote:
<quoted text>
The dogs detected her scent because she was dead when she was at the junkyard. Decomposition begins the very second life ends. Within minutes flies can detect the scent and begin gathering. So the cadaver dogs had it right. So, stop being stupid and get the facts before you post things that will only embarass you.
Oh I see name calling. What are you 12? All that can be said is the dogs dectected a decomp smell, not who the individual was.The reporter said Carrie's scent. So how is that for facts? Could have been anyone. I know all about when Decomp begins believe me.

It is a shame we all can not discuss this like adults. For years the name calling has not found Carrie. Maybe asking some questions and narrowing down timelines would help find her. To many rumors makes it hard to know what to believe.
Tampered Crime Scene

Lewis Center, OH

#85 Jun 18, 2011
Really? Um, wow-read the facts! The CHIEF of police found evidence in his father's pond and warned the murderer. The police chief later plead GUILTY to tampering with the crime scene! He was guilty, he just had friends in high places!
diddy wrote:
There is no way in hell Vince Doan should even be in jail. no body no crime..... If we send every to jail on hear say all the jails would be full in a month. Do the right thing give Vince Doan a new trail.

Hamilton, OH

#86 Jun 27, 2011
family history, doans daddy lawerence, what about when he set up a man in blan to rape his wife and killed him when he came over to do the job. oh and another guy that was murdered shot in head and placed his head on railroad tracks to get rid of evidence make it look like a suicide in blan, oh and tracy's stay in florida wasnt a murder covered up for him...oh and lawerences brother orville in columbus wasnt he a paid hit man...all hearsay just asking...if so all these cowards should be in jail anyone with info on these rumors please post

United States

#87 Jul 7, 2011
I would love to see Vincent Doan get a new trial, we have more evidence against him now than we did when we originally tried the case!
No_doubt_he_Kill ed_her

Bellflower, CA

#88 Jul 8, 2011
Vincent Doan says he only slapped Carrie Culberson a couple times. That is an obvious lie. The effects of her beatings at his hands were observed over and over by her family, friends, and co-workers. Vincent also told several contradicting stories about what happened the night of Carrie's disappearance, and he declined to testify at his own trial. He may have been advised by his attorny not to testify, because his attorny knows he was guilty. But he addressed the jury after his trial, so he isn't shy, he just didn't want to be cross examined. Guilty people know not to open themselves to cross examination.

Laura, OH

#89 Jul 25, 2011
This was a complete hearsay testimony, there was no DNA, no evidence, no body,lots of perjury. My family has been friends with Vince since they were little and all played together and they still maintain his innocence. They say he was nothing but a gentlemen and was very polite. So why is it that his own neighbor Billi Jo Brown could not even positively identify him as the man outside the night she disappeared that she was supposedly arguing with? How about Lori Baker, she changed her testimony how many times? Vicki Watkins? Over 20 people have sighted her since her disappearance and even chaged tires for her? How does all of this happen by people who are not even connected to this case show up saying they have seen her yet no one believes them??? For the person on here that says "give him a new trial we have more evidence against him now", there was no evidence from the beginning and they put him in a setting with a biased jury and expected this man to have a fair trial??? Vince Doan is innocent and I will believe that until the day he is set free!!!
just saying

Cincinnati, OH

#90 Aug 1, 2011
Well, that's how family is...they believe in their own until the day that they die. I think that one day, they will find out what happened to Carrie. Either someone will talk (due to a reward or possibly even because they have a guilty conscience) OR Vince Doan will finally admit it. I don't think anyone will ever "stumble upon" the body...b/c I believe that it was completely Vince and Tracey....possibly another person too. Who? I don't know. But what I do know is that "good ol' boys" like the Doan/Baker boys?? Well, they run in packs larger than two, most generally.

Anyone think Vince will fess up about the body now that he has been given a "deal" for the 15th anniversary of her MURDER?

United States

#91 Aug 7, 2011
I lived in blanchester ohio vincent wasnt treated fair because he didnt come from money, instead of acuseing him they need to turn there serch for carrie in nevada,but her mom on a lie detector she knows where shes at. Vincet's family i pray you get your son back.
just saying

Cincinnati, OH

#92 Aug 8, 2011
what in the hell are you talking about? Nevada! LOL Why would she just up and leave without any clothes, money??? Her clothes were all still there, her money never left her bank account. Okay, okay...I admit. People do disappear like that willingly...but she was just a young adult, still living at home, had NO reason to disappear....and has NEVER contacted ANYONE in her family in 15 years! Are you on drugs?!?!?!?

And who gives a shit if you live in Blanchester. What's that have to do with anything??? He done it. And he knows it.

Vandalia, OH

#93 Aug 9, 2011
I think Kimberly was in love with him. You could have been Carrie

Bessemer, AL

#94 Dec 25, 2011
They chould keep him locked up the rest of his life and his lieing family too. Sorry scumbag people.
Doan supporter

Marion, OH

#95 Feb 5, 2012
put down your fists and listen for a minute! Take this information from someone who is close to the culberson family truly. If doane didnt kill her, then who did????? Doane and Carrie were fighting that night. If people on the stand made lies and false accusations then here is what is going to happen. There are people in prison right now that know what happened, and know that if they come forward and talk, THEY GET OUT SOONER. Its all about who is going to pull the trigger, and all the legal system has to do is wait, because somebody is going to come forward soon. This is all going to play out. Of that i can assure you!
Michael fogt and jarod messer

Cicero, IL

#96 Sep 10, 2012
Corinne wrote:
Yeah, things didnt add up so the jury could figure out the true facts of that awful night 13 years ago. I cant believe some of you all dont know that if Vince had given up the spot of her body, his sentence would have been shorter. But he thought he wouldnt be convicted. So what if the Culbersons got a little money due to the Chief being dirty! I am sure they would rather have Carrie than any kind of $.
$3.5 million is a little money? My pops was killed by a person fd up on xanax that wasn't even drug tested or even breathalized and my family didn't get shit, much less millions. If I told the police that so n so killed somebody, they would go investigate and if there was no physical evidence supporting my claims then they would come back n say I was full of shit. Why is it different for this cat? If a person can just say they saw something n its true in a court of law then why is it not true in a court of law when ten people testifiy on the bible that they had seen her driving HER car numerous times? I'm not saying he didn't do it, I'm saying that this cat got screwed and that this was the worst case of injustice I've ever seen. How in the hell could someone be convicted of MURDER not manslaughter or even assault n kidnapping, which is all he was supposedly seen doing anyway...noone said they saw him murder her. It's all speculation and hearsay. PATHETIC.
Kelly Owens

Hamilton, OH

#97 Sep 15, 2012
How the hell do you even know if he really beat on her. Why because her mother and her friends say so? Her mother had something to gain by lodging those accusations at him and that was a conviction. I am sorry but if he came into his brothers house covered in blood as his sister in law claims then why the hell was there not one once of her DNA found anywhere in that house or the car he was driving? If he was covered in blood as was testified to then there should have been some kind of evidence found. Lets take a look at her life for a change. From what I have heard she was known to hang around a few other unsavory characters. She was not the angle that they would have her portrayed as, yes she did her own little dirt too, It just makes me sick that in a country where we claim we pride ourselves on equal justice and a constitution that is supposed to guarantee us all a fair trial that you can still convict someone on pure circumstantial evidence and bullshit hearsay. That should have never been allowed to be introduced into evidence unless it met the exceptions to the hearsay rule and even then it should not be allowed because you are taking away one of his basic constitutional rights to be able to face and question his accuser.
Stacey wrote:
<quoted text>
no body no crime.... all that means is that he hid her body very well. If she is not dead, then where is she?? He killed her, I have no doubt. He beat on her all the time, and then he finally killed her.
Only Me


#98 Oct 4, 2012
There are pictures of Carrie's injuries sustained from a previous beating Vince gave her.

I'm confused. Please explain how would Carrie's mother anticipated benefit from Doan's conviction?

There was dna evidence(hair) found in Tracy's truck along with red paint that matched that of Carries car.

Cincinnati, OH

#99 Nov 9, 2012
Ben wrote:
<quoted text>
Your clearly a relative of his or incomprehensibly moronic. Maybe both. There's nothing but convicting evidence of all sorts. Eyewitness testimony is hearsay? He was seen by multiple witnesses beating her and telling her he was going to kill her and then kidnapping her the night she disappeared? Is that hearsay? What about the garbage bags and the gun he came home to grab at three in the morning, again bloody, after he was seen punching her. Two years of documented abuse and death threats? Is that hearsay? Is his prior police record of gun violence hearsay also? What about Carrie being held at gunpoint by him for 5 hours? Police dogs finding her scent in his junkyard pond? More hearsay? Shut the fuck up you fucking idiot. Your a disgrace to Carries memory.
Even though I believe Doan to probably be guilty....A LOT of your statements ARE, IN FACT, HEARSAY. If this case were to be tried in the Supreme Court, Doan would be set free. I'm not saying that he's innocent....All I'm saying is that there REALLY wasn't enough evidence to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt. The only reason that he was convicted was because he was tried in Clinton County with Clinton County jurors. I WISH LIKE HELL they could find Carrie. Breaks my heart to think about her Momma. I wonder if she would agree to an early release for Doan if he would tell the true story, if in fact he knows it..I only say this because there have been other cases where battered women were killed by other men. Just coincidental that a stranger or a crazy aquaintance got to them first.

Cincinnati, OH

#100 Nov 9, 2012
Carrie could have been Michael Fogt's first victim. That crazy bastard killed two women (both buried in cement and in barns or garages) he MAY have killed a male employee of his. After all, her belongings were found under the barn of Fogt's neighbor and friend, Jarred Messer. WHY?? Did Carrie meet up with Messer that night for some party time? Her friends said that she didn't want to go home...she wanted something to do.

OR, maybe Doan and his bro just burried her on Messer's property. Did Doan and/or his brother know Messer? It's a known fact that Carrie did.

STILL NOT SAYING THAT DOAN IS INNOCENT. Just giving my wannabe CSI investigating a little spin around the block. lol

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, folks. I stand by my statement that the US Supreme Court would overturn Doan's conviction on reasonable doubt. Rather he knows he's guilty or not. Sometimes the court system fails and guilty men go free too. Our justice system is not perfect.

Cincinnati, OH

#101 Nov 9, 2012
Only Me wrote:
There are pictures of Carrie's injuries sustained from a previous beating Vince gave her.
I'm confused. Please explain how would Carrie's mother anticipated benefit from Doan's conviction?
There was dna evidence(hair) found in Tracy's truck along with red paint that matched that of Carries car.
NONE of that proves his guilt. Again, speaking from a LAW standpoint. Lots of women who are battered by their men are murdered by other people. Carrie's mother, I agree, would not benefit in any way. I'm convinced that she would give anything to get her daughter back and I am also convinced that Carrie is dead. You people who think she's alive are idiots. As for the DNA, carrie's hair...if in fact it really was found there (I don't know because I haven't read the court documents), it still doesn't mean anything. Carrie could have been in that truck any time in the past. She knew Baker. And as for the paint on the car....there's no proof that it's from Carrie's car. AGain, all circumstantial. This case has holes all over it. Even if he is guilty, which he may be, there still wasn't enough evidence to convict. He was only convicted because of an impartial jury in the same county that she went missing...which is NOT good. Especially in a little farming county like Clinton County.
home grown

Slaughters, KY

#102 Nov 19, 2012
Okay, I am NOT from the Blanchester area, I'm not even from Ohio, and I do not know any one from the Culberson, Baker, or Doan family, so I consider myself an outside, unbiased voice. I have to say I wasn't convinced of Mr. Doan's guilt and thought that most of the evidence was definitely hearsay. However... I then saw the photographic evidence of Lawrence Baker's pond. That's all the concrete evidence (or mud evidence) I would have needed to convict Vincent Doan of murder. Now, allow me to explain why. Cadaver dogs hit on that pond on September 3rd. Contrary to popular belief, cadaver dogs are NOT drug dogs. They are used exclusively to locate human remains. When they hit, they detected dead human tissue also known as, cadavers. These animals also have one of the highest accuracy rates of any other tool police use, including those with great technology. That being said, after hitting on September 3, the search abruptly stopped. The NEXT DAY, after being left unguarded and unsecured all night long, they drained that pond and the human footprints photographed at the bottom of that pond are UNMISTAKABLE. One path in, one path out. That's not hearsay, folks and it is plenty of evidence to warrant a "guilty" verdict. Sorry, but that's our legal system. I know that this is my personal insight on the evidence and that this case is a very sensitive topic for Blanchester's citizens so take this as you wish. I was 16 when Ms. Culberson went missing and was most definitely NOT a part of this investigation. I have studied homicide investigation and have studied the evidence from this trial, thoroughly. That's it.

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