jewell robbins

Aston, PA

#1199 Mar 1, 2010
SRSF wrote:
FYI Scrumpy ... My posts are either from Indianapolis, IN or Wabash, IN. The demon likes to try and deceive, but don't let him fool you, my location will always be one of the aforementioned.
Have a great day, from one who's spiritual walk is envied. LOL :-)
Your quote:

"Now please quit addressing me. Please and thank you." You better practice what you preach. I told ya that you will refuse their friendly advice and my promise was fulfilled. Demon???? You didn't believe there is Hell and demons. I still have your quotes about your unbelief and ye proudly claimed thyself as an atheist.

I love it when ye talk about a spiritual walk. If Jewell is your enemy, then seek forgiveness. We cannot say that we are Christians and refuse to forgive Jewell at the same time. Our flesh tells us to put her down, but God said that we must forgive and even confess our sins daily, according to the LORD's model of prayer.

If thy brother sinned against thee seven times, Jesus said to forgive that brother 77 X 77 X 77 X 77 X 7 X 777 X 77777 TIMESSSSS.

Aston, PA

#1200 Mar 1, 2010
SRSF wrote:
A new group has taken over the scam, and are telling the same lies that Jewell did.
But you didn't even contact the IRS and authorities. Since you said it is a scam from a new group, are you willing to contact any agency or authority at this hour or you just want to run your motor mouth?

Please specifically state what is a scam and give me any federal or state offense(s), will ya, Shanna? When ye said SCAM, then someone has broken the law. So what would that be??? LOL

Aston, PA

#1201 Mar 1, 2010
Did Eric Deters break any law? Naaaah. Will he be disappointed if he so pursued this legal avenue? Probably. But I wouldn't call it a scam if they did not ask for financial support. Accccck, the worst scam is the U.S. government proposed a settlement of $3.4 billion....pending upon approval from Congress. That means the government swindled money from the Indian Trust Fund group. That is the largest group than the Wallings, Humphries, and Meadows aka. Isn't the government fraud or mismanaged Indian Trust fundst related to royalties or interests since 1880s??? You know what happened, don't ya? The government tried to be above the law, right? You betcha. That's why we have federal courts and Supreme Court! Government disobeyed court order imposed by Judge Lamberth many times. So therefore, government got tired of fighting against this lady named Eloise Cobell. She won the battle. How did she do this? Well, she has between 300,000 and 500,000 Indian folks. She raised the money by asking for donations via credit card payment method. Mahahahahhaa!!! But how did you become a scam-free despite that she sought donations from anyone on the face of the earth? By using a non-profit tax status. Whooooaaaaaaaa!
Slamma Jamma

Aston, PA

#1202 Mar 1, 2010
Well, I think Eric Deters was mocking about the Meadows Saga. On his own radio blog site, he made this comment this morning:


Spindetops/Meadow Estate
Monday 03-01-2010 11:08am ET

My car did not blow up?


Maahahahahah. NO, Eric, government won't blow up your car. Don't let Larry W. brainwash ya that the Big Brother is watching ya. Sounds like you were mocking behind the back of Larry Williams and his followers, eh? Eric, did ye check into the Helmon's DOJ case regarding 1965 FBI Hoover letter? Scottie can tell ya that the FBI does not possess that letter in their vault or archival holding. Your real problem is a lack of the original source over those alleged documents. Johnston and Kafoglis challenged the FBI and they failed. The result, Judge Russell slammed Helmon's case against the brick wall. If you all wanna know about the FBI's official statement in court regarding 1965 FBI Hoover letter, then get a copy called THE DECLARATION OF SCOTT A. HODES. Why? The Judge gave the FBI 20 days to report its finding. And that's why Scottie was called to testify on behalf of the FBI. Oh, wait a minute. He was a top officer or Chief for FOIA stuff and top-secret classifications. If Eric is a smart lawyer, then ye folks can show him to review the Helmon's case.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set thee freeeeeeee.
Real Testy Test

Lansdowne, PA

#1203 Mar 2, 2010
f anyone wants to challege those alleged documents, then you must find the original source. Without the original source, then it will not stand in court. Ann Helmon had that copy just like Eric Deters is holding onto his hand and she took it up to the federal court against DOJ. The fact is, Judge Russell was ALMOST PERSUADED that the 1965 FBI Hoover letter appeared to be credible. But the DOJ attorney balked at that letter and therefore, the Judge gave the FBI another 20 days to report its finding rather than slam it out of court. I just contacted Scott Hodes today. He did not testify in court because he doesn't have to be present in court. Just a simple declaration....because Scott was the Chief or top officer in his dept. that handled FOIA and secret docs. He was doing his job as a FBI attorney.

I can understand why other folks get mixed up or screwed about WR stuff being sealed. One of the oldest documents related to the Meadows Saga was Garonzik's Affidavit in 1960. The letter mentioned about William Ruben Meaders. That person does not exist nor that name is ever related to WR (Richard) Meadows. The name of Ruben was created out of Ernest Medders' case and I believe that confused Garonzik when his office generated his affidavit. And WT Weir was Medders and Carol Jones' lawyer at that time. Weir prompted Garonzik to create an affidavit for the court. Do I believe that Garonzik's Affidavit is credible? YES, I do. Why? First of all, in 1960, there were no computer, no Internet. I would take someone with great knowledge or doing a better research over this man. Why? First, Garonzik's address was correct. Second, his title for the oil company and name of the company is also correct. The notary officer did exist that at time. Whoever typed that letters had his name misspelled by he signed his name correctly. If it was forged by anyone many years later after 1960, then I don't see how anyone can find out his date of death and create an affidavit prior to his death. He died in 1961 of a heart attack and Medders/Jones case were still ongoing at that time.

But the point I am trying to make is, Garonzik's stuff is related to James Meaders, not WR. Do not mix documents together with WR. The alleged 1965 FBI Hoover letter has nothing to do with WR Meadows and 11 heirs. It is not connected. The oldest living heir is Billie Ferguson. Again, I don't know if she is still living, but she is nearly 90 years and I don't think she cares about this stuff for WR family. Just my opinion only.
curious onlooker

Georgetown, KY

#1204 Mar 2, 2010
so true, James not WR

hope others seen this also....
You Know

Lansdowne, PA

#1205 Mar 2, 2010
curious onlooker wrote:
so true, James not WR
hope others seen this also....
I believe that WT Weir went to Garonzik for his affidavit because James Meaders was the only name ever to be connected with the McFadden's deeds via 1911 deeds. That means Meaders was the only name at Jefferson County courthouse that found to be connected to old McFadden's deeds. Nooooo other Meadows aka was ever found. However, on those deeds the name was spelled as (I believe it was the name of) Andrew McFadden (deeds outside of Jefferson County) long before William McFaddin...and then WPH McFaddin (different spelling name) ruled Spindletop land for many years. There was no direct connection between WPH McFaddin and James Meaders. But there was a direct connection between Andrew McFadden and James Meaders at those five counties of Texas. McFadden was based on those old survey or abstract of land. McFaddin (remember, different name) was the landowner of Spindletop and other oil areas and that's why they had about 17 or 18 McFaddins' Trusts. Garonzik was the only one who was connected to both Andrew McFadden and WPH McFaddin via A.F. Lucas' deed. WINK I believe that's why WT Weir called upon Garonzik to explain about who was this fella named James Meaders.
Coffee Spilled-Shocked

Marcus Hook, PA

#1206 Mar 3, 2010
Isn't it amazing that both FBI and IRS went after this man who raked up less money than Jewell Robbins? And brotha Rosey is slapped with much more severe judgment than Robbins????? Jewell is free and this man is heading to jail.

What is the difference between Rose and Robbins?


However, no one....noooooo one...nooooo one has contacted the IRS if thou believest that Jewell raked multi-million or many millions than Rose. If thou believest this, then someone would have contacted the IRS about possible tax evasion. O ye of little faith!

Let it be quoted unto theeeeeeeeeeeee:

"On Feb. 16, David G. Rose was sentenced to 52 months in federal prison and ordered to pay almost $3 million in restitution to investors for a scheme involving oil and gas reserves. Rose, 59, has already paid $1 million toward the restitution for 62 victims. He pleaded guilty in July to one count of tax evasion and 21 fraud-related counts. Rose promoted two oil and gas well development projects through EnTerra Energy LLC. The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney James R. Lesousky, and it was investigated by the FBI and the IRS. DFI obtained an agreed order of permanent injunction against EnTerra Energy on July 29, 2005..."

Attica, IN

#1207 Mar 5, 2010
Tony Tiger are you hiding now behind all these fake names? You afraid to post as yourself anymore? I see you are on many Forums posting instead of just this Topix. I would think after all this time you could find more to post then just trash about Shanna's money problems and her sons death. This little war has given you a whole new face in life. Not a pretty one either. So Sad
Tony Tiger

Cincinnati, OH

#1208 Mar 6, 2010
Na not afraid of anything. Just visiting friends out of town. Catch ya all later.
To Marge

Newtown Square, PA

#1209 Mar 6, 2010
lilmargi wrote:
Tony Tiger are you hiding now behind all these fake names? You afraid to post as yourself anymore? I see you are on many Forums posting instead of just this Topix. I would think after all this time you could find more to post then just trash about Shanna's money problems and her sons death. This little war has given you a whole new face in life. Not a pretty one either. So Sad
Marge, someone just posted the name of Tony Tiger and it wasn't me. Tommy used imposters' names, so I follow what he did.

Marge, Shanna also trashed about my family and wished the death of my kids. Shanna also talked about the death of Jewell's son and blamed on his drug addict and I do not find any proof. She also wished her to die. I didn't see jump over this.

I am here, and other Topix and House Forum. I only read at DD's forum and do not post it. You should know by now that there is hardly anyone reading those forums nowadays. Do you understand that Shanna also followed me at the House Forum recently and even posted her messages there since I arrived there last week. I know you want to defend Shanna. Just let it be between Shanna and I. You don't know to argue with us.

I was told that you are an elderly lady. I do not understand why you are so concerned about Jewell if you are near her age because she, too, will pass away soon. You can file a formal complaint if you want your refund back. Tell us---how much have you invested with Jewell? If you spent thousand dollars, then I can understand why you are here and other forums. Will you file a formal complaint on behalf of the investors? Did you give only $300? If you are an elderly lady, then I am sure you have saved up money for the retirement and do not know if you have lost money from the stock markets and if so, then I do not understand why it is of a great concern or matter to criticize Jewell if you lost less money from other financial areas than Jewell's scam? Could it be bitterness? Anger? Or are you going to do this for another 10 years?

I am here because I am waiting for them to back up their claims or allegations against me. I won't give up until they confess that they made it up. Those guys have returned and they are addicted just as I am.
To Marge

Newtown Square, PA

#1210 Mar 6, 2010
lilmargi wrote:
Tony Tiger are you hiding now behind all these fake names? You afraid to post as yourself anymore? I see you are on many Forums posting instead of just this Topix. I would think after all this time you could find more to post then just trash about Shanna's money problems and her sons death. This little war has given you a whole new face in life. Not a pretty one either. So Sad
Shanna is still arguing with me at the House Forum. She tried her very best not to address directly at me, but she is using others to get around it as a third person in our debate. Tricky, eh?

I told you that there are impostors to fool you. It's amazing that they do read my messages wherever I go. I have no beef with you and I hope you don't get involved between Shanna and I.
To Marge

Newtown Square, PA

#1211 Mar 6, 2010
Ooops...if you lost more money, not less. Another correction--you don't want, not you don't know. Phew.
Marge, you are better off to stay off regarding this issue between Shanna and I. Remember, Shanna doesn't want to make peace. I offered it many times. You don't see me criticizing or arguing with others because they didn't talk trash at me. It is all about the golden rule.

Marge, ask yourself, do you ever wonder why there are no investors here except you and Tommy? What happened to other 9998 investors if Topix is the most popular forum? Where are they? Why do we have less than 20 people in your forum and other forums? Is it fair to say that all those who are actively involved are really obsessed about this Saga? Will they continue this until they go to their graves?
To Marge

Newtown Square, PA

#1212 Mar 6, 2010

Shanna was a criminal and ye befriended her. So likewise, if Jewell was a criminal, you can befriend her as well.

If we all make peace, then we can move on. I am still waiting for Shanna to come forth. I have debated with other folks who passed away-Paul, Helmon, Campbell, Cybele, Steve, etc... Most of them were elderly folks. They chose to spend their last days of their lives on the Meadows Saga. Marge, that is truly sad. There are other ladies who even have long messages about prayer, forgiveness, and even asking God for the blessings, but they still hold bitterness and rage against the Saga Leaders even though some of them spend less than $300. Amazing. It is their obsession. Even elderly people don't grow up. But we, middle-agers, may fall into their trap. This is 2010. I am still waiting on their false allegations.
Breathe Breathe

Newtown Square, PA

#1213 Mar 6, 2010
Spring is around the corner. What you are all whining or crying about the Saga?

Attica, IN

#1214 Mar 7, 2010
Tony I am not on your side or Shannas side. I visit the Forums seldomly as I have been traveling spending quality time with my family. I know when I do go read it brings sadness to see your words repeating the same trash on Shanna. I do not agree with what Shanna has done against you but on the other hand I have followed your post since the early 2000's and to see you where this scam has taken you today it makes me sad. How can you call anyone bitter or angry when that is the only thing in your heart with every post. If you were my son I would have already dragged you by the ear out back and changed your ways. You were one that people listened to. Maybe not always liking the attitude you posted in but you were respected for knowledge you had. Now you are just a many name poster that can only find cruel things to say. Its a shame and I am sorry you do not like me telling you. You are right I am older then the hills but to compare myself with Jewell due to her age hell no. When I meet my Lord I can meet him knowing I never treated people badly. As for the amount of money spent on the icing on my cake with Jewell Robbins I have 10 S/A's bought in the early 90's. If you can honestly believe that I am here out of anger or bitterness you really have not read an of my post and dont know me. I came forward knowing that the re-interest with all sides was in the process. Nobody listened to me then now you all know I was right. Humphries have come back full throttle. Jhm is back going to pay everyone. Larry Williams still in the race to get WR even has his radio show lol. Jewell has handed her POA to Mercer to finalize her endevor. I am here to see it through to make sure nobody in my immediant family ever falls for the "We are heirs crap again" I will not ask for any permission to do that. If I take it to my death bed then so be it. That was the good Lords plan for me.
To Marge

Philadelphia, PA

#1215 Mar 7, 2010
With Shanna and I, it's a two-way street. If she makes her first move, then I will respond. It is that simple. I offered many times to make peace and it has been rejected. The purpose of reminding her son's crusade, I feel that she is concealing or protecting the identity of an alleged killer while at the same time she has no problem spending many hours or days on one elderly lady (for over three years). She has no problem discussing about Larry W. I don't understand this because Jewell is not a worst criminal that an alleged killer with history of crimes. That's why I was reminding her about this folly. Jewell's Saga is fading away just like Clark, JHM, and Helmon are rarely discussed today except a few ones simply because they are obsessed about this whole thing.
Do not worry about me using many names. I play along with what those critics did. You also had other names before you used Lilmargi as well. I caught you because you were defending Ted who committed a lie about me. You had Frankfort, IN IP. You see, Ted was a prime example. I don't know about Ted and he falsely accussed me out of the blue and I responded. Then later, you defended Ted and criticize me. See my point? Same way with Shanna.

I don't pound on her daily UNLESS she wants to argue with me. I see Shanna no different than Jewell when there were crimes committed. I see them committing some petty crimes in the past. I see double standard many times. I didn't see you jump when Shanna mocked about Jewell's children and even the death of her son. Where were you? You were silent or did you miss it? But this was NOT the first time she made that mockery.

You don't see me go after anyone else except Tommy, Steven, and Shanna. Do you see why? They called upon me or engage debate with me, then we went beyond the Saga.

Do you really know what the LORD's plan is? Forgive and ye shall be forgiven. If Jewell is your enemy, then seek forgiveness. That's the real test for the Christians who were involved in this Saga. We refused to forgive Jewell and move on. I ain't worry about JHM and Larry Williams because they will NOT accomplish their agendas. Their stuff does not amaze me. I feel like Eric Deters was mocking about the Meadows Saga when he talked funny about his car might be blown up. If he wants to go to the second round, then so be it. If he so decided to pursue this legal avenue, then that's the risk he is willing to go for it.

Marge, I have no beef against theeeeeeeee.
To Marge

Philadelphia, PA

#1216 Mar 7, 2010
than, not that. Typo. I blame it on my CRUNCH candy bar.
To Marge

Philadelphia, PA

#1217 Mar 7, 2010

Have you forgiven Jewell for the all sins she may have committed against thee? If not, then tell us how do you justify yourself without forgiveness as commanded by our LORD?
To Marge

Philadelphia, PA

#1218 Mar 7, 2010
Ooops...My CRUNCH again.

Correction: Have you forgiven Jewell for all the sins she committed against thee?

I forgave Jewell last year. But you know what? Many of you didn't lost money from this scam. Most of you lost more money from the stock market or the value of your investment portfolio was reduced greatly than your investment loss with Jewell Robbins and I see no tears over the turmoil of the Wall Street when ye all had your quarterly statements from your investment companies.

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