Review: Anytime Fitness

Brightwaters, NY

#87 Jan 15, 2013
This gym is a rip
Scam. They get you
To sign a
Contract that you can't get out of
Without writing hard copy to ABC financial in Arkansas. It is deceptive and entrapping. They are gouging urban athletes with deceptive business practices.

Perry, OH

#88 Jan 18, 2013
I just signed with a new location have no opinions yet except....I think.its over priced for such a little place..and they dont say till your signing that on top of my year contract....They take 25 dollars from all members a year for an improvement and supposed to be a vote of what everyone wants...So i cant see why the owner would ask.more of members. And then LAST THING WHY DO SOME GYMS MAKE YOU SIGN A LONG CONTRACT....ARE THEY AFRAID IT IS BAD ENOUGH THAT PEOPLE MAY WANT TO.QUIT??? THE WAY I SEE IT why force you have a true nice place then people will Just seems like forcing year.n.two year contract..Means.perhaps many may quit so they feel.better trapping them. In any case i will.try this newly open soon.
LA Fitness to AF

Oklahoma City, OK

#89 Feb 1, 2013
Just moved from San Diego to OKC. Signed at an AF close to my house with a low monthly and hardly anything down with the exception of the security key (49$ which included 1st month). As a 5 year member of LA Fitness, I'll have to say AF is a great substitute for the big gyms if you place convenience over commodities and efficiency over exposure. My AF does include some free weights that I hear others do not have which is a plus for the more serious weight trainers. The staff was personable unlike the sales teams at the big gyms. I've worked in fitness for a few years and would advise anyone considering a membership to walk in with a realistic proposal for what they would like to have as a monthly fee, always take the interim free period to determine if the facility works for you, and enter a negotiation after identifying the pros and cons. Ex. there is a Golds Gym Express that would save me $5 a month about 4 miles further than my AF...if I add that as a daily commute it costs me an 1hr/wk and about 2.50/day in gas...convenience over commodities. Also, I can throw on some 1980s aerobics attire and a grab a quick Easter morning workout almost sure not to bother anyone...efficiency over exposure. I think AF has a good niche in the market.

United States

#90 Feb 2, 2013
I love anytime fitness
I hope nothing ever changes that
What I love is that they are available to me 24/7 it just depends on me if I go or not
Thanks anytime

United States

#91 Feb 5, 2013
annoyed wrote:
The Anytime Fitness Corporations have been nothing but trouble and hassles for our family. Especially the one on Calhoun Road in Brookfield WI. Brookfield is know for being a nice community so I assumed the fitness center would be great. However, I was completely wrong. Their staff was beyond rude, mean and unhelpful. I've never had more problems with employees in my entire life. Especially a man named Randy (who says he owns it but found out later he actually doesn't) who called my youngest daughter names and hung up multiple times on me on the phone. This is uncalled for and horribly disrespectful not to mention unprofessional. This just shows how money hungry the corporation is and that they do not really care about the wellness of their members. I DO NOT RECOMMEND JOINING!
You left out the parts about you screaming and yelling and belittling the "employees" to earn the responses that you received!! The world doesn't owe you a damn thing so quit acting like it does.
An entire businesses' employees aren't just "rude" and "mean" to people - or hang up on you... several times for no reason!! It's snobs like you who give them a reason! Quit harassing people and treating them like shit and you'll probably get a better response!
Entitled my ass!!

United States

#92 Feb 11, 2013
I was considering joining Anytime Fitness in Gardnerville Nevada so I made sure I went during the time their website said there would be staff present. When I arrived at 11:00am on a Monday, all the doors were locked. Each door I attempted to open had someone nearby on the inside who didn't attempt to open the door for me. I'll be joining a different gym.

Groton, MA

#94 Feb 12, 2013
I am a member of the Anytime Fitness in Groton, MA. The fitness center recently moved to a new building and I was told that group classes would be starting up eventually. I was also told that these classes would be part of my membership. This was the major reason why I joined, as I get too bored just using the machines. I was happy to wait for the classes to start up and when they eventually did, I found out that it was an additional fee of $15 per class,$18 to drop in, on top of my already $50 membership. This is incredibly expensive and had I known that group classes would be extra money on top of an already high membership fee, I never would have joined. Before I moved to Groton, I was a member at Boost fitness, where I paid $30/month and had unlimited access to classes such as step, kick boxing, group power, yoga, and more. When my current membership is up, I will be making the commute back to Boost fitness where it is cheaper and has more exercise options.

I have also been notified that members are not allowed to wear their gym shoes into the gym. I have been emailed and called at work telling me that I did not change my shoes prior to working out and that this is a year round policy. I assumed that part of my expensive membership fee went towards the sweeping of floors and the maintenance of the machines. Apparently it goes towards staff members going through video and emailing/calling anyone who does not change their shoes before a workout. I have belonged to many gyms in the past and have never heard of not being allowed to wear sneakers into a gym.

I would not recommend Anytime FItness in Groton to anyone in the area and would instead recommend simply buying a treadmill/elliptical machine, finding a consultant/trainer to work out with, or traveling to Boost Fitness in Westford. I will not be renewing my membership.

Mississauga, Canada

#95 Mar 3, 2013
You must be joking to take the side of your staff member over a potential client. So what that it was her day off, so what if the others in the gym didn't feel offended. THis client did and that is all that matters. I agree with the potential client that you have more than enough clients and don't need more business. So going forward all clients go somewhere else as this location has reached its customer quote.
CO girl

Denver, CO

#96 Mar 9, 2013
I personally would NEVER join an Anytime Fitness again. We have had so many issues when it came to billing and their contract. They care more about money than they do about fitness and people. They gave us the first 3 free months of our contract...beware they are not actually free months that are a part of your contract, they don't begin your 2 year contract until after those free months so your contract ends up being 2 years and 3 months. Also when my husband lost his job they did not work with us at all. There is absolutely no way they will let you out of your contract even for a termination fee. They finally offered to put our contract on hold but did not mention that our contract would be extended for that amount of time. So again they do not care about people only money. Now that we FINALLY ended our 2 year contract which ended up being a 2 year and 8 month contract, they accidentally auto billed us again for this month. So glad to be DONE with Anytime Fitness.

Groton, MA

#97 Mar 11, 2013
I agree with disappointed in Groton. I have never heard of not being allowed to wear your sneakers into a gym! The area available to sit down and change your shoes is too small and there are rugs down to stomp your feet on anyway. I had planned on running to the gym, lifting weights, and running home...apparently I won't be able to do that because I will receive angry calls and emails telling me I can't wear my running shoes into the gym. Has anyone else ever heard of this? The lockers don't even have an option to hang a lock to keep a pair or extra sneakers in. If I had known this was a mandated policy, I would have just bought a treadmill, too!

Boise, ID

#98 Mar 20, 2013
I know you east coasters don't care, but the anytime off greenish in Nampa is a nightmare. there management is a joke. the one individual who runs the gym is named rob and appears to be an idiot to me. while as the "personal trainer" that is there wont leave people alone while they are trying to work out. this undesirable trait is something that rob( the gym manager ) possesses as well. they find it very amusing to yell out ... " oh look he is toning up today" when someone is benching 135 lbs. this as you can imagine is very annoying. I would just like to warn people before they spend 40 dollars a month, go to Idaho Athletic where it is only 28 a month.
Extremely disappointed

Cambridge, Canada

#99 Mar 26, 2013
This club is a complete joke please do yourself a favor and stay far away. I was a member of one of the clubs in kitchener ontario. This club continued to take money out of my account even though I called every month to tell them that my account was on hold due to health issues. I was always reassured that the problem was fixed but obviously wasn't. So by the fourth month I was told that they had made a mistake and I was being refunded for the extra charges. Not. On the exact day that the direct withdrawal would have come out out my account I noticed a odd amount had been taken out. So I then went to the club cancelled my membership and was told that the amount was for the hold charges for 3 months. But yet I was never told about this amount and they had already taken their money from me with NO REFUND. I was then told by the employee that they were contacting the head office to get it sorted out and now 2 days later still nothing. I am really discusted by anytime fitness how do you treat ur members like this all you care about is making money and who cares if they have to steal it from their members:( big thumbs down to poor customer service on their part!!!!!

Kimberly, WI

#100 Apr 2, 2013
I just finished my year contract with anytime fitness, when I went to look at my bank statement today I noticed that anytime fitness took out the $42.00 when the last payment was suppose to be last month (march 2013). I called the financial institute that they go through and the lady was #1 VERY RUDE, and #2 didnt answer any of my questions. She just kept saying that I needed to go to the actual facility and talk with someone. This place is suck a rip off. I know alot of poeple around here that they have double charged or there keys wouldnt work.
Not all roses

Ardmore, OK

#101 Apr 8, 2013
There are good anytime fitness gyms and some not so good. Had great service for 6 months - then a new manager and *BAM* service sucked except for the younger weight lifters that came in - they got great service and were friends with the new manager. And then finally moved to an area that had no anytime fitness nearby and tried to cancel - *YIKES* Its easier to stop a tornado than to cancel anytime fitness.

De Forest, WI

#102 Apr 13, 2013
I have been a member in Marinette Wi Ithink about 4 yrs now. I have been very satisfied until the past few months. Last fall they were getting ready to move to a new building so I was understanding about my experiences. Those were with the tanning. 1 tanner did not work with a sign on the door, due to broken parts to outdated to replace it would not be fixed but the new facility would have new tanning beds. 2 times i had to use my pants leg to clean the bed because of no paper towel in there not to mention how dirty it was but like I said i chalked it up to their busy with the move. Now we go to a brand new building, for MONTHS i had to see how the weather was to determine what cardio I was going to do because I might be blinded by the sun and melting away!!! I do not shower there but have heard soooo many complaints about the water smelling like rotten eggs. I signed up for some tanning and saw they have a new stand up but i prefer lay down. Well its the same bed from the other building in which you tear your stomach musclles trying to get in and out of and the bulbs havent been replaced in a LONG time. So I did call on this and she told me hinges were going to be replaced and bulbs so I post poned my tanning. After a month I called back bulbs not replaced but hinges replaced. I went a couple times in stand up, first time in the bed I made the mistake of setting it for only 3 min. I caught her before she was leaving coat and keys in hand appologetically told her what i did "could you please reset it for me" she went to computer and hit a few keys and said no sorry. Now I have before had it reset for me so dont know why it was a problem at the brand new Anytime Fitness. Also just saw on facebook people saying dont go and work out at anytime in Marinette because keys arent working and you cant get in. Went this afternoon to tan and work out, set the tanner and did what I needed and it wouldnt turn on!!!! So very frustrating, on Monday I will call and transfer tanning to Menominee Anytime then when my contract is up will rethink what to do!!!
Thanks for the heads up

New Baltimore, MI

#103 May 2, 2013
An Anytime Fitness just opened nearby and I was THINKING about checking into it but certainly not if I have to sign a 2 year membership.
Terrible business

Madison, WI

#104 May 6, 2013
I joined this gym thinking that it was a good price and convenient. WRONG! You can not cancel this membership at all! I can't even believe that is legal. I was fine knowing I would most likely have to pay a fee, but instead I was told there is no way for me to cancel early so I am stuck paying for a gym I hate and don't go to. This is very poor customer service and I will warn anyone I know before telling them to join. I have never heard of not being able to cancel a membership and I have belonged to many gyms over the years.

Cincinnati, OH

#105 May 18, 2013
I just joined anytime fitness here in Lafayette Indiana. this place is awesome..I used to go to the Y (too old.. Bld. and equipment..) and then i moved to Planet Fitness (way too many people and equipment not that good, and very dirty and nasty too)
I love Anytime Fitness because is clean, very modern and the people that own the place and their employees are very friendly and are always willing to help.

United States

#106 May 21, 2013
the anytime by my new house is absolutely the worst gym I have ever been to. The "manager" was very rude and made me feel , uncomfortable and the so called "fitness consultant" was a nightmare She sat in her chair and basically told me that I wasting her time because I didn't want a fitness consultation. I pay a lot of money for those stupid memberships and I didn't deserve to be treated the way I was.
Worst club EVER

Plymouth, MN

#108 Jun 29, 2013
Brooklyn Park, MN location of which I joined six years ago... Finally pushed away by a new owner who showed no respect for any of my concerns and even told me my club issues were not his problem! I left for another club with four months advance payment, and when I requested a refund the owner in return requested a full account audit first, said only refund would be against FULL PRICE membership and not my original contracted rate, wanted to look for maintenance clauses that would allow more of my refund to be kept, and also looked back at previous owner billing issues in which fees were reversed due to the club being at fault, and owner wants to reverse the reverse and add those back to refund of overpaid dues.

Worst club I have ever joined since 1987! Keep away!

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