With justice for some? Groveton,TX Tr...

With justice for some? Groveton,TX Trinity County

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Not So- Home Sweet Home


#1 Apr 1, 2012
Justice Trinity County,TX?
I am a disabled senior, living on a very tiny fixed income, this will not change. I am in need of legal assistance, and countless calls to every agency(including legal aid) I can find, come to nothing. Not even a call back.
In November 2010, I bought a cheap little fixer-upper house with just under 3 acres of land, a pond and two sheds. And yes, both seller and myself specifically addressed the inclusion of the water meter assigned to and supplying the house, the driveway, the small shed inside a small fence around the house, and a second shed inside the larger yard area, the security lights and the RV hook-up. All of this was shown to myself, the banker and the appraiser, as what I was buying.
I contacted the water company, electric company, and insurance agency, and gave all of them the details they needed from me, for all of the transfers of ownership, transfers of meters, and new policies, the seller did the same.
I followed every step as the bank and lawyer told me to. Earnest money contract, down payment, lawyer, appraiser, all paid out of my pocket, lot's of people got to spend my entire savings, but I did not get, what I was sold and what I sure, that I was paying for.
The seller did not deliver, security lights on telephone poles, the entire driveway, both sheds, the water meter and 7/10 of an acre, that he said I was buying. He also failed to deliver, plumbing, sewer and electrical hook ups and lines, including an RV hook-up, connecting to my sewer system and my utility meters. All this he turned over to my neighbors, who were his renters, without consulting me.
The neighbors tried to evict me. I am still here, I have no other place to go, and no way to win, if I leave my home
My bank and the lawyer who cashed my check, can't seem to come up with a solution. My seller (months after the sale was concluded) signed over the land, sheds and driveway to one person(not me), then lost it himself to a very odd 24 hour foreclosure. The people who claimed to have foreclosed on him, sold the property to the same people, my seller had sold it too.
As it stands now, I think that none of these three groups of people are in a position to make things right.
If I had know that I wouldn't own my water meter, my driveway, an RV hook-up, both sheds, my garden area, the security lights and the resultant connections to my house, sewer and plumbing. I would not have bought this place.
I would appreciate anyone's help in finding a solution to the trap, I find myself in. I gave my word and I am paying off my mortgage. The lawyer and the banks representatives did not see the discrepancies with all this before signing. I did not see the survey and legal description, until after signing, and did not understand what I was seeing even then.
If I could recoup my own losses here, I still couldn't in good conscience, sell a property with all these problems, nor would anyone buy it as it is.

Since: Dec 10

Livingston, TN

#2 Apr 2, 2012
No call back? Call them again, again and again. If the same person says they can't help, ask for their supervisor. Go to the office.

I would also Google the seller and your neighbors to see if they've pulled something like this before or you can find any dirt on them.

Have you called or emailed any of the investigative reporters you see on your local channels? They've helped many people or at least got the story to the public.

Good luck. Trying to get justice in small Texas town is like trying to walk to Europe. I've been fighting with Angelina County for the past 4 years.
Linda Lilly


#3 Apr 2, 2012
I had not even considered going to legal aids office. Since there is never a human being who answers the phone, I just assumed no one would be there.
I will google all their names, it does seem as if these people planned this before I ever saw this place. The way the survey lines are drawn across a rectangular yard, according to the tax office was done after the house was built.

It is their motive, I can't figure, to cut off access(driveway) to an $18,000. property.

I really don't know of any local channels out here, we do not have broadcast TV. We use TV's for DVDS and VCR, news comes from the once a week paper. That too, I can google, Thanks.

Since: Dec 10

Cookeville, TN

#5 Apr 30, 2012
Just wondering if you made any headway.

By local channels, I mean ABC, CBS or NBC stations in Houston, or maybe for you, in Beaumont? KTRK is ABC in Houston, if I remember correctly. You can do a search on TV stations in any location.

I wish you the best of luck only to wish I could be there to help you. I have another court hearing with Angelina County, TX in July with a judge who is basing his decision on lies, gossip, hearsay, innuendo, and personal feelings. I'll have to find out how to take this case under judicial review, and I will.
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#6 May 17, 2012
On 21st. of April, my water line was cut by my neighbors, and I have been trying to establish ownership of the 8 year old water line between my house and the water meter, that was part of my agreement with the seller, so I can put in a water meter, myself. I have had no luck, getting an answer to this. I did a little online seaching and if I read it right, no one other than a water company,(and only for non-payment) can turn anyone's water off. It is illegal.

I sent a letter to the state representative's office, and last Friday, a person from his office called me and asked some questions, she said that she would contact me again Monday and begin looking into this mess.

She didn't call me back, but our DA called me. He had contacted the people who were given my water meter, the same ones who had cut the line, and he tentatively made a deal with them, that I could pay them $20. a month and I would have my water restored, I said NO!, the water meter is mine. I want my water in my name, and a bill coming to me. I think I infuriated him, but when you are on a fixed income, there are consantly someone who is checking to see if you are who you claim to be. Water bills, light bills, house notes, phone bills, vehicle registartion, tax statements, somebody is going to ask for proof, sooner or later. And, even if no one ever does ..... can I sell this house, with no driveway, no water meter and no ownership of the sheds in the yard, how about renting it out? Not hardly, I need a water meter that is assigned to my home. After I pay for this place, maybe a loan on it, from the bank? No way, this place has no value as it is now.

After the call with the DA, I called the bank, and for a change was put through immediately. During the phone conversation, the banker said that he had been contacted by the state representative's office, and he was going to call me back as soon as he could set up a meeting for me, the attorney and himself. That was 4 days ago, and no call back. I will call him tomorrow, after I call the state representatives office.
Next post is the letter I sent to the people who cut my water off, the names are changed, of course. They should have gotten it today.
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#7 May 17, 2012
The water meter is mine!
Whether the price that you ask me to pay you, for water coming through my meter and through my water lines, to my house is twenty cents, twenty dollars or twenty thousand dollars, doesn't matter, it's too much.
If I pay one cent for someone else to be in control of what is mine, then I would be accepting the theft of my property. I will not accept, and be Ok, with my property being stolen. Those more than eight year old water lines, from that meter to my house, were not signed over to you. They are mine. Did you cut my water line? You could have put your own lines to my water meter, but you can't cut mine.
When I bought this place Bubba and Dovie, had a meter bringing water to their house, which is now my house. That meter had Pritchard's name on it, not Matthew's and not Mendoza's.
I contacted the water company and so did Bubba Pritchard, Pritchard told them that I was buying the house and he was turning the multi-meter, over to the new owner of the house, "Me".
He asked the water company for the papers that he would have to sign, to make the meter mine. They sent him the papers. I called the water company and told them I was buying the house, and I needed to know what papers, I would need to sign and how much it would cost me.
They said $150. to transfer ownership, and they sent me the papers to sign. I bought the house and I wrote the check to the water company and signed my part of the paperwork, and waited for Bubba to sign his. I called him every few days, he and Dovie told me over and over, that they had mailed them to me. So I would wait a few more days and then call them again, and they would lie to me again, and then I again, would wait a few more days, and call them, and they would say, "we just mailed it". That check of mine is still waiting to be taken to the water company.
After about three or four weeks of this, I called the bank's vice president and asked for the banks help in getting what I had bought, turned over to me. I guess they called Pritchard too, probably lot's of times, just like I was doing, or I hope they were calling Pritchard.
I was nothing but nice, but after a while, Pritchard quit talking to me, so I talked to Dovie, I even showed up at a doctors office when I knew she would be there. It was cold nasty and wet weather, and I was out in it trying to get my water meter in my name. That was the day that Dovie told me that they were keeping my meter, them " the Pritchard's, not the Mendoza's.
Ms. Mendoza, do you remember the day in February, that Dovie, waited in my yard to meet with you? Dovie told me that day, that you were going to sue them, if they sold me the land with your sewer system on it, and they had no choice but to give you just that little part of my land.
She didn't tell me, that you would end up claiming parts of my sewer system, my water lines and electrical outlets and driveway and sheds and security lights. She didn't tell me that she and Bubba, would be the reason you did.
No, she didn't tell me that part, but she did tell me, that she had told you and you agreed, that my yard would start at the solid red post, on the back fence, and she asked if that was okay with me.
I told Dovie, Yes, that since it was your sewer system, and it was the right thing to do, to make it legally yours.
And then she told me, that Bubba had finally changed his mind, and signed and mailed my water meter contract papers, to me earlier that same morning.
Later I found out that Bubba had called the water company and told them that he was keeping the property and asked if he had to sign the meter over to me. They told him that "No" if Miss Lilly wasn't buying the place, then he didn't have to give Miss Lilly, the meter.
Bubba Pritchad didn't tell the water company, that I had already bought and paid in full, for the place.
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#8 May 17, 2012

About that same time, that Dovie said that Bubba had decided that they would be keeping the blue shed and the meter. The same shed Bubba had stood in and said would be perfect for my chickens, the same meter that he had already contracted to sign over to me.

Well, I told her no way. I wanted what was mine. I paid them exactly what they asked for and I wanted exactly what they had said I was getting. Nothing more and nothing less.

Bubba and Dovie did me wrong and instead of fixing it, they put the problem on you. They made you responsible for cleaning up their wrong doing.

I had trusted and liked the man, Bubba Pritchard, I liked Dovie and Bubba, I did really like these people. I couldn't have been more wrong about them.

Because of my health problems water is more important to me, than a roof or food, Bubba and Dovie knew that long before, I bought the house. First, I applied for a real estate loan at my bank, then I called the water company and got the water deal made.

I have no saliva producing glands in my mouth, so I must have water in my hand 24/7. I am a diabetic and my body literally is thirsting for more water, continually. The big pink cup, that is always in my hand is no joke, I cannot live without it.
I also have congestive heart failure, and there are days, I can't walk across a room, I have COPD, I can lift and carry stuff sometimes, but only for a few minutes, before I fall. These are my health problems and they are none of your business. I bought this house, so that my grown sons will not be seeing how bad it is, and try to take me to their homes.
I want to live my last years in my own home, my way. Part of doing that, is being responsible for my own bills, that means my name on my bills. I build my credit by paying my bills, not somebody else's.
Until the day I die, that meter is mine, not yours. The bank and the DA are trying too get this fixed and now, that I've got the state of Texas, State representative helping me, maybe this can be fixed.

If you went to the store and bought a refrigerator, paid for it, and the store gave it to someone else, would you pay those other people to let you use it?
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#9 May 17, 2012
Next is the letter I sent to the state representative, and several others. Maybe I will hear from one of them too.

THE LETTER...> I am a disabled grandmother raising a moderately disabled young grandchild, alone. In November of 2010, I bought an old fixer upper house, in "as is" condition. The sellers, showed the banker, myself and the appraiser, the property that was to be mine and the banks (mortgaged), and part of what I bought, they decided not to deliver, without bothering to renegotiate the selling price or allowing me an out.

We (buyer, seller, water company and witnessed by the banker), before closing had made an agreement on the transfer of the water meter (that was assigned to my house), from the seller to myself.

After closing they chose not to sign it over to me. For months afterward, I asked repeatedly, for them to sign over my water meter, I was told again and again, the papers had been mailed to me. My seller, again some months later, asked the water company if he had to turn over the meter to me, as he was keeping the property. The water company representative, of course told him that "no, if he wasn't selling to me, then he did not have to give me the meter". The water company rep, was not aware that the seller had already completed the sale, took my money, and bought another home.

I have no idea when, but they signed my water meter over to a neighbor. I was not notified of this, nor was I notified when they sold my entire driveway, two sheds, security lighting, part of my sewer system, part of my water lines and part of the electrical system coming into my electric meter, on my house, to the same neighbor.

I had not seen my appraisal, nor the survey before closing, so I did not know that the bank and the lawyer who cashed and are still cashing, my checks, had possibly not seen, nor drawn my attention to a major discrepancy between what I, the appraiser and the banker, was shown as my property-to-be and what the survey showed. This discrepancy, I did not see either, nor at the time would I have actually understood it.

I asked as soon as I knew of this, for the bank and the attorney to fix it. Just make it right. That was more than a year ago, the seller has, after selling part of my property to my neighbors, given the "sold property" back to the people, that he had bought it from, in a very strange foreclosure/forfeit that took about 24 hours. They then sold it to the same neighbor, along with several more acres along both sides of the road leading to my house.

That neighbor, had "her property", inside my fence lines, surveyed and marked. She tried to stop my using the driveway, which is the only possible way in and out of my yard, and both she and my sellers have called the sheriff's department to threaten me with arrest for criminal trespass.

There is much more to this story, the sellers fought having a survey done, and their foreclosures fought me having deeded access to my property.

I have just made my 18th. payment on this place, and I fear that a statute of limitations, will soon lose me any chance at this being fixed. I believe that all parties here, except myself would like me to just give up and go away. And I might have, but I can't afford to move and even if I did, I still must pay this place off, and there is no way I could sell it, while being honest about what I have actually got here.

I would appreciate any help you may be able to give me. At a time when I should be concentrating on fixing this falling apart place and taking care of my health, I have been harassed and threatened and I do fear for both mine and my grandchild's safety.

Very simply, without a driveway, a water meter and the property that has been taken from me, I would not have spent one dime on this place. There would have been no sale, to me. I have been cheated, and I don't know what to do now.
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#10 May 17, 2012
Since I last posted here, I was told that my homestead tax exemption was removed, because there was no home on this property, only a zero value trailer, which they removed my exemption for(no home, no exemption, for me) and gave it to the "previous owner", those are their words and I have it in writing, from the Trinity county tax office.
I think I am dealing with some fraud in public offices, I also have the tax statements from 2010 where my home had a value of just under $8,000. which is the reason the bank demanded I get a new appraisal, which cost me $400., the place appraised for $29,000. It might be worth $8,000. if it was whole, but the way it is split up and the house is falling apart, reality says 4 to 5 grand, tops.
Not So- Home Sweet Home


#11 May 17, 2012
Standing my ground is costing me health wise, the stress, may do me in, any minute, but I feel that settling for anything less than what I have already paid for, is basically bending over and handing them a paddle to beat me with. Good luck in July.
Just Sayin

Conroe, TX

#12 Aug 7, 2012
Re: I am a disabled senior, living on a very tiny fixed income
In November 2010, I bought a cheap little fixer-upper house with just under 3 acres of land, a pond and two sheds. etc etc
Geeze Not so ----- All these things should have been covered in a written contract drawn up by an attorney BEFORE you signed anything. The complete property description along with the metes and bounds (I think they are called)should have been included.

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