Its good that there is ordinances that passed for these mishaps. the only problem that i see is a trend of the local businesses aside from the massage parlor, of hard working townsmen and woman stuggling in this garbage economy being set up time and time again. this community needs to thrive and support one another before the county is lossed to its neighbors. with the close knit community feeling i get when i travel throughout the town, it seems that some of the community is turning its back on some of these people and businesses. if we continue to allow our businesses go down and end up in the newspaper for negitive publicity than no business owner will ever want a business in the county. support your local businesses and help them thrive not turn your back on them. its your county too. if they fail you fail. why is it when you read anything about ludowici its about the business that sold to a minor, or drugs or complaints of some sort, but never about the community coming together as a whole. lets start getting this town in the spotlight for something good for once. when i got to work no one even know this place exists. lets change this. lets get the ones who run this town to do something good for it instead of running year to year with re-election to do a job that more needs to be done. i see a grim future for this town if things do not change.