Fitzgerald, GA

#8704 May 3, 2013
Bored wrote:
Bush's 47% approval ratings will more likely increase as Obama rating more likely go down within the next year or so as the poor low salary blacks begin to pay for Obamacare and as the poor white low paid people pay for Obamacare and as the poor low pay hispanics pay for Obamacare.
Only die hard socialist will be left standing praising Obama.
I hear some atlanta people are wanting to turn the Stone Mountain carving into an Obama carving, along with MLK, Jessee Jackson, and Joe Biden.

Dawsonville, GA

#8705 May 3, 2013
Big BS in Mexico.

""I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms. And as president, I swore an oath to uphold that right, and I always will."

Dawsonville, GA

#8706 May 3, 2013
OMTE wrote:
<quoted text>boring

Facts are boring, you'll get over it.

Decatur, GA

#8707 May 3, 2013
Informed opinion you are one of the best posters on this board.

Frustrated, that is an understatement. It is incomprehensible to me, to see many who agree, and do nothing, letting us go down the drain, while watching day after day allowing liberty to disappear, and do nothing, all for the almighty dollar. There is the need for the dollar, no doubt, but there has to be accountability, law and humanity, or what good is a buck?

Dawsonville, GA

#8708 May 3, 2013
Another crack in Obamacare.

"Schumer Admits Health Insurance Premiums Have Increased "Because Of Obamacare"

Dawsonville, GA

#8709 May 3, 2013
Thanks to Obama and his socialists followers...

"They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low."

Dawsonville, GA

#8710 May 3, 2013
Looks like I was wrong about Obama's approval ratings.

Rasmussen says it stands at 45% approval instead of 47%. The difference a few days make, my oh my oh my.

And the my oh is not directed at Oh my.

Dawsonville, GA

#8711 May 3, 2013
"Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years."

This compares to roughly the 33% who supported the American Revolution.

Dawsonville, GA

#8712 May 3, 2013
Bored wrote:
<quoted text>
Dam good post of telling it like it is. Dont let them libtards bait you and then do a switch-a-roo on you.
You wont convince them but you sure do a good job of showing themn up and cutting them off at the knees.
Hey all you stumpys!
Agreed 100+ percent. Thanks Aggie23, Bored is absolutely correct.

You are a breath of fresh air.

Your arguments, style, patience, and self-control in maintaining civility in the face of such asinine, malicious, and intentionally deceptively provocative nonsense is highly recognized and most well taken, I believe, throughout this state.

Your image creates a perception that not only confirms an advanced and superior intellect as compared to those who would undertake to deceive and destroy us.

Nevertheless you, Aggie23, set a glaring example of a person of integrity, and character that appears without effort to shine through in such times of wickedness, and contrasted by your primary tormenters.

Those who have chosen to be lost in destructive adversarial humanistic chaos will always despise those of good will, who are anchored by a faith that offers Salvation, peace, comfort and eternal life.

So, in my view, we are compelled to address and expose malevolence and those who practice it, at the very core. Not to make the argument for winning or losing. They and we already know that finality.

Our mission is to challenge that malevolence at that core, no matter who may be it’s messenger.

In that way those seeking good will and truth may be seen through genuine commitment to live by the most basic fundamentals of morals and values as give to us by Almighty God.

Dawsonville, GA

#8714 May 3, 2013
An opinion worth posting.....

"Obama: The fall."
"Fate is fickle, power cyclical, and nothing is new under the sun. Especially in Washington, where after every election the losing party is sagely instructed to confess sin, rend garments and rethink its principles lest it go the way of the Whigs. And where the victor is hailed as the new Caesar, facing an open road to domination.

And where Barack Obama, already naturally inclined to believe his own loftiness, graciously accepted the kingly crown and proceeded to ride his reelection success to a crushing victory over the GOP at the fiscal cliff, leaving a humiliated John Boehner & Co. with nothing but naked tax hikes.

Thus emboldened, Obama turned his inaugural and State of the Union addresses into a left-wing dream factory, from his declaration of war on global warming (on a planet where temperatures are the same as 16 years ago and in a country whose CO2 emissions are at a 20-year low) to the invention of new entitlements — e.g., universal preschool for 5-year-olds— for a country already drowning in debt.

To realize his dreams, Obama sought to fracture and neutralize the congressional GOP as a prelude to reclaiming the House in 2014. This would enable him to fully enact his agenda in the final two years of his presidency, usually a time of lame-duck paralysis. Hail the Obama juggernaut.

Well, that story — excuse me, narrative — lasted exactly six months. The Big Mo is gone.

It began with the sequester. Obama never believed the Republicans would call his bluff and let it go into effect. They did.

Taken by surprise, Obama cried wolf, predicting the end of everything we hold dear if the sequester was not stopped. It wasn’t. Nothing happened.

Highly embarrassed, and determined to indeed make (bad) things happen, the White House refused Republican offers to give it more discretion in making cuts. Bureaucrats were instructed to inflict maximum pain from minimal cuts, as revealed by one memo from the Agriculture Department demanding agency cuts that the public would feel.

Things began with the near-comical cancellation of White House tours and ended with not-so-comical airline delays. Obama thought furious passengers would blame the GOP. But isn’t the executive branch in charge of these agencies? Who thinks that a government spending $3.6 trillion a year can’t cut 2 percent without furloughing air-traffic controllers?

Looking not just incompetent at managing budgets but cynical for deliberately injuring the public welfare, the administration relented. Congress quickly passed a bill giving Obama reallocation authority to restore air traffic control. Having previously threatened to veto any such bill, Obama caved. He signed."

Dawsonville, GA

#8715 May 3, 2013
"Not exactly Appomattox, but coming immediately after Obama’s spectacular defeat on gun control, it marked an administration that had lost its “juice,” to paraphrase a charming question at the president’s Tuesday news conference.

For Obama, gun control was a political disaster. He invested capital. He went on a multi-city tour. He paraded grieving relatives. And got nothing. An assault-weapons ban — a similar measure had passed the Congress 20 years ago — lost 60 to 40in a Senate where Democrats control 55 seats. Obama failed even to get mere background checks.

All this while appearing passive, if not helpless, on the world stage. On Syria, Obama is nervously trying to erase the WMD red line he had so publicly established. On Benghazi, he stonewalled accusations that State Department officials wishing to testify are being blocked.

He is even taking heat for the Boston bombings. Every day brings another revelation of signals missed beforehand. And his post-bombing pledge to hunt down those responsible was mocked by the scandalous Mirandizing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, gratuitously shutting down information from the one person who knows more than anyone about possible still-existent explosives, associates, trainers, future plans, etc.

Now, the screw will undoubtedly turn again. If immigration reform passes, Obama will be hailed as the comeback kid, and a new “Obama rising” narrative proclaimed.

This will overlook the fact that immigration reform has little to do with Obama and everything to do with GOP panic about the Hispanic vote. In fact, Obama has been asked by congressional negotiators to stay away, so polarizing a figure has he become.

Nonetheless, whatever happens, the screw will surely turn again, if only because of media boredom. But that’s the one constant of Washington political life: There are no straight-line graphs. We live from inflection point to inflection point.

And we’ve just experienced one. From king of the world to dead in the water in six months. Quite a ride. "


Douglasville, GA

#8716 May 3, 2013
Bored wrote:
<quoted text>
Another history deficit poster.
Impeached Clinton? really? you believe that?
You were saying something about history deficits?

Dawsonville, GA

#8717 May 3, 2013

"Obama sings Mexico's praises, but some Mexicans hear flat notes."

"After President Obama’s upbeat speech in Mexico on Friday, many in attendance said they were flattered by the description of their country, but others said they hardly recognized the place he had just described.

“[That was] a really good speech by President Obama, but what Mexico was he talking about?” said Jose Carlos Cruz, 24, a graduate student in international relations.“Unfortunately in our country, the situation is terrible: There’s poverty, unemployment, and even worse, the future is anything but promising.

“How nice that he came to give inspiring speeches, but what’s happening in Mexico is far from what he talked about today,” Cruz said.

Alberto Rios Lara, 26, who is studying to be an economist, said:“Obama is a great speaker — it’s really impossible not to feel excited. However, the reality is different in Mexico. We need more action and fewer speeches.”

"we need more action and fewer speeches."

We conservatives have been saying the same thing going on 5 years, "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action" is a song title that applies to Obama.

The man has buffaloed the un-informed, the less intelligent, and the emotionally unstable.


Dawsonville, GA

#8718 May 3, 2013
ChicknButt wrote:
<quoted text>
You were saying something about history deficits?

Glad to put you to work, you need the education.

Sure took you a long time to verify.
columbus native

Edmond, OK

#8719 May 3, 2013
You know things are going pretty well when you see these republicans piss and moan like sick dogs. I would'nt vote for a republican no matter who is running against them. It's their party and worship of the wealthy no matter who they elect. I'll say anything I want about reptile bush, this SOB permenately damaged my country and Obama sure as hell is better than romney any day. Can't get these stupid beatdown republicans to answer some simple questions about their defeated party just mindless shatter like TROLL. Now that makes me all the more happy I voted for Obama. These republicans are a danger to our country and don't have the brains God gave a jackass.But it's their nerves on edge for a change and not mine and if forced to I will vote for Hillary.

Douglasville, GA

#8720 May 3, 2013
Bored wrote:
Thanks to Obama and his socialists followers...
"They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low."
Back to Alex Jones Info Wars?

Do you remember just a few days ago we proved that this was not even remotely accurate news?

Pathetic. You're a junkie for fake, false information.
columbus native

Edmond, OK

#8721 May 3, 2013
Thanks to FDR for Social Security. Got mine check today and thanks to presidents like Obama who preserve the program. Now republicans would have you believe that social security and those who paid it in for 40 years are the deficit problem. Huge overpriced military products along with wars like Iraq are mainly why we are where we are today. But don't pay attention to these fools and trolls they are just mad they could'nt privatize it and could'nt get us to pay for romneys 2 trillion plus navy that was to make him and a few other insiders trillions on our credit card. At the end of the day they lost and won't be a threat to our great country for atleast 3 and half plus years! I love to hear how pissed they are, serves them right.Dum ass trolls!

Dawsonville, GA

#8722 May 3, 2013
Vote for Hillary, vote for a loser.

Most people in OK spend their time in an Indian Casino, losing their welfare checks and wanting Obama to give them more.
columbus native

Edmond, OK

#8723 May 3, 2013
Get used to it, he's there for 3 and a half more years and there is'nt anything you can do about it.

Dawsonville, GA

#8724 May 3, 2013
ChicknButt wrote:
<quoted text>
Back to Alex Jones Info Wars?
Do you remember just a few days ago we proved that this was not even remotely accurate news?
Pathetic. You're a junkie for fake, false information.

And you're a dummy for wrong links..

You've proved nothing, you have posted a lot of libtard websites for rebuttal.

Check these out. While you are at it, check the charts.

"If you think that the latest employment numbers are good news, you might want to look again. In April 2013, 58.6 percent of all working age Americans had a job. But three years ago, in April 2010, 58.7 percent of all working age Americans had a job. Well, you may argue, that is not much of a difference. And that is precisely my point. The percentage of Americans that have a job fell like a rock during the last recession.

It dropped from about 63 percent all the way down to below 59 percent, and it has stayed below 59 percent for 44 months in a row. So where is the recovery? This is the first time in the post-World War II era that the employment-population ratio has not bounced back after the end of a recession. So anyone that tells you that we are experiencing an employment recovery is lying to you. Yes, the U.S. economy added 165,000 jobs last month. But it takes nearly that many jobs just to keep up with population growth. The truth is that we are just treading water."

So not only has Obama killed small business growth, he has made it a point to keep unemployment high.

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