Stop nepotism in Long County

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Editor, At the Aug. 17 Ludowici City Council meeting, I presented a three-page document containing information about nepotism, which means the hiring of a family member.

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Ashburn, GA

#1 Sep 7, 2010
In some parts of the world this is called a Monarchy

Ashburn, GA

#2 Sep 11, 2010
It runs deep, just the other day I was in the Sherriff Office and their was a child at a computer play'n games. Wish I could have that luxury. But if I didit just got stole like all my other junk, Id hop that theys come kickin in one day while im a home, and I get my boot strap and give them a whatfer
Just Me

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#3 Sep 21, 2010
I think it shoudlnt' matter if the person if clearly qualified for the position. I know jobs are hard to find right now and of course they are going to look within their family members to see if anyone needs work. It's human nature. You'd do it if you had your own business too.
Ludowici Born in and out

Patterson, GA

#4 Sep 21, 2010
I have a question. Why is not everything put in the Newspaper by the "Concerned Citizen"? She is making alot a noise about some of Ludowici's oldest natives, but the newspaper sure is not putting EVERYTHING about this so called concerned citizen or her family. They want to put down people who have tried to help the city and who have even done their own family favors, but now that things are not going "her" way, then everyone is wrong and she is screaming NEPOTISM. She doesn't say that she tried to get her son's girlfriend hired and that is how all of this started. Never mind that the one that was hired has a college degree and has been in the accounting field for many years. The person is more than qualified for the job. The "Concerned Citizen" is just ticked off because one of her family memebers did not get hired, so she is screaming NEPOTISM. The "Concerned Citizen" should really think about all that their family has done in the past, and continues to do before putting another person down that has done nothing buy try to help the citizens of Ludowici.
stop whining

Rincon, GA

#5 Sep 22, 2010
It's LUDOWICI!! Why would you NOT want to hire some of your own for jobs within the CITY!! People are bound to be related when the population is, what? 10,000 and most of those are military. Certain people are going to whine and complain about EVERYTHING! Get over it!! I'm sorry Ms. Goode, but Nepotism is when someone you are related to works under your direct supervision. Larry Fowler is the City Court Judge. I know Ludowici is small, but the Judge does not run the water department. Also, if this job was "created" for this person how did you know about it in order to recommend your son's girlfriend? Anywhere you go, people will ask other people they know to help someone in their family out with a job if they need one.
one that know

Rincon, GA

#6 Sep 22, 2010
If you think Nepotism is bad in Ludowici, why don't you go back to England and deal with the Monarchy there.

Hinesville, GA

#7 Sep 22, 2010
Pretty sure everyone is sick of " concerned citizen by now.Yes I agree, go back to England! I have family in Ludowici and all youhear is what this "ONE" CONCERNED CITIZEN IS SAYING!
Terry Strickland

Patterson, GA

#8 Sep 23, 2010
In the September 21st 2010 issue of the Ludowici News the letter to the editor was entitled "Reader Objects To Hiring Of City Judge's Daughter along with several other leters in the previous issues of the Ludowici News. I would like to know why there is not an article in the paper about the entire City Council Meeting, there were other issues discussed besides the complaints of Mrs. Goode. The Ludowici News is suppose to be about Ludowici and Long County, not for one person to continually use this paper to downgrade and lie about the Ludowici Government Officials or the citizens of Ludowici. Second, Mrs Goode stated and I quote "I became aware that a position of employment had been made for the daughter of the City Judge. I am also aware this position was not an open position but one that had been made especially for her" end quote. The City was going to hire someone regardless if it was me or not. She also stated that the taxpayers are now paying an unwanted position and perhaps insurance that was not allowed in the budget. The position that Mrs. Goode is so much against is for the Water Department. There has been a problem with the reading of the meters and the taxpayers of Ludowici have made numerous complaints due to high water usage, now I wonder if it was Mrs. Goode's water bill would she still be standing on her soapbox? As far as being qualified for this position, I attended and graduated from college with an Accounting degree. I have worked in the Accounting field for over twenty years. Yes, my father is the City Judge, but I do not work for my father nor is my father on the City Council, nor does he have anything to do with the Ludowici Water Department. As far as the "secret" or "closed door meeting" to hire me, neither of these statements are true.
Terry Strickland

Patterson, GA

#9 Sep 23, 2010
There has been no threat made by my father or favors done for my father to get me this position. Mrs. Goode, you stated that my father should be above such behavior. I promise you that I am not the person in Ludowici or that Long County that will tell you that my father is one of the most just and fair men that you will find in Ludowici. He has done more to help this city than you will ever be able to do. You say that he should be above such behavior as the City judge, you sure didn't mind that he did not press charges against you for threatening to "punch him in the face" at the last City Council meeting when you thought he was smiling too much or laughing at you. You also stated that you knew that someone had put in an application and did not get the job. When you were asked the name of this person your response was "you would rather not say", Well I will say it for you, it was your son's girlfriend. I know for a fact that everyone at City Hall have bent over backwards to get the paperwork that you have requested, even when it interrupts their daily duties. That doesn't matter does it, as long as you get what you want. You talk about the budget, I am sure that the time that people have spent trying to get the paperwork that you have requested to use against the very City and people that you are complaining about is not in the budget. Mrs. Goode, you have shown blantant disregard and disrespect for the Ludowici City Council and it's rules at the last meeting with your profanity and disregard for the posted allotted minutes that a person can speak at the meetings. You are doing some of the same things that you condemn others for. When Mayor Warren advised you that your time was almost up, you ignored her and said that you would be heard no matter how long it took. I guess rules and regulations only apply to others, not you. Every time the Council tried to talk to you, you cut them off and would not hear anything that anyone on the Council had to say. The only thing you and Mr. Goode could do was antagonize and make accusations about things that were not fact, they were just your opinions. Your so called "Family Tree" was not even accurate. Tony Fowler nor Larry Fowler Jr. works for the city of Ludowici. If you were to do your research you would find that there are several mechanics and wrecker that do business with the City of Ludowici. There is a solutions to all of this; you think Ludowici needs to be straightened out. Then qualify and run for an office and get elected. The way that I see it, the elected officials are doing a good job; and I must not be the only one that feels this way because there has not been a city election for a couple of terms now. BUT please let me clarify, it sure hasn't been because Judge Richard Phillips would not allow an election as Mr. Goode stated at the Council meeting, but because the ones in office now have not had any oppostion for their office. As for me, I was hired by ALL FIVE City Council Members, so I don't have to answer to you or your one sided thoughts or opinions. I answer to the ones who hired me and the Mayor of Ludowici.
Terry D. Stickland
The very PROUD daughter of the City Judge!
Terry Strickland

Patterson, GA

#10 Sep 23, 2010
My first page of this letter did not post.

Cochran, GA

#11 Sep 23, 2010
What is the situation still with the Terroist Muslims on the river? I have not heard anything and i continually think about our safety and these people. These non christian thugs need to be kicked out of our County where i want my children to be raised and live better than i was. I am sick and tired of hearing about Sharia law and all that mess... We deserve better than this and if my family has to we will fight for it. I know this is an old subject but its not old to me.

Cochran, GA

#12 Sep 23, 2010
Im Sorry yall i posted this on the wrong thread.

Hinesville, GA

#13 Sep 25, 2010
What I do not understand: is why did the city hire another person to read water meters for? I am a water customer here and I have never had a problem with that girl who has been doing it. I do not know her name, she is always nice and polite to people. Anyone can tell she works!Maybe there is a problem some where else? Sounds to me like a conspiracy to ruin this young lady's career. So sad. This thing with the neptism is crazy! This is a very small community so of course there is going to be some family members working for the same company. Lets get real here people. I have only noticed one person complaining about all of this anyway! Enough, drop it already. Leave the goverment alone and let that girl do her job! Let the city goverment do their job! We put them where they are at.Why? because we like the way they are doing things!

Hinesville, GA

#14 Sep 25, 2010
If people got high water usage they probably have leaks or using it and just do not not want to pay over! Sounds like us over here in Hinesville. My guess is that it's like that everywhere. Everyone fusses about their power bills too. Paula I agree with you.

Since: Nov 09

Location hidden

#15 Sep 26, 2010
well I would like to say that the Long County Government is not a "family business" and to compare it as such and to say its right to look within your family members to see WHO NEEDS WORK is just a ridiculous statement. jeez. It SHOULD
be a matter of who is qualified for the position. And sorry but there are many many people who are NOT related to each other in this county. And the definition of nepotism does not have to be someone working under the direct supervision of another family member, it is favoritism based on kinship. and Im not saying if this or isn't the case in this matter but sorry if that would be what it meant...kin working directly under the supervision of kin,then we all know that Long County is guilty of it, maybe not in this case but in other cases. but thats ok. I know Ms Goode has stepped on some toes it seems lately and I understand that, but some things are not handled properly in my opinion either. As the entire hiring process in this county. you said that that position would have been given to somebody if it was not given to you. fine. I understand that you are well qualified for the position, But what I want to know is...
was this job posted?? say in the newspaper for it to be fair for anyone to apply for this job??? Wouldn't that be the fair thing to do and the right way to conduct business?? I cannot
recall ever seeing a job posted for any job in this county, or maybe they have been and I have just missed them. So was it posted?? Are ANY jobs posted here in this town?? Im also having trouble
understanding the position. You said it was about problems with the reading of the meters. exactly what do they have you doing, if you don't mind me asking. reading meters? there are people I thought who do that. straightening out the bills? and whats with the meter problem?? are they tore up, not read right, what? Im curious. I mean fix the problem, whatever that may be...sort out the mess its caused and move on, don't see where it would call for a permanent position, really I don't. I mean is there ALWAYS gonna be a problem with the reading of the meters?? if the problem is fixed, whats the need of having a position open for a problem that no longer exist?? I understand that you were hired by the council and the mayor, and thats their decision but I think everyone should have had the chance at any position opening including this one. Sounds like yes Ms Goodes behavior is a somewhat out of hand if what all you are saying is true. especially threatening your dad. But really since you are now an employee of the city, should you be putting out there for all to see someone who has applied for the position, wouldn't that be something that should be a private matter. Heck it could be public record for all I know. I just think as a employee of the city you or any other employee shouldn't stoop down so low to throw out something that shouldn't be public knowledge. Its really unprofessional, no matter who you are so mad at or even if it is public record. So is who applies for a position for the city a matter of public record?? I'd like to know this so if you could. can you please answer if it is or not. Also if this job was posted say in the newspaper or anything. Well guess thats it. Yall have a nice day ok!!
Terry Strickland

Patterson, GA

#16 Sep 26, 2010
Georgiaboy88, The problem with the meters is a issue that needsto be straightened out. If that means I work there only to do this, so be it. As far as anything that I have put on here, it is all public record, except for the fact that Mrs. Goode threatened to "punch my father in the face" which sould have been put in the paper along with all of her complaints. As far as being qualified for the position, I am in fact more than qualified. If is was posited in the paper, I do not know. All I know is I put in an application and I was hired due to the fact that there were problems with the meters being read and people getting water bills for the amount of 38000.00, so yes, that would be a problem. As far as me withing on this blog, I put in here for one reason and one reason only, it would seem that the Ludowici News only wants to print what Mrs. Goode has to say about my family and myself, I wanted everyone to know that this is not one sided and I would have my opinion of her stated weather here or in the paper. And as far as what I have said, ask for the public record it's in there. All I have put on here is the truth. But I do understand where you stand.

Hinesville, GA

#17 Oct 2, 2010
what about the person that already reads them? What do they have to say about the situation? Were you hired to replace someone? If a person is over qualified for a job seems they would be wanting a job that would challenge them,aren't meters done electronically? Sounds like you are saying you are an expert in that field. No one should threaten any one. Hope all works out for every one.
off with their heads

Glennville, GA

#18 Jul 18, 2012
After reading these comments and attacks on Mrs. Goode, I have to say that it's no wonder Ludowici lives in the Middle Ages. The city and county will always be corrupt because there aren't enough people who believe we ought to have a democracy and a government that works for the benefit of all the people. Too many people think it's ok to be on the take.

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