My heart truly goes out to those officers whose career will be cut short due to the incompetence of the current Governor. These officers have chosen to work amongst the people that our society wants off the street because they are so offensive.
It is a rare individual who decides to put their life on the line daily to keep the rest of us safe.
They should be rewarded, not punished. What is truly unforgivable is how the cuts always start with those who earn the least. The top level of administration will never have to even take a cut in pay, never mind risk losing their jobs.
They talk a great game about how "sorry" they are to have to lay off these new officers and councilors , but if they wanted to cut costs, there are alternatives. Take away the state bought, maintained, and fueled (all on the taxpayers bill) vehicles that some of the top level administration drives to and from work. Regular staff uses their own vehicles, the top tier should do the same. Lead by example. There are many other measures which could be implemented rather than laying off the least paid staff who contribute AND risk the most on a daily basis. I pray for the financial well being of those who will be laid off.