Puppy Place reopens, but not with off...

Puppy Place reopens, but not with official consent

There are 41 comments on the WWLP Massachusetts story from Apr 29, 2008, titled Puppy Place reopens, but not with official consent. In it, WWLP Massachusetts reports that:

April 29, 2008 6:47 p.m. WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. A West Springfield pet shop that was shut down for a variety of violations is back in business, but the agency that issued the cease and desist order did not ...

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silly oaf

Holyoke, MA

#22 Apr 16, 2009
YaGottaBelieve0z wrote:
We purchased a black lab shortly before they were originally closed only to find out immediately he also had health issues. I as well took him to "their" vet as they gave me a certificate for a free checkup. What a scam, there was nothing free about it and although he did treat the dog and some things have gotten better my pup is still having issues. "Their" vet actually has been in business for years and I thought he had a good reputation but would not recommend him to treat a rat after all of this. I love our dog and wouldn't give him up for the world but places and people like this definately need to be shut down. They are in it for the $$$ and could care less about those poor animals.
You right a scam, I thought it was just an office visit price they offer you, nothing else, maybe a reinbursement of the prescriptions your pup needed.

United States

#23 Jul 30, 2009
I bought a puppy and she came down with Kennal Cough. I sent the bill to Puppy place and they did send me a check.
I love my dog and she is very well behaved.
My brother-in-law did not have a good experence.The Dog they bought ended up having ammonia and was sold to them in that state. The dog started getting sick the day they bought him home. They took him to the vets and he had a 103 temp.They had to hook the dog up to a IV. Know they are stuck with a $600.00 bill that the puppy place is not paying becaouse they did not unhook the very sick dog and bring him back to be treated by their vet whom missed the ammonia in the first place.

Please do your homework and read the agreement carefully. Kennal Cough seems to run ramped and that concerns me .

Buyer Beware....

Portsmouth, NH

#24 Dec 6, 2009
I bought a puppy @ The Puppy Place in W. Spfld on Subday. Tuesday check-up-GIARDIA. Back to the vet on Thursday-KENNEL COUGH. In the emergency room on Saturday-PARVOVIRUS. Call me INSANE but I paid $4700.00 for her three night stay and she needed a blood transfusion. Those IDIOTS said the Puppy got Parvo after she left the store and all theie dogs are immunized for parvo. LIARS. I love this Puppy and will give her a fighting chance to live. As for The Puppy Place, I see a lawsuit very soon.DO NOT EVEN STEP INTO THIS STORE!

Since: Dec 09

Pittsfield, MA

#25 Dec 19, 2009
My advise... never buy .. esp a 'dog' from a pet store. Worst thing you can do. More than 20 yrs ago, i was looking for a puppy. They had tons of 'free' to good homes puppies in my area. So, my brother and i took a ride to one of the homes whose dogs had a litter. The most beautiful half lab half shepherd puppies you'd ever see. I thought about and decided to take the one male that was left. It was the best decision i ever made. I loved him so much and he had the best personality as he got older. He was 8 wks old when i took him home and lived a wonderful life for 11 yrs. If i ever decided to get another dog, id want a mix because they live longer and not so many problems as purebreds, and id once again get them through someone whose got a litter for free!
Sherri Watt

Holden, MA

#26 Jan 8, 2010
I bought a cock-a poo from the puppy place in dec 2009.we love the dog to death...After looking up the breeder I found she has a new name moved and was running a puppy mill.After calling the manager at the store and getting no where she said theres no one I can taqlk to higher than her....My other dog just came down with kennel cough and its a 4lb yorkie thats never goes anywhere but his little bed so it for sure came from him..The manger was so rude and I'm not done with her yet!!!I plan on standing in front of her store with the findings that I found out about my dogs breeder....This place should be closed!!!!!!
karl m

Shutesbury, MA

#29 Apr 14, 2010
I went in there the other day found a german shepherd i wanted i jsut cant help out the pet shop after all this bad stuff i heard does anyone know a local german shepherd breeder ?

Amherst, MA

#31 Oct 17, 2010
I bought a yorkshire terrier in may 2010 and he has a really bad knee...that constantly pops in and out of socket. i fell in love with him so i didn't want to return him back to the store. i called the store and told them not to breed those two dogs again because it was something hereditary, but who knows if they listened...my suggestion is to buy from a breeder.

Southbridge, MA

#32 Oct 29, 2011
i am thinking about about buying a dog there but im not sure if i should follow through... any advice?
hungryandoutrage d

Jefferson, MA

#33 Nov 8, 2011
Please, people, why buy a puppy from a store? So you can support filthy puppy mills? THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS are dying in shelters because people like you go out and support stores such as The Puppy Place instead of adopting. While you squeal over your new puppy on the way home, an unwanted puppy is being gassed in a kill shelter somewhere. It's sick. Do you not realize this? Animals in shelters are not all castaways and rejects, they are loving animals who have had the misfortune of being owned by irresponsible people who dumped them when it became inconvenient to own them.

Belchertown, MA

#34 Nov 29, 2011
I did buy a puppy from the puppy place in W.spfld. I would never trade my dog, but I def. will never buy from a pet store again. He has been a great dog, listens well, trains easily, but he was VERY sick when we got him. "Their" vet insisted he was fine but he was diagnosed with kennel cough. This vet gave him antibiotics 3 times before we finally brought him to another vet. He has since had a seizure which is possibly a genetic defect. Had I done my research I don't think I would have bought him there. That is just my experience.

Chicopee, MA

#35 Dec 31, 2011
I bought my dog from the puppy place in west springfield almost 2 years ago, and my dog has never been in bad health, is the most amazing and fun dog i have ever gotten, there is one thing i can complain about and its this...that when i bought her i was told she was half west highland terrier and half yorkie, come to find out she is 90% cairn terrier and 10% norwhich terrier . they are nice people and they take good care of their animals, cleaning it more then 4 times a day and feeding them often. so dont talk bad when its obvious you all dont know what the situation is. some dogs get sick and cant be helped. it doesnt have to be blamed on the store. thank you.

Union, NJ

#36 Aug 24, 2012
pet shelter deff charge up to 600 dollars. and no matter were you get a puppy from there will always be another needing a home. If your dog got sick don't get mad their vet isn't free, you chose to care for it so go care for it and stop compalining. Do you get mad your son or daughter didn't have a year free health insurance? No so treat an animal as such. And second he is right, shelters are no better. You don't see them trying to make deals so animals don't get put down and they still receive some amount. They'd rather spend more money to put an animal down. No animal shelter or pet store will be perfect and nither will any animal. Regaurdless of it all its about giving the animals a good home and anything before that is your choice, agree to disagree and be mature. Everyone sees things diffrent and has diffrent experiences that no need to be rude to eachother. If anyone on this site spent the time they're taking online, in a shelter volunteering these animals would all be better off. I'm just as guilty but at least iv looked at things from all sides.

West Springfield, MA

#38 Nov 15, 2012
Lots of dogs

Chicopee, MA

#39 Mar 20, 2013
If you are in the market for a dog, this place has a good selection of dogs. I purchased two from here and one died, but one out of two isn't bad. Buster died after having him for 9 months. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to have his spleen removed. Two days later he was paralyzed and had to be put down after spending $2,500 to try and save him. The Puppy Place refunded us our $800 dollars that we spent to purchase Buster and we are still $1,700 in debt due to this. So for the grand total of $1,700 we have memories of our dog. But on the other hand we still have the other one and let's hope that he makes it.
As I have said they have a fine assortment of dogs and their refund policy is top notch.

Westfield, MA

#40 Nov 12, 2013
We bought a German shepherd in April 2013 & 2 days after that the dog had an obvious respiratory infection. Took dog to my vet who I've used for 20 years & totally trust. She told me the dog had to have been sick when we bought him, in order to have gotten SO sick so fast after purchase. I called manager of puppy place & was told by her to bring dog back &their vet would treat him. AS IF! My puppy had been at the store for ONE DAY! We took him to animal hospital in Deerfield MA. Amazing place! Literally a dog Intensive Care Unit. Cost a lot and am still trying to get some money back from puppy place. We love our dog &accepted the responsibility of getting him well as I am POSITIVE they would have euthanized him (easy way out) & then would have given us another dog (who probably would have been sick too). I know PETA picketed them soon after we bought our dog and believe me, I'll be right with them the next time!

Ardsley, NY

#42 Jan 3, 2014
Don't know what people are talking about when they say that it is cheaper to go to a shelter. I went to a shelter out near the Wendal state forest and it WAS in fact 600 dollars to adopt a dog.. At that time there were No puppies, and the primary breed were pit bulls,.. My insurance won't cover me for a pit bull breed of dog ( do your homework and call your ins agency before adopting).. And after waiting 6 months for another breed we gave up and called a breeder and paid a couple extra hundred for a pure Breed w/ AKC papers and a lineage that can be traced for health problems.. A friend of mine also adopted a dog from the ASPCA shelter on bliss street years ago,.. They were told the dog was good with kids, house trained and good family dog. A week latter after biting 2 people , shifting behind furniture, and rolling in other dogs feces every chance it went out to the dog park ,they brought it back and they were told that they could not adopt another dog and were put on a list.. Nice huh, the shelter turned it into there fault,.. These friends have a dog that was purchased from a breeder that is a respectable part of there family and well trained,.. But somehow still not good enough to adopt a dog,.. shelters Suck and overcharge for the dogs they get, and are somehow convinced that the pit bull breed is the only trainable breed... sTAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Ashfield, MA

#43 Feb 10, 2014
If any of you who bought a puppy from "The Puppy Place" can give a statement about problems, contact me (Marnie Meyers) or WMARA on Facebook. Help shut down the puppy mills!

Holyoke, MA

#44 Feb 4, 2016
diane field wrote:
I do not understand now people still knowlingly support pet stores with all the information out there about puppy mills. STOP BUYING puppies at these establishments!!! Go to the shelter and adopt one so these "stores" go out of business. Animals are NOT objects to be sold like cartons of milk. You all got what you deserved.
How rude!! I definitely do not support these places but there are people who don't have the knowledge you do and speaking to people like that doesn't help anyone especially these poor animals. Respect for animals starts with people that are capable of it- towards animals and people a like.

East Hartford, CT

#45 May 16, 2016
Bcon18 wrote:
<quoted text>
How rude!! I definitely do not support these places but there are people who don't have the knowledge you do and speaking to people like that doesn't help anyone especially these poor animals. Respect for animals starts with people that are capable of it- towards animals and people a like.
Dont worry bcon 8. This doesnt seem like anyone actly put thought into their posts. They just reacted with emotions and ill logic.

The truth of the matter is, this forum was a place for people to review the value of this pet store for good or bad. People need information to make decisions for themselves and i dont believe ANYONE in their right minds adopts a puppy with ill intentions.

REALITY CHECK- whether a puppy came from crappy puppy mill or not, it has been birthed into this world and needs a lovimg home- just like human babies birthed intp this world by crappy people.

If an irresposible woman hooked up with random men all the time and the result was thst she had 12 babies that all needed adopting b.c she was unable to care for her kids, and some of them were sick and others just traumatized from neglect, would you tell the adoptive parents not to adopt those poor little babies b.c it just encourages the mother not to take personal responsibility? Probably not. So whats the point of trying to say the same thing about puppies?

The real question is what shpuld be done about the store?

So bottom line. What SHOULD be done about the puppy place? Seeing as how this forum has been going for seven years and the place is still opwn im assuming you have all just sat here arguing this whole time instead of taking action to have your voices heard. So...are people as a local community going to rally and take action to make their words turned into reality or argue like a bunch of fraidy cats who can only use their fightin' words at each other from behind a keyboard?

West Springfield, MA

#46 Feb 16, 2017
Diane wrote:
<quoted text>

You are so full of cr*p. Nowhere on earth does it cost $600 to adopt a dog. It's less than $200 anywhere in this area. Please save your exagerations for someone who doesn't know better. The "price" reflects how much money they've spent on medical issues to get him healthy, spay/neuter costs, and possibly rehabilitation so he doesn't rip your face off, although now that I think about it I'm not so sure that's a bad thing....
You have no idea what you are talking about. Go to the web site check out prices before you talk about something you know nothing about.

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