The National Association of Realtors® Discovers Investment Opportunities in Communities Like Vintage Township
Peter Katz is the Founding Executive Director of the Congress for the New Urbanism and author of The New Urbanism: Toward the Architecture in which he predicted the rise in New Urbanism about 10 years ago.
In the article titled “Investing in New Urban Communities: It’s Money in the Bag…If Done Right”, The National Association of Realtors® reports on the value and financial gains on buying homes and investing in New Urban Live/Work Communities like Vintage Township based on Peter Katz’s expert advice on the subject.
In the article you will read and learn more about:
• Katz in Habersham – Katz describes his experiences buying a home in a Traditional Neighborhood and selling the lot for 100,000 more than he paid.
• What to look for in a New Urban Community – Katz offers 3 main points to look for when earning an optimal return in a New Urban Community.
• What to buy as a home and as an investment – Katz explains to investors the first decisions to make and the important cautions to take when purchasing property in New Urbanism Developments.
• Am I too late to buy and still make money?– Katz explains the issue of timing with a home in a New Urbanism Development; price appreciation, inflation and about how long to wait.
“Investors who don’t buy early often kick themselves for missing out on the lowest prices and pass up later opportunities to jump on the escalator.”
For a PDF copy of the full article,“Investing in New Urban Communities: It’s Money in the Bag…If Done Right”, visit the Vintage Township Website and click on “In the News.”
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