money taken from pop warner

money taken from pop warner

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whats going on

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#1 Aug 6, 2008
It's sad to watch the news and see That someone has stolen from pop warner. Lisa Staie is accused off taken thousands and thousands of dollars from Lowville and watertown pop warner.I am a mother of a child at the Lowville pop warner. and to see the kids raise so much money and work so hard to get money and have someone like her take it away from them is sad...why is she still walking around?

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#2 Aug 6, 2008
Isn't it great to see what some people are capable of? No integrity. Throw away the key.
The Anonymous One

Rome, NY

#3 Aug 6, 2008
whats going on wrote:
It's sad to watch the news and see That someone has stolen from pop warner. Lisa Staie is accused off taken thousands and thousands of dollars from Lowville and watertown pop warner.I am a mother of a child at the Lowville pop warner. and to see the kids raise so much money and work so hard to get money and have someone like her take it away from them is sad...why is she still walking around?
It says she has been accused of doing so, Is she innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent? I do not know Lisa Staie so I am not sticking up for her for that reason, I just dislike people getting the hanging noose out before the trial has ended!!
dork city

United States

#4 Aug 6, 2008
Well maybe we dislike you, too......
The Anonymous One

Rome, NY

#5 Aug 6, 2008
dork city wrote:
Well maybe we dislike you, too......
Well that was real mature......what do you do next hold your breath until you turn blue??
whats going on

United States

#6 Aug 6, 2008
LMAO...ya you will see she will be found guilty.I am 150% sure.and the u "anonymous" one can let her cry on ur shoulder then.and trust me ur gonna see alot higher numbers as well as not just pop warner coming outta this.all I can say is the poor kids!!!!
whats going on

United States

#7 Aug 6, 2008
The longtime treasurer of the Greater Watertown Pop Warner football and cheerleading league has been fired and police are investigating charges of money missing from the organization’s bank accounts, 7News has learned.

State Police confirm that an investigation has begun into both the Greater Watertown Pop Warner chapter and its Lowville affiliate. Lisa Staie is the treasurer of both organizations. Staie did not return three messages left on her phone’s answering machine. She has not been charged with a crime.

Watertown league president Darren Peebles said he became suspicious when financial records included in the league’s monthly meeting minutes kept changing from month to month without an explanation. He removed Staie as treasurer and reported his suspicions to police and to the national Pop Warner organization.

Pop Warner national executive director Jon Butler told 7News reporter Alex Field that an investigation has already turned up more than $20,000 in missing money. State Police based in Lowville are investigating the Lowville Pop Warner allegations.

Watertown City Police are beginning an investigation of the Watertown organization’s books. Detective Richard Purvis said it appears that more than $10,000 is missing from the Watertown books in just the last three years. The city police department’s investigation will examine more than 10 years’ worth of financial document, covering Staie’s entire time as treasurer.

Butler said the organization is concerned about the allegations.“It’s a concern for all of us. specifically in Pop Warner but in youth sports in general. All those funds are contributed by the families of the kids involved or by local businesses. If the funds were embezzled and did not get to the benefit of the children in the program that’s a concern in itself.”

ok this is on the news and u dont think people will talk??
whats going on

United States

#8 Aug 7, 2008
League's treasurer suspected in thefts
When a reimbursement check from the Greater Watertown Pop Warner League bounced for the league president, Darren Peebles, "that got me a little leery," Mr. Peebles said Wednesday.

A few days later, after he had checked bank records, he said, the league treasurer was admitting to him she had embezzled $5,000 from the organization. But he says an audit and investigations by Watertown and state police will indicate much more cash, possibly more than $20,000, was stolen.

No charges have been filed against the woman, identified as Lisa A. Staie of Lowville. An arrest is expected after audits are finalized, Mr. Peebles said.

Mrs. Staie resigned as treasurer of both the league and the Lowville team, he said, and handed him a $5,000 check to settle the situation. Mr. Peebles, Port Leyden, handed that check to Watertown police.

City Detective Richard J. Purvis confirmed Wednesday that Mrs. Staie, who had been the league's treasurer "at least" 10 years, is "a person of interest" in the investigation. He said a preliminary audit shows more than $10,000 is missing from the league's accounts, but an audit has not been completed.

State police Investigator William J. Campeau said his investigation into possible thefts from the Lowville team is in its early stages. Complainants for the team will be in for an interview next week, he said.

A spokesman for the Pop Warner national organization, Joshua Pruce, Langhorne, Pa., said it is not unusual for a person to serve as treasurer for both the league and one of its member clubs.

The national group cannot provide money to the league to help settle its financial situation, he said, but can otherwise support the league during the police investigation "and help them get things back in working order."

Neither Mr. Peebles nor Detective Purvis could specify how long Mrs. Staie had been treasurer for the league and the Lowville team, both volunteer positions. Mr. Peebles estimated up to 14 years.

Mr. Peebles said that after the check issued to him bounced, he reviewed monthly treasurer's reports, and found contradictions in the numbers. He then went to the bank before confronting Mrs. Staie. He said the check written to him was for an amount between $200 and $300.

She at first argued there must be a bank error, and asked for time to check with the bank. When advised he had already done that, she admitted to stealing $5,000, he said.

Detective Purvis, himself the coach of the Pop Warner team in Dexter, opened his investigation July 9. He said Mrs. Staie has hired an attorney

and here is another one.I wouldnt call this accused!!!!!!!!!!
dork city

Montgomery, AL

#9 Aug 7, 2008
bored with it all

United States

#10 Aug 7, 2008
My daughters friend signed up for pop warner cheerleading a couple of years ago. Her mom gave Lisa the $50 deposit. It doesn't say anything about non-refundable. When the girl decided not to do it after all, her mom asked for the money back and Lisa told her "it was already spent". Her mom questioned Lisa and Lisa told her that the girl would "never be welcome" in pop warner.
whats going on

United States

#11 Aug 7, 2008
ya prolly already spent with her own personal things. I have seen the sam situation a few times since my children have been in this program. It's sad..

Boonville, NY

#12 Aug 8, 2008
People like this really make me angry. Who in the hell does she think she is? I heard the girls all worked real hard with a lot of fund raisers for a lot of this money just to have some poor excuse of a woman steal it. I hope she does a long time in jail, and the shame she will face when she gets out she deserves nothing else. You are scum and you should be very proud of yourself.
mrs christ

Rome, NY

#13 Aug 21, 2008
ya its very terrible but her son is hotttttt !
One who knows

Syracuse, NY

#15 Aug 25, 2008
Lisa, we have been watching you for years and waiting for you to make a mistake. And yes, They have documented "everything" over they past few years because it can be used in court. You failed to pay for the cheerleaders uniforms last year (yet the kids fundraised the money for it) and stuck all the children this year to raise it again, over $3300.00. And the boys helmets and jerseys another $1500.00. Lets see Zacharys, nice football "Mark" purchased last year for $80.00 was a varsity football not a pop warner. Why did PW buy that Mark?? Oh and the cheer sneakers you didn't pay for last year either. You took my check and cashed that. How come my daughters sneakers were not paid. Your not only screwing up criminally, your screwing up civilly as well. I want my money back. We will clean up your mess, you can count on it.. Why, because we LOVE this program and these kids. They will now get the equiptment and uniforms they need. OH,,and a banquet that is FREE of charge. It so sad that you got Vinnys to donate all the pizza and spent $250.00 on the wings and soda. Yet you charged everyone $8.00 a plate.For a banquet that should be free. We all know you just saved $$$$ for christmas like all those other years. Right? Merry Christmas Lisa, I sure hope you enoy the Mickey Lights we all paid for. OUCH,, they were expensive weren't they, more than my tree. They will prove that one tooooo!!! Remember,,, you know how bad it really is and who is auditing and investigating its not only Pop Warner now is it...

Johnstown, NY

#16 Sep 25, 2008
I can not believe nothing has been done yet. What the heck is going on? She probaly going to get away with it.
One who Knows


#17 Sep 28, 2008
I'm not the same one who knows from Utica, but I do know alot about what is going on with Pop Warner and the missing money. Lisa Staie, I hope is sitting in her warm house today, out of the rain, while the poor girls who worked so hard fund raising for her to take the money and hide, are out cheering on the football players in the rain today without raincoats, wind suits or any other protection. Just in their little cheerleading outfits. They raised enough money to have nice wind suits and even nice outfits, but because of some woman who had complete control of the checkbook decided to spend the money her way, they are now suffering. But they have spirit and didn't give up. I had my concerns with Lisa and called about not getting cookie dough in time. We helped our grandaughter sell raffle tickets, cookie dough, pizza etc and would have to tell people the lies lisa was telling the girls. What was taking so long, she didn't know, but it should be here next week. blah, blah,blah. Then when the orders came, they were short, we even had to refund one ladies money because her order didn't come at all. But Lisa was gonna make sure the items were sent, NOT. IF they were, she kept them herself. And We also bought alot of items to help the girls out. Then why did they raise so much money and still have to pay for their award banquet dinner? That was wrong. Because Lisa spent the money and had to charge everyone. I hope when she has her day in court and spends a little time in jail, she can look out the window and say , Boy i'm glad i'm not out in that cold rain. Because right now, she's as warm as toast. She needs to have to pay for what she has done to all these youngs kids for all these years. I guess you can say, they all helped support her family and put her kids through school to become super athletes. She makes me sick and I can't wait to read the article that Lowville Woman Arrested for Grand Larceny of Pop Warner Funds.....It should be a great story. Good Luck Pop Warner and all the Kids. You are showing that you are stronger than some of the adults that took advantage of all your hard work. Go Team Go....grandma to a cheerleader....

Rome, NY

#18 Sep 28, 2008
But as we have all seen in the past in situations like this and there have been many that the offender does not get anywhere close to what they should as far as punishment. So they have to spend time in jail, and they get three square meals a day and a clean, dry and warm spot to sleep.I know this is an age old question but why is it the prisoners get better treatment then those that have obeyed the law, and then it is the honest people that pay for the criminals to live in relative comfort?? How many of us are concerned about the rising cost of heating our homes this winter?? Do you REALLY think that one of the common criminals who is housed in the jail and will be spending the winter there are really concerned or worried about the fact if they will be warm or are concerned about anyone other than themselves?? I think not and obviously anyone who would commit a crime such as this is only concerned about what is important to them, which is their own greedy self. I have heard before that people who commit crimes such as this have a sickness.......well after you see and hear stories about so many of these type of crimes being committed that story or excuse gets to be real old real soon.
One who Knows


#19 Sep 28, 2008
I totally agree with you TheAnonymousOne....She will be warm and dry and not give two craps about what she has done. We too are worried about how we will keep warm and be able to eat, what will we give up to get through a rough winter. She will not have to worry. And I too get sick of paying taxes to house these people for months at a time, for them to only get back out and try to do it again to someone else. many criminals I have heard about get into trouble to get to go to jail because they have no home or food to go to. Well... I think alot of them should do some community service and pay back what they did. maybe they would quit getting into trouble and get some help, or get a job. It is not a sickness, I believe it's a way of life people have learned to live. It's very sad, but they will answer to their maker one day and He will have a pretty tough question to answer. very proud grandmother who tries to teach children respect for others.
Another Coach

Rome, NY

#20 Oct 14, 2008
It's been weeks and we've heard nothing. Anyone know what's going on. I also coach and I perdonally think someone ought to throw away the key. Her girls worked hard and fundraising and had to do it all over again this year - to pay for what they already paid for. Pathetic

Rome, NY

#21 Oct 21, 2008
we're all STILL waiting to hear... all of us who over the years have supported Lowville Pop Warner and had our suspicions about this person who HAD to run everything!!! Come on, what's going on with this?

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