Ed Murphy's Little League Opening Day

Ed Murphy's Little League Opening Day

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Charles in Charge

Boonville, NY

#1 May 4, 2013
What a nice day Saturday to watch all the stacked teams in the North blow out the teams from the South because Ed Murphy refuses to make the Lowville and Beaver River school district carry more teams! I thought you resigned Ed???? So the league can move forward and get past what you have done do it. How many times has the South won the traveling trophy during your tenure? That's right ZERO!!!! hmmm

New York, NY

#3 May 5, 2013
I want, Charles in charge of me...
Poop pants

United States

#4 May 5, 2013
I want charles in charge to step up and donate his time. You want championships then take the raines. Until then shut your pie hole.

New York, NY

#5 May 6, 2013
North Central Little League, is a good shape.

South Lewis 4 Teams
Lowville 3 teams
Beaver River Croghan 3 teams.

Winning and losing should not be an issue. Alot of factors come into what happens. And I have seen teams win for many years in a row just the way it is.

Ed gives alot of his time to the league. And with many children not everyone will always be happy.

Is winning the trophy or teaching kids more important?
Parent and former coach

Boonville, NY

#6 May 6, 2013
Charles in Charge wrote:
What a nice day Saturday to watch all the stacked teams in the North blow out the teams from the South because Ed Murphy refuses to make the Lowville and Beaver River school district carry more teams! I thought you resigned Ed???? So the league can move forward and get past what you have done do it. How many times has the South won the traveling trophy during your tenure? That's right ZERO!!!! hmmm
For years, Croghan and New Bremen only carried two teams. I believe that Mr. Murphy this year through a vote of the whole league, left Croghan and New Bremen with three teams which was the same as last year. Lowville has had three majors for many many years. If anything, Mr. Murphy has stived to create a balance in the league.
He works hard for the kids, and dedicates alot of time. Like anyone else, he will make mistakes, but his heart is in the right place. If someone is concerned about who has one or lost a traveling trophy, then like anything else, it must be earned. Little League is more important to the growth of childrens charcter than winning or losing, it's about learning.

I believe that more than anything else, you have an ax to grind with Mr. Murphy. You could be anyone in the league or outside the league. Why do you not call Mr. Murphy direct if you have issues, but it was the league who determined via vote the number of teams, and the North has more majors than they have had in the last twenty years.
another against ed

Speculator, NY

#9 May 6, 2013
First of all you can call Ed all you want. But as usual he NEVER RETURNS YOUR CALLS!!!! But you must be right, the fact that a south team has never won the trophy must be because of something in the South Lewis water and have nothing to do with the unfair alignment of the league, which by your own admission has been stacked for 20 years. Besides it is not like South Lewis is better at baseball than Beaver River or Lowville at the high school level. OH WAIT, they are better at the high school level. Maybe they quit drinking the water! It can't be because of unfair alignment. And Ed handles all of the league money and pays himself to ump EVERY NIGHT, then shows up on the benches for all-star games and takes credit for coaching the kids. And the #1 priority should be the safety of the kids. Ed Murphy decided to make the South and North start playing each other in the regular season.And when Beaver River only had 2 majors teams, which left their minor league teams with 11 & 12 year olds who were good enough to beat some of the major teams in the south. What resulted was South minors teams with 7 year olds being forced to go to Croghan and play a minor league team with 11 & 12 year olds! WHAT GOOD COULD POSSIBLY COME OUT OF THAT???????? Bottom line is people have been complaing about Ed for years and he resigned and got out for a reason. He should have stayed out!!!!!! I tell you what, let's take the STATE RANKED South Lewis baseball team and split them into 4 teams. And then take the Lowville and Beaver River teams and split them up into 2 teams apeice, have a tournament and see who wins. You are saying that is fair, RIGHT!?!?!?
Parent for Ed

Boonville, NY

#10 May 7, 2013
My son plays in the program in the South. He talks about nothing more than Little League. He comes home with a smile on his face, and wants to keep playing. As far as anyone resigning and then steping up, did anyone else speak up? Why would they when they are only going to get trashed.

Thanks to all of you who make the program what it is for my son and the others. I can live with the so called or fabricated faults.

As far as winning and losing, it's way near the bottom on my list to. I am happy that we have a program for our children.

New York, NY

#11 May 7, 2013
does ed like donkeys ?
johnny appleseed

Boonville, NY

#12 May 7, 2013
Charles in Charge wrote:
What a nice day Saturday to watch all the stacked teams in the North blow out the teams from the South because Ed Murphy refuses to make the Lowville and Beaver River school district carry more teams! I thought you resigned Ed???? So the league can move forward and get past what you have done do it. How many times has the South won the traveling trophy during your tenure? That's right ZERO!!!! hmmm
I kniw for a fact the south won 2 years ago. My son played on the team. So get your facts straight and leave ed alone. Your a pathetic loser. Ed has done alot for little leagur and alot of us are glad hes there.
Fact Jack

Boonville, NY

#13 May 8, 2013
johnny appleseed wrote:
<quoted text>
I kniw for a fact the south won 2 years ago. My son played on the team. So get your facts straight and leave ed alone. Your a pathetic loser. Ed has done alot for little leagur and alot of us are glad hes there.
What are you talking about. A south team has NEVER won the North Central trophy EVER. We are not talking about All-Stars dummy! So you get your facts straight, or at least try to understand what we are talking about. Ed is NOT good for Little League, PERIOD!!!!!
Noreen Ash

Enfield, CT

#15 May 9, 2013
As President of Lowville Little League, I must say, it's very disappointing to read posts such as this.
Year after year, each league struggles to find volunteers to help make our programs successful. That being said, we do the best we can and that includes Ed! Did Ed resign last year? Yes, he did! However, there was no one willing to take over so instead of Ed leaving us high and dry, he stepped up and came back.
I know for Lowville, our registration numbers were down this year. I hear the same applies throughout the League. Why does that matter? Well...it's hard to put together competitive teams when you have such low numbers. There are boundaries that we follow therefore the comment about "stacking teams" in the North is incorrect.
Can things be better? Sure they can however that requires help from others. Too many times I see the same people at the field helping out yet they are never the ones complaining. If you don't agree with the way things are run, fill out a volunteer form and get involved. There is always room for improvement and we are open to suggestions.
Just 4 Fun

United States

#17 May 10, 2013
Noreen what positions are available, and what qualifications are you looking for in those positions? Are you looking for people with athletic degrees? Im hoping there is background checks done, even on volunteers.
Another Coach

Gloversville, NY

#18 May 10, 2013
First of all let me say hats off to you Noreen, you are a fantastic volunteer who truly cares about the kids. The truth is that any of us who go against Ed are fearfull to put our name on hear for fear of being run out of the league by Ed. As he has done in the past to anyone who does not agree with him.(ie Dorrity) Speaking of which, I will bring up the point and statistics that Mr. Dorrity presented to Mr. Murphy that got him banned. The student population of the Lowville School District is 1476 students, 1045 in K-12. In comparison to South Lewis which has a student population of 1122, 767 in K-12. Calling it "stacking teams" is misleading. The problem is South Lewis fields 4 teams with less kids. Lowville only fields 3 teams with more kids to choose from. It only stands to reason that the Lowville teams will have more talent and the South Lewis teams will not be able to compete with them. Beaver River has 893 total students and 582 in K-12 and for years only had 2 teams, which also made them much more talented than the South Lewis teams. Where safety becomes an issue is when the South Lewis minors teams are left with 7&8 yr olds and are forced by Ed to play against the Minors in Lowville and Beaver River with 11&12 yr olds because there is no room for them in the majors in the North. Since Dan Salmon took over the league and added a "traveling trophy" to the over-all North Central Little League Champion, a South Lewis Little League Team has NEVER won the title. NEVER IN ALL THESE YEARS! That my friend is simply not fair and biased. Another fault of Ed Murphy is he only enforces rules when he wants to. I could go on and on with these instances but I will bring up one I know the facts to. A few years ago a minor league player was brought up to fill a spot on a majors team and actually pitched in the game. Then 2 nights later went back down to his minors team and pitched a complete game down there. Ed let it go because he had the hots for the mother/coach. When it was brought up to Ed, not only did he not do anything about it. But he went to the mother/coach and gave her the name of the coach who brought up the infraction. Ed Murphy should not be holding the position that he does acting like this. It is a shame to see these things posted about our league Noreen. But as leaders of children and role models, we should be making an example for the kids that rules are meant to be followed. And that playing fair on a level playing field is the right way to go! The answer here is simple. Beaver River fields 4 Majors teams, South Lewis fields 5 Majors Teams, Lowville fields 6 Majors teams. A wonderful league would be the result with "15 TOTAL TEAMS" and a very fair and competitive league. No teams would be stacked with talent, most all 9-12 year olds would be in the Majors and be getting a chance to play. More kids would get to pitch and play key positions in the field. But suggesting this to Ed would just get you banned from the league!!!!!!!
Noreen Ash

Enfield, CT

#19 May 10, 2013
I need to somewhat disagree. I do not always see eye to eye with Ed and we often have a difference of opinion, however, I have never felt as though I was being pushed out because of it. I can't speak for others, only to what I have personally experienced.
As for Lowville fielding 6 Majors teams, it's absolutely not doable! As I stated, our registration numbers are low this year. While I understand the number of students in the school is higher than others, they aren't all registering to play ball...which is unfortunate. Every year, we do our best to put the best 36 (9-12 year old) players on the 3 teams that we do have. I do my best to put kids where I think they will benefit the most.
As a league in the North, I'm not trying to win that traveling trophy. It's about the kids learning and having a positive and enjoyful experience. I am a believer that kids can walk off the field with a smile even after a loss as long as we volunteers do our jobs correctly. Little League should be the foundation in which we help form for these kids.
In order to be successful in this, we need volunteers that are willing to teach baseball skills and instill positive values in these athletes. Is it preferred that you have some sort if backround in baseball, yes. Sometimes that's not always possible so we do our best. All of our volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application. We advise everyone doing so that a backround check will be performed. We need to keep our kids safe!

Boonville, NY

#20 May 10, 2013
If numbers are down and kids are not signing up to play, could it be that these problems do exhist? I disagree with your statement Ms. Nash, especially as the president of this league. In your own words you said " you do your best to put the "BEST" 36 players on the 3 teams". Why not put all available 9-12 year olds on 4 teams, or 5 teams, or 6 teams? Let them all play on evenly matched teams? Leave the development league (minors) for the 7&8 year olds? If you don't care about the traveling trophy, PROVE IT!
Noreen Ash

Enfield, CT

#22 May 10, 2013
I don't believe I ever said problems don't exist. We do our best to resolve them the best we know how. There is always room for improvement! I don't believe that is why numbers are down. Every year numbers change. Some years they're up, some years they're down. It's the nature of it!
Why don't we put all 9-12 year olds on majors? Because that's not what's best for the kids!!!
Different rules apply at each level to allow the kids to learn the game and grow with each year they play. For example, not all 9 year olds are ready to play at that level! The same might apply for an 11 year old! Hence the need for different levels.
I want kids to play at a level where they will benefit the most!
The "best 36" may not always produce a winning team, nor should it! The "best 36" are the kids that we as a league feel are ready to play at that level. Lowville Little League holds a draft every year to fill vacant spots from kids that have aged out. Prior to that draft, we hold assessments to gauge the ability of all registered 9-12 year olds that are not currently named to a majors team. They are then placed at the level they will benefit the most from.
Putting all 9-12 year olds at the same level would be doing an injustice to the kids! I never want to put a child at a level where they will be discouraged and I truly believe that's what would happen if we expanded the number of teams.
Development is not age related! Development occurs at different times/ages specific to each child. That's why it's important to have levels in which they can grow.
As far as me caring about the traveling trophy, there's no need for me to "PROVE IT"!!! What I do everyday for Little League and the kids that are playing is more than enough in my opinion! Am I perfect? No, I'm not but what I am is a volunteer! A volunteer that has done all that I can to ensure that every child has a positive and worthwhile experience playing Little League!
Happy Parent

Enfield, CT

#23 May 10, 2013
As a parent of a child that worked his way up the levels of Little League, I must agree with Noreen! When my son started playing ball, he wasn't very good. With each year he got better learning more of the game. When he finally made it to majors he was ready! I've been around Noreen enough to know her intentions are all about the kids! She coached my son and did one heck of a job! He learned so much at the same time had a tremendous amount of fun!!! Noreen, you need to prove NOTHING! Keep doing what you're doing!

And if I'm not mistaken Noreen's son is too old to play Little League yet she's still involved!

New York, NY

#25 May 11, 2013
I know that my son got a lot more out being able to play and compete as a 9 year old in the minors last year than facing 6th and 7th graders in the majors. There was no way he was ready for that, and if we had been forced to put him in the majors strictly because of his age, he would have got nothing out of the experience, and probably would not be playing this year. I think the North does a great job of assessing their players, communicating as coaches, and striving to do what is best for the kids.
Hank Reardon

Syracuse, NY

#27 May 13, 2013
I know for a fact that Lyons Falls has won the trophy before and so has Glenfield (I'm not sure if they still have teams).
wow youre dumb

Adams, NY

#28 May 13, 2013
stupid mindless nonsense. There are SO MANY more important things in the world to worry about than little kid baseball. Totally pointless. You people...waaah,waaah,waah, get your panties in a bunch over something that matters about as much as a fart in a hurricane. Get some perspective! WTF is the matter with people? Its not like this area turns out ANY professional baseball players, or even any college players. Talk about making a mountain out of a dustspeck!

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