Vanderbilt Mortgage Finance for Clay...
mr d

Torrance, CA

#66 Apr 16, 2013
anybody know where is jack
Dawn Boyd

Venus, TX

#67 May 9, 2013
Vandebilt is a rip off company that does nothing but harrass and threaten people with lies. They lie when you ask to speak to speak to a supervisor. They give it to a friend. They speak no truth. If your house cost 52,000 they do charge you 120,000. They are theives. Turn tbwm in the better business bureau. Enough complaints they will have to so something about it. Second get an attorney to file against them. Doing both of these myself. So Mark you let your boss know you are the reason they are hearing from my attorney.

Monroe, NC

#68 May 10, 2013
Dawn Boyd wrote:
Vandebilt is a rip off company that does nothing but harrass and threaten people with lies. They lie when you ask to speak to speak to a supervisor. They give it to a friend. They speak no truth. If your house cost 52,000 they do charge you 120,000. They are theives. Turn tbwm in the better business bureau. Enough complaints they will have to so something about it. Second get an attorney to file against them. Doing both of these myself. So
Mark you let your boss know you are the reason they are hearing from my attorney.
You are a moron. Don't like the terms, then don't buy. Vanderbilt has run a credible business for years. The BBB is a joke

Hixson, TN

#70 May 31, 2013
My house is falling apart after 4 short years. I realize this was the never ending nightmare come true. Please. Whatever you do find another way to buy a home! Oh my credit is good and I have never been late or missed a payment!

Sulphur, LA

#71 Jun 2, 2013
Cecil wrote:
I agree I'm tired of people blaming others and not taking responsibility. Just pay your bills
well sometimes people go through hard times the economy has changed and sometimes you might have to deal with work slowing down so sometimes its not all your fault u cant make a house note im a single mom trying to make it on my own and these damn people want do a damn thing to help u are to make it easier on you im not the one that doesn't want to pay bills I have worked hard to get where im at today but im struggling with my work so I think they should try to help u to where u can afford a house note with out having to just give up and let them take it away from u with out trying to see what they can do to help u make them but they are mean and rude im at the point im going to let them have my trailer back its not a good life when u have to live in stress every day and u have kids worried where they might be sleeping at next week they not going to lose anything by trying to help u they don't care about your kids this company sucks if I would have known they was going to take over my loan I would have not sign any papers I cant deal with them any more they are cold hearted.
Just Upset

Knoxville, TN

#72 Jun 4, 2013
I started out a single mom and bought a home in 2002, I never missed a payment until I got cancer and even then did not miss just was late. I did not work for 6 months and never called and asked for a hand out, but these men and women would call and harress me day and nite and even went to the point of my 8 year old answering the phone and asking who was calling and the man asked if her mother was dead from her "Cancer" yet. Of course I filed complaints but no luck. Now years later after not missing a pymt for over 5 years, I have been late on the last 3 payments, they call me at work and at home all hours. I get some nice people like Justin but this one woman Jennifer calls and just threatens. Look people are doing their best! I pay my bills, yes I might be a lil late on some but they get paid and I always keep in contact. VMF does not document your calls or that you even try to talk to them and let them know. Then they call and harress! Great people. I know people that work there and they hate it! They stay because it is a paycheck.
Robert Thacher

South Yarmouth, MA

#73 Jun 12, 2013
From Belfry Kentucky wrote:
Vanderbilt Mortgage Finance Company for Clayton Homes is ripping people OFF,I love to know how someone with a bad credit score of 520 can get on new home.I know a young lady who just got a new from them the home cost $52,000 she financed it with VANDERBILT she will be paying back $250,000 .So watch what you sign with them it's a RIPOFF
I bought a double wide manufactured home from Clayton homes, and financed by Vanderbilt,to put on a piece of land I bought in Las Cruces,NM,in 2001.

I thought I did well when insisting they include the furniture that wasn't included in the price.$55,000 later,my home was delivered on a trailer. The man unhitched the trailer, holding my new house in place, and drove away. I didn't realize that after buying the land for 20,000 cash, I would have to pay a whole lot more for the electric pole and many other things. The final tab was about 91,000. When I thought about selling it a couple years later, I learned that Las Cruces didn't allow for selling a domicile without a foundation, Hmmm. Certainly Clayton home must have known about this law,but never told us. Clayton's lot was vacant, six months after we bought our matchstick house. The price to build a foundation was 7000.00, back in 2003. Clayton homes knew we would never be able to sell the house or land, without a foundation and never told us. Scammers!
Rhonda Stacey

Huntsville, AL

#75 Jun 27, 2013
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Clayton Homes should be shut down. I hope that anybody thinking of useing them sees this page.
redneck women

United States

#76 Jul 5, 2013
I have a mortgage with vmf and it has been 15 years never had any problems... payments on time and i always take are of my home..i am very happy with vmf.. being a nurse times are crazy but i always make my payments..
Mari Cone

Kingsport, TN

#77 Jul 10, 2013
Rhonda Stacey wrote:
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Clayton Homes should be shut down. I hope that anybody thinking of useing them sees this page.
None of the imbiciles who do business with these predetory Hicks were complaining when they got outta the apartment and into their mow-biles. My favorite is when the people who made a short sigted decision based on near sighted projections think that their mow-biles are somehow commensurate with the terms of the preagreed to loan. " my floors are caving in'- Ha! Do you really think the bank is in the construction business? AND if you burn down a room in your mowbilly shanty, do you.think you are alleviated of your financial obligation? If so,is it commensurate with the repairs (that I'm sure you think someone else should pay for) on a prorated basis or just an all out abstinence on your financial obligation?

If you don't go to a normal bank, buy something equitable, on normal terms, and READ AND UNDERSTAND the contract, what did you really expect? 25 to 30 years of peacefully tranquility and warm feelings from the Al Copones of the business world?
You are all no doubt left lane hangers who really believe morning commutes are NASCAR races. You truely don't know that to hang in the left lane for no reason other than to be there or teach someone else a lesson is not just illegal, but downright rude and stupid. Ye reap what ye sow. Cow manure begets cow manure.

Woah is you-all boo hoo
Burnt too

Howell, MI

#78 Jul 18, 2013
citygirl wrote:
what credit score does vanderbilt mortgage require ?
Do not go with this company even if it is the last company to look at you. We went with them in Virginia and when he lost his job due to the coal mines going down, they harassed us to no end. They even tried to tell us how to pay our bills. I know how to pay my bills and I know how to budget. When you don't have any money coming in, there's nothing you can do but pray. So take that you third world idiot. You obviously don't know what it is like to struggle. They will lye and cheat just as the others say. Stay away from them.

United States

#79 Aug 9, 2013
jessi b

Baton Rouge, LA

#80 Aug 10, 2013
I feel like the people who are getting on the people who they say "feel entitled" because of this or that are MISSING the point.. yes, shit happens ppl are late. WE ARE HUMAN.. and no ones perfect. The point they are making is that THE STUFF THAT IS VANDERVUILTS PROBLEM THEY ARE NOT HANDELING! they do not record anything although its their job, they are not coming and fixing things although its their job, they are not being communiticave although its their job etc...
Sorry put my 2 cents in and now I have a question..

Yup, I'm one of those "no goods" because I have bad credit. My situation is that I have a family, we are growing out of the home we live in, its expensive and such a waste.. we need to get in a home of our own asap because our oldest will be starting school next year and need to be in a better school district. Our problem is we have bad credit and not the best down payment so our options are slim to none. We were very much considering purchasing a place from Clayton and were excited about it, now that I'm reading I'm very scared because it sounds like the representatives are rude and their workers don't work on anything...... help?
jessi b

Baton Rouge, LA

#81 Aug 10, 2013
this is my concern: that God forbid I am late on a payment that I'm all of a sudden gonna be foreclosed on... AND it sounds to me (like I said above) that its not just ppl complaining about how they act when they miss a payment but it sounds their customer service in general SUCKS.. on time or not. Sounds like they don't hold up their end and you just "get what you get" with them and they could give a shit. If I pay for insurance and extras I want to make sure they're gonna fix what they're SUPPOSE to fix ya know? I'm very confident we will not be late, I'm not so confident they will hold up to their end of the bargain on maintenance and such...
jessi b

Baton Rouge, LA

#82 Aug 10, 2013
I contradicted myself on my "concerns" excuse me.. no one kill me over it plz!:) accident :)
Mad Daughter

Dalton, GA

#83 Aug 19, 2013
I know exactly how you all feel. I have been making payments on my mothers trailer for 13 years now. I didn't know how much she actually had to pay. I found her payment plan and the finance charges are $54,878.68, the amount financed was $44,030.00. So totaled up it comes to $98,908.68. Heck for that kind of money I could have bought a darn 4-5 bedroom house with 2 baths plus a garden tub.The payments go up every year too. My mother passed away on August 11th of this year so I called them to see what I needed to do. They told me that I needed to send in another draft form as soon as possible so they can start taking money from my account for I closed my mothers out. They will not put me on the title of the trailer and wants me to send a credit application in. I have bad credit so I knew there was no way I could get a loan from them and I told the man I was talking to that if I could not be put on the title then I was not going to send in a draft from my account. He had the nerve to tell me that if I did not send in the payment they would come and take the trailer plus the land for mother put up the land to get the trailer. The thing is the trailer is on my land and not the address they have on file. Anyway my point is if you have someone you love DO Not Let Them Make The Same Mistake My Mother Did And Sign Anything With Vanderbilt/Clayton On It. They do not care if someone passed away are not, all they care about is the all mighty dollar that they swiddle out of people.
Mad Daughter

Dalton, GA

#84 Aug 19, 2013
People like us rednecks may live in trailers but we are good snd decent people. It is smart asses like you that must not have a live and probably work for Vanderbilt. Helping them ripping off people. I tell you what, if you ever came to the redneck country you would probably be given a good ole redneck ass whipping and sent on your little merry way.
Brent wrote:
<quoted text>
They can get one because it has a title and you can take it back like a car. This is why rednecks live in "doubly wides." They don't pay bills so they have a bad credit score. So they CHOOSE to make payments and are essentially "renting" the trailer. They were NOT ripped off. They don't deserve a better deal. The company has to make a certain spread to be worth the risk.
Don't like it; Don't buy it.
( if you want to whine, then seek entitlements, vote Obama, be lazy, and accomplish nothing in life while you blame someone or something else for your woes, and wait for the government using taxes off hard working folks who WORKs to support you)

Claremore, OK

#85 Aug 21, 2013
I am more interested in finding out about the actual homes themselves. Clayton covers several other brands like OakWood and LuvHomes and I think Home Mart as well.
I visited a Clayton dealership last Saturday and of course fell in love with two or three models all of which were set up nicely on the lot, a couple even with electricity. Did they do that so you would never think that it wouldnt be set up the same way on your land or lot?
I was originally assisted by one young guy and then he got busy with another couple so finally another sales guy asked if I was being helped and I asked my questions like "I guess you have plenty of lenders to match all kinds of people's needs?" He named off Vanderbilt and I told him my current mobile is 21st mortgage and he stated they owned them too. He was okay I guess. I had told the other guy about mine and the possible intent to use it as a trade and he pulled my make and model up to show me it's worth which is just short of 2 grand upside down. What happened to a lower pay off figure that used to be given is all I can wonder now.
Seeing that I can chose to stay away from Vanderbilt (although I don't intend on being late) is all good and fine but what about the actual home itself???

Bonita Springs, FL

#86 Sep 4, 2013
thanks for the info, was going to purchase a lot after the trailer was moved, but I think I'll pass. Bless all that have been had.
Been there

Johnson City, TN

#87 Sep 5, 2013
I Hate VMF....They had my loan and I refinanced it with another company. I had to call the 4 times to fax the payoff. When I closed with the new company , a month later they showed up at my door wanting $7,000.00 more than what the sent the payoff for. I told them where they could jump. They harassed me for several months and even posted to my credit rating $77,000.00 delinquency. I hired a lawyer for $1,000.00 for a cease and desist order and to repair the credit rating. They told me that when they sent the payoff to the new company that they keyed in the wrong date and it was $7,000.00 shy of what it should be. After the lawyers letter I received a 1099 in the mail from them, and also a back tax from the IRS that I owed $2,500.00 in back taxes because of the 1099 that they sent. I called the IRS and explained what was going on and I had a lawyer...They closed the case and sent it back to VMF...."THEY HAD TO TAKE THE LOSS" Go UNDER VMF "GO UNDER"

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