Homosexuals Demand that Gay Education...

Homosexuals Demand that Gay Education Be Taught To Our Children

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Winchester, TN

#1 Sep 21, 2011
I have stated that I firmly believe homosexuality and pedophilia go hand and hand. They are not going to admit it because they will wind up in jail.
Make no mistake these people are making their moves on our children.

Homosexuals have FORCED the military to allow their so called "lifestyle" Don't ask don't tell wasn't good enough.

They are trying to FORCE us to accept Gay marriage even though the majority of people have said no.

Now they are trying FORCE us to allow "Gay education" to be taught to our children.

I do not but to rude but teach what? For a man to stick his penis in another mans butt? That's it!

Homosexuals use this technique to try and shut you up when you disagree with them. They will try and call you names, or state false statistics, counter accuse, pile on in numbers, lie and if you are confronting them in person they will try and shout you down and if you are elderly like the 88 yr. old woman from California they will try and physically knock you down.
They will try and justify deviate behavior with deviate behavior.

They are making their moves on our children. "Gay Education" is an attempt to indoctrinate our children into homosexual lifestyle.

It is time to tell these people to keep their sex lives to their selves like any dignified person would.

Winchester, TN

#2 Sep 21, 2011
Defenders of homosexuality argue that youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts should be forced to include homosexuals among their adult leaders. Similarly, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a homosexual activist organization that targets schools, has spearheaded the formation of "Gay-Straight Alliances" among students. GLSEN encourages homosexual teachers--even in the youngest grades--to be open about their sexuality, as a way of providing role models to "gay" students. In addition, laws or policies banning employment discrimination based on "sexual orientation" usually make no exception for those who work with children or youth.
Many parents have become concerned that children may be molested, encouraged to become sexually active, or even "recruited" into adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle. Gay activists dismiss such concerns--in part, by strenuously insisting that there is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children.
However, despite efforts by homosexual activists to distance the gay lifestyle from pedophilia, there remains a disturbing connection between the two. This is because, by definition, male homosexuals are sexually attracted to other males. While many homosexuals may not seek young sexual partners, the evidence indicates that disproportionate numbers of gay men seek adolescent males or boys as sexual partners. In this paper we will consider the following evidence linking homosexuality to pedophilia:
· Pedophiles are invariably males: Almost all sex crimes against children are committed by men.
· Significant numbers of victims are males: Up to one-third of all sex crimes against children are committed against boys (as opposed to girls).
· The 10 percent fallacy: Studies indicate that, contrary to the inaccurate but widely accepted claims of sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, homosexuals comprise between 1 to 3 percent of the population.
· Homosexuals are overrepresented in child sex offenses: Individuals from the 1 to 3 percent of the population that is sexually attracted to the same sex are committing up to one-third of the sex crimes against children.
· Some homosexual activists defend the historic connection between homosexuality and pedophilia: Such activists consider the defense of "boy-lovers" to be a legitimate gay rights issue.
· Pedophile themes abound in homosexual literary culture: Gay fiction as well as serious academic treatises promote "intergenerational intimacy."
Homosexual apologists admit that some homosexuals sexually molest children, but they deny that homosexuals are more likely to commit such offenses. After all, they argue, the majority of child molestation cases are heterosexual in nature. While this is correct in terms of absolute numbers, this argument ignores the fact that homosexuals comprise only a very small percentage of the population.
The evidence indicates that homosexual men molest boys at rates grossly disproportionate to the rates at which heterosexual men molest girls. To demonstrate this it is necessary to connect several statistics related to the problem of child sex abuse: 1) men are almost always the perpetrator; 2) up to one-third or more of child sex abuse cases are committed against boys; 3) less than three percent of the population are homosexuals. Thus, a tiny percentage of the population (homosexual men), commit one-third or more of the cases of child sexual molestation.
Men Account for Almost All Sexual Abuse of Children Cases
· An essay on adult sex offenders in the book Sexual Offending Against Children reported:"It is widely believed that the vast majority of sexual abuse is perpetrated by males and that female sex offenders only account for a tiny proportion of offences. Indeed, with 3,000 adult male sex offenders in prison in England and Wales at any one time, the corresponding figure for female sex offenders is 12!"[1]

Fort Campbell, TN

#3 Sep 21, 2011
Lonnie you are a fool. That is all I have to say. And there is no reason to defend yourself on here after this, I won't be checking this post again. Thanks

Winchester, TN

#5 Sep 21, 2011
If you could defend yourself you would.

Thanks for not using the "Homosexuals Playbook" calling them names, hurling insults, deflect, falsify statistics, deny public information, counter accuse and if you are in person: shout them down and if they are weaker than you are, physically assault them.

This is how less than 5% of the population have ran rough shot over us.
Dumb wrote:
Lonnie you are a fool. That is all I have to say. And there is no reason to defend yourself on here after this, I won't be checking this post again. Thanks

United States

#6 Sep 21, 2011
Teach math and science, these are subjects that made the United States a great nation. Teach bible study and homosexual at home.

Strawberry Plains, TN

#7 Sep 21, 2011
go ahead and teach it and see how many mom's pull their children out of the schools i will for sure...

Winchester, TN

#10 Sep 22, 2011
RE MEN WHO MOLEST BOYS REALLY 'HOMOSEXUALS'? Gay Apologists Insist on a Simplistic Stereotype of Pedophilia

Central to the attempts to separate homosexuality from pedophilia is the claim that pedophiles cannot, by definition, be considered homosexuals. Relying upon a questionable methodology[23], the gay advocacy organization Human Rights Campaign published a "Fact Sheet on Sexual Orientation and Child Abuse," that states: "A sexual abuser who molests a child of the same sex is usually not considered homosexual."[24]

The basis for this claim is the view that pedophiles who molest boys cannot be considered homosexual if that individual has at any time been married or sexually involved with women.
'Homosexual Pedophiles': A Clinical Term

The fact is, however, that the terms "homosexual" and "pedophile" are not mutually exclusive: they describe two intersecting types of sexual attraction. Webster's Dictionary defines "homosexual" as someone who is sexually attracted to persons of the same sex. "Pedophile" is defined as "an adult who is sexually attracted to young children." The former definition refers to the gender of the desired sexual object, while the latter refers to the age of the desired sexual object.

A male "homosexual pedophile," then, is defined as someone who is generally (but not exclusively, see below) sexually attracted to boys, while a female "homosexual pedophile" is sexually attracted to girls.[25]

The term "homosexual pedophile" was first used in the early 20th century by the Viennese psychiatrist Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing, who pioneered the systematic study of sexual deviance. Krafft-Ebing described pedophiles as heterosexually, homosexually or bisexually oriented.[26] This division has been accepted by pedophiles themselves,[27] and is well attested in the literature:

· A study of child molesters in Behavior Research and Therapy found that "a homosexual and a heterosexual subgroup can be delineated among these offenders."[28]

· The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy published a study on the same topic, which discussed "the proportional prevalences of heterosexual and homosexual pedophilia."[29] The study commented on a study that found that "the percentage of the homosexual pedophiles would be 45.8." Even adjusted downward for exhibitionists, "this would still indicate a much higher percentage (34 percent) of homosexuals among pedophiles than among men who prefer physically mature partners."[30]

· In a review of studies on pedophilia, the Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa concluded: "The findings of previous studies report that pedophiles can be divided into heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles according to their erotic preference.... This was confirmed in this recent study."[31] The article classified homosexual pedophilia into three types: the socially inadequate homosexual pedophile, the intrusive homosexual pedophile, and the undifferentiated homosexual pedophile.[32]

· A study of pedophiles in Behavior Research and Therapy concluded: "The second, and perhaps the most important observation we made, is that a homosexual and a heterosexual subgroup can be delineated among these offenders.... Categorizing them in this way revealed important differences in the pattern of their sexual preferences."[33]

· The International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology refers to homosexual pedophiles as a "distinct group." The victims of homosexual pedophiles "were more likely to be strangers, that they were more likely to have engaged in paraphiliac behavior separate from that involved in the offence, and that they were more likely to have past convictions for sexual offences.... Other studies [showed a] greater risk of reoffending than those who had offended against girls" and that the "recidivism rate for male-victim offenders is approximately twice that for female-victim offenders."[34]

Savannah, GA

#12 Sep 23, 2011
Find Republican Homosexuals @
Log Cabin Republicans. Org
oh good doG

Mount Juliet, TN

#13 Sep 23, 2011
Go grind your axe else where!
Our school systems have enough problems just trying to stay open.

Since: Sep 11

United States

#14 Sep 23, 2011
Homosexuality is wrong! End of discussion.
Sick and wrong. Doesn't matter who's doing it men or women. Keep it out of the schools!!!!

Winchester, TN

#15 Sep 23, 2011
PEDOPHILIA IN GAY CULTURE The Historical Connection between Pedophilia and the Gay Rights Movement

David Thorstad is a homosexual activist and historian of the gay rights movement.[48] He is a former president of New York's Gay Activists Alliance (GAA), a prototype activist group founded in December 1969. The GAA at its inception opposed age of consent laws, which prohibited adults from having sex with children.[49] Thorstad is also a pedophile and founding member of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

Thorstad argues that there is a natural and undeniable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. He expresses bitterness that the gay rights movement has, in his view, abandoned pedophilia. Thorstad writes: "Boy-lovers were involved in the gay movement from the beginning, and their presence was tolerated. Gay youth groups encouraged adults to attend their dances.... There was a mood of tolerance, even joy at discovering the myriad of lifestyles within the gay and lesbian subculture."[50]

The inaugural issue of the Gay Community News in 1979 published a "Statement to the Gay Liberation Movement on the Issue of Man/Boy Love," which challenged the movement to return to a vision of sexual liberation. It argued that "the ultimate goal of gay liberation is the achievement of sexual freedom for all--not just equal rights for 'lesbian and gay men,' but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children."

In the early years there was some reluctance to accept pedophilia, primarily among feminist and lesbian activist groups. In March 1979 the Lesbian Feminist Liberation (LFL) accusing "so-called Man/Boy Lovers" of "attempting to legitimize sex between children and adults.... Feminists easily recognize this as the latest attempt to make palatable the sexual exploitation of children." The coalition went on record as opposing "the sexual abuse of children by heterosexual or homosexual persons."[51]

Despite this opposition, Thorstad claims that by 1985 homosexual pedophiles had won acceptance within the gay movement. He cites Jim Kepner, then curator of the International Gay and Lesbian Archives in Los Angeles: "A point I've been trying to make is that if we reject the boylovers in our midst today we'd better stop waving the banner of the Ancient Greeks, of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman, Horatio Alger, and Shakespeare. We'd better stop claiming them as part of our heritage unless we are broadening our concept of what it means to be gay today."[52]

In 1985 NAMBLA was admitted as a member in New York's council of Lesbian and Gay Organizations as well as the International Gay Association--now the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). In the mid-1990's ILGA's association with NAMBLA and other pedophile groups cost the organization it's status as a Non-Governmental Organization in the United Nations.

ILGA's renewed attempt to gain admittance to the UN was rejected again in April 2002 because the organization "did not document that it had purged pedophile groups such as [NAMBLA]." The Washington Times reports that Ishtiag H. Anrabi, Pakistani delegate to the UN Economic and Social Council, expressed concern that ILGA was continuing to be secretive about ties with pedophile groups: "For more than a year, the ILGA has refused to provide documentation or allow review of its membership list to demonstrate that pedophilia groups have been expelled."[53]
Just Thinking

Cookeville, TN

#16 Sep 24, 2011
The gay community only makes up 12 percent of population. The trouble is the people giving into them. Why are we? I can get on here without telling everyone about my sexual views. Why should we be forced to hear them. Ask me ten years from now and I will still tell you it is wrong and my Bible teaches against it. Do not ask me for consent, I will never give it, even if you pass laws that could place me in jail for speaking against it. I do not wish ill fate for them, but they better not ask me how I feel, because they are not going to like the answer they will get.

Winchester, TN

#17 Sep 26, 2011

Gay press promotes sex with children

Baldwin says his research not only "confirms that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals," but it found that "the mainstream homosexual culture" even "commonly promotes sex with children."
"The editorial board of the leading pedophile academic journal, Paidika, is dominated by prominent homosexual scholars such as San Francisco State University professor John DeCecco, who happens to edit the Journal of Homosexuality," Baldwin wrote.
During his research, he also found:

The Journal of Homosexuality recently published a special double-issue entitled, "Male Intergenerational Intimacy," containing many articles portraying sex between men and minor boys as loving relationships. One article said parents should look upon the pedophile who loves their son "not as a rival or competitor, not as a theft of their property, but as a partner in the boy's upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home."

In the homosexual magazine "Guide" said, "We can be proud that the gay movement has been home to the few voices who have had the courage to say out loud that children are naturally sexual" and "deserve the right to sexual expression with whoever they choose.…" The article went onto say: "Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children's sexuality … we must do it for the children's sake."
Larry Kramer, the founder of ACT-UP, a noted homosexual activist group, wrote in his book,

In a study of advertisements in the influential homosexual newspaper, The Advocate, Reisman found ads for a "Penetrable Boy Doll … available in three provocative positions. She also found that the number of erotic boy images in each issue of The Advocate averaged 14.

Homosexual newspapers and travel publications advertise prominently for countries where boy prostitution is heavy, such as Burma, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
Homosexuality 'youth-oriented'?

"Research on the homosexual lifestyle confirms it is almost exclusively a youth-oriented culture," Baldwin wrote. "Very few gays exhibit preference for older men."
"Some admit to focus on teenage boys," he said, "some on prepubescent boys, and many cross over between categories."
One study detailed in Baldwin's report found that most pedophiles even consider themselves to be "gay." According to the study, "Archives of Sexual Behavior," some 86 percent of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual. Also, the study found, the number of teenage male prostitutes who identify as homosexuals has risen from 10 percent to 60 percent in the past 15 years.
When asked what he thought about critics who attempt to debunk his research, Baldwin said the results speak for themselves.
"For them to say this theory is false is to call many of the homosexual movement's leaders liars," he said. "Most of my evidence comes right from the gay community."

"I managed to find enough evidence that my thesis – child molestation is an integral part of the homosexual movement – is a valid thesis,"

Other experts have also found a distinct pattern between child sex abusers and the incidence of homosexuality.
Juuuuuuuuuuust Sayin

Cookeville, TN

#18 Sep 26, 2011
If the smallest brains have the biggest mouths, Lonnie's brain must be difficult to see even with the aid of an electron microscope.


Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#19 Sep 26, 2011
He's a lazy debater who doesn't even cite the sources of his copy/paste orgy. It's easy enough to find biased political/religious based sources. How about finding some information from a journal that's actually peer reviewed and reliable like the APA or the AMA. Oh...wait, I know why. Because they wouldn't agree with him. Bummer.
Juuuuuuuuuuust Sayin

Cookeville, TN

#20 Sep 26, 2011
They stole all of it from the Family Research Council, a group that basically thinks everyone should live like they they in the 1800's. Are we gonna start crying witch and burning people at the stake again as well?

United States

#21 Sep 26, 2011
It's sad that this us such a huge topic with some people. I'm not gay myself but I really don't have a problem with it because I'm not an idiot. I knew what being gay was as far back as I can remember. It was funny to call each gay as an insult back in elementary school between us young boys, and guess what? None of us turned out gay! Amazing I know...just because you don't talk about gay historical figures in school doesn't guarantee your kid is not gonna turn our gay. It's not just gonna go away. The truth is there have always been a gay community going back thousands of years. There are 100's of documented gay figures in history. You cant change it you idiots. And really why should we care about gay marriage? The divorce rate is 75%!!! So what we are saying is marriage isn't a big deal until a "gay" wants to do it then it's a huge deal. And don't give me that excuse "well the bible says not to" because the bible also frowns against divorce but yet 75% of us don't see a problem with it. Homosexuality goes along with pedophilia has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Please respond with cases of lesbian women molesting young girls to back up your theory because you probably aren't gonna find many. Lonnie you are a dumbass!

Detroit, MI

#22 Sep 26, 2011
Oh and just in case you are posting in other topix about burning scientist at the stake (you probably call them witches), the Earth IS FLAT! It's been proven. You are the main reason with your fanatical religion why I haven't been to church in quite awhile. You are scaring people away!!!

United States

#23 Sep 26, 2011
What's sad is that most of these fanaticals are the biggest hypocrits. After posting this Lonnie probably went straight to watching girl on girl or barely legal porn

Tomball, TX

#24 Sep 26, 2011
Just Thinking wrote:
The gay community only makes up 12 percent of population. The trouble is the people giving into them. Why are we? I can get on here without telling everyone about my sexual views. Why should we be forced to hear them. Ask me ten years from now and I will still tell you it is wrong and my Bible teaches against it. Do not ask me for consent, I will never give it, even if you pass laws that could place me in jail for speaking against it. I do not wish ill fate for them, but they better not ask me how I feel, because they are not going to like the answer they will get.
Strong views, but if your a man then there is about a 97% chance that you have fantasized about watching two women have sex or being in a threesome with two women. Where is your bible when those devilish thoughts are going through your mind? Thoughts about being right in the middle of acts you speak so strongly about. Can you say hypocrite?

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