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Cookeville, TN

#23 Nov 24, 2012
Tattooed a tater on my back

Cookeville, TN

#24 Nov 24, 2012
Tattooed a tater

Crossville, TN

#25 Jun 10, 2013
I came on here to see reviews on the shop not people's opinions. I don't understand why someone would write their opinion against tattoos since obviously they haven't been to the shop why do they have the right to state that. Not just that I have a tattoo and I know many FBI agents that have tattoos if our federal agencies can look past it why can't they. Now I'm not saying you don't have a right to your own opinion but if its going to offend someone keep it to yourself and if you want to preach to someone look in the mirror and preach to yourself about judgment.
Marii Cone

Maryville, TN

#26 Jul 4, 2013
LaughingAtYou wrote:
Wow, online it for an after-school special or for church on Sunday.
If you don't have a tattoo you are in the minority now.
We are all very proud of your decision to not get them, want a prize?
I am covered in tattoos and make just shy of 100k a year...not that any of this should even matter in the year 2010.
BTW, enjoy your trailer in Maryville, the anus of East TN and also one of the most corrupt counties in the entire state ...I'm sure you are living the dream out there, cooking meth and handling snakes.
See, I can stereotype too.

No one needs any competence, skill or advice from anyone covered in tattoos. As an auditor, I monitor businesses throughout the community on a daily basis. I've never seen anyone "covered in tattoos" in charge of anything. They sually gravitate to behind the scenes positions in the food service industry. Drug tests make them uncomfortable.

If you have any visiible ink or steel appendeges hanging from any facial feature, you are already virtually unemployable.

I know of two healthcare facilities in the area which have outright banned tattooed,earringed,fish hook inthe face employees. In fact, you cannot longer even covered the tattoo with a band aid.
Marii Cone

Maryville, TN

#27 Jul 4, 2013
Leighan valle wrote:
<quoted text> that is BS what makes you so special? Tattoos do not make someone any less than what they are I have 3 and I am proud of them
Those tattoos make you a leaders amongst your peers. A voice for all the dipshits to follow.

HAIL! Long live the King!

....of the dipshits
Artist at West Coast

Maryville, TN

#28 Nov 1, 2013
Ok. so.... this is supposed to be a review site for my tattoo shop. not a place for people who have nothing better to do with their life than bash on people that have and do tattoos. there are plenty of fantastic people in the world that have tattoos. lots of business owners, doctors, lawyers, parents, children, etc.... a tattoo is a personal preference. It is up to no one but you if you get a tattoo. And if you dont like them then that fine. your opinion. do not project you judgemental views onto others just because you (in all honesty) are probably just too scared to get one.
Mari Cone

Maryville, TN

#29 Nov 25, 2013
Sorry. Tattoos are for losers. MD's with visible tattoos? That is straight up bullshit. Just like druggies seeking refuge amongst the educated..... Its not valid enough to be a myth, let alone factual.

Tattoos are so stupid on so many levels. The removal business is BOOMING. But insurance doesn't pay' there are long waiting lists and it hurts like hell. I'd really be proud of my decision to help people of questionable mental fortitude unemployable.

Rwe thought bell bottoms were cool too. But we could take them off.

Waxhaw, NC

#30 Dec 10, 2013
All of my tattoos are easily covered up with normal clothing. At work, you'd never know I have one. I've seen RNs and many store managers with them. I personally cover mine so that I'm not at a disadvantage.

As for West Coast Tattoo, they're hands down the worst tattoo shop in Maryville. If I had a dollar for every poorly executed, ugly, couch quality,$20 tattoo I've seen, I'd be rich.

Bottom line: If you want a cheap tattoo, but ddon't mind it looking like utter crap, go to West coast.
If you want a tattoo that looks decent, save up and go to another shop.
harry balzonya

Maryville, TN

#31 Jan 30, 2014
Leighan valle wrote:
<quoted text> that is BS what makes you so special? Tattoos do not make someone any less than what they are I have 3 and I am proud of them
Tattoos do identify you as a follower. Someone who feels some need to stick it to the man while demonstrating a single mindedness and steadfast resolve concerning the independence associated with visible anti social behavior.

Yeah, your cool tattoo, which identifies you as a card carrying member of the largest loser club in America' really IS shoving it in the mans face. You'll show us all!

We especially hate flames, skulls, tramp stamps and any sort of fishing tackle hanging from various orifices around the face. PLEASE get more. Aside from making you even cooler, your actions, demeanor and lack of common sense make us all tremble in our boots

Arlington, TX

#32 Jan 31, 2014
When I see a woman with one or more tattoos, I think "Geez...look at what she did to her body! Imagine what she will let ME do to it!"

Yes, you're advertising what a slut you are.

Maryville, TN

#33 Feb 4, 2014
watch bad ink on the a&e chanel. you will see everything you need to know..........
missy g

Wilmington, OH

#34 Oct 1, 2014
butereye wrote:
i would never employ any one that has tatoos. and if i found out later they would be fired..........
What a a*shole. If i found out u worked for me and diddnt have any tats id fire your a*s
Poopin Johnny

Clinton, SC

#35 Oct 2, 2014
butereye wrote:
i would never employ any one that has tatoos. and if i found out later they would be fired..........
Butereye I would fire u jus for being a old fart for not having tattoos go get ur scooter a tune up and quit taking ur sweet ass time getting somewhere and walmart has a special on depends

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