Convicted of child sexual assault, ho...

Convicted of child sexual assault, horse-riding teacher maintai...

There are 85 comments on the Omaha World-Herald story from Aug 6, 2007, titled Convicted of child sexual assault, horse-riding teacher maintai.... In it, Omaha World-Herald reports that:

He was a rising star in Bellevue, an enthusiastic community advocate and gifted horse handler who taught riding and life skills to children through his Barebacks and Bells club.

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Putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#1 Sep 23, 2007
I think this is great.
prime rib

United States

#4 Oct 4, 2007
you guys are nuts and insane and should be arrested.
Putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#5 Nov 7, 2007
Can we get a little love for this guy? Remember that little girls who don't keep Mr. Putz's secrets hurt horses!
D in Nebraska

Lenoir, NC

#6 Nov 13, 2007
IF in fact Mr. Putz's is innocent. He should never stop trying to get his conviction reversed. But if he did in fact kiss this young ladies breasts (as he stated in police records)cold or no cold. He should be watched around young children.
not a Putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#7 Nov 13, 2007
Kudos to D in Nebraska. This is the closest thing I've seen to a comment critical of Mr. Putz. Based on my experience with Mr. Putz, I have no doubt that he is guilty of the crime he was convicted of. This guy is closer to a cult leader than a riding coach and mentor. He operates on private property supervised only by adoring parents who refer to him as "Mr. Putz" and order their children "not to embarress them in front of Mr. Putz". They, then, pressure their kids to do whatever Mr. Putz asks and attempt to curry as much favor with Mr. Putz as they can. Putz is a bad thing waiting to happen. Someday we will have to listen to these same parents crying that they just don't know how something terrible happened to them and their kids. They just cannot believe it. He needs more supervision.
Putz is a criminal

Omaha, NE

#8 Nov 13, 2007
I agree with "not a Putz supporter". It is unbelievable that there are parents so uninformed that they would place their children in such danger.
vivian N TH HOOD n Omaha

United States

#9 Nov 14, 2007
How much are the parents being paid to have this monster fondle them while he rides bareback with them. Mr. Putz has served his time, but when are we going ot put these parents in jail. Mr. Putz will offend again; his problem does not go away with time, time served???

As far as his innocence...give me a break!!!!You will not find many white men not guilty of a crime they served time for. Wake of a smell the pervert.

To the so called parents, years from now when you are reading your late child's suicide note...think about what part you played in it......THINK ABOUT IT.
Putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#10 Nov 24, 2007
My special thanks to the residents of Bellevue. Thank you for being busy sanitizing your trash cans and turning in your neighbors for their unsanitary trash cans stored in plain sight when it's not even trash day. Thank you to those who call the Humane Society to report a dog turd in your yard that doesn't look like it came from your dog. Thank you to those who call the police when you see a neighborhood kid riding his bicycle on your freshly power-washed driveway. The more occuppied you stay with issues like these and the more occuppied you can keep the authorities investigating issues like these, the more you can divert attention from Mr. Putz. Membership in Barebacks and Bells is down. This article helped boost the number of a members a little, but not enough. As we all know, girls don't remain 12 years old forever. Recruiting children and developing blind trust with their parents goes much more smoothly without negative attention or hassle. Stay out of his business and stay distracted. Staying well distracted will help suppress any of that annoying critical reasoning or good judgement that may cause you concern while your child is being recruited for this amazing free horse-riding club led by this nice man. He really just wants to mentor your daughters and hold them securely while he teaches horse-riding. Since you're doing all of this, you shouldn't mind teaching your daughters how to keep their mouths shut and not to reveal secrets that should only be between them and nice horse-riding teachers.

Thanks again!
Putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#11 Dec 14, 2007
Uhhh...hmmm...well...why does no one seem to care that a child molester runs a kid's club in Bellevue? He's still out there running his little riding cub for girls. He is a convicted child molester, a sexual predator who targets children, a pedophile. This would seem to be a bad thing. I realize that it would take too much effort to do anything about it but, maybe, a comment on it? Maybe some indication that there are others out there who do not like child molesters? Any other parents in Bellevue or Omaha or anywhere that worry about this in the community?
In Full Support

United States

#12 May 14, 2008
I think that those of who think you know what barebacks and bells is all about and havent been there to see what happens and what all goes on there need to keep thier opions to themselves. When those of you can take the sticks out ur butts and go and see for your selves instead of just going on what other people, who have even bigger sticks up thier butts, say. You say that you think he needs to be watched or supervised more at the horses what the heck do you call all the parents that show up daily to help thier kids and to also learn themselves...not only is this riding club for the younger kids to give them something to do, to help keep out of trouble but it is also for adults who are interested in learning how to ride. So all of your lines about ohh lets your kids run around with a known sex offender but you know what those kids parents are there to see that they are ok and those kids learn new things ranging from english to history to horses and so on. So no those of you who think you know you do not and until u get the sticks out your butts and open up your pretty eyes and see that we are an awsome group of kids and adults and we do not deserve to be talked about and reported on by people who have never ever been out with us to see what actually happens.
Thank you
I support Him

Omaha, NE

#13 May 15, 2008
I have a ? for all you people who judge him !!! Do you really know him ?? Have you taken the time to sit down with him and talk to him ?? I have !!! Mr. Putz is like a grandpa to a lot of the kids in the group !!! He is almost a male father figure in a lot of the kids life's !! Opinions are like a holes and yes we all have them but they all stink !!! Mr. Putz is a great man !!! And not to be all religous or any thing but if you belive in god and read the bible why dont you stop and look at the bible not sure of the verse or how it is exactly worded but this is the jist of it !!!! You look in his eye and see the spec why do you not look in your eye and see the log !!! Do not judge him you dont know him and its not your place it is gods place to judge him !! If he did " sexualy assalt" that young lady then let him pay for it with god !!! But i know for a fact he did not !! So all you people who downgrade him piss off till you know him !!! HE IS A GREAT MAN !!!!

Omaha, NE

#14 May 26, 2008
I think the signed statement by the guy's own hand put the nail in the coffin for me. Kissing a 12 year old girls breasts and stomach (and probably the rest true as well)makes him a PEDOPHILE. And once that title is fixed on someone, parents beware. I'm not saying he shouldn't be allowed to teach anymore, but I think CONSTANT supervision while he is around children is now a must. I personally wouldn't want him sitting so closely or touching my little girl in any way.


Since: Oct 07

the place with Pyramid Head

#15 May 29, 2008
this is a sick thread

Bellevue, NE

#16 Jun 14, 2008
- Behavior to Gain Trust
- Reassuring to the Family
- Gradual Erosion of Boundaries
- Construct Secrecy With Child
- Working to Secure Compliance

Many of the comments presented in this forum and in the article suggest that Barebacks and Bells is an organization for grooming victims. I base this on all the comments regarding trust. Everyone trusts Mr. Putz and they trust him deeply and comment on it frequently. Does it seem to anyone else like Barebacks and Bells is more focused on building trust for Mr. Putz than about teaching horse-riding skills to children? I learned a lot from a math teacher once and proceeded to go rattling on about how great this teacher was at teaching math. This teacher did not develop my unquestioning trust before he taught me math. He just did a good job of teaching math.
Step one and two and the grooming process are pretty clearly laid out in the article and some of the comments. I know step three to be occurring based on other articles I have read about how Mr. Putz is very hands on with the children. He always holds hands, holds children as they ride and slaps behinds. Putz tries to establish that he is just very hands-on with kids and no one should be concerned. Steps 4 and 5 are clearly laid out in intestimony from the trial, which can be accessed on the Internet. I also encourage people to come out to see what is happening, but for very different reasons than Putz' supporters. I encourage people (law enforcement, child psychologists, child advocates, concerned parents, pedophile opposition groups) to come out and view a near-perfect textbook practioner of the grooming process of a pedophile.
protective parent

La Vista, NE

#17 Sep 4, 2008
HELLO, whoever allows their child with this man should be prosecuted right beside him the next time he puts his hands/lips on their child. Isn't your job to protect your children from prediators just like Mr Puts.. Go buy a horse, is it really WORTH the risk. he makes me sick..
not a putz supporter

Omaha, NE

#18 Sep 9, 2008
My daughter went horse back riding at his club i had no idea about this Mr. Putz and what
he did until a couple of days ago she is not going now.And he is not allways supervised......
do not much like Putz

Omaha, NE

#19 Sep 10, 2008
Mr. Putz is invited to and invites himself to many community events such as the Hispanic Fifth of May celebration, River City Roundup and various other parades. Mr Putz' attending of these events is important for Putz to recruit new members and to create the illusion of legitimacy for his Barebacks and Bells club. Is someone able to provide some theory as to why these legitimate events include a registered offender as a participant, especially when his participation is focused toward children? Thank you for the last two responses. "protective parent" is right on. It worries me a little that "not a putz supporter" would bring their child to a club without doing any research or background checks. However, I am very pleased to hear that "not a putz supporter" caught on quickly. Hopefully it was something about the ghoulish and creepy demeaner of Mr. Putz and the bizarre cult-like behavior of the Club that raised a red flag.
One Of Six Billion

Marina, CA

#20 Nov 7, 2008
You know, there is NO sickness or "cold symptoms" in the world that would make me admit to having touched a child sexually for any reason whatsoever if I did not do it. Mr. Putz is a pedophile, plain and simple. God knows who else he's molested in his day, and yes, the parents of these children are stupid if they think he's anything other than a danger to their daughters. Wake up Nebraska... why did he confess to it if he was innocent?

United States

#21 Apr 7, 2009
I rode with Victor Putz years ago for about six years when I was younger. I was alone with him quite often. Mr. Putz never once laid a hand on me. He was there when my single father could not be. My father worked nights and Putz knew that. IF he was a pedophile would I not have been a perfect target? I refer to him as Mr. Putz because it is a sign of respect. Of all the people I have met in my 21 years. No one deserves mine or your respect more than him.

Omaha, NE

#22 Apr 24, 2009
I will tell you this much, This man could be innocent, do i think so, NO! i would never sign, pen, or speak to doing anything illegal or in this case SICK.
Secondly, if you believe him about being ill I sure hope that you NEVER let him teach your kids if he has a cold, he could spur a horse by accident and kill you child, I mean according to him he does stupid things when he has a cold.
Finally, I can't believe you would take a chance with your children, how can you honestly look them in the eyes and say "I thought he was innocent honey, If I would have known I wouldn't expose you to this man."
So now the child has to cope with MR. Bareback (clearly sexual undertones) and their own parents neglect. Wonderful parenting, aren't you supposed to do EVERYTHING to protect them.
And yes, I understand that bareback is equine term, but it is clearly poor taste. I mean, should I open a petting zoo, and call it "Feel my Ass."
(FYI. Ass = donkey)

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