who know tommy mckinney
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Fort Gay, WV

#21 Sep 17, 2009
tommy a badass?
and as far as giving you a dirty look, well that's what dirty skanky peopl do. lol

South Point, OH

#24 Sep 17, 2009
Lisa I know you very well actually and when I posted, I never meant it to hurt you or Chealsey. You are smart for leaving Tommy and moving away. I don't think you realize the things Chealsey is exposed to when she is with Tommy. Do you know that she was going to the bar in Fort Gay with Heather 2 years ago? They went other places too, but you know how rough of crowds hang out over there! And Chealsey is young. Of course she wants to be where she is having fun, but doesn't realize the effect it could have on her life. If you're going to spend any money on anything, do it to make sure your daughter is being taken care of. At least find out all the facts of what goes on up here.

For the other Keri, I am sorry for getting you into this. I don't even know you. Keri has been my online screen name for years because it's such a rare name. I had been changing it for this post, but forgot to on one. I won't put my real name on here because we all know how hot headed people can get.

To Chealsey... I'm sorry if I've upset you. I know you love your dad and I didn't think about you reading this. I've not seen you in a long time, but I'm sure you're a good kid. Just mislead. You can have a good life, don't mess it up trying to be cool or whatever. I've been there done that. You're much better off going your own way and doing your own thing.

United States

#25 Sep 18, 2009
The sad part is his daughter can not spell worth a crap. It is sad her being that old and don't know how to spell. I don't know Tommy and sounds like I don't want to. Chealsey I am not being mean to you but serious hun you need someone to help you with your spelling......
my girl

Murfreesboro, TN

#26 Sep 18, 2009
xxxxxx wrote:
The sad part is his daughter can not spell worth a crap. It is sad her being that old and don't know how to spell. I don't know Tommy and sounds like I don't want to. Chealsey I am not being mean to you but serious hun you need someone to help you with your spelling......
God didn't make everyone perfect and spelling is her flaw everyone has flaws

Jeffersonville, IN

#27 Sep 18, 2009
upset wrote:
yeah when i was way younger i thought i knew everything i was like 18 and i married him the biggest mistake of my life he's mean to woman and is a cheater i seen him at the september fest and it's been 20 yrs since we got married he still gives me the creeps i think what goes around comes around i don't believe u can do people wrong and get by with it up until i got married again he used to harrass me but now i think he's scared of my husband
did you give him head? I hear you give a great bj

Jeffersonville, IN

#28 Sep 18, 2009
chealsey mckinney wrote:
listen hear if you dont live with me then u did to stop running your mouth befor i go off on u and u know wat idc wat say my dad is not on druges and i think u met be on drug ok... i dont play no games just come and talk to me and u will find out wat will happen to u ok and all u are trying to do is strat stuff and i will hit u if u talk about my family agian ok and it is non of your buinssees if my brother matt overdoes or not ok need your noes out of my buinsseess ok.....
louisa high school hard at work teaching your kids grammar

Jeffersonville, IN

#29 Sep 18, 2009
her dad does more than girls he is into guys as well I heard
Crazy bunch

United States

#30 Sep 18, 2009
That poor girl is in denial about dad. That whole family is a bunch of losers. His sister works at the court house she started working there for community service cause her and her boy got busted for drugs. They are a bunch of troublemakers they like starting fights with everyone. But one day they will meet there match hopefully sooner than later. But just beware of the whole family.....

Peach Creek, WV

#31 Sep 18, 2009
hey lisa i know that know one on here knows u cause if they did they would know that your a real good mom and your kids have every thing a kid needs i know that ive knowen you sence mat was born and no matter what kid of shape you were in {sick or not you were there for all your kids}so to all of you that got on here note this lisa is a good mom and loves all here kids and we that have kids all hope and pry that they do wrigt in there lives but let me tell u i have three teens and pry every day they dont hit the wronge crowd just like any other mother so lisa i know and u know you did your best love ya to keri smith
tommy mckinney

Clarksville, TN

#35 Sep 18, 2009
won't you bunch of losers get a job and get off topis. My daughter has anything she wants , i bust my ass everyday to make sure she gets what she wants, so why don't you all get a job and get your kids what they need and want...
and by the way one of the people talking on here that has a 14 year old daughter that is probably my kid...
get a job and find something better to do than type on topics
Get Real

South Point, OH

#36 Sep 18, 2009
Tommy you have no right to call anyone a looser. You don't work... Sell drugs maybe. You sit back on your lazy ass and draw your crazy check each month!! You don't give your kids much! Maybe you should think about that 14 year old daughter of yours the next time you're hooking up with someone elses little girl!! By the way... what a child wants usually is not what they need.
this tommys daughter

Clarksville, TN

#37 Sep 19, 2009
listen hear i live with my dad and he buys me want i want and u dont buy your kids nuthin bc u can run your mouth on topixs and not say it to my face. i want u put your real name on here and for one my dad works and he is not lazys ok just keep on running your mouth bc thats all u can do anit it and i think u dont need your kids bc all u do is run your mouth to much u think u are kool and u anit and i think u sell drugs ok and yes he does give us alote of stuff ok dont think he is not kool bc he is the best dad i will ever had i feel bad for your kids aand where they live ok.... go eat a pices of chesses ok bc u like running your mouth u dont me so u guys need to stop running your mouth... i love my dad tommy mckinney ok thank u very much .... and i love my mom lisa to ok... just stop running your mouth if u dont live with us ok i would not want to live with u bc u dont do nuthin for your kids.... go eat a chesse

Detroit, MI

#38 Jun 7, 2010
child molester,crook,druggie,thief,c ousin f&cker,and a all out chicken sh!t

New Matamoras, OH

#39 Jun 7, 2010
I no Tommy very well and I am ypung and he has never tried 2 do anything with me...He is not a bad father at all...Chelsea has rules that she has 2 follow in order 2 earn stuff...he works his ass of to give that girl a beautiful home and everything that she wants and needs! I seen him go 2 wendy's at 1:00am just cause she wanted fast food...there was a freezer full of food! I don't no Lisa but i'm sure that she is a good mom!! Everyone has something wrong in thier life...i would like 2 meet 1 person that is perfect...IMPOSSIBLE!!! & so what if thier son od that is thier business...there is not 1 family that does not have a drug addict family member...my sister is a needle junkie hooker...but I still love her...Tommy does not do drugs or sell them...he works for his money...unlike most people i no!! Get ur nose out of everyone elses business & worry bout ur own!! & as far as Chelsea spelling...ha ha... she goes 2 Lawrence County for god sakes...wtf do they teach u there??? We have a shitty school system and every 1 knows that!!!!!!

Pikeville, KY

#40 Jun 9, 2010
you have got 2 be kidding me. i cant believe ppl are defending this low life. good dad, please! he married. heather when she was 15 and pregnant with his nephew adams baby. he fed matthew pills and bought his bought his pot for him. hes still making trips 2 florida. chelsea runs wild with no one 2 watch her. his son thomas lives with his sister in another state because tommy beat him so bad that dr. alan called cps on him. do i need 2 say more? he let his brother riley take the fall for him and when riley went 2 prison he was forgotten. tommy gets his nephews 2 do his dirty work while he sits on his fat skanky lazy ass. and yes he does get ssi, but also works under the table for his brother mikey. can you say fraud?

New Matamoras, OH

#41 Jun 9, 2010
shows how much u fuckin no...i talk 2 tommy everyday he does not get ssi anymore...so maybe were ur getting all ur info they r all as stupid as u...get a life...he has 1 and everyone is just jelouse...haha...i love u tommy and u no i do...i love how ppl will talk crap behind ur back but not say nothin 2 ur face...act like ur bff...two faced ppl...thats all thats in this retarted town!!!

Pikeville, KY

#43 Jun 10, 2010
yes i do know tommy well enough to say these things, know him better than you think. and i wouldnt mind telling him these things to his face. that fat, ugly, rat, bastard doesnt scare me a bit. hes a trashy low life piece of shit. i know it to be fact. bet youre tommy on here defending himself. thats about how retarded he is. the mollet went out of style years ago, tommy, especially when youre bald on top. and by the way that big ugly hairy stomach of yours is in no way sexy so do the public a favor and wear a shirt....skank!

Harrisonburg, VA

#44 May 21, 2011
wheres tommy at these days?
an old friend

United States

#45 Jun 9, 2011
hes on house arrest

Herndon, VA

#46 Jun 10, 2011
my daddy name tommy kinney!! we go on motickle wides and stuff fun fun and sometime tuck pickle fool motickle widers yeall are just jelus coz my daddy is the bests daddy in the word. my daddy name tommy cKinney!!!! hw will beet you all up and he even took me to floorda twise this summer we go on vacashen all the times. he is rich you dont take you kids to floorda or buy them anythang thay want he even took my friend with us and he is aloan with her all the time he buys her stuff ten times more then her dad so he ant no childmelester coz she wiud call the cops on him I well stop now coz I no for a fact we both even sleep in bed and t shirts he don never tuch us just huges so stop running your mouths coz In talking to much in all so go snot yor little blue 30s or zanexes your the drugy not me you child melester needel junky whore you just mad you cant get him to screew you or he wus screew in your wife! LmfAO! SO YEa!! now what?

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