LPD Detective: Loudon Woman Confessed...

LPD Detective: Loudon Woman Confessed to Shooting Husband

There are 44 comments on the www.knoxnews.com story from Dec 29, 2009, titled LPD Detective: Loudon Woman Confessed to Shooting Husband. In it, www.knoxnews.com reports that:

According to Loudon Detective Mike Newman, after being arrested Kristin Myers admitted shooting her husband.

Newman also said Myers described disposing of the 9mm semiautomatic handgun she used. Police are searching for the pistol.

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scott myers

Lewisburg, TN

#24 Oct 19, 2010
As the brother of Larry Myers let see how you all feel if it was your family member that she cold blooded murdered.I dont think the comments are pitiful i dont care how broken hearted anyone is and if you love a person like you say she did kamco then why did she murder the person she loved.And let me tell you you may have been locked up with her and heard her side but there was two sides and you didnt know his and what he was going through as a brother i knew more than you did because we talked all the time.Because of this selfish women who you all are so sorry for what about these 4 children that lost there dad the mother that lost her son and the rest of the family that lost a brother,uncle,cousin.And liftoco when you pull that trigger and shoot someone in the back what is it called if its not cold blooded murder.Everyone saying she was heartbroken if the women had any heart at all this wouldnt have happed at all.Larry was a caring and loving person and loved his family before you all judge anybody make sure you have all the facts and both sides and if you have been locked up with her then you need to get your life together to because god will have his justice and so will the Myers family......RIP LARRY MYERS and also if you are going to put from chicago the you all need to come back down south and put you real name on it

Dayton, TN

#25 Oct 19, 2010
kmaco wrote:
I was locked up with kristen a few months ago and after reading all this bull i have to say that half these comments are pitiful.I know kristen is very remorsful and she realizes she made a huge mistake that she can never go back and undo this is a woman who never had a crimninal history or e ver been in trouble.something went wrong she loved the man and sure she misses him.sometimes a brokenheart can affect someone with no mental problems to loosing there mind and making bad mistakes when this happens its a different situation than just being a cold blooded killer.she may have comitted murder but she is not a cold blooded killer.
Locked up with her, huh? I guess that makes you a credible character witness. If Kristin is so remorseful then why has she not sought forgiveness from his family? Why did she plead not guilty after confessing? Why doesn't she take the punishment she deserves and not put his children, his parents, his brother and the rest of the family through the trial process? If she cared, then she would seek forgiveness and a speedy trial. Could it be that she was just seeking your sympathy and attention because she is a narcissitic human being with no regards for anyone but herself.

Just because you hide behind an alias on here does not mean that your identity is not traceable and that you can hide. You just may be setting yourself up and I don't think you want exposed, because the word is out on the street of what is happening in the jail and about your relationship with her. Just so you know!
hot diggy dog

United States

#27 Oct 23, 2010
Who ever is writing for Marty Nix aka Hello is one pitiful sick SOB. this is a real tradegy and noone should write anything to hurt the family , on either side.
I have known Marty Nixfor a long time and ,from all the stuff written about him, this is just one more sicko thing to hurt him but this time it went too far, dragging in the families that are really suffering.

Marty Nix would never write this but it's making him look so important in Ld Co. Is this what Cissy and crew want??? SICK SICK SICK, I say SICK !!!
sister in law

Lewisburg, TN

#28 Oct 23, 2010
I dont recall Marty Nix's name being involved in this converseration so why are we posting stuff on this topic about him.This is about a tragedy that a family had to go through please keep the loudon county trouble out of it the family has been through enough with out adding Martys issue to it.And why cant people let things go its been almost a year since this happen and the holidays are coming soon give it a rest and drop it for the familys sake.
Super Cop

Kingston, TN

#29 Oct 23, 2010
As Marty Nix The super Cop of The State Its ok for me to bash any cop on here as I see fit !!! Cause I have to sit at home & draw unumployment checks now for FAILING as a Super Trooper.I am the only Cop in this state & if I would've been on duty in Loudon that night this sad (tradegy) Not much of a speller i am !! Well i got to go Roid Rage out somewhere !!! SUUPPPPERRR COOOOPPPPP Has left the Justice Center !!!
sister in law

Lewisburg, TN

#30 Oct 23, 2010
You may want to bash the cops on here but let me tell you i was there that morning after this happened and there where no better officers that was on duty that morning and i guess to say if you are so childish to act like that on here im glad you where not on the scene we could have only imagined what it would have been like.once again i ask drop the whole thing for his family sake.Thank you Mike newman and Jeff vittatoe you all are the best.
True Sister

Kingston, TN

#31 Oct 23, 2010
I knew Larry & Kristen both & never thought it would've came to this.Sure couples fight or have their moments! We all do in someway I figure.I know Larrys children & Kristens daughter & they deserve some peace on this subject.I think its very low of this Marty Nix & his cruel friends to get on here & carryon like heartless fools.Someday Mr.Nix & friends......One of your family could suffer from the very same fait! Althoe I hope not but you could only hope & Pray for Officers like the Newmans that were there that morning. They were very top knoch & carring also. If you cando anything in this world at least think of the children involved in this.
CoolMomof 5

United States

#32 Oct 24, 2010
True Sister and Sister-in -Law,, not to worry about Marty Nix writing on this site or any of the topix sites. he does not even read what is written and he certainly would not say anything to families that are suffering.
Whoever is using his name is truly SICK.
When you read about Marty Nix, on any of the topix sites, know ,without a doubt, it is NOT him. Take it for the the sicko's who cant seem to let him alone, either. they go so far as to try to hurt him by going thru your families but it is back firing , on them.
I asked him. You can , too. his # is in the book.that's where I found it. I wanted to know , for myself.
A Little Love

Crossville, TN

#33 Oct 24, 2010
I am praying for both these families. I am so sorry for your loss.

United States

#34 Oct 24, 2010
I want to write to the two families who are being so abused, on this site.
Marty Nix( he's my buddy) does not ever get on here,,,never think that,, but he does have a nephew who has a children's charity. Last Christmas , he had a Christmas/pizza party for 200 kids. All the family members work hard to help him with the funds.
This years he is thinking of doing something different.
When you mentioned kids, that sparked my attention.
Will one of you call Marty Nix and ask him how to go about getting in touch with his nephew and , maybe, they can be a part of this year's Christmas celebration..(if you are interested)
Not all kids who are hurting are sick or have a disease.
I know the Nix family have a soft spot for kids, of all ages.
God bless you and I pray things work out for all of you.
Michelle Gaddis

United States

#35 Oct 24, 2010
EXCUSE ME!!!! Kristen Myers is a COLD BLOODED MURDER!!!!!!! I am his cousin i was very close to him my mom and his mom are sisters I have been in court from the very first time she appeared and she shows no REMORSE!!! How do you think we feel especially his mother to sit and watch her smile and laugh with her lawyer if I was sitting in her place I would be scared to death!!! I want go in detail because i want a conviction..but she told him 30min before it happen she was going to kill him ...that is not someone that snapped that is premedidiated murder!!!!! the trial is Feb. 8th and I hope she nevers see the light of day...she betrayed our family we were good to her espcially Janice Larrys mom...
Janice Myers

United States

#36 Oct 24, 2010
EXCUSE ME is the word....Let me tell you Im Larrys mom and I just wish you could sit in my house with my grandchildren(Larrys) and here what I hear they miss him so much they wish he had NEVER married Kristen the kids know more than anyone they witnessed how she treated him...how do you think she is remorsful she shot him in the back left him laying for 12 hours and even drove back by to make sure he was still laying there..if she had made a mistake she would have stayed and called 911 for help BUT she didnt because she done exactly what she had planned to do..She has a story to tell and thats what it is a story of lies.she will tell anyone that will listen she told Larry a bunch of lies she has told me lies even told her 1st husband a bunch of lies to make us feel sorry for her...she is not who she says she is..she may have a story to tell BUT SO DO WE!!!!! I Love you Larry!!

United States

#37 Oct 24, 2010
I know both families are suffering and it's not any of my business.
but I do want to tell you that I called Marty Nix (BTW he doesnt have any issues) he said he called his nephew and they are interested in helping the kids. kids suffer , too.
Marty said that if they'd start writing about him more they'd leave your families alone.
he laughs at them but you are not in a laughing situation.
He said for someone to call him and he'd pass the information along. His nephew is hard to reach,, going to school, working, and working on making money for the charity which ,is legal. Noone puts any of the money in their pocket and the whole family works hard to help raise enough money to make kid(s) happy.

Marty Nix said for any of you to call him, at any time. His number is in the book.

Kingston, TN

#38 Oct 24, 2010
MARTY DIX has ROID RAGE !!! & gave his own son roid shots whenever he was just a student in High School !!! Oh yeah he loves little kids alright !!! Hes checking them out for whenever they get a little older !!!! He like em young !!! He hed pictures of some young girls in the back of his THP patrol car when he was ARRESTED & charged !!! GOOGLE IT & SEE FOR YOURSELF !!!! And he goes around talkin about how all the cops in this town & Loudon police are STUPID & worthless !!! Hey MARTY heres one for ya ta think about if you canya Puke !!!! Whenever ya point a finger at someone for something.....Theres 3 of your own pointing back at yourself ya worthless puke !!!! Don't be a Pot calling a kettle black !!! Nuff said to you STUPER X_COP!!! Blahahahah
Weed Eater

United States

#39 Oct 25, 2010
I truly hope the families KNOW that SUPER COP is NOT Marty Nix. this person is so sick that he'll try to hurt anyone to get at Marty Nix.
But the sad truth is, he is hurting families who are already hurting and Marty is LOLOLOLOL at him,,NOT at the families.

this person is so obcessed with Marty Nix that I am sure he can't eat, sleep, and ,definitely, can't think.
If he could, he'd not be on this site hurting suffering families.

He beats the same ole horse.
Give Me a Break

Waterloo, Canada

#40 Oct 31, 2010
First, let me say Topix is nothing more than a way to hide your identity while you think you can get away with slander. If Marty Nix is truly the culprit then he would be slandering his own family, but maybe he doesn't realize this if it is truly him since Larry was a distant cousin of his. Your identity can be revealed. It isn't as secure as you think on here. Would you say these things using your real name like Larry's family has been so brave to do? I dare you.

United States

#41 Oct 31, 2010
Believe me, Marty Nix has NEVER been on topix. I am glad somone can see thru those that are so threathened by him and are trying so hard to run him down.(It's not working)
Truth is, he is laughing at them. He gets lots of calls telling him what is being said and he thinks it's funny.Then there are those who use his name and 'write' for him
He would not laugh at the hurting families. He is busy working, for free, to help a children's charity. He said he didnt have time for these sites,he has more productive things to do with his life.
sister in law

Lewisburg, TN

#42 Oct 31, 2010
The Myers are the Nix Family and i dont think he would act this way i worked at a local grocery store for 5 years in lenoir city and i got to know marty and his wife before i married into the myers family.And it is true that you can be traced to see who you are on here and if that is done how are you going to act when you are called out and you are confronted with this family that you are hurting with all theses bad comments that are being throwed round on here.Rememeber Karma is a Bitch when it comes back to you.

United States

#43 Jul 14, 2011
My prayers go out to these families after 2 years of wait i really hope that justice will be served it seems so bad that jury wldnt even convict casey anthoney lets hope justice will seek and god will remain in the hearts of these families.prayers

Wartburg, TN

#44 Jul 15, 2011
whats up here in loudon county with the law enforcement? got this issue, and then we have the Lenoir city officer Kay Arnwine doing all kinds of crap , sad time for the law enforcement.

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