The Levon Wameling 8-31 "line up" bir...

The Levon Wameling 8-31 "line up" birthday clue links..

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Aug 13, 2013
YES-the issue of what missing Utica, N.Y. 9 month old Levon Wamelings NOT 8-30 as I suspected after hearing of the death of Federal Investigator SANDRA COKE..It is a "line up" clue link direction and that means cop..It is also 'line up" with Erin Maxwell's 8-30-08 Palermo NY death...Now to me this makes much more sense and is VERY concistant with the "THRILL" deadly MO activity..

Levon's father Jevon Wameling also fo Utica, N.Y. sill has not been charged with any crime reagrding his sons unreported for two weeks by his father disappareance on 5-29-13..The infant is still "missing."

Did Jevon Wameling "agree" to a GONE BABY GONE charade in all of this regarding his own son? I do NOT believe so..I believe Jevon was possibly told to use the charade "association" as a cover to another so far successful at "genius" "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" The last most notable one of course the murder of 11 year old Erin Maxwell in Palermo,N.Y. in 2008..Her and Levon Wameling s birthdays "line up" and that is NO 'perfect" "COINCIDENCE" ..its an overkill established MO in all of this..Alan Jones, Erin's stepbrother was convicted of killing her after claiming she was playing acting a scene from PIRATES and hung herself accidently.

Now here is the controversy..the deadly side of all of this claims the AVA landfill search would be a waste of money and time on police..someone who feeds the deadly scumbags here claims the childs remains are not in the suspected by police..but this source is not always correct either.

I DO not have any "Angie Vickery" claims about the AVA name..none..I do not recall any talk in that driection ever about a Landfill..even though the name is a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" fit..

Am I willing to help Utica police search that entire landfill if need? YES I dont knwo if they would allow that for health reasons..BUT with proper equipt I would at anytime..No stone should be left unturned and when its done it will leave no doubt in anyones mind if that was the child qwas disposed of there.

To save lots of money and lives like Levons in police efforts Maegan BUCK should be forced to reveal who her sources where in 2008 to all the info she had then that has been very helpfiul to me in all of this as deadly scenes progress still I still live in the area where Heidi Allen vansihed on 4-3-1994..4B370.

It is clear that Maegan Buck was linked to TIM at the Fulton PD who wanted the "money."
I see Jevon Wameling as William Levea direction link in all of this...that is a peculiar "line up" date link also on 11-29-09 off Tanya Mellons = "YA NOT MELLO" 10-29-09 death..YA NOT MELLO is the other sides "profile" on me clue direction..WHY they chose Tanya Mellon to "encrypt" the clue.. She was my mothers neighbor and her name "anagram" fit...its the ONLY "reason" William Levea killed an innocent man in a roda rage off a night of drinking..and you have to know the past levea linsk to understand this story "scene"...The man who crossed the center line "He was only supposed to side swipe her" according to scumbags and killed
Tanya Mellon as well as himself but the passenger survived..was not drinking either.. Just as truck driver Brett Kurtz according to defected deadly scumbags claim "He thought you were in the van" the day he killed an 10 year old girl in Hannibal in a very bizzare accident..Tanya was killed not far from that crash site also

That is how "He" and "they" motivate deadly scumbags in all of this still in motion in Oswego County, N.Y..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Aug 13, 2013
? is WHAT does Jevon Wameling "gain" from was working a GONE BABY GONE charade in place on his Jevon own son? No future child support payemnts? No money to hand out anymore for formula and diapers? No more babysitting? Why would he not let the mothers family take the child..? Why did he play the mother about the childs where abouts while she was in a rehab? What was the unusual circumstance that caused Jevon to not report his own misisng son to police for two weeks after the child vanished? The AVA landfill needs to be completely searched regardless of the other sides not always reliable claims..

In 2005 Jevon Wameling was linked to another newborns death..reports are he placed the crying infant in bed with the himself and the childs sleeping mother and the new born suffocated. Jevon Wameling did not want to kept awake by the child..anymore than he wanted to pay for his own son or be responsible for him while his mother whom he no longer had a relationshiop with was in rehab...Thats my input and I am NOT giving in unless the child is found safe and sound..

I would so love to know someone else is caring for this infant and he is alive and well...but I know in my heart from talk made in 2008 that's not going to happen.."green bag" maybe inside the blue bag.."Tell him to put his hand over his mouth"

The FB page claims the child could be heard crying on the 28th and 29th terrify me..

The socioeconomic situation Levon lived in was indicative to GONE BABY GONE...Movie "association" "scenes" are a BIG clue direction deadly scumbags love to use.

A little girl comes up "missing" and it is later determined ROGUE POLICE as well as an uncle of the child were involved in her "missing" situation thinking they could provide a better life for the child..Jevon Wameling has NOT done this and was NOT a victim of it regarding his own son. It's a deadly cover charade.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Aug 13, 2013
YEa yea scumbags can carry on about all the "Angie Baby" clues..etc..and how the mother was involved etc..I don't thimk so...She has spoken publicy against the child father who makes no efforts what so ever himself in any of this other than to protect his own a?? from police..I am NOT interested in any of that output until the father cooperates..I will stay with the conversations made in 2008 as my direction in this...I believe unless police or searchers find this infant he will never be recovered ..Therefore protecting the father off the way he set this whole thing up to do just that in more ways than one for himself. This deadly activity promotion has been non stop in Oswego County, N.Y. off claims of incest in which every scumbag my family could recruit in this felt they would achieve greatness of it someday and it has been going on for years in "reverse" "association" way against innocent victims..

You can thank Bill, Chris and Dorothy Vickery..and all the greedy deadly RIGUE cops who believed in this deadly plan they took part in from the start..Remember BILLS going to claim "they got on him" and that s "why" he made the statement" that he now he was hides behind his mother Dorothy AKA "Red cop" "why man" during all of this..denying to his wife Doreen he raped his 13 year old sister for now and planning ot blame me later off the "proof" Oswego County so believes in will some day come like they were told it would....BILL Vickery knew all along just as Todd Bower did that "counseling" for his marriage was the ROGUE cop plan finale plan in the BILL JETTY VICKERY ALLSTATE plan..TODD Bower will stick by Chris Vickery Bower now because his mother can't help him now....Isn't that ironic?

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