Nora Aunor is "All Time Greatest Arti...

Cainta, Philippines

#1456 Mar 19, 2010
She is one of the world great actress of all time. She is nominated by the Green globe Film awards in the United Sates along with other asian great actors which Gong Li. She is a true artist. Vilma Santos is a commercial actress and moviestar . her brand of acting is same with Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, Lorna, Dina,Hilda, Gina- no actress in Philippine cinema can beat her brand of acting. Her personal life is not the issue, her craftmanship as a true thespian as an excellent performance is. There is no Philippine Cinema without the name of the great dame of Acting, the one and only Superstar -AG.

Cainta, Philippines

#1457 Mar 19, 2010
There is no Philippine Cinema without Nora Aunor. Nora Aunor is the Philippine cinema. Vilma Santos is a mistake for an actress. She should label as starlet along with Ai-Ai de las Alas and Kris Aquino -The STD queen, along with Shraon Cuneta the pa-cute film star. No one in her magnitude can close to her -not even Rita Gomez and Lolita Rodriguez.

Cainta, Philippines

#1458 Mar 19, 2010
Nora Aunor is an icon in Philippines, a true Artist indeed. (Shame on you Carlo caparas, Kris Aquino and the swardspeak beauty of Ai-Ai de las Alas.)

Cainta, Philippines

#1459 Mar 19, 2010
Nora Aunor is umber one actress of all time .

7. Lolita Rodriguez
8. Rita gomez
9. Hila Koronel
10. Chanda Romero

Cainta, Philippines

#1460 Mar 19, 2010
GREAT ACTRESS -NORA AUNOR WON THE GREEN GLOBE FILM ACTRESS. 2010! Ate Vi nasaan ka na? Hmmm. kc naman kayong mga vilmanians -napaka pathetic ninyong manlait sa kay AG. Question? why is it Amalia Fuentes deplored Nora Aunor ? Malinis ba si Amalia Fuentes ang tagaturo ng mga kawawang kababayan sa US kapalit ng putang dollar. No wonder -she never recognized as an actress - Starlet pa rin cya. Well - For us here in ateneo -we can give you the best actress of all time- Philippine cinema;

1. Nora Aunor
2. Rita Gomez
3. Lolita Rodriguez
4. Chanda Romero
5. Hilda Koronel
6. Anita Linda
7. Charo Santos
8. Daria Ramirez
9. Cherry pie Pecache
10. Chin Chin gutierrez
11. Gina Alajar
12. Maricel Soriano
13. Snooky Serna
14. Caridan Sanchez
15. Malou de Guzman
16. Marlene Dauden
17. Coney Reyes
18. Jacklyn Jose
19. Dina Bounnevie
20. Susan Roces (The face that refresh)


Indianapolis, IN

#1461 Mar 19, 2010
After the International Film experts and critics have shortlisted and nominated Ms. Nora Aunor to the Green Globe Film Awards, now the people from all over the world have spoken and indeed Ms. Nora Aunor is declared the WINNER, and not only One of the Best International actresses of the Decade she even ranked no.1. Congratulations to Ms. Nora Aunor, you are a world class talent!. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Calamba, Philippines

#1462 Mar 19, 2010
congratulations Miss Nora Aunor, isang panibagong karangalan ang inihandog mo sa mundo ng puting tabing, isa ka sa sampung pinakamahusay na aktres sa boung Asia.

Indeed, iba ka talaga.

mabuhay ang mga noranians, mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino.

Sana live ang presentation ng award mo, para mapanood dito sa Pilipinas

Calamba, Philippines

#1463 Mar 19, 2010
Sa mga Noranians, ipagdiwang natin ang karangalan bigay ng isang Nora Aunor, Best Actress among the elite crowd of Asia's best.

daphne of qc


#1464 Mar 20, 2010
another bravura award from the philippines'one and only it can be told time and again,nora is still undoubtedly cinema's greatest thespian of either genders, living or dead,past present and future stars. unmatched phenomenon.unparalleled cinematic excellence both local and internationaland still counting.kudos ate guy.another iconic recognition.

Gladesville, Australia

#1465 Mar 20, 2010
Thank you very much to all Noranians and other Filipinos who supported Nora Aunor. Maraming maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat...

1. mpn143
2. Gracia de Aunor KSA
3. Nap Alemania
4. pauljames
5. noel franco
6. an avid fan of nora
7. jocelyn- san dog
8. mila ratino canada
9. winskie
10. Elle Nino
11. yolanda agustin
12. meng
13. larry luisaga
14. joy of the world
15. gilbert
16. wendy
17. july
18. knes
19. lakerma06
20. Lorenzo of Rome Italy
21. cherie of cebu city
22. ferdie
23. SON
24. louie viana
25. celebritish stalker
26. thirstytrooper
27. August of Hongkong
28. brent-baguio city
29. Vicente Mercado Araneta
30. Beautiful Girl
32. aimee pedro
33. Anvilami
34. kooky razon
35. sharon
36. Gingging
37. Nolan of HAWAII
39. RNN
41. Alfred Garcia
42. Lorenzo Italy
43. lola
44. xyz
45. rene
46. jack
47. june
48. noranian from Toronto
49. reynaldo J pascual
50. mr jrp
51. rodel
52. Alexander from Rome
53. janfir
54. billi moore
55. Boyet de leon
56. guy_al khobar
57. ed-VIETNAM
58. alu and keno Vietnam
59. geeyah
60. Jenny Lyn
61. BOY
62. rommel
63. ambot
64. noraforeverasus
65. Solid Noranians
66. jojo
67. miles from sydney AUSTRALIA
68. artworex
69. louie
70. lanie
71. adel al ya hiyah
72. Jeoffrey Eballe Baconga
73. zaida
74. Jing-jing
75. Ambo
76. ashley
77. ness
78. Norabelle
79. boy rosas
80. willie
90. eric
91. filintoronto
92. manuec
93. jaycee
94. mega-diamond-star4 all
95. cherish
96. maruja
97. Visayas4Nora
98. misslanie
99. albert philippines
100. the invisible man
101. angelito cruz1217
102. Carlo Calamba Phil
103. nikoiel
104. wilson
105. cris
106. Grace
107. maynard
108. marissa
109. Pey
110. erick
111. Boy Saudi
112. bethlehem
113. wallace
114. pinoyny77
115. carmelo
116. manny
117. ganda
118. pandenora
119. cheese
120. G from Sydney Australia
121. Jojo of Aurora
122. Carlo Calamba City
123. cora of toronto
124. joeyboy
125. nomhs-UAE
126. kristina
127. Roly
128. lili
129. mdhphd
130. mariabill
131. bobby
132. james
134. Shawn Francois
135. james manalastas
136. anonymous ( Banggkok, Thailand )
137. MJ-Davao
138. All names listed at page 44 of this FORUM
139. Alona
140. Wow Pinoy
141. Nora Aunor fan
142. marx of Russia
152. Wapogs
153. cleo
154. Superstar
155. iamcasanoya72
156. cebu
157. carlogonzaga Calamba
158. Debra
159. nana_p rabua
160. angel genciane
162. etivac
163. Vegasboy
164. roy
165. ed philippines
166. Gregory
167. Dondon of PAMPANGGA
168. Reuben Saint Andrew
169. RPR-Saudi Arabia
170. andrei tabones
171. precious
172. carmelo of daly city
173. inygoj
174. artista
175. ric camparangan
176. osias castillanes
177. Alicia delgado
178. observer
179. tessa Canada
180. John Knox
181. jeric Leon
182. ferdie
183. tessa
184. braveheart
185. sonny
186. maria
187. Ilmanyak
188. Albert Ponce
190. nhoy cudal
191. atenista
192. daphine of qc
193. hassan 9570
194. timbooktu1
195. actress100taon
196. sshinmoko
197. WorldClassNoraAunor
198. t9noraaunor
199. min52ter
200. x0sasuXsakuOx
meng aka mpn143

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#1467 Mar 20, 2010
Nora Aunor tops online poll for Ten Best Asian Actresses of the Decade
William Reyes
Saturday, March 20, 2010
10:18 PM

Philippine Superstar Nora Aunor has been chosen to receive an award as one of the "Ten Best Asian Actresses of the Decade" in the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards to be held in Hollywood on March 23, 2010. Aunor was initially included by the organizers in a shortlist of 30 of the finest actresses in the Asia-Pacific region vying for a slot in the category.

This piece of good news was relayed to Ms. Cece Valdez (who serves as Nora Aunor's executive assistant in the U.S.) through an e-mailed letter from David R. Bracey, Organizing Committee Vice-Chair of the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards.

The letter revealed that Nora Aunor garnered an overwhelming number of votes in the category. It pointed out, "She was selected by movie viewers and online voters from over 100 countries."

According to Ms. Valdez, Nora Aunor, who currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, has confirmed her attendance to the awards ceremony.

The Green Planet Movie Awards will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles with an outdoor cocktail reception commencing at 6:30 pm, and the sit-down dinner gala and awards ceremony from 7:20 pm to 10:30 pm.

One of the highlights of the event, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the birth of acclaimed filmmaker Akira Kurosawa, will be the main tribute to the Japanese director. Members of the press from all over the world will be in attendance.

The Green Planet Movie Awards is organized by the Anaheim University Akira Kurosawa School of Film and the Academia Foundation, with the The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites Los Angeles, Christie, Asiana Airlines, and ANA as sponsors. It is endorsed by Japan Society, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, Japan Foundation in Los Angeles, and the Korean Film Council.

Formerly "Green Globe Film Awards," the Green Planet Movie Awards has been renamed since organizers believe that the new name "better reflects the purpose of the awards program, which is to use the power of movies to inspire environmental and humanitarian efforts."

The event celebrates Hollywood's and Asia's finest films, actors and filmmakers while raising awareness about the environment.
meng aka mpn143

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#1468 Mar 20, 2010
Congrats to the Philippine Cinema's Greatest Actress of All Time, Ms. Nora Aunor!

Congrats to all Noranians around the world!

Elk Grove Village, IL

#1470 Mar 23, 2010
naku!...paano na yan....hanggang local cinema lang ang idol ang mama guy namin...shorlisted lang naman, as asia's 10 best actresses of the decade...ang taray!....ibig sabihin nun piling-pili...super elite!...maghintay kaya kayo after 10 years....hahahahha!

Indianapolis, IN

#1471 Mar 23, 2010
Watch the Green Globe Film Awards Live now
keikei Hongkong China

Central District, Hong Kong

#1472 Mar 24, 2010
NORA AUNOR, the one and only superstar in philippine cinema history. The greatest actress of all time. The best of the best.
keikei Hongkong China

Central District, Hong Kong

#1473 Mar 24, 2010
NORA AUNOR is the one and only superstar in philippine cinema. She is the greatest actress of all time.
keikei Hongkong China

Central District, Hong Kong

#1474 Mar 24, 2010
Although I'm just 14 yr old, I understand why my "MUM" adored ate guy(NORA AUNOR)very much. MUM told me a lot about her IDOL.NORA has a golden voice and excellent actress of all time "MUM Said. That's why I love her too! She's just won as one of ten best actress ASIAN FILMS 2010. My MUM very proud of her.

Padstow, Australia

#1475 Mar 25, 2010
Mag co-concert daw dito si Ate Guy! Dito mismo sa Sydney. A Big WOW! Ang alam ko ang mag pro-produce ng show ay ang production ni Jim Paredes. Hopefully matuloy at dito ko naman makita muli si Ate Guy. Last time kong nakita si Nora ay sa New Jersey pa last 2004.
meng aka mpn143

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#1476 Mar 30, 2010

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - The one and only Superstar did it again! This time in Hollywood! The award-winning film actress, Nora Aunor is going home (in April) with another international achievement as one of Asia’s Best Actresses of the Decade. Aunor tops (ranks #1) the online poll of the Green Planet Movie Awards for the category,“Ten Greatest International Actresses of the Decade” in Asia-Pacific. Nora, has been away from the showbiz world for more than 5 years but she is a consistent achiever of various international awards. The country’s original Superstar is now a green card holder and currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

The Superstar (with 9 veteran actresses in Asia, mostly from Japan, China & Korea) is honored on March 23, 2010 in a sit-down dinner gala and awards ceremony from 7:20 pm to 10:30 pm at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The awardees were chosen by movie viewers and online voters from 100 countries and Aunor was the only Filipina who was able to enter the competition. According to Ben Gonzaga (accompanied Nora at the awards night), the audience could not help but gasp in amazement when the Superstar was introduced. By 7:15 AM, Saudi Arabia time, Nora went up the stage to receive her award and delivered a short speech! Nora is escorted to the Green Planet Movie Awards by the legendary Indian-Hollywood actor Sajid Khan.

We are printing the Transcript of Nora’s Green Planet Movie Awards acceptance speech for her avid fans in the Middle East who were not able to watch the awards night via the internet. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Having been nominated with some of the finest performers in the Asian region is already a big honor for me. In the past years, I was not as active in the movies as I had been in the previous decades. This recognition must also be your appreciation of my lifework in the field of cinema. It is with great enthusiasm that I’m receiving this award in the hope that this could bring further world attention to Philippine cinema. Moreover, I am happy that this award could bring a lot of joy to the movie lovers all over the world who voted for me, especially to my fans who believe in my talent and love me unconditionally. I couldn’t thank them enough for standing by me through all these years. To the organizers of the Green Planet Movie Awards, more power to your worthy cause. Maraming salamat po. Pilipinas, mabuhay po kayo!" Nora’s speech is uploaded in You Tube @
miley angeles

San Francisco, CA

#1477 Mar 31, 2010
nora aunor deserves every accolades for her artistry.her phenomenal rise to stardom has'nt duplicated LA AUNOR!!!!

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