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Laura Lynn

Canoga Park, CA

#1 Oct 17, 2008
Dyed-in-the-wool Democrat Alan H. Friedenthal, a commissioner in the Los Angeles Superior Court appears to be peddling his influence, if not out-right selling children to pedophiles or anyone else who will pay for them.
A complaint was filed with the California Commission on Judicial Review on October 1, 2008 that claims Mr. Friedenthal violated Judicial Code of Ethics Cannon 4G by practicing law while a subordinate judicial officer. The docket for the case of Holly Vanderhoef v. Continental Airlines et al filed in US District Court in October 2005 shows Alan H Friedenthal as Lead Attorney, Attorney to be Noticed. The address and telephone number match the information found for Commission Friedenthal on the California State Bar web site.
In the first round of the investigation, a complaint to Presiding Judge Schuit that he forwarded to Family Law Supervising Judge Marjorie Steinberg, Mr. Friedenthal adamantly denied that he rendered any services in the case. He claimed that he substituted out of the case in July, 2005 and that Richard Loomis, the other attorney shown on the docket as “Lead Attorney to be Noticed” took over.
Interestingly enough, Mr. Loomis is listed on the docket as “City Attorney’s Office, City Hall East 7th Floor, 200 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012” with a telephone number in the City Attorney’ Office. This was a private lawsuit. It is a violation of ethics to use the name of the City Attorney’s Office to gain an unfair advantage or the perception of an unfair advantage in a lawsuit.
The complaint also notes Commissioner Friedenthal listed himself as a self employed attorney on campaign contribution records in 2006.
Another issue brought up is that Mr. friedenthal neglected to file the required Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) for 2007.
The complainant, Laura Lynn, discovered these apparent violations while researching what she perceives to be an extreme bias in the family law court. Ms. Lynn believes court appointed minor’s counsel Kenneth P. Sherman took a bribe to sway his opinion on the case and is being protected by Commissioner Friedenthal. In 2005 Kenneth P. Sherman was fired from his position as the head of a unit at CLC, the law firm that represents the majority of children in Los Angeles County Dependency Court.
Mr. Sherman was also sued for allegedly placing four children in the care of a pedophile in the suit of Vincent Wooden et al v. County of LA et al. Ms. Lynn believes her son was placed with and is still in the custody of a pedophile by Commissioner Friedenthal at the urging of Mr. Sherman.
For further information or documentation, Ms. Lynn can be contacted at
Concerned Mother

Oxnard, CA

#2 Dec 24, 2008
Several complaints filed with the California Commission on Judicial Performance against Comm. Alan H. Friedenthal, after the "close our eyes" mentality of not only Judge Schuit, Supervising Judge of the San Fernando Court, but specifically that of Judge Marjorie Steinberg, Supervising Judge of the Family Law Department of the Los Angeles County Superior Court System.
Complaints sent to Judge Steinberg are routinely rejected by using the old "I cannot overrule another Judge".
What about actively ensuring that a subordinate Judicial Officer under your supervision follows the rules, uses correct legal reasoning, and is not a jerk on the bench?
Complaints sent in with statements from witnesses are disregarded with the statement "The allegations cannot be confirmed".
Comm. Friedenthal routinely had "in-chamber" conferences, specifically so that nothing could be "on the record".
When we demanded that things be on the record every single time, the tide changed.
Friedenthal went from saying such disgusting, untrue and demeaning allegations on the record, to actually saying to our attorney "You know, Counsel, you should have told your clients that I am not bound by what I said".
If a Judicial Officer isn't "bound by what he says", does that mean the Court Orders are meaningless? Must be!! He isn't, after all, bound by what he says, so there could not possibly be any Contempt Motions - you would never know when he was serious, or just "kidding around".
Comm. Friedenthal acted as an attorney for the respondent in our case, conducting his own biased, improper, and completely illegal investigation into the facts of a motion in front of him. He searched court records, searched the internet, and had improper communications with others - solely to get JUST the facts that he wanted.
Ironically, he refused to hear the witnesses that we had to appear before him... After all, he did not want any evidence contrary to the rulings he wanted to make for his special friend, opposing counsel, Carol Sternberg.
How does a Judicial Officer get by with recommending a special friend to the opposing party and get by with it?
The good news is that complaints are being filed left and right against this idiot, and the complaints are now being taken seriously.
The media is talking to us, and people are starting to listen.
If you would like to add your voice to this problem -- or if you are in the media and would like documentation of all the allegations herein, please contact us at:
If you have a case in the San Fernando Courthouse in the Family Law Department - a word of caution. You are supposed to be asked to stipulate to a Commissioner hearing your case, for it is your constitutional right to have an actual Judge.
If you aren't offered a stipulation, as so many aren't, ask for one. Once you have one, refuse to have the case heard by a Commissioner.
Comm. Alan Friedenthal is hurting children, ripping them out of the homes where they are loved and nurtured, and placing them in the homes of people with Violence, anger, drug and alcohol problems.
Lucy Crockett

Trabuco Canyon, CA

#3 Jun 18, 2009
Judge Schuit is now in Restraining Orders. Are you having problems getting TRO's from him? For example, in a neighbor-neighbor dispute, TRO's are usually given to both sides. But not with Schuit. Very unfair. Anyone out there know more?
Lucy Crockett

Trabuco Canyon, CA

#4 Jun 18, 2009
Judge Schuit--any more comments?
Laura Lynn

United States

#5 Jun 25, 2009
Lucy Crockett wrote:
Judge Schuit--any more comments?
Please contact me at so I may interview you for a story to be on .
Laura Lynn

United States

#6 Jun 25, 2009
Read more about the court at (cut and paste into your browser.)
One of Thousands


#7 Aug 6, 2009
Our children are being sold at the Los Angeles Superior Court and other Family Courts throughout the Nation. The flow of money from the Government to the County and from the County to the Courts is being used to finance legal custodial timeshare kidnappings. The S.C.L.A. makes money every time they give a child to one parent and allienate the other parent. They are selling our children. News is just now spreading nation wide. There are hundreds of thousands of us. It is just a matter of time before we as a people organize and protest the United States of America selling our children for profit. Our Judges in Los Angeles don't care. They're getting paid to ruin the lives of great parents like you and I. They don't care about our children or tomorrows generation of adults. All they care about is today's court generated "Fee Income" and their "personal perks, kickbacks and bonuses." It's all about money. They are selling our children - this is Government financed child abuse. I would love some media attention as would a few hundred thousand of us. That day is coming. Marjorie Steinberg - LOOK OUT YOU SLUT.

Anaheim, CA

#8 Aug 19, 2009
Stop court ordered child abuse by signing this petition. Don't forget to click the email button too. Our children's futures depend on raising awareness to stop the abusers.
Protect the children

Anaheim, CA

#9 Aug 19, 2009
Two years ago the LA Times published an article about little Sarah Chavez. She was taken away from abusive relatives and placed in a loving foster home. Despite the fact that Sarah was happy, healthy and safe, a CORRUPT COMMISSIONER and MINORS COUNSEL FORCED HER TO GO BACK TO THE ABUSERS. Sarah ultimately died, even though DCFS did not want her to go back. The DCFS worker was ignored, and SARAH'S DEATH WAS COURT ORDERED.

This is nothing new, and the failings of DCFS are because they will not fight for the safety of children against the courts. ...

Rico from East Los

Since: Jul 09

Location hidden

#10 Aug 19, 2009
I was the 6th person from California to sign the below petition. Kick up the petitions California.
Fighting Mad

Washington, DC

#11 Oct 9, 2009
Im looking to collect cases where judges Struck and answered simultaneously on statements to disqualify them
Also is there anyone to complain to about minor's counsel
I saw that the rules for complaints about them arent due out until January 2010
Another Mom

Anaheim, CA

#12 Oct 12, 2009
Yes, Comm. Friedenthal struck and answered our 170.6, and our 1701. simultaneously.
We have also prepared a complete complaint on our Minor's Counsel, to be submitted to the State Bar once our case is completed.
Minor Counsel are, at this moment, supervised by the Family Law Presiding Judge. We all know how completely ineffective Judge Steinberg is in handling any complaints she gets.
There is also National Association for Minor's Counsel - although they don't do much either.
At this point, they have entirely too much power, and their corruptness is just as overwhelming as the Judicial Officer's who appoint them.
Another Mom

Anaheim, CA

#13 Oct 12, 2009
Lucy Crockett wrote:
Judge Schuit--any more comments?
Judge Schuitt also denied my restraining order - but the Civil TRO's are supposed to be heard in Chatsworth, CA now - not at San Fernando.

Judge Schuitt doesn't like controversy (and yet he's a Judge!!??)
More Cover-ups

Anaheim, CA

#14 Dec 10, 2009
Another mom said, "Minor Counsel are, at this moment, supervised by the Family Law Presiding Judge. We all know how completely ineffective Judge Steinberg is in handling any complaints she gets."
I didn't know that. I sent a complaint to Steinberg about a Commissioner and minors counsel, and she didn't address it at all. It was a lengthy complaint, about direct violations in the production of evidence, and the only thing Steinberg had to say was, basically, I can't change another judge's ruling. It didn't address minors counsel at all. Even with a letter from minors counsel saying the evidence would not be obtained. How can minors counsel represent a child, when they won't get the evidence? What good is that for the child?
Someone should really look over Steinbergs files, because she obviously isn't.
Who is helping us

Anaheim, CA

#15 Dec 18, 2009
Domestic Violence Victims will be granted asylum in the U.S.
The Obama administration now says it is crafting regulations to allow entry by other victims of domestic violence who feel they have no choice but to flee their homelands to protect themselves.
Where do the women and children of the U.S. get asylum from Domestic Violence? It's an outrage, that the President is once again stepping up to help people from other countries, while he so clearly closes his eyes to the same problems here.
concerned father

Camarillo, CA

#16 Feb 17, 2010
where can i complain a minor's counsel that was appointed by the court for my son.I was once a victim of a wrong accusation and she make me look bad in the court,she offended me with some hurting words over the phone and it's very obvious that she lost her sense of being neutral.I tried to talk to her several times but all she say is against me and advice me for i don't know what to do.
Lynwood Sibley

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Jun 24, 2010
I was involved in Friedenthal's court L San Fernando where he made a ruling in chambers our of sight and he made a missery to me--also I have been in Commissioners Patrica Ito's court for a divorce action and she follows her own rules and not the family law rules. It appears that San Fernando superior court is a law unto itself
I submitted a complaint to Schuit and it was unanswered and also a SCO goes back to the same JOBO that messied up in the first place and this is called justice--the family court should be called the attorney get rich court as ex partes
are too common and cost a lot to the parties in a divorce action--lets get a panel of clergy to hear and rule of divorce actions as they don't obfuscate by training as do half a-- laywers
Lynwood Sibley

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Jun 24, 2010
concerned father wrote:
where can i complain a minor's counsel that was appointed by the court for my son.I was once a victim of a wrong accusation and she make me look bad in the court,she offended me with some hurting words over the phone and it's very obvious that she lost her sense of being neutral.I tried to talk to her several times but all she say is against me and advice me for i don't know what to do.
I think Federal Law might have a solution as you can file a lawsuit in Federal court against the county and also write a letter to the Federal Grand Jury system
Lynwood Sibley

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Jun 24, 2010
their are some (very few) attorneys in state government who could cause change in the Court system and also we the people need initive site where we can change state law to benifit the people
we need a we the people central site for effect a change in a very corrupt court system and maybe we could picket the court that is corrupt and get proper media attention as crooks like to hide and hate to be shown --lets do it

Chino, CA

#21 Jun 24, 2010
Alan F. met with my brother alone in chambers and granted an ex-parte based soleing on his lies. My father and I had to rush to court to this hearing. The commissioner follows his own set of laws.

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