Kurt Sutter nominated for the Rico aw...

Kurt Sutter nominated for the Rico award for best in support

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Rico swat him

South Amboy, NJ

#1 Oct 14, 2013
I Nominate Kurt Sutter for Best sex offender support man Rico award
Faget they Oscar Faget they Emmy you have been Nominated as a registered sex offender child porn women and child harming and murdering support actor. With out your supporting role these other actors playing USA hells angel sex offender supporter performances would not be as believable when they do their biker act.

Other Nominees from NJ include
New Jersey Clubs who pay money to forward and help the advancement promotion support and protection of USA hells angels sex offenders women and child abusers and women and child killers of the USA hells angels sex offender support gang.all the clubs listed have helped with their time and money to advance and promote the criminal sex offender hells angels gang.Each gang and each member in each gang should be awarded a rico that shows they are appreciated for their help acting on behalf of the USA hells angels gang to harm women and children now then and into the future.#1 Hoboken MC#2Bishops MC#3 Iron demons MC#4Trashed MC#5 Satan soilders MC#6 Bridgerunners MC#7 Pirates#8tricountyIf you are part of a club that ride motorcycle in NJ and you are not man enough to stand like men on your own ,so you are owned like bitches by the USA hells angels and you spend your time and money forwarding their sex offender supporting gang You can be eligible for a rico award.write your short stories and we will read them off and see who the lucky Rico winners for sex offender support in NJ are.
All sex offender support on motorcycles are eligible to enter the contest. The more you and your wimp club has done to help the chicken head NJ hells angels fund raise or maybe extort people , or use the police as jerk having them arrest innocent men and women to benefit the sex offender support Newark nj hells angel chapter.With out coward punk gangs like those listed the hand full of USA hells angels in NJ would be useless thats why we need you all to stand up state your part and receive your rico award.The USDA hells angels would not be able to continue harm and murder women and children with out the help of you support gangs .USA hells angels would not be getting away sex offending and child porner with out the help off you support gangs and you should get what ever the hells angels rapist or the hells angels child porner got since you part in this made their performances possible
Rico tell him

South Amboy, NJ

#2 Oct 15, 2013
Rico swat him How can a rich man openly support child porn convicts registered sex offenders and forget all about their Victims ?

Kurt you have said nothing about their victims or nothing to comfort the family of the victims you are about the gang that is known for Voting registered sex offenders to lead WHY ?
UR up 4 A Rico Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#3 Oct 15, 2013
Kurt Sutter When you dreamed about living in the shadows of Rahway state prison did you use a picture of Sonny Bargers to get you into the mood jerk off ?

You up for a Rico man you so cool supporting registered sex offenders like its real .
Kurt calendar

South Amboy, NJ

#4 Oct 15, 2013
Kurt Sutter should make a calendar so when Kurt sutter is jerking off to his USA hells angels calendar guys the USA hells angels can jerk off to their Kurt sutter calendar guy.
Kurt Calendar

South Amboy, NJ

#5 Oct 15, 2013
Kurt Sutters on Fire hose em down in his June swimsuit topless bikini.

Kurt poses with a different hose every month
Kurt Calendar

South Amboy, NJ

#6 Oct 15, 2013
you realy seem to have been a bad influence on approx 200 weird men from new jersey they were always in these small fake 1% motorcycles clubs but now they are paying and worshipping sex offender & child porn hells angels just like you.
Like you they are pathetic out of shape weasels it is not a jersey thing its a s sex offender support sickness that needs to be stoped.

Kurt just admot to the public you had no intentions of supporting child porn and registered sex offenders you had no clue what the USA hells angels wer all about till you already had someand you just went along like a fool but now you admit that was wrong. Safe the Biker cultur admit you screwed up thinking these sex offender and their support were bikers.
911 calling all 81

South Amboy, NJ

#9 Oct 17, 2013
Kurt Sutter is on Fire Hose that Bitchs arse down
Speak Sutter Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#11 Oct 17, 2013
Why did the NYpost allow USA hells angels to put down the black bikers over a road rage incident when The New York Post does not ask Black Bikers how they feel about USA hells angels voting registered sex offenders to lead the USA hells angells.

Why is that sutter.

Are you a racist like the USA hells angels sutter ?

do you enjoy sex offending & child porn like the USA hells angels ?

do you think its cool when USA hells angels beat harm rape molest and murder women and children Sutter ?

Sutter you think Voting Registered sex offenders to lead the USA hells angels is cool and Biker like ?
Speak Sutter Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#12 Oct 17, 2013
You know the USA hells angels never chased out a crip or a Blood club so why all the bullshit in recent news ? are you racist looking to recruit based on your hate of blacks.

Sutter White pride hate registered sex offenders so your racist recruiting using these kinds of fake media news stories will not help you get tough white members.

Tough white guys like me beat Up USA hells angels sex offenders we don't side with them.

So sutter if your racist Hollywood ass wants to promote white racist Sex offenders don't look to white people to support sex offenders stick with those gay groupie hells angels support clubs that are filled with racist sex offenders.

The Money Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#14 Oct 18, 2013
Kurt Sutter when you pay USA hells angels who vote registered sex offenders as leaders in the USa hells angels .

Kurt Sutter when You pay USA hells angels who support registered sex offenders.

where do you think your money goes ?

If you don;t want your money goling to sex offenders why do you support a gang that votes for sex offenders and sex supports sex offender?

If you don't want your money going to sex offender then do you perfer the USa hells angels use your money to pay for a contract to kill the God of the USA hells angels ?

what is your reason for supporting what you your self has cal;led a criminal organization ?
Repent Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#15 Oct 18, 2013
In a country like Australia where politicians have a spine your ass would be in prison for forwarding promoting and supporting a gang known for registered sex offenders child porn and harming and murdering women and children.

It is sex offender supporting scumbags like you that make politicians come down on Bikers .

You picked the biggest scumbags that vote registered sex offenders as leaders to call Bikers and promote them on TV as Bikers .

Its your fault SEX OFFENDERS came out and started playing biker more then ever before.
FX Guantanamo bay

South Amboy, NJ

#16 Oct 19, 2013
If the USA hells angels were Muslims and they Terrorized women and children all across the USA for decades like the USA hells angels have and still do wouldn't KURT Sutter and the FX bossses be in Guantanamo bay????

FX should pull Son's of Anarchy of the air.

Bottom Line they are paying Kurt Sutter

Kurt Sutter is paying USA hells angels

USA hells angels use gang money for jailed Child porn leader sex offender leaders and members that harm murder women and children.

why can the Hollywood Crowd fund terrorist acting organizations Legally and even promote them on TV
confessions of a Bitch

South Amboy, NJ

#17 Oct 20, 2013
Kurt Sutter you told the world the Hells angels were a criminal organization then you went on to use that on your TV show paying the gang members money and promoting their criminal gang in the process.

Do you think prove your money was not linked to the crimes committed by the gang after you and FX started paying them ?

Sounds to me like If the USA federal prosecutors were
fairmen you would be recoded and if Homeland security was doing a proper jobs keeping Homeland terrorist organizations Under control you would be in federal prison.

I see 2 choices

1) the law does not apply to rich people

2) Homeland security is doing a horrible job stopping home land gangs like the USA hells angels who terrorize women and children in the USA
or the FBI and ATF have no clue how to rico a rich C3nt who admits to funding a gang responsible for decades of crimes victimizing women and children all across the USA.

Kurt Sutter your confession could not be any clearer Why are rich C3nts like you allowed to support a criminal organization under USA gangsterism laws ?

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