The real man......can I tell you! He cheats on his wife regularly trust me I know! He has 5 children ( more then likely a 6th which he doesn't claim), and a grand daughter. But he won't tell you about the older 2 kids or grand child because he wants no one knowing he is 52! He has a sick obsession with 18 year old girls! Owes the IRS 108,000.00. And won't pay. He hates this country and has said it many many times. He owes back child support, and has been married 4 times 2 of which were only to stay in this country. He has mentally, physically, and emotionally abused every female he has been with! He is his mind belives woman are beneath him! As far as education he has no education. He knows music that's it! Every show he has been in especially the show he runs with now he takes all the credit for it, and states people only come to see him. He has never raised not one of his chikdren and couldn't tell you anything about their childhood! He is defenatly a poor excuse for a man