Women, a LOT of us men do NOT find the 'before' pictures of you objectionable at all. Many of us LOVE and CRAVE a pale-skinned, chubby woman, particularly natural blondes and redheads. So if you are being pressured by a boyfriend, fiance, husband, girlfriends, or the media into losing weight, even if you are happy as you are, consider getting a NEW boyfriend, fiance, husband, girlfriends and signing up for a de-programming course to undo whatever brainwashing the media has done on your head. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A CURVY, SHAPELY WOMAN. Don't let the gays that run the fashion scene brainwash you into thinking there's something wrong with the way you look. And to that gorgeous woman in the Rockin Body Workout TV trailer with the yellow top and the black shorts: I LOVE YOU. I would have your children for you and wait on you hand and foot just to have access to your magnificent body, BEFORE OR AFTER, lol. FAT-BOTTOMED GIRLS MAKE THE ROCKIN WORLD GO ROUND!!! Yeah, baby!!!